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Sutra go go dancer
Jumping at Sutra, Costa Mesa Ca.
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Redbull Flugtag - Michelle Williams - National Anthem
09-21-2013 At Long Beach Harbor, Ca. Hosted by Carson Daly.
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Evil Weiner televised review
Jeff and Anna's review on foodie channel...... Best food truck in Austin, Texas.... Yeeehaaaw!!
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Da Lat Vietnam 09 25 2009 Flower Park
This is one of the many parks located in central Vietnam in Da, Lat City, this is my first visit here and I was so amazed at the natural beauty this city offers.....it is Vietnam's #1 honeymoon destination. I really felt safe and calm the whole time here and everywhere you go theirs flowers and decorations throughout this city.....Hotels are really cheap, $15 usd a night gets you a view and rooftop jacuzzi....meals also range from 3 to 10 usd...........Hope you enjoys video with my 200 dollar Panasonic camera....cheers!!
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Da Lat 09 24 2009 -Lake
Nice place for a honeymoon.......believe me!! This place was discovered by a French Bacteriologist Alexandre Yelsin in 1901. He Developed a cure for malaria and was on the Pasteur research team in Paris france at the turn of the century.
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Dark harbor cage dance
10-19-2013... My chicky groov'n at Dark Harbor. Long Beach Queen Mary..... Good time!
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SeaWorld- Fireworks-2013
Fireworks show after shamu show.
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OC TeT Festival pho eating contest 2014
The final at Orange County TET festival, the winner downed a big bowl of pho in record time 1:12 seconds! He won a 50 in smart TV.
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Love Song
Letti sings love song on warm Summer evening...😍
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Cirque de la Mer San Diego
A little clip of Le Cirque show
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Dancing at kareoke club
Having fun For Her B-Day..:)
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Happy 2014
At Avec, Huntington Beach...:))
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Nga sings at private club
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Water jets
Red-bull Flugtag 09-21-2013
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Redbull Flugtag 09-21-3013
Flugtag scene from long beach lighthouse ..... World record was made.
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Knotts bumper cars
Me and Nga drunk driving ..... Again!!! Muahahaha!
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Box chicken
Ray ray in his halloween outfit
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Horse tricks
Teaching horses new tricks in Rosarito Beach Mex.
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Carlos Santana - Irvine 07-26-2014
Great gig with Salvador and Adam.
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Rosarito horse ride  2
Horse ride
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Dark Harbor-Queen Mary Oct,19,2013
Pan of Parking lot halloween event at Queen Mary.
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Jesus freak at HB
It's a perfect situation to preach The Lord at careless beach goers. Silly!
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Kareoke- B-Day-2
Part 2
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Rosarito Horse ride
Papas and beer horse ride
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Big Bear - BBSO
A visit to the big bear solar observatory ..... Nice scenery.
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Big bear wolf pack
A visit to the zoo across Bear mountain ski resort.... Cool little place most people might miss.
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Bear mountain snow
Tried to make a snowball from man made hard pack ice.... Funny.
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4th of July- Santana park corona ca
Rushed over after work and we checked out fireworks from 'bout a block away, traffic pretty bad. Good time! Then raced back for BBQ with friends and family.
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Huntington Beach street jump
Street performer jumps over 4 people.
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