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Heritage Turkey Farmer
Jarrettsville, Maryland -- Lee Swift has been living on her farm for 25 years, but this will be her first season as a turkey farmer. Her Bourbon Red heritage turkeys will be butchered locally and ready for customers to prepare for their Thanksgiving feasts. At $9 per pound, some may shy away from purchasing one of Swift's 20 pound birds--but for her customers, knowing that the birds were raised locally and treated humanely was enough to overlook the hefty price tag. Read the full story here: http://cnsmaryland.org/2014/11/20/talking-turkey-with-grower-of-bourbon-red-heritage-birds/
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A Boy Who Started His Own Baking Company
Thirteen-year-old Aaron Ware has a full-fledged baking business called Doughjangles. When he was 9-years-old, he lost his twin brother Eric to a brain tumor. "I wish he could be here, but I know that it's better that he's not, because he was sick... and he was suffering," Aaron said. He started making cookies to cope with his loss, and now he sends a portion of his proceeds to help other kids in need.
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Prison Inmates Train Rescue Dogs
The Roxbury Correctional Institute in Hagerstown, Md. partners with the Lost Dog and Cat Foundation to find homes for abused or abandoned dogs. These dogs stay with selected prison inmates who train and rehabilitate them for adoptive families.
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Music and Motion Helps Disabled Children
At Maryland Youth Ballet the orgnaization offers therapeutic dance classes through its Music and Motion program. The ballet dancers at Music and Motion all have a unique characteristic ... not only do they love dancing but they all have disabilities. But their disabilities don't stop them from doing what they love. Check out what a weekly practice looks like for these ballerinas.
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NEGLECTED BUNNIES: Abandoned Rabbits Increase After Easter
COLUMBIA—For many, the aftermath from Easter means clean-up from a happy holiday…a holiday that may have included a gift of a real, live bunny. But for many the bunnies turn out to be more work than expected and that’s where at least one special rescue comes in.
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Author Jeff Kinney shares his favorite scenes in the Wimpy Kid books
In an interview with Capital News Service, author Jeff Kinney points out his favorite scenes in his popular "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books.
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Handgun Appeal: Federal Judge Rules Maryland's Handgun Permit Law Unconstitutional
A Baltimore federal judge has ruled that Maryland's handgun permit law is unconstitutional. In his opinion, Judge Benson Everett Legg said the law infringes on the right to keep and bear arms... a right that's guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Maryland's Attorney General says the state will appeal the ruling.
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Smith Island Cakes: Official Dessert of Maryland Provides Jobs
by Jenny Kay Paulson
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Flight Record: University of Maryland Students Make Aviation History
A team of 51 graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Maryland, College Park, attempted a record-breaking flight test of their human-powered helicopter on Wednesday. Students and faculty at the James A. Clark School of Engineering have been working since 2008 to achieve the requirements necessary to capture the Sikorsky Prize, a coveted honor in the field of aviation. Many groups from all over the world have made attempts, but in the 33 years that the prize has existed, Maryland has come the closest to success.
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Local Maryland Woman Excels In "Extreme Couponing"
A Montgomery County woman, with scissors in hand, goes to extraordinary lengths to save on her grocery bill, and she's helping others to do the same.
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RFK Farewell: D.C. United Fans say goodbye to historic stadium
WASHINGTON - - It was a bittersweet sendoff for R.F.K Stadium this past Sunday. D.C. United played their final home game at the landmark stadium. For the fans, R.F.K. Stadium was never just a place to watch a game.
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Star Wars Museum
Thomas G. Atkinson, the creator and curator of the Star Toys Museum in Linthicum Heights, Md., shows off his 13,000-plus collection of Star Wars memorabilia. (Video and Production by Anna Weaver/Capital News Service)
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Native Challenges: Maryland's Piscataway Native Americans share their culture in Charles County
WALDORF - Following their recognition by the state in 2012, Maryland's Piscataway Native Americans have been struggling to raise awareness for their culture. Now, they're reaching out to the public through a mobile educational program, taking the Piscataway culture to the people in an effort to make their voices heard.
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New photos reveal life of Baltimore slave
The Maryland Historical Society acquired rare images and documentation that shed light on a slave in Baltimore. The Historical Society will use this information to learn more about urban slavery in Baltimore and around the country.
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COMFORT CASES:  Maryland man provides help to children in foster care
ROCKVILLE, Maryland-- There are an estimated 400,000 children in foster care around the country according to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Rob Scheer knows first-hand the hardship and loneliness from being in foster care. He was a part of the system until he turned 18 aged out. Now, he’s giving back and providing kids in foster care with their own special backpack to ease the many challenges they face.
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Kayak Crabbing Explained
ANNAPOLIS -- 34-year-old Langston Majette is Maryland’s modern renaissance man. He’s a pilot, a fisherman, a great cook, and prolific YouTuber. Since 2006, Majette’s 168 YouTube videos about flying and kayak fishing have earned him over 117,000 views so far. Majette is most uniquely known for kayak crabbing with a trotline—a method not traditionally attempted with a kayak. Here, Majette explains how it's done.
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Angry Islanders: Smith Island Residents Angered by State Actions
Smith Islanders say they're fed up with being considered the "poster child" of rising sea level, and they're now forming a group to ensure the state won't abandon them.
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Smith Island Accent: Irony with an Elizabethan Twist
by Jenny Kay Paulson Islanders in Maryland passed on their unique dialect for generations.
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Veteran Compost
Though the veteran unemployment rate is down since last year, veterans still have to worry about finding a job when returning back home to civilian life. But one Aberdeen army vet is helping to solve this problem.
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Undocumented Violence: One undocumented immigrant's story of domestic abuse.
SILVER SPRING -- Domestic abuse is a silent crime in the state of Maryland, particularly among undocumented Hispanic immigrants. One such woman tells us her story.
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TRUMP RAP: Political Music Video Goes Viral
ESSEX-- CNS-TV's Matt Present sat down with Internet personality Abdel Ibrahim, better known online as "Dooley", after his anti-Donald Trump music video went viral.
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Pro foosball player Tony Spredeman talks the "tour"
Tony Spredeman, one of the world's top-ranked foosball players, discusses what it's like being a professional foosball player at the Maryland State Championships on February 16th.
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CRASH ANNIVERSARY: 35 year anniversary of the crash of Air Florida Flight 90 observed
WASHINGTON--Washington’s National Law Enforcement Museum remembered the 35th anniversary of the 1984 crash of an Air Florida jet into the 14th bridge with a discussion Tuesday night that featured the pilot of the helicopter that plucked several survivors out of the icy Potomac, the (former) local TV photographer who captured the rescues on video and former Washington Police Department detective. 74 people on board the plane were killed along with four motorists.
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Cancer Cooking: Recipes That Fight Cancer For Patients, Survivors, and Caregivers
BETHESDA -- First there was walk for a cure and now you can eat healthy and cook for a cure, too
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YOGA KIDS: Finding Inner Peace in the Inner City
BALTIMORE - At the after-school program at Robert W. Coleman Elementary School, kids do yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises. This program sponsored by Holistic Life Foundation serves 58 students from Pre-K through 5th grade. A recent Harvard study shows that meditation increased kids learning, memory, and compassion while decreasing stress and anxiety.
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Cicadas Return: 17-year Cicadas to Overtake East Coast by the Millions this Spring
CLINTON -- The state is set for the noisy spring emergence of the 17-year cicada throughout Maryland
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Prison Puppies - Incarcerated Veterans Train Dogs for Wounded Vets
HAGERSTOWN - Inmates at the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown are training dogs to help wounded veterans. Josh Birch reports.
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Person of Interest Identified in 1975 Case of Missing Sisters
Police have released information regarding a new person of interest they have identified in the 1975 disappearance of Sheila (12) and Katherine (10) Lyon from Wheaton Plaza
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Police Helicopter: Newest Aviation Technology Comes to Maryland
After 5 years in the making, Maryland State Police is releasing the newest addition of their aviation unit: state-of-the-art helicopters.
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Healthy Breakfast
COLUMBIA- Students at Guilford Elementary School in Howard County Maryland bring awareness about childhood hunger all while celebrating Maryland Day.
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Strength and shame: Inside Maryland's opioid epidemic
ANNAPOLIS, Maryland—In June 2016, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, experienced one opioid overdose a day and a death a week. Just six months later, those numbers had doubled and continued to rise. Abuse of heroin, prescription painkillers and other opioids has claimed thousands of lives in Maryland over the last decade. Capital News Service's ViewFinder visual storytelling team spent a year in Anne Arundel County documenting the problem. This show is hosted by Alexandra Simon.
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Free on the Water: Kayaking Therapy Helps Veterans
An Iraq War veteran and double leg amputee, former Army Sgt. Ryan Major, has found physical and emotional healing by kayaking with a non-profit organization called Team River Runner. (Capital News Service Video by Jessica Wilde)
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Military Stigma: Battling Mental Illness in the Military
PRINCE FREDERICK - A Navy Captain sheds light on how he almost committed suicide because of the stigma of mental illness in the military.
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Sequoia Austin Story
Sequoia Austin may be the shortest member on the team, but she knows how to contribute in more ways than just making baskets. Kai Dambach takes a look at the spunky senior.
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Seized Russian compound on Eastern Shore awaits fate
CENTREVILLE, Maryland — The soccer field is still trimmed to perfection, but no Russians will be gracing the pitch anytime soon. Nor will they be staying in either of the two Georgian-style mansions or in any of the ten bungalows clustered on the 45-acre waterfront property.
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Waiting on Weed: Medical Marijuana Delays in Maryland
The Maryland Legislature voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2013 but setting up a legal process for people to get medical marijuana hasn't been so easy. Two Marylanders, suffering from chronic diseases tell us how important cannabis is to their life. By Jamal Francis and Sarah Dean.
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Baltimore Nighthawks Women's Football Team Tackles Stereotypes
Football is traditionally viewed as a man's game. The Baltimore Nighthawks, the city's professional football team for women, are challenging that stereotype.
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Ravens Breakfast: Ray Rice Promotes Breakfast at Hilltop Elementary
Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice visited Hilltop Elementary School to promote eating breakfast and staying fit.
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Bowie Flight School Recalls Training 9/11 Hijacker
BOWIE, Md. -- Small planes buzz low over Route 50 towards the landing strip of Freeway Airport, where a decade ago a hijacker sharpened his flying skills before piloting American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon. The visits by Hani Hanjour brought notoriety to this small airport -- one of several locations frequented by the hijackers in Maryland. Hanjour was only interested in learning how to steer the plane, not takeoff or land, said Joe Gauvreau, a flight instructor at the airport. "His attitude was so bad that one of the instructors who flew with him said he wouldn't fly with anymore," he said. The government banned flights from the airport for six months following the attacks. Life has since returned to normal for pilots at the airport. Tighter restrictions governing airspace around Washington, D.C., limited where pilots who use this airport can fly.
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PRISON GANG: Maryland Correctional Officer assessed 34 charges
Baltimore, MD - Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh announced more than two dozen indictments for people involved in gang activity inside and outside of a Maryland prison. The orchestrator was discovered to be a Maryland correctional officer that also happened to be a high ranking member of one of the nation's deadliest gangs.
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PRISON BEES: Hagerstown Prison Takes A New Approach to Inmate Rehabilitation
The Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown has a new approach to inmate education, introducing a new beekeeping program that saw its first harvest of honey earlier this year. CNS-TV's Dennis Ting went to take a closer look at this unique program.
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Bike Safety - How Safe is Maryland?
MARYLAND - Biking is a popular hobby, but how bike friendly is the state of Maryland? The answer may surprise you. CNS-TV's Josh Birch reports.
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Beyond the Court
BALTIMORE, MD -- Over 60% of children in Baltimore live in single-parent households. As one of six kids to a single mother, Everett Croslin finds additional support from his mentor, Haneef Hardy, who helps him navigate the challenges of growing up in Baltimore. Produced by: Lauren Anikis & Julia Kim Capital News Service's ViewFinder visual storytelling team spent their semester putting faces on issues in Baltimore City.
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Homeless Resources: Massage Therapists Give Free Massages to People in Need
GAITHERSBURG -- Montgomery County's Homeless Resource Day featured many services available to homeless residents. Among them, local massage therapists serviced people in possibly the most important way.
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TROUT STOCKING: Hatchery, DNR Officials Begin Releasing Fish in Maryland Waters
HAGERSTOWN -- The Department of Natural Resources and the Albert Powell Fish Hatchery team up to stock nearly 300 locations with trout across the state of Maryland. Approximately 300,000 fish will be released in 2015.
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Guns and Poker: a Surefire Bet at Maryland Shooting Range
MIDDLE RIVER - Guns and poker. For some, the two may conjure images of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday peering from under long brimmed hats, brows furrowed and sweating, eyes perusing their cards and the fidgety faces of their opponents. But at Wednesday night's poker shootout at the FreeState Gun Range in Middle River, some actually came hoping to free their faces from everyday tensions.
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Intellectually Disabled Individuals Gain Friends Through Sports
Unified Sports, high school athletes both with and without intellectual disabilities, compete at the statewide strength and conditioning tournament near Salisbury.
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Greenbelt teenager, Evan Zhu, stands atop junior tennis rankings
Greenbelt's Evan Zhu, 14, is ranked No. 1 in the nation for junior players 14 and under. Zhu, who trains at the Junior Tennis Champions Center at The Tennis Center at College Park won the National Clay Court Championship in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., last July, and a Mid-Atlantic Boys 16 and Under title earlier this year.
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MINORITY GOLF: Why Aren't More African Americans Playing Golf?
COLLEGE PARK -- It's been almost two decades since Tiger Woods won the Masters. It's been nearly TWO DECADES since 21-year-old Tiger Woods won the Masters. Woods is one of a handful of African Americans to dominate the sport. Even so...it hasn't done much to increase the number of minorities playing the game. A recent program at the University of Maryland looked at the reason why.
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