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Crews Work to Contain Abandoned Mine Fire in Preston County
Fire in an abandoned mine complex is causing concerns for area residents are DEP crews work to contain it.
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Recycled Christmas Trees Improve Fish Habitat
Former Christmas trees are being used to improve fish habitat in lakes and reservoirs around West Virginia. It's a joint program between the DEP and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.
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New Facility to Treat Acid Mine Drainage in the Cheat River Watershed
A massive new water treatment facility under construction near Albright, WV will pipe water directly from abandoned mine discharges in the Muddy Creek watershed - a tributary of the Cheat River. The goal is to restore the lower three and a half miles of Muddy Creek, which currently supports no aquatic life. The DEP is partnering with Southwestern Energy as part of the company's "Fresh Water Neutral" initiative. Southwestern is providing funding for roughly two and a half miles of pipelines and contributing to the operation and maintenance costs of the treatment plant.
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Propane May Soon Power West Virginia School Buses
West Virginia may begin using propane powered school buses as early as next year. The State Board of Education recently approved a request to allow propane as an alternative fuel for school buses.
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Cherry River Stream Project Improves Trout Habitat
If you’re a serious angler and you’re interested in fly fishing for native brook trout, then West Virginia's Cherry River is probably on your list of favorite destinations. Heavy mining and logging activity over the years in the watershed had left the stream in less than pristine condition, but restoration efforts started years ago are paying off in a big way.
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Abandoned Oil Well Found Underneath Apartment Building
Crews are working to plug a leaking abandoned oil well found underneath a Wheeling apartment building. Their solution: build a drill rig INSIDE the building -- it's believed to be the first operation of its kind in the country. Be sure to check out our "There's More to the Story" playlist for an update.
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Little Coal River Stream Restoration
The Little Coal River has become a popular destination for anglers and paddlers alike thanks to ongoing stream restoration efforts by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, the Division of Natural Resources and the West Virginia Conservation Agency.
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First Propane Powered School Bus Exceeds Expectations
It's cleaner, quieter and cheaper to operate than a conventional diesel powered school bus and school officials in Monongalia County are so impressed, they're planning on expanding their fleet.
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WVANG Camp Dawson Earns Top Environmental Honors
West Virginia Army National Guard Camp Dawson was recently honored by the Department of Defense for its environmental and natural resource conservation programs.
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Work to Contain Underground Mine Fire Enters New Phase
Crews continue to work to seal off and smother a fire burning underground in an abandoned mine in Preston County.
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Wheeling Apartment Abandoned Oil Well Plugged
Crews have completed work on plugging an abandoned oil well located underneath a Wheeling apartment building after drilling down more than 1,100 feet. The well was originally drilled between 1908 and 1910 and abandoned in the late 1940s.
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Reclaimed Surface Mine Home to New Elk Herd
Elk have been reintroduced to southern West Virginia through a new program from the state. Two dozen elk from western Kentucky were brought to the Tomblin Wildlife Management Area recently. Elk have been gone from West Virginia since the 1870s.
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Crisis on the Kanawha - 50 Years Later
It wasn't that many years ago that the Kanawha River was essentially dead -- unable to sustain any aquatic life -- but the Kanawha is a river in recovery. The DEP's Greg Adolfson has the story of just what went into bringing the river back to life.
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New Recycling Process at Toyota Creates New Steel from Waste
A process at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of West Virginia takes fine metal particles created during the machining and polishing of engine components which was previously a waste product and compresses it into a steel puck which can be recycled into new steel.
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Extracting Rare Earth Elements from Acid Mine Drainage
Scientists at WVU's Water Research Institute are partnering with the DEP to develop a commercially viable method to extract valuable rare earth elements from acid mine drainage (AMD) sludge. Sludge is a byproduct of the AMD treatment process.
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USGS Stream Gauge Network Offers Water Level Alerts
The USGS Stream Gage Network provides near real time information on water levels, along with other data and it's available to the public as a free service. So how high is the water? The answer is as close as your smart phone. Details on how to sign up for email or text alerts.
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Tuscarora Creek Restoration Project Bypasses Century Old Dam
Since removing it would cause more problems, a stream restoration project along Tuscarora Creek near Martinsburg bypasses a century old dam.
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Kempton AMD/AML Project
The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection was recently honored by the U.S. Department of the Interior's Office of Surface Mining for its reclamation and restoration efforts on the Kempton Acid Mine Drainage/Abandoned Mine Lands Project. The Kempton Project is located in Tucker County, West Virginia. To find out more about West Virginia's Abandoned Mine Lands Program, please click on this link: http://www.dep.wv.gov/aml/Pages/default.aspx
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Youth Environmental Conference
Students from all across West Virginia recently gathered for the 36th Youth Environmental Conference at Twin Falls State Park. The conference is put on by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Youth Environmental Program. For more information on the program, click on the following link: http://www.dep.wv.gov/pio/Pages/yep.aspx
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Currents - Short Film
Currents is a celebration of the dozens of watershed groups that help protect, preserve and restore West Virginia's waterways, told in their own words. It premiered at the West Virginia Rivers Film Festival in Morgantown on October 22, 2015. Currents is a production of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and was produced and directed by Michael Huff.
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Berkeley Springs HS Awarded 2016 Green Ribbon School
Berkeley Springs High School was named a 2016 Green Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education.
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DEP Ombudsman Dr. Terry Polen
Keeping up with current and pending state and federal environmental rules can be a challenge, especially for small businesses -- but there's help available. The DEP's Brent Kessinger introduces us to DEP Ombudsman Dr. Terry Polen.
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New Leadership at the Youth Environmental Program
The DEP's Youth Environmental Program has new leadership. Annette Hoskins takes over as program manager from Diana Haid who retired from the agency recently. The YEP help its annual fall conference recently at North Bend State Park.
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Environment Matters -  January 2016, Part 2
Meet the team from West Virginia University's EcoCAR3 Challenge. They're converting a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro into a plug in hybrid.
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How Weather Can Impact Air Quality
Air pollution is not just a big city problem. Ozone and fine particle pollution can also be problems in rural areas. It's helpful if you think of our atmosphere as an ocean of air -- with currents that can move and disperse but also occasionally trap and concentrate harmful pollutants.
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Fairmont Uses Rain Gardens to Help Control Stormwater Runoff
The City of Fairmont has four rain gardens in and around downtown to help control the amount of stormwater runoff. Rain gardens help to slow, filter and absorb excess rain to reduce the amount going into the city's storm sewer system.
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Generating Electricity With Landfill Gas
The Raleigh County Landfill is getting ready to begin generating electricity powered by waste methane gas. Decomposition within the landfill generates the gas which is currently burned off in a flare stack. Once online, the landfill can generate enough electricity to power more than two thousand homes.
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Cleaning Up Illegal Dumps
Sometimes the mess is just too big for volunteer groups alone. That's when the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection's Pollution Prevention and Open Dump program - PPOD - steps in. Every year PPOD cleans up roughly one thousand illegal open dump sites around the state.
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West Virginia's First Solar Hotel Opens in Harpers Ferry
West Virginia's first solar powered hotel opens in Harpers Ferry
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Entsorga West Virginia Groundbreaking
Entsorga West Virginia held its groundbreaking ceremony recently. The Berkeley County facility will turn solid waste into clean burning fuel. The project is expected to reduce the amount of trash going into area landfills by 75%.
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Train Trip Up Shavers Fork Shows Off Stream Restoration Projects
All aboard the Durbin and Greenbrier Valley Railroad's Cheat Mountain Salamander - a passenger train made up of vintage locomotives and coaches - for a trip up the Shavers Fork to Spruce to check out some stream restoration projects only accessible by rail.
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Coal River Stream Restoration Project Making Progress
It's a project to restore 15 miles of the Little Coal River. Sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, when finished, the project will improve the water quality from Danville downstream to McCorkle.
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Abandoned Mine Lands Summit Looks to Program's Future
Representatives from West Virginia and other states met recently in Washington to discuss the future of the Abandoned Mine Lands Program. The program is funded through a per-ton fee on mined coal. That fee collection is set to end in 2021. West Virginia has roughly $4.5 billion dollars worth of reclamation work associated with abandoned pre-law mines still left to do.
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Environment Matters - August 2015, Part 1
West Virginia University teams up with the University of Rome Tor Vergata for this year's Solar Decathlon. The team designed and built a solar efficient house. Teaching kids water conservation at the Wonderful World of Water Day Camp. Ahead of Pollution Prevention Week in September -- things you can do to reduce your personal contribution to pollution, part 1.
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Things You Can Do to Reduce Air Pollution
Nearly every day, each one of us contributes a little to air pollution -- often without even realizing it. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation more than 25 percent of all air pollution nationwide is created by motor vehicles on the road. The DEP's Sarah Alford has some simple changes we all can make to help the planet breathe a little easier.
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Regulating Horizontal Drilling for Natural Gas in West Virginia
Drilling for oil and gas is nothing new in West Virginia. Commercial operations in the state date back to the 1880s. The demand for domestic energy coupled with new technologies that allow developers to tap shale gas deposits has led to the rapid expansion of gas exploration and development in the state. Balancing those economic benefits while maintaining stewardship of the land, water and air, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection is taking a proactive approach as it works to oversee a complex industry.
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Used Tire Collections Help Environment
They're not only an eyesore when dumped in the landscape, improperly disposed tires can also present a serious public health hazard - becoming a breeding ground for mosquitos that can carry diseases like West Nile Virus and LaCrosse Encephalitis. The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection schedules used tire collections at least once a year in every county in the state.
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DEP Works to Stabilize Hillside
A mudslide caused by water flowing out on an abandoned mine in Fayette County briefly shut down a section of U.S. 60 near Smithers. The DEP is working to stabilize the hillside. The project is expected to take about six months to complete.
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Ohio River Sweep 2017
Hundreds of volunteers turned out all up and down the Ohio River shoreline recently for the annual Ohio River Sweep. This was the 28th year for the sweep which is organized by ORSANCO - the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission. It's the largest volunteer cleanup event of its kind in the nation.
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Raleigh School Recycling Program Celebrates 15 Years
The Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority has been helping county schools turn trash into cash for 15 years.
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Brownfields Redevelopment in West Virginia
Brownfields are abandoned or under-utilized properties with real or perceived environmental issues that could hinder redevelopment of the site. They can be found in almost any city and town in West Virginia and as city leaders found out at a recent Brownfields Conference in Morgantown, it takes a clear vision to return these properties to productive use. Ronceverte is one West Virginia city with a plan.
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Volunteers Work to Clean Up Elkhorn Creek
Two decades of cleanup work in Elkhorn Creek are beginning to show results. Volunteers from Trout Unlimited recently completed their annual cleanup of the McDowell County stream.
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DEP Hosts Electronics Recycling Event
Nintendo 64, Gateway 2000, that big screen TV you bought back in 1992 - once the cutting edge of technology, now gathering dust in garages, basements and backrooms. Since 2011, it's been illegal in West Virginia to dispose of any TV of electronic device with a 4-inch or larger screen in a landfill. As the DEP's Brent Kessinger found out, that's why e-cycling makes so much sense.
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Survey Team Measures Stream Health
Measuring the water quality and biological health of West Virginia's rivers and streams is the job of a team of geologists, biologists, engineers and environmental scientists from the Department of Environmental Protection's Watershed Assessment Branch -- and as the DEP's Mike Huff found out recently, it's all about knowing where to look for clues.
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Roadside Litter Endangers Wildlife
Besides being an eyesore, roadside litter can also be a serious hazard to wildlife -- but not in a way you might expect. The DEP's Brent Kessinger has more on reducing this highly preventable threat...
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Habitat Tiny House for Veterans
Huntington Area Habitat for Humanity has been building a series of small, energy efficient "tiny houses" for formerly homeless veterans.
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WVU EcoCAR3 Team Looks to Finish Strong
A four year project to turn a Chevrolet Camaro into a high performance plug in hybrid is entering its final year with the team from West Virginia University currently in fourth place among sixteen university teams. We have an update on the project from Morgantown.
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Ozone Season
In West Virginia, ground level ozone levels are highest from the beginning of April to the end of October.
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Healthy Places for Healthy People
A joint program of the U.S. EPA and Appalachian Regional Commission has selected the communities of Montgomery and Smithers for its Healthy Places for Healthy People initiative. The program looks to help communities leverage economic development through building around healthcare and related businesses and community wellness.
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Fayette County Tackles Dilapidated Building Problem
A program in Fayette County is making progress removing abandoned, dilapidated houses with potential environmental hazards like asbestos or lead paint. It's a slow process but it's starting to show big results.
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