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Crop Kings BlueBerry Regular Mail Call
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Wish seeds
What seeds look like from wish
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Wish weed seeds
Seeds that were ordered from wish. From seedling to flower. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe. Let's get 2000 views and I will tell you every detail from the link used to order all the way down to every detail used to grow. ENJOY!!!!
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Crop King Seeds Germinated!!! (blueberry)
Germinated for 4 days using the paper towel method. Blueberry seeds from crop kings
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Zombie death Fuck strain
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Finding cheap item for your grow
Using EBay, wish, or even your local auctions you can come across great deals for items you need in your grow space. Never stop and get stuck paying the high dollar amounts when you know you can do better.
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Quality time in the grow room.
It's soooooo funny how In the video I'm like.......be discreet, I don't tell anybody but yet I'm telling EVERYBODY on YouTube LMAO!!!!!!
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