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I love this beat **tag me if you use it!** Instagram: @__thaartist__
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Huey's dream
Been away for min ***tag me if u use this*** IG: __thaartist__
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Waiting for sunrise (ft Shiloh)
Oooooooou IG: __thaartist__ Soundcloud: _ThaArtist ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it***
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S.A.S (sad anime scene) aka mental suicide
Getting closer to my end....so it gets deeper and darker who cares right now cause I don't... **Shrugs** [B A N G] ***tag me if you use*** ***tag me if you use*** ***tag me if you use***
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***Give me credit if you use it*** Chill Hop beat I made Pic from google Let me know what you think!
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My love for jack Daniels
Love me some whiskey. You that feeling when you fall in,over you get warm fuzzy feeling or when you hug a special person. Well I mean I can still fall in love with ppl but the overthinking in my mind ends up making lose interest. Then with hugs I want them but at the same time I don’t wanna opera needy so I don’t hug ppl plus sometimes I don’t wanna break down in ppl arms even tho it can ease my grief to hug ppl but idk man.... so yea but the only person who seems to understand and love me most is jack and well for that I tip my hat and made a song.....#alcoholic
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They still sleeping
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It's a rollercoaster
I'm not feeling as depressed anymore which is good but I know it's gonna come back again full force lol. But thank you to everyone that's been checking on me, phone calls, texts messages, and memes that were sent to me I appreciate it much love to ya -tha artist
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Irma and Jose
Hurricane Irma and Jose = me making this
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Dark side doesn’t have cookies
Fav movie....side note this social suicide or going ghost is boring lol.
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***Tag me if you use it*** Self explanatory Pic from google Anime: naruto Beat by me
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We all need to cry
I can't anymore. I shouldn't anymore.....I won't
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Does it get easier...
No....couldn't find a lot of decent gifs but who cares as you can see I don't [insert shrug] IG: __thaartist__ ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it***
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You help me cope.....(read description)
Back from a short vacay to hometown New York.....was a real emotional trip my depression is still up maybe %15 but I'm back and have 2 more videos to upload.......I can honestly say I need a hug tbh with you but I know it won't happen so hears to more beats IG:__thaartist__ Soundcloud: _ThaArtist **tag me if you use my beats** **tag me if you use my beats** **tag me if you use my beats**
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It still scares me to leave my house sometimes....what scares me most is.....losing me
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Everyone's gonna die
**tag me if you use it** For rick and morty fans! Deep show and episode
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Josiah’s departure
Sometimes I do day dream bout the day that I leave. I end up leaving loved one behind to start a new either alone or with a wife but for this song and how life has been I see myself leaving alone which is fine but this scene depicts how my departure would look like except “wheel”by John Mayer will be playing in my head lol. Which means imma shear tears as I walk away. But I’ll hug everyone goodbye kiss my mom goodbye confess few secrets to some ppl, kiss my lil sisters goodbye give them one last bit of life knowledge for them to use then take that lonely walk onto an airplane just to bee a silent memory.....funny how life works.... this is also a song for when I go ghost and ppl wonder where I am how I am and they can’t reach me because of social suicide and stuff like that I’m fine I’m just....I’m fine. But this is goodbye
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Under the bridge
New mixtape dedicated to important girls (women) in my life
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Oh but to dream
Just to help u sleep **tag me if u use it** IG: __thaartist__
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Fell for it again
**tag me if u use it** So I really am giving up beats this is how I'm gonna die all with my emotions bottles up IG: __thaartist__
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Let's rest here....
**tag me if you use my beat*+ Pic from google Anime: Kiki's delivery
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Thoughts of blue....
**tag me if you use it** Usually when I can't sleep I'm up deeply thinking bout life so I made a beat to match Enjoy.....
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Wanna go lay in the sand
Big part of my depression wants to just scrap this album and not let anyone hear it. I need November to hurry up... IG: __thaartist__ ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it***
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What's the answer?
Love...... IG: tha.lofi.artist ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it***
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WaLoD (when a loved one dies)
Play this at my funeral please..... I’m wanna go out same way she did..... Tell ppl that I lov..........*heart beat stops*
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Anger can do a lot for you
Close to ending this beat journey of mines.....as a person with depression issues I can say this video best describes me........a lil of a dark turn for me
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I just wanna die...
Lil dark video and idk it maybe the depression talking but a lot of my thoughts are facts I really hate my life and wanna die. I'm tired of waking up on this earth I really am....I don't anything going for me anymore. I think I'm gonna delete all these videos at end of the year not like they're gonna be remembered anyways so f it....
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I'm afraid I'll miss'em
Forgot I even had a channel lol IG: __thaartist__ ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it***
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Buried under my guilt (logic buried alive remix)
First time I did a remix and yes it sucks
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Your worth it
JUST LET ME LOVE YOU STUPID YOUR WORTH IT! IG: __thaartist__ Soundcloud: _ThaArtist ***tag me if u use it*** ***tag me if u use it*** ***tag me if u use it***
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The final destination
I wasn’t suppose to be making beats but bought some skullcandy headphones and had to test them out but.....I’m still never making beats again but Ayo someone trip to rip me open bout expressing my emotions on social media and I know no one reads my descriptions so I can say how hurt I am and how I’ve been publicly avoiding ppl on purpose not talking or hanging with anyone.....trying to see how long I can go permanently without talking....starting this year is the year of isolation aka the final destination....has a deeper meaning then you know.... Jan 25 weekend is gonna be the last time ppl hear my voice or cries for help....your just gonna see it with these pills I’ve been abusing jack daniels I’ve been over drinking and Constance chances to take my own life......2018 I’m not ready for you but imma let you beat down as much as you want I’m not trying anymore.....I’ve been kicked down for the last time I’m not gonna bother getting up.....for the ppl who cared bout me I’m sorry that I have to push you away but you can treat my the same way my father did for 25 years see me as a ghost or dead or don’t even exist may help you here cause I’m done.
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The hot flight attendant
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Late night bump vol 2
Granted my dad was never in jail but he was never there for me and my stepdad didn't make much change either but it's been a hard 24 years (current age to making this video). But I've done so much by myself and this poem spoke volumes to me I had to throw it onto a smooth mix.
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I can't remember who I was
Feeling more numb.....could be the last straw in handful to pick from IG: tha.lofi.artist ***tagg me if you use it*** ***tagg me if you use it*** ***tagg me if you use it***
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One more night with you.....
So there's this girl....... IG: __thaartist__ Soundcloud: _ThaArtist ***tag me if you use the beat*** ***tag me if you use the beat*** ***tag me if you use the beat***
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It's never goodbye
What it sounds like and feels like for me when I catch feeling for a person I can't for reason being me. She's either too young, or doesn't wanna get married or can't deal with my depression so I'm forced to have dreams. She's never gonna know until I'm on my death bed how I've felt and it's kinda embarrassing and weird for me but...... I sometimes.... Dreams of what could never be.....I often daydream bout it which leads too more questions. What's wrong with me, do I need to change, what can I do to have forever with this person. What is it bout me they don't see, and do they even feel me. Overthinking kills me so I resort to shouting it out with music. Or beats but I've decided to become one with my thoughts, my demons, my depression and my over thinking. I've decided to take out this headphones and hear everything I don't wanna hear Everything that blows within this sweet hurricane......
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T’CHILL and vibe
We all need T’CHILL and vibe more
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Josiah's Guilt
**tag me if you use it** I hate making beats when I'm depressed but they sound the most soulful Anime: assassination classroom
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Why can't I cry
****tag me if you use my beat****
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Could it be 2.0 ...my album is almost done ;-)
Not a finished need to lower the audio of the restaurant but album is almost done
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Country sample
Old beat but the video matched when I was driving on a back road ***tag me if you use it***
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Suicide attempt
Fuck it
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There’s a war inside
So I decided to go back to seeing my therapist but yet my back account keeps getting hacked and someone keeps stealing my money.....this is the third time this week.....and while depressed tbh frank I tried to kill myself didn’t work not gonna explain why but yea therapy is a must now
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I can't tell you why
"Everything in the world has a significant balance and as king you need to understand that balance" - Mufasa Story: since my name is Josiah I like to give myself a title as a king but.........I'm no where near king I'm not even a prince more like a jester I'm a huge joke (idk if that the depression talking) but for the ppl out there who are kings and queens hope you can find your balance in this world cause "I can't tell you why"......keep pushing and enjoy the view ***tag me if you use my beats** **tag me if you use my beats** **tag me if you use my beats** IG: __thaartist__ Soundcloud: _ThaArtist
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Doesn't matter anymore
There's so many ways to go out idk which to choose..... *puts phone on do not disturb*
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I shall overcome
IG: __thaartist__ SoundCloud: _ThaArtist ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it***
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One punch man cause the drum I used was nasty but enjoy IG: __thaartist__ ****tag if you use it*** ****tag if you use it*** ****tag if you use it***
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U make me feel
Love this beat! New mixtape about important girls/women in my life
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Cardiac arrest
**tag me if you use it** Instagram: __thaartist__ Had to step out of character real quick
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The leaves are changing
***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it*** ***tag me if you use it***
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