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Are Peanuts Good For Weight Loss?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/are-peanuts-good-for-weight-loss Are Peanuts Good For Weight Loss? This argument seems to have run on for quite some time now in weight loss circles - what is the real truth behind peanuts and can that actually aid a diet plan? This video covers 5 benefits of eating peanuts...
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Low Carb Flour Alternatives - 3 Surprising Options
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/7-low-carb-flour-alternatives Low Carb Flour Alternatives Unfortunately we could only fit 3 of 7 great healthy flour options into this video's running time. If you want to find out about all seven options please use the link at the top of this description. Thanks for watching!
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How to Lose Weight With a Bad Knee
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/how-to-lose-weight-with-a-bad-knee How to Lose Weight With a Bad Knee A bad knee pretty much stuffs up all the rigorous cardio you use to stay trim - so what are the alternatives after you've injured yourself? This video looks at the dietary changes you can make to help you lose weight when carrying a bad knee injury. Thanks for watching!
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Does Eating Cottage Cheese Help You Lose Weight?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/does-eating-cottage-cheese-help-you-lose-weight Does Eating Cottage Cheese Help You Lose Weight? The success of any diet depends on the calories you consume versus the calories you burn through activity. Foods like cottage cheese have elements that can support your weight-loss efforts. You obviously need to find a brand that is labeled low-fat or non-fat. Cottage cheese is an awesome supplier of lean protein and aids with preventing weight gain by keeping your blood sugar balanced. This video covers the impressive benefits of adding cottage cheese to your dietary plan - check out these 4 surprising points! Thanks for taking the time to watch the video!
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How to Lose Baby Weight Fast While Breastfeeding
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/how-to-lose-baby-weight-fast-while-breastfeeding How to Lose Baby Weight Fast While Breastfeeding Breastfeeding burns around 850 calories a day but for some that's still not enough. The main problem here is that breastfeeding makes mothers hungrier ( yes it's hungry work folks! ). Hungry, sleep-deprived new mothers tend to satisfy their cravings with simple carbohydrates - all of a sudden losing weight over this period seems like an uphill struggle. This video covers 5 simple tips for trimming down over the breastfeeding period. We hope you find them useful :) Good luck!
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What Does The Mediterranean Diet Consist of?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/what-does-the-mediterranean-diet-consist-of What Does The Mediterranean Diet Consist of? ​When you are searching for new and improved diet ideas it's pretty common to stumble across ideas from other countries. Lets not beat around the bush - they seem to be a lot better at staying trim than us! So these countries act as an awesome platform of inspiration! The Mediterranean Diet is a nutritional concept which states that consuming olive oil and wine will lower the risk of heart disease and will combat obesity. Sounds good right? The diet gets it's 'title' from the countries which border the Mediterranean Sea. You must remember that these are all different countries - so their staple diets will differ slightly. To make things easier we've compiled this video on the breakdown of the Mediterranean diet by nutritional category... Thanks for watching ( don't forget to subscribe! ).
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Lose Weight During The Menopause Naturally
​LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/lose-weight-during-the-menopause-naturally Lose Weight During The Menopause Naturally About 30% of women ages 50 to 59 are not just overweight, but obese. The risks of putting on weight are well known: high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes ( mind you, the list goes on and on... ). Belly fat is probably one of the most dangerous fats out there and unfortunately the menopause LOVES to target that area! If, after the menopause, you discover you have a waist measurement of more than 35 inches, it's time to take steps to lose that weight. Thankfully it's not all doom and gloom - this video will cover four extremely easy steps that deal with weight gain after ( and during ) the menopause. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video - stay healthy!
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The Health Benefits of Carrot Apple Juice
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/6-health-benefits-of-carrot-apple-juice Health Benefits of Carrot Apple Juice So we're all pretty aware by now that fruit and veg is good for you - it turns out our mother's were right after all! But sometimes fruit and veg won't cut it - they seem bland and tiresome at best! You could go down the route of store produced smoothies - definitely tasty but packed to the limit with sugar, sodium and over-processed, unhealthy additives. Carrot apple juice is among one of the tastiest, nutritious and most convenient juice recipes out there - it's also simple enough to pull off at home ( newbie friendly! ). This video covers 4 awesome reasons you SHOULD be drinking carrot apple juice! Thanks for watching! Stay Healthy!
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How to Lose Weight With a Busy Schedule - 3 STEPS
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/how-to-lose-weight-with-a-busy-schedule How to Lose Weight With a Busy Schedule Finding the time to do ANYTHING worthwhile these days is getting harder and harder - it's a sign of modern times I'm afraid. This video covers 3 simple steps to take in order to fit exercise into your busy life! Thanks for watching!
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Does Hot Water Help You Lose Weight?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/does-hot-water-help-you-lose-weight Does Hot Water Help You Lose Weight? If you've been trying to lose some weight over a period of time you've bound to have come across your fair share of old wive's tales. I've always found that the most interesting of these tales revolves around the subject of water - can it really help you shift those flabby pounds? This video takes a look at 4 important water weight loss points - thanks for taking the time to watch it... Enjoy!
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Do You Lose Weight While You Sleep?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/do-you-lose-weight-while-you-sleep Do You Lose Weight While You Sleep? Weight loss usually boils down to a two point plan - eat less and move more! There's nothing wrong with this, in fact it works for most people! However, the rest part of that equation is not so obvious. Are you able to lose weight when you rest, more specifically when you sleep? Well – not exactly. Various studies conclude that getting the recommended amount of sleep can help you avoid excessive weight gain. However, sleep is not some sort of magic wand - don't expect that bikini body after two nights of solid sleep. The video above covers four of the ways sleep aids a weight loss program. Are you getting enough night rest to make a dent in your diet plans. Thanks for watching! Stay Healthy! .
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Healthy Snacks For School Parties - 5 Cheap & Simple Options
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/healthy-snacks-for-school-parties Healthy Snacks For School Parties Most kid's parties tend to be rammed full of an abundance of junk food such as sodium packed potato chips, calorie dense pastries or enamel corroding carbonated beverages. Why? There are so many healthy alternatives for snack choices out there it seems stupid to fill children with this cheap junk. This video covers 5 cheap, simple and healthy party food options
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Stop Emotional Eating Habits - Recognize The Triggers
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/stop-emotional-eating-habits Stop Emotional Eating Habits Emotional eating is dangerous because it doesn’t fix any problems – it's a vicious circle of stamping on emotions with food. Do you know the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger? Emotional hunger can feel just as real as physical hunger. And as a result, it’s easy to confuse it with physical hunger. This video covers the emotional eating triggers that could be taking over your life. We hope it helps! Thanks for watching!
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The Best Lean Muscle Building Supplements
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/the-best-lean-muscle-building-supplements The Best Lean Muscle Building Supplements Those of us who are striving for improved fitness are always looking for a little 'healthy helping hand' along the way. In order to lose pesky fat and gain mass in those muscles, a healthy and balanced diet coupled with the right kind of exercise is essential. But have you ever walked into one of these health stores? The choice is overwhelming - surely we don't need all this to succeed? This video covers 5 of the most popular and effective muscle building supplements out there. Thanks for watching ( and don't forget to subscribe! )
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How to Lose Body Fat And Get Ripped
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/how-to-lose-body-fat-and-get-ripped How to Lose Body Fat And Get Ripped Losing fat and gaining muscle require nearly polar opposite diet and exercise demands. This video will explain to you the diet principals needed to be put in place to lose weight whilst toning your body. Thanks for watching!
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Is Beef Jerky Good For Weight Loss?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/is-beef-jerky-good-for-weight-loss Is Beef Jerky Good For Weight Loss? As soon as someone decides that they want to lose weight they immediately cutting out snacking - is this the right thing to do? Nutritional experts claim that you need to hit up five to six smaller meals each day instead of three large ones in order to keep your metabolism firing at full speed. So I ask you again - is eliminating snacking the right way to go? Unfortunately, most snack foods are unhealthy and WAY to easy to grab hold of and start munching. You need the RIGHT kind of snack food to enable effective weight loss. So is beef jerky good for weight loss? Could it really be the salty fix you need to stay on track and achieve your fitness goals? This video takes a deeper look at how you can implement beef jerky into your diet and successfully lose weight. Thanks for taking the time to watch it... Stay Healthy! :)
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4 Quick Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/4-quick-easy-mediterranean-diet-recipes 4 Awesome Quick Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes Consistent research has proven over and over again that people who take in more fresh produce, fish, healthy fats and whole grains, see better weight loss and have a significantly lower risk of dementia, depression and heart disease. Enter the Mediterranean diet - purchase the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Choose healthy fats like avocado, nuts and olives and ALWAYS go for the whole grain options. Here are four totally awesome Mediterranean dish options that are sure to brighten up your day! Don't worry - they are basic enough for ANYONE to cook up! Thanks for taking the time to watch the video! Stay Healthy!
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Awesome Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Recipes
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/awesome-nutri-ninja-pro-blender-recipes Awesome Nutri Ninja Pro Blender Recipes Smoothies are incredibly easy to make. You only need some fruits and vegetables, a blender of some sort and your imagination. For most of the smoothie recipes we create over at The Calorie Ninja we opt to use the rather awesome Nutri Ninja Pro (you've probably heard of it otherwise you wouldn't be on this video right now!). Anyway - we've had a ton of requests asking for simple options to throw through the Nutri Ninja so we thought we'd offer our favorites today. Don't forget to hit that thumbs up button if you enjoy the video (or the recipes for that matter!). Don't be a stranger and leave a comment too! Stay Healthy Guys! :) .
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Breakfast Mediterranean Diet Recipes
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/breakfast-mediterranean-diet-recipes Breakfast Mediterranean Diet Recipes This video covers two awesome recipes for Mediterranean breakfasts - suitable for the Mediterranean diet of course! Mediterranean countries tend to keep their breakfasts a relatively light affair - they normally use them as a base towards lunch ( and nothing more! ). These two recipes are both light yet delicious ( not to mention healthy! ). Check 'em out and see if they take your fancy. If you enjoy the video please consider sharing it and hitting the thumbs up button...subscribe for more healthy weight loss videos!
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Are Avocados Good For Weight Loss?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/are-avocados-good-for-weight-loss Are Avocados Good For Weight Loss? It's the mono-unsaturated fat content of an avocado that researchers say make it so special, and a worthwhile addition to your diet plan. They have the power to lower cholesterol, quell hunger pangs and even spot-reduce belly fat. Avocados are known to contain 4 g of protein, 15 g of carbohydrate and 31 g of fat. The fat is monounsaturated - the 'good fat' as health officials refer to it! If you are able to use avocados in moderation in your diet you will feel increased feelings of satisfaction and fullness. Sounds good right? Check out the video and find out the full benefits of using avocado in a weight loss plan... Thanks for watching!
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Does Red Bull Help You Lose Weight? ( The TRUTH )
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/does-red-bull-help-you-lose-weight Does Red Bull Help You Lose Weight? The Red Bull Diet may just be one of the madest weight loss fads we’ve ever heard of and it’s really quite dangerous. This video covers the case of a New Zealand woman when she attempted to lose weight with Red Bull - there's no happy ending here I'm afraid! Content Researcher Erwin Johnson from website 'Personalise' gave us the idea for this video and the article attached to it ( link at the top of this video description ) when she designed an infographic on the dangers of the drink. From rising blood pressure to constipation, the drink takes its toll from the first sip to 12 days later - now that is WORRYING! And the thought of some people thinking this caffeine and sugar packed drink can actually aid dieting is shocking really. Anyway - I've rambled on enough! We have no time for this Red Bull Diet as you can see from the video - give it a watch and make your own mind up. Please feel free to share this video wherever you feel it can thrive! Stay healthy!
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Healthy Birthday Cake Alternatives For Adults
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/healthy-birthday-cake-alternatives-for-adults Healthy Birthday Cake Alternatives For Adults Well it seems like it's that time of year again folks...and the best birthday present would be about three inches removed from your gut! It always seems to happen this way doesn't it - Christmas, Birthdays and New Year celebrations...why are you always on a diet! You don't want to be thinking about calories when you are trying to enjoy your 'special day'. This video covers a few awesomely simple healthy birthday cake choices to remove the threat of sugary calories! Thanks for watching! ( don't forget to subscribe! )
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Healthy Pizza Crust Alternatives - 5 Awesome Options!
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/healthy-pizza-crust-alternatives Healthy Pizza Crust Alternatives This video covers a selection of 5 delicious crust substitutes to enjoy your pizza without causing grief to your waistline. Who said pizza had to be fattening! Thanks for watching!
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Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/is-black-coffee-good-for-weight-loss Is Black Coffee Good For Weight Loss? ​In 2005 the Vanderbilt University’s Health Psychology Department came to the conclusion that caffeine could well have a boosting effect on weight loss. The study was conducted by having the participants lose between 5% and 9% of their body weight, and then taking a daily 150mg dose of caffeine. There was your typical control group and a group fed with placebos and the results seemed to indicate that coffee can boost your metabolism from anywhere between 3% to 11%. This video covers the in depth studies that have taken place on coffee and weight loss - you'll be surprised at the results. Thanks for watching ( and don't forget to subscribe! ) Stay Healthy!!!
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How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Regularly
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/how-to-motivate-yourself-to-exercise-regularly How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise Regularly With exercise, we all have good days...and we all have bad days! When we get down to it we KNOW that some people are more competitive and motivated than others - fact of life I'm afraid! When I first felt a slip in my enthusiasm around exercise I got online to find some much needed help. I was advised to pick a social media site or online fitness tool, then get in the habit of recording my progress after my workouts every day so that my mates knew when I usually exercised. I'll be honest with you here - most of my mates didn't really care how my exercise was going! ( and who could blame them! ). So we decided to compile a video of more realistic tips on how to motivate yourself. It doesn't matter if you are newbie or a pro - everyone will find a worthwhile pointer in this video! Thanks for taking the time to watch it guys! Stay healthy!
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What Are The Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/what-are-the-health-benefits-of-drinking-apple-cider-vinegar What Are The Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar? It's a pretty awesome choice of vinegar to add a delicious kick to marinade and salad dressings - but what about it's health benefits? There are many interesting perks of ingesting this acetic elixir - this video covers five of the most important ones! Thanks for watching...enjoy! ( and don't forget to subscribe! )
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Self Cleansing Diet Plan - 5 Popular Choices
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/self-cleansing-diet-plan Self Cleansing Diet Plan - 5 Popular Choices So that sluggish and slow feeling is starting to get on top of you - can you even remember how long it has been going on for? Ever heard of a cleanse plan - the perfect answer to the sluggish blues! Doing a cleanse is basically like a reset button for your body. You will get a great boost of energy, your digestion will improve and it revs up your metabolism. There are numerous cleanse programs floating around out there at the moment but not all of them are that effective. This video covers 5 of the most popular choices. Thanks for taking the time to watch! Stay Healthy! .
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How to Stop Craving Sugary Foods - 5 Simple Steps
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/how-to-stop-craving-sugary-foods Check out our 5 simple guidelines on how to stop craving sugary foods. Sugar is added to pretty much every type of processed food in order to improve it's taste. That means even stuff that is supposed to be good for you is packed with unhealthy levels of sugars. Sugar seems pretty irresistible - but it’s not impossible to scale down your intake or even to learn to live without it entirely. Firs things first - you need to treat yourself like you’re in detox. Cancel all those stress filled appointments over the first week and concentrate on your main problem - the sugar addiction. This video will provide you with a few handy pointers for kicking the sugar habit so make the most out of it's content. Don't worry - it's a lot simpler than it sounds! :) Thanks for taking the time to watch the video!
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Can Exercise Help With Depression?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/can-exercise-help-with-depression Can Exercise Help With Depression? The whole world feels like it's against you and those four walls keep closing in - sometimes navigating daily life with depression is almost like trying to find your way through heavy fog! Exercise is one of the most effective routes out of this depressive state - but what are the benefits and what method of exercise should you choose? This video covers many different physical and psychological benefits of exercise that may help treat depression... Thanks for watching ( don't forget to subscribe! ).
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Social Media And Losing Weight
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/social-media-and-losing-weight Social Media And Losing Weight I've always thought that losing weight on your own can prove to be a real uphill struggle. After all - we all like a little healthy competition at the end of the day right? Recent studies have shown that there is a correlation between social media and losing weight - have you thought about going social with your healthy lifestyle efforts? The video above makes things easy for you - don't worry, you don't need to get lost in a sea of hashtags to succeed! As human beings, we have an inherent need to connect with one another – and that’s what makes social networks so addicting! Let's take a closer look at WHY you should be going social with your weight loss efforts... Stay Healthy! .
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Is Fish Oil Good For Your Heart?
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/is-fish-oil-good-for-your-heart Is Fish Oil Good For Your Heart? It's getting a little confusing these days isn't it? Some quarters praise the effect of fish oil on the heart whilst others say it has no effect whatsoever... Who are we to believe? Is fish oil good for your heart, and if so, what’s the best way to ensure your body is getting enough of it? This video takes a slightly deeper look at the effects of fish oil on the heart so hopefully you'll be able to make your own mind up. Thanks for taking the time to watch the video! Stay Healthy! :) .
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Lose Weight With Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
LINK - http://thecalorieninja.com/lose-weight-with-braggs-apple-cider-vinegar Lose Weight With Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar It's a super-hippy liquid that is commonly used for everything from making pickles and salad dressings to polishing armor. But can this rather dicey tasting vinegar really improve our health? More importantly - can apple cider vinegar really aid your weight loss efforts? According to the Bragg website, its apple cider vinegar may aid in weight control. Now I find this a little misleading at best - I'm fully behind using Braggs vinegar for helping to control my appetite... But actually shifting the fat from my body?? Nope - not going to happen! Anyway I decided to put this short video together to cover a few homes truths about this subject. There are plenty of weight loss positives when it comes to Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar...but there are also a few fibs thrown in there as well! Don't forget to leave you opinion in the comment section below - and hit the thumbs up if you enjoy what you see! :)
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