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Learn to reinvent yourself. Learn to become what people Think That you WILL NOT Become, Or Better yet, "Surprise People" with what they never thought was possible coming from you. "Having Better SEX" with Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend or Sex with you Husband or Sex with your husbands boyfriend. Whatever type of Sex you Desire OR how ever you just Desire to Be Desired. BE That. Let me Help you. I have so many stories to tell. So many Great Stories. Follow me ~~~ Hit that like Button ~~~
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News women hit face by stop sign!!!
News lady hit in face with stop Sign Capture
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Living in an "Open Marriage" Part 2
My Open Marriage story of My Wife and Best Friend, an Experience for some. It's all about a better Sex Life and having better SEX. No drama. As long as "Excess emotions" don't get involved then all things will be great. The pro's: Better Sex Healthy Mind Motivation Excitement Thrilling Sex The Con's: Jealousy Emotions
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How to Get a Larger Penis in less than an Hour. Guaranteed
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GlamourModelz How to Use a penis pump to get a larger penis is Quick and Simple. Just put it on start pumping wait about 30- 45 minutes and you Penis WiLL Be LARGER. Better sex Series.
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Better Sex Series Ep:1 - Dealing with Negative Energy from Other.
How to live a better life with a negative person. A better relationship and how to be how humble and control your ego. Make other people happy to make yourself happy.
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The Real Truth about Taking Viagra
What are the side effects of viagra? I answer all your questions about viagra in this video. I will talk about erection strength, how hard you can get, side effect of taking it, 25mg vs 50mg
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What Happens when You take "Viagra" ( Better Sex with VIAGRA )
My first Experience with Viagra and how it makes you feel, Life with Viagra is Great. I Don't need Viagra to have and Erection. I WANT VIAGRA because of the type of Erection I can Get.. Enjoy the video. facebook: www.facebook.com/GlamourModelz ~~~~~~ Like and Comment ~~~~~~~ Sex is Better on Viagra Viagra Website: https://www.viagra.com/ Viagra Side Effects: http://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-7417-297/viagra-oral/sildenafil-oral/details#side-effects
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Interview with Winnie Kellz | Why Do women Stop having Sex with Men
Winnie kellz Channel: www.youtube.com/winniekellz Winnie's Twitter: www.twitter.com/winniekellz Why do women have trouble leaving there men when they no longer want to be with the man. Why do women feel bad about break ups. Why Does sex not always fix relationships | Have better sex | Living with someone that you don't love | I dont want to be with him anymore | She doesn't want me anymore | How to get your girlfriend back | How to make him leave
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Living in an "Open Marriage" Part 1 ( is Sex Better with More than one Person? )
This is a part 1 Series of my "Open Relationships" video series. Part 2 will be more in-depth as to the actual details of what happened, and how it happened with my Wife and I.
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Welcome to Sex and Vanity - The truth about Relationships and Sex - How to live a Better Life
The Sex and Vanity Youtube Channel Indroduction Video. Hi, My name Is Mike. I am from Chelsea, Massachusetts, I grew up in the Boston Area my Whole life. I live in Connecticut for a couple of months and lived IN Rhode Island for about 6 months about 10 Years ago otherwise I have been Here in The Boston Area my whole Life. I have a strong lifelong background in Martials Arts (Kenpo Karate) to be exact, I have studied Pyschology (no degrees) just personal Learning. I have been in many wonderful Relationships and many bad ones, I have had many sexual encounters in my 41 years on this planet, I understand alot of things about many things, regarding Relationships, Breakups, Sex, Threesomes, orgies, Weight Training, Sexual Health, Nutritional Health for a better and more satisfying sexual lifestyle. I love to tell things how it is and talk about what is REAL and what is FAKE. I don't like to associate myself with fake or NEGATIVE people. I aim for a more serene lifestyle, full of sex and love and money. Intimacy is great, and greater with the right person or persons. I hope you come to learn who I am and what I am about. I hope to see you fall in love with my videos my content, and learn from what I have learned, I hope to make a difference in someones life.
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Breakups and divorce survival
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Losing Weight FAST Extreme Dieting STOPPED Working - Why?
I will explain how I have been dieting and why it stopped working and what I need to do now to save myself from Defeat. How Extreme dieting or How Losing Weight Fast will only work for a short time. Real life Story. Come follow my Journey
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I’m Moving to Las Vegas
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How to Deal with your Self
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First Vlog #1
Introduction to the sex and vanity channel. Giving you guys some updated info to my channel plans stay tuned for future videos.
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Is the Iphone 6 Plus too Big? Is the samsung Galaxy a better Choice - Iphone 6 plus vs Galaxy s6
I bought the Iphone 6 Plus and I am not sure I should keep it, or is it for me?!?!? So maybe you guys can help me make a decision to keep the "Iphone 6 plus" or go back and buy the Galaxy S6 Edge or just the Galaxy S6?!?! Let me know, help me out.
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