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Reaction Video - Broken wand
A magician and his grandson spend an afternoon + my thoughts
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inspirepro- OC intro process
Original image can be viewed on my deviant page
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Singer paint time-lapse
Done with inspire pro paint app. Base used copyright of respective owner.
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Puppy's bottle
Got water?
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Gift art on deviantart - MaliciousBunny
This is a time lapse of how I made a gift art for a freind on deviantart. Thanks again for all you do Mal.
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What I did for 4th of July
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Luna Audition
Good luck to those participating and I'm just doing it for the fun of it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
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rig in the window
He got up, can he get down?
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updates Fanfiction - Deviantart
Just to let you know what I've been working on.
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Audition   AMWDW Maud Pie
Thought it would be fun to try for the part. Good luck to all the others participating.
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when winter rolls around
This can be taken two ways The different reactions people have when they see all that white outside their windows, or how i felt this morning. Portrayed by my little friends Walter and Milly.
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Process for my changling spy
This is prety much what it looks like. My changeling spy from base to finish. Base pony used belongs to respective owner. Special thanks to my pals on deviantart. Your feedback means a lot.
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Rigg fun
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Fanfiction.net update
Yes, this is my voice. No, I don't look like that.
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where is he?
Random puppy
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Puppy and his laughing owners
This was fun to make. It's officialy my first video uploaded and off of my computer. (Hope the music choices are ok.)
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How eggs don't crack
This ever happen to you?
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a different kind of Audio-book
'When you read a good book, things get so quiet that you can hear whats going on.' But what happens when it gets to be a bit much? (I know its not very good, and the sound ended up slipping a bit)
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He does know this
When you know they know, by they don't do it.
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Rant and updates
Here we go again
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A day out in Temple square- (April file)
This video dosent even cover half of what's there. though i should mention my phone died in that last scene. If you guys are ever in Salt Lake these are some of the things your can check out.
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Old file- pure random
Cleaning out some stuff. Enjoy the insanity.
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Vocal reaction- Royal problem
Back with another reaction. This episode was great, and the fight was awesome! further thoughts and cover art here: http://samuraivalerie.deviantart.com/art/Nutshell-reaction-MLP-FIM-s07e10-684299799?ga_submit_new=10%3A1496524588
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Pinhole trees
Why didn't they teach us about this in school?
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Song of the Selkie process
How this lovely piece was created in my inspire pro app. Or part of it.... Original artwork location: http://samuraivalerie.deviantart.com/art/Song-of-the-Selkie-581616319
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