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500 Lb Woman Loses Over 300 Lbs in 2 Years with Weight Loss Surgery
I wanted to share a bit about my problem with Oral Fixation and the need to constantly be chewing on something, which has causes issues with food. I also believe it to be due to OCD about food. When I was a child, I ate paper and sucked my thumb, and to this day, I still suck my tongue. I chew gum nearly all day everyday.This caused a weight issue that I still battle today even after surgery.
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Welcome to My Channel
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Sweetest Big Dog an Autistic Person Could Love
This is a friend's dog, Ella, that I am dogsitting for the week. I'm usually terrified of large dogs, but this one is so mild and sweet that I could hold and snuggle her all day if I could manage it, she's a big girl! lol Thank you, Ella's Mommy for sharing her with us! Get Well soon! Love you!
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Panic Attack on the Way to the Dentist
I had a panic attack/meltdown on the way to the dentist office and I wanted to share with you about it so enjoy this video. My videos remain unedited so that you can see how I am as a person with high functioning autism.
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