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Cory Schneider impersonates Jannik Hansen
courtesy of C.B.C, Cory does a funny impersonation of his buddy Jannik.
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Taylor Hall spraying coach Dallas Eakins
Frustrations mount for this Oilers team.
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Lupe Fiasco's Inauguration Fiasco
Rapper forced off stage after 40 minute anti- Obama song.
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Excessive force? Vancouver Police officer caught
A plain clothes Vancouver police officer got busted kicking a restrained man is now removed from active duty.
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Tyler Seguin dupes Mark Scheifele to leave ice last
Seguin livin' the thug life...
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Gudbranson hit on Lucic
October 2017, #Canucks Gudbranson lays out Lucic.
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Malkin runs Mitchell into the boards - out for the season
Mitchell has been out since suffering a concussion when he was run into the end boards by Pittsburgh forward Evgeni Malkin in a Jan. 16. 2010 game at General Motors Place. Malkin did not get a suspension, even though a similar hit by Ovechkin on Cambell did. video courtesy of c.b.c.
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Alonzo Lawrence CRUSHING HIT on Romby Bryant
Edmonton Eskimos Alonzo Lawrence CRUSHING HIT on Winnipeg Blue Bombers Romby Bryant CFL footage, not mine.
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GENERAL WAVERLY - White Christmas
This division is now under the command of General Harold G. Carlton, and I don't want anyone to forget it, not that he'll let you. He's tough, just what this sloppy outfit needs. You'll be standing inspection night and day -- you may even learn how to march. And if you don't give him everything you got, I may come back and fight for the enemy. Merry Christmas!
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OMAK POW WOW 2012 Jingle dress
Omak powwow jingle dress dance. I can honestly say that the women stole the show in Omak this year!
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OMAK POW WOW 2012 Women Fancy Dance
Omak powwow 2012, womens fancy dance, good dancin' good outfit's
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OMAK POW WOW 2012 Jingle dress
Omak powwow 2012, jingle dress competition. part2 of jingle dress
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OMAK POW WOW 2012 Mens Traditional
Omak, Washington powwow 2012, men's traditional crow hop.
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Jarhead Line - Vancouver Canucks
I made this short clip for fun, as I like the sound of the Jarhead Line, because they play like soldiers, for the supposed 3rd line of the Vancouver Canucks, (J)annik Hansen, (A)lex Burrows, and alternate captain (R)yan Kesler. Kesler and Burrows are starting to enter their prime & Hansen is still proving his worth. Song is Three Nil - by Slipknot.
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Demo Reel 2008 - Motion Graphics- Skylz Design
Here is my demo reel demonstrating my various skill level within the motion design realm. Using a variety of software including: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D, and Protools for sound. In addition to video camera work with the DVX100a and EX1. Most projects are through Vancouver Film School, and some are freelance while others are just fun projects.
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Bloom Video Game Trailer
This term 3 project was for a title sequence, I chose to do a video game, as I like the hype of a video game trailer, and I wanted this trailer to exude excitement, hype, energy, and inspire awe amongst its audience, with stunning visuals, maxed out sound effects, and a great soundtrack I got from 5 Alarm. I storyboarded, produced and made the all the visual graphics, and sound effects, including getting the voice over together, except the video game footage and the musical singing beat (Dante's Anthem). All using Protools for sound, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, Premiere and put it all together in After Effects.
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Reporter/photography battle
After Patriots weird win vs the Broncos, a photographer gets pissed at another photographer.
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IMAGeNation 8th Annual Aboriginal Film + Video Festival 2006
Painting graffiti wall art for a commercial for the IMAGeNation 8th Annual Aboriginal Film + Video Festival 2006.
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Beatboxing in Vancouver
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Demo Reel Motion Design - v 1.1
I revised the demo a bit, only one song (as suggested) and cleaned it up a bit more. All projects from concept, storyboard, asset creation, video capture, rough cuts, color correction, sound design, to the final project. I did all the designs on my own, took direction, and the critical feedback for improvements. Software used, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Cinema 4D, and Protools for sound.
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A Day in the Life
A music video project I did, a combination of live footage, green screen, 3D and 2D. I got Os12 to make the song, and had my cousin called 4ren6 perform in the video, along with my uncle Sam Bob the father.
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tp2p animated h264
animated a banner
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Gotta See It - Eakins nails Lundqvist’s - massive hit!
Eakins smashes Lundqvist! #boom!
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MTV motion effects - 30 seconds
I did this in Cinema 4D, took it in After Effects and added some extra graphics. The colour for the MTV 3D render is a texture I put together in Photoshop, I like how the blues and violets mix well together. For the sound, I knew it was going to take awhile to come up with the swooshes and glides of all the fast motion, that took awhile. For the beat I came across some simple beat drumming, and liked how "urban jungle" it felt, so I used that, along with some tambourine accent, for some added flair, and simpleness.
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Wild Woman Style - 30 second short film admission
Art by chance - Ultra Short Film Festival entry, created by Kat Norris, Sam Bob and Perry Sky Jack.
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Target Commercial using Cinema 4D
A final project in term 3 for 3D Graphics, we used a reference Target 3D commercial, and made our own version. I wanted to make a day in the life, of the dot of their logo. Using Cinema 4D, After Effects and ProTools for sound.
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