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Congestive Heart Failure - Your Diet
Yvonne Best, clinical dietitian, discusses the negative impact sodium can have on your diet and the best ways to avoid sodium.
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Day of Knee Replacement Surgery
What to expect during the day of your Knee Replacement Surgery.
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Ellis Family Medicine Residency Program | John Petrillo, DO
Dr. Petrillo discusses the 3 year family medicine residency program at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady, NY.
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Day of Hip Replacement Surgery
Doctors explain what to expect during the day of your Hip Replacement Surgery.
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Prathima Kanumuri, MD | Ellis Breast Surgery
Dr. Kanumuri, a breast surgeon, discusses the different treatments she provides patients ranging from breast biopsies, to lumpectomies, to mastectomies. She talks about the development of personalized care, tailoring to each individual person and case.
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Laura Scordino, MD | Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Scordino is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the upper extremity. She communicates openly with her patients so they can develop a plan of action together.
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Ellis Medicine's Orthopedics with Eric Aronowitz, M D
Orthopedic surgeon, Eric Aronowitz, talks about his passion for sports medicine and the team dynamic used to help treat these athletes.
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Mark Sanchez, MD | Ellis General Surgery
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Ellis Hospital's New Emergency Department
Dr. McDonough talks about the new Emergency Department that is open at Ellis Medicine in Schenectady, NY.
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Ellis Medicine Doctor's Day 2017
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Congestive Heart Failure - Exercise & Questions
Nurse Bridget Bradt discusses congestive heart failure and the exercises she recommends her patients.
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A-Fib Ablation - Hybrid Treatment
Dr. Robert Joy goes in depth about A-Fib Hybrid Ablation treatment.
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Jennifer Keefer, MD, MPH | Ellis Primary Care - Malta
Ellis Primary Care in Malta sees patients of all ages, from infants to seniors, and provides comprehensive services to meet all your healthcare needs - from colds and flu, to physician exams and immunizations. The office offers extended evening hours and is conveniently located on Route 9 in Malta.
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Congestive Heart Failure - Medications
Dr. Piacentine talks about congestive heart failure and the medications that are recommended for heart failure patients.
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Happy Doctors' Day 2016
From everyone at Ellis Medicine, Happy Doctors' Day!
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Ellis Medicine's Woman2Woman with Erin Hayes of Brant Lake, NY
Mother Erin Hayes decided to have her second baby at Bellevue Woman's Center due to their specialty and care in women's health, pregnancy and delivery.
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Ellis Medicine's Weight Loss Surgery Conversations with Dr. Clarke
Dr. Terence Clarke talks about the all encompassing care patients receive at Ellis Medicine's Bariatric Care Center.
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Before Hip Replacement Surgery
Orthopedic surgeons from Ellis Medicine discuss events before your hip replacement surgery.
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Ellis Medicine's Head2Toe with Frank Genovese, MD
Dr. Genovese talks about the extensive care at the Ellis Medicine Neuroscience Center.
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Neighbor2Neighbor with Matthew Miles, MD
Dr. Matthew Miles talks about bringing modern health care to the fastest growing area in the region, in a convenient way.
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Working at Ellis Medicine
Find out what it's like to work here at Ellis Medicine.
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Emergency Department - Lisa West, RN
RN Lisa West talks about the emergency department experience at Ellis Medicine.
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Yes You Can - Ellis Bariatrics | Shawn
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Ellis Medicine's Head2Toe with Konstantin Timofeev, MD
Dr. Timofeev discusses the technology that Ellis uses in the neuroscience center to help diagnose and treat patients.
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Ellis Medicine's Weight Loss Surgery Conversations with Dr. Vishnudas Pai
Dr. Vishnudas Pai discusses the different conditions he sees his patients suffer with before their Bariatric Surgery.
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Ellis Medicine Reinventing Healthcare with Dr. Laura Schweitzer
Interview excerpts featuring Ellis Medicine's board member Dr. Laura Schweitzer, President of Union Graduate College.
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Ellis Medicine's Woman2Woman with Fe Mondragon, MD
Dr. Fe Mondragon discusses why she brings her patients to Bellevue for all their medical needs.
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Yes You Can | Ellis Bariatric Care Center
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Ellis Medicine Emergency Department
Learn more about Ellis Medicine's state of the art emergency department.
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Heart2Heart Conversations with Dr. Andi Nawab
"Too often, women are completely unaware of their risk for heart disease even though it's the number one killer of American women," explains Andalib Nawab, M.D., medical director of Ellis' new Women & Heart Disease program. "We are tuned in to have mammograms and bone density tests, but heart screening is often not on a woman's radar screen." Ellis Medicine is hoping to change this reality in our community through a new Women & Heart Disease program. Ellis' Wright Heart Center offers a comprehensive screening program for women, where the patient will: - complete an evaluation to assess her risk for heart disease and provide personal and family history, at one place, on one date; - receive results from her risk assessment by the end of the appointment; - be referred to specialists (e.g., cardiologist, nutritionist, diabetes educator), only if applicable, for further evaluation and/or treatment. http://www.ellismedicine.org/heart/women-and-heart-disease.aspx
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Ellis Medicine's Orthopedic Conversations with Kayla Treanor
Kayla Treanor of Niskayuna shares her experience with the sports medicine team at Ellis Medicine.
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Ellis Medicine Weight Loss Surgery Conversations with Stephanie Andrews
Stephanie Andrews was committed to changing her life, and Ellis Medicine's Bariatric Care Center helped her achieve her goals.
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Happy Doctors' Day 2013 from Ellis Medicine
Ellis Medicine wishes you a very happy Doctors' Day!
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Ellis Neuroscience TV Commercial :30
The Ellis Medicine Neuroscience Center helps alleviate pain of the neck and back, or migraine pain. Don't live with pain - call to schedule your appointment today.
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Neighbor2Neighbor with Frank Genovese, MD
Dr. Genovese talks about the importance of having a trusted hospital close by.
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Steven Giovannone, MD | Cardiology
Dr. Giovannone discusses his specialty of electrophysiology.
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Ellis Medicine's Heart2Heart with Herbert Reich, M D
Dr. Herb Reich discusses cardiac care at Ellis Medicine.
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Joshua Carlson, MD | Ellis Primary Care - Clifton Park
Ellis Primary Care in Clifton Park is conveniently located at the Medical Center of Clifton Park, 103 Sitterly Road near Exit 9 of the Northway, offering patients high quality care from physicians board certified in family medicine. We see patients of all ages and are currently welcoming new patients.
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Ellis Medicine's Orthopedic Conversations with Jorge Antonetti, PA
Jorge Antonetti talks about joint seminars and and how he enjoys helping athletes get back on the field.
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Ellis Residential & Rehabilitation Center - Amber Hurt, RN
Amber Hurt, the Operations Director at the Ellis Nursing home, discusses the available amenities to patients right here in Schenectady.
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Woman 2 Woman - Bellevue Woman's Center | TV Commercial
Bellevue Woman's Center is the only hospital in the area that tailors specifically to the needs of women. Check out the patient stories at woman2woman.ellismedicine.org
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Marcelle J. Reilly, DO | Ellis Primary Care - Glenville
Ellis Primary Care in Glenville sees patients of all ages, from infants to senior citizens, and provides a full range of services to meet all of your needs - from colds and flu, to physical exams and immunizations, to the concerns that come with getting older.
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Ellis' Neuroscience Center with Marty Sample, PA
Physician's assistant, Marty, discusses the Neuroscience Center at Ellis Medicine.
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Ellis' Concussion Management Program with Audrey Paslow, PT, DPT
Ellis Physical Therapy offers baseline testing, post-concussion injury evaluation and treatment using the latest state-of-the-art technology.
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