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Hunters Point Shipyard: The Rebuilding Begins
After decades of work, the first housing is breaking ground on the site of the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The jobs, housing, and investment that this project will bring to this environmental justice community is immeasurable. The Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) is thrilled to have helped this exciting project with technical assistance and grant writing support. CCLR looks forward to working with the City of San Francisco and the community to complete this effort and deliver on the hopes it represents.
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Edes Avenue Redevelopment - Habitat for Humanity and CCLR
CCLRtv was on site at Edes Avenue when keys to new homes were given to families at Habitat for Humanity's project in the Sobrante Park Neighborhood of East Oakland. The project turned a former junk yard into 54 affordable family homes. Watch this story of hope and transformation that traces the inspiring work of the community to revitalize a neighborhood once characterized by urban blight.
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Recycling Gas Works Park on CCLR tv
This interview with landscape architect Richard Haag features Gas Works Park in Seattle. One of the first projects to incorporate its industrial legacy into its renewal, Haag's innovative, award-winning design transformed a gasification plant into a landmark park through land recycling.
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Brownfields to Healthfields
Did you know that contaminated properties can be transformed into assets that increase community health? Learn more about the trend of transforming brownfields into healthfields with this new CCLR video, featuring a case study of the City of Phoenix, AZ. Thank you very much to George Brewster and Alison Russell for their generous support for this video!
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The Rebirth of Sacramento's Railyards
For nearly a hundred years, the downtown Sacramento Railyard was a vibrant, prosperous place. At its height, the yard employed 10,000 workers—working three shifts around the clock—providing mechanical support for the entire western rail system. But by the 1970s the site had become a forgotten, neglected eyesore in the heart of this Capitol city. Now the old buildings are about to come back to life again. Watch our video about the exciting revitalization of this 240-acre site brownfield redevelopment project.
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CCLR's Revitalizing Hunters Point Shipyard
In CCLR's video Revitalizing Hunter's Point Shipyard members of the Bayview Neighborhood of southeastern San Francisco share their vision of new hope and opportunity that the Hunter's Point mixed-use redevelopment will bring. This significant project promises to revitalize the underutilized and blighted site to productive use, restoring the Shipyard to the economic driver it was prior to closing in 1974.
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Testimonial about the New York Brownfield Opportunity (BOA) Program
In this short video, Michael Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Lumber City Development Corporation in North Tonawanda, New York summarizes how the Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program positioned North Tonawanda for successful redevelopment. He presented his remarks as a speaker on the NYS Redevelopment Policy Update panel at CCLR's "Innovations in Remediation and Land Reuse" Workshop in Rochester, NY on October 25, 2017. Other speakers on that panel included Chris Bauer, NYS Department of State and Julie Pacatte, Batavia Development Corp. Jeff Jones, CCLR's Albany consultant moderated the panel.
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Defending the National Brownfields Program in an Era of Uncertainty
The FY 2018 Budget Process presented by the Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR) and the National Association of Local Government Professionals (NALGEP) on April 4th, 2017.
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Developer Math: The Economics of Land Recycling
June 21, 2017. Real estate is a risky business, and brownfields redevelopment requires a particularly high risk tolerance, a good plan, and the ability to balance multiple variables. Learn how developers think about the math that underlies your property, and how timing and economic cycles affect the equation. Join us for illustrative presentations encompassing the art, science, and math or redevelopment. Speakers: Mary Hashem | RE Solutions Patricia Beard | City of Tacoma, WA
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Center for Creative Land Recycling: About Us
The Center for Creative Land Recycling is the leading national nonprofit dedicated to transforming communities through land recycling. We help transformations happen by educating and convening communities, government agencies and the private sector to create optimal conditions for reinvestment. Thank you very much to George Brewster and Alison Russell for their generous support for this video!
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New Economy Techniques to Reduce Risk and Catalyze Rural and Small Town Redevelopment
Rural areas, declining small towns, and isolated neighborhoods within cities can all be challenging places to launch a redevelopment project. Due to stagnating economic conditions, the risk of investing in a redevelopment project can be very high. And yet, these neighborhoods are often the ones that need an economic boost or property facelift the most. Are rural areas, small towns, and isolated neighborhoods destined to decay, or to wait until the market changes (which may never happen)? In such situations, thinkers like E.F. Schumacher, (Small is Beautiful) encourage us to avoid common best practices for land reuse and to think smaller and more locally to build the necessary momentum for revitalization. Using a suite of techniques known as "New Economy" strategies, developers can begin to think differently about how to mitigate the risks associated with projects in areas that are otherwise unlikely to be developed. With only a few small changes to how we think about land reuse in rural areas, it is possible to generate organic momentum around traditional and non-traditional projects. The webinar will feature examples and brief case studies from the field, as well as a Q&A session following the presentation. For those who can’t attend the live session, we’ll provide a recording. Speakers: Michael Fortunato | Creative Insight Community Development Bruce Balfour | Creative Insight Community Development
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CCLR's Re-imagining Route 66
Take a drive down Route 66, an American landmark with a rich history and vibrant future, in CCLR's video Reimagining Route 66. Once a thriving thoroughfare, Route 66 was deserted for faster freeways leaving abandoned gas stations and economic strife in its wake. The EPA Brownfields Program and state and local initiatives are addressing the issue: How can Route 66 be cleaned up to promote economic vitality and bring new life to rural communities? Brownfields have already been cleaned up and restored for new use as parks and transit depots in communities like Winslow and Flagstaff. Potential redevelopment opportunities also include land for green technology such as solar and wind energy.
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Keep a Lid On It:  In-Situ Remediation
Dig and haul. Pump and treat. These approaches are so 1990 and may create as many environmental impacts as the original problems. Learn how new in-situ treatment technologies reduce the risks and advance the interim or final reuse of brownfield sites. Speakers: Arul Ayyaswami | TetraTech Joe Muzzio | Reterro
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CCLR's Recycling Union Point Park
This CCLR video features Union Point Park, a former industrial manufacturing site that is now a beautiful neighborhood landscape on the Oakland waterfront. The park exemplifies how innovative design, public-private partnerships, and environmentally-friendly initiatives can produce fantastic community resources and revive our idle and barren spaces.
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Phytoremediation Demystified
Ever wonder how the plant kingdom can contribute to your remediation efforts? Our in-depth dive will let you into the mechanics, best practices, trends and the latest research on phytoremediation. Speakers: Laura Burnett | Burnett Land and Water Kate Kennen | Offshoots Inc.
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Opportunity Zones   Spurring Brownfields Revitalization With the New Tax Law
Opportunity Zones provide a critical economic tool to cities interested in brownfields redevelopment. Join local government leaders nationwide on a webinar describing how communities can take advantage of the new tax law to spur economic investment in low-income communities. The bill includes a provision that enables governors to designate “Opportunity Zones” where investors will receive tax benefits in exchange for private investment in vulnerable and underserved areas. The new tax incentive will help communities attract developers and financial capital to corridors impacted with contaminated properties. Speakers: Blase Leven | Kansas State University Andrew Seth | Sustainable Strategies DC Maurice Jones | City of Dubuque, IA Jane Campbell | National Development Council
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CCLR Restoring San Francisco's Dogpatch Neighborhood
The Dogpatch neighborhood in San Francisco is experiencing a revitalization, and the Potrero Launch project highlights the revitalization efforts. With the construction of 196 residential lofts and a much-needed community daycare facility, this $80 million LEED Gold project is bringing over 150 jobs to the neighborhood. Twenty percent of the units will be offered at affordable rates for working families, and is scheduled for completion this summer.
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Cómo aplicar a fondos brownfield para el 2019
Les invitamos a un webinar sobre los lineamientos para la solicitud de subsidios de fondos brownfield para el 2019. El webinar ofrecerá una revisión detallada para proyectos de evaluación y limpieza de brownfields. El propósito es ayudar a que los aplicantes conozcan los programas de la Oficina de Brownfields de la EPA y puedan aplicar para las solicitudes de fondos del 2019. Nuestros oradores Sonia Cosme y David Southgate con experiencias exitosas en la preparación de propuestas de brownfield. Sonia Cosme | EDS Puerto Rico David Southgate | Center for Creative Land Recycling
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Cash, Courage and Creativity - When Life Hands You a Landfill
July 12, 2017. Garbage in, garbage out. What does that mean when it comes to redeveloping landfills? Learn everything you need to know about landfill reuse including closure, allowable uses, and trends. Speakers: Joe Miller | SCS Engineers Mike McLaughlin | SCS Engineers Sarah Sieloff | Center for Creative Land Recycling
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Put a Beer on It! Brownfields to Brewfields Redevelopment
Hops, Barley, Water and Contamination... You've heard about brownfields, but do you know about brewfields? Local and national brewing companies are setting up shop on top of redeveloped brownfields. From EPA to IPA, come hear from experts about successful projects in North Carolina, Virginia and Idaho and what it took to open the brewery door. Speakers: Sarah Fraser | New Belgium Brewing Dave McCormack | Waukeshaw Development Meade Anderson | Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Steve Gill | Idaho Department of Environmental Quality
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Measuring and Negotiating Environmental Risks Webinar
Expected remediation costs relative to potential property value, combined with a wide range of environmental risks, determine whether a site is redeveloped or mothballed. A panel of experts will illustrate methods to evaluate costs of environmental risks to help negotiate transactions, options to contain and manage remediation cost risks, and strategies for managing regulatory risks to accelerate redevelopment. Join us and local government audience members for a lively discussion illustrated with case studies of tools for measuring and negotiating environmental risks. Speakers - Buzz Hines | Farella, Braun + Martel - Brian Benn | Environmental Risk & Financial Solutions
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National TAB Webinar  The Basics of Site Remediation for Communities
Join your Technical Assistance to Brownfield Communities (TAB) providers CCLR, KSU and NJIT for an introductory webinar on remediation technologies. This webinar will cover the most common remediation technologies, advantages/disadvantages, success and long term effects of different types of cleanup. Learn about the differences between area-wide vs. single site approaches, working with state regulators, and considerations for public sector and community stakeholders.
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National Brownfield Leadership Summit Capitol Hill Day Prep
This webinar covers the Capitol Hill Day of CCLR's National Brownfield Leadership Summit on Wednesday, September 26th. We will be discussing the Brownfields Briefing for Congressional Staff, best practices for Capitol Hill meetings, and answering any questions you may have about our visit to Capitol Hill. Speakers: Ken Brown | AKB Strategies and Center for Creative Land Recycling Matt Ware | Sustainable Strategies DC
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National TAB Webinar: Writers of the Best ARC
June 28, 2017. Plan for the next EPA ARC grant application period. Hear what our speakers have learned from the the best ARC grant applications and expert grant writers from around the country! Speakers: Anne Wallace | City of Knoxville, TN Stephen LeFevre | Barton & Loguidice, D.P.C. Logan Smith | Siskiyou County EDC Blase Leven | Kansas State University Elizabeth Limbrick | New Jersey Institute of Technology Ignacio Dayrit | Center for Creative Land Recycling
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Innovations in Remediation and Land Reuse: Dig and Haul
State-of-the art soil and groundwater remediation options offer ecologically responsible solutions that reduce carbon emissions and “future-proof ” communities from potential climate impacts. In-situ and other remediation options such as chemical oxidation and reduction and thermal desorption technology can reduce both environmental and public health risks during the remediation process, offering important advantages over traditional approaches. A case study of the Rod Mill Revitalization project in Rome weaves together themes of cleanup, site planning, and environmental considerations.
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C&S Brownfield 1
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Writers of the Best ARC
Another year, another crop of successful grantees. Get a head start on the ARC grant application period, and understand how the BUILD Act may change the guidelines. Hear what our speakers have learned from their crusades on ARC grant applications, and receive grant writing advice from expert grant writers from around the country!
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Part II   Dig It  Models and Recent Changes for Reusing Soil in the US
Redevelopment sites throughout the U.S. are confronted by how to manage excess soils, presenting challenges in terms of contamination, project timing, staging areas, liability protection, and more. Learn about different approaches that governments around the country have developed to respond to this challenge, and what the future could hold. Speakers: Martha Faust | Minnesota Brownfields Dan Walsh | NYC Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation Kevin McCarty | GEI Consultants Amy Hadiaris | MN Pollution Control Agency Brooke Furio & David Emerman | U.S. EPA , Ohio EPA
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C&S Brownfield2
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CCLR's Spotlight on Flagstaff: Route 66 Brownfield Initiative
This Route 66 featurette spotlights the brownfield redevelopment efforts in Flagstaff, Arizona. The city used federal funding to transform a brownfield into a bustling bus transfer station in the heart of downtown.
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Urban Agriculture and Healthfields
Learn how brownfields are being safely transformed into assets that support community health in a variety of ways, from gardens to clinics. Learn how the growing trend of brownfields to healthfields might help inform your project. Speakers: Christina Wilson | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, R8 Roseanne Albright | City of Phoenix, AZ Benjamin Fahrer | Top Leaf Farms
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CCLR Webinar: Reading Between the Lines: How to Get Ahead of the Curve on EPA s Brownfield Grants
Rome Wasn't built in a day, and neither was a successful ARC grant application. That is why we at CCLR believe the ONLY sure way to increase your chances of success is to START EARLY. This video is a short and informative webinar designed to give you the tools you need to get ahead of the curve on this year's ARC grants and gain important insight into putting together a solid application.
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In the Air Tonight: Brownfield Vapor Intrusion
April 20th, 2017. The team from the Center for Creative Land Recycling (CCLR), with David Grunat and Greg Noblet from IRIS Environmental/ RPS Group present all the basics you need to know when dealing with vapor intrusion on your site.
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New Riffs on TIFs  Lessons in Innovative Financing from Detroit
Detroit, Michigan has been using Tax Increment Financing (TIF) for 40 years to finance the redevelopment of a variety of properties and spur economic development across the city. Despite the use of this powerful tool and a local economy on the rebound, the redevelopment of many iconic buildings and properties in Detroit has not been economically viable. Learn how the City of Detroit and Bedrock Detroit/Quicken Loans have addressed these barriers by working to “supercharge” TIF and maintain a robust public process to create transformational redevelopment projects for the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan. Speakers: Brian Vosburg | Detroit Economic Growth Corporation Jared Fleisher | Quicken Loans RJ Wolney | Bedrock
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Innovations in Remediation and Land Reuse: Eco Innovator Showcase
Three competitively-selected case studies were presented to showcase “climate smart” brownfield approaches that reduced energy, waste and water usage during the redevelopment lifecycle. This “peer-learning” approach is designed to spark conversations, provide skill-building support and foster the replication of measures to protect the health and safety of our residents and our environment.
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