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Psychic Protection With Guidance From Angels   -By Medium Sunshine Rose
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Am I Clairaudient ? Working w/ Your Gift & Connecting Clairvoyance -Psychic Sunshine Rose
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Why Did Bad Things Happen To Me? - Psychic Sunshine Rose Personal Blog & Real Talk
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html (book a reading) https://www.instagram.com/psychicsunshinerose/ (follow me on instagram) https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=A3tZDsLqKuLg0kuqQE9eAfkHOEfeLnh_Dvv3ZfPiSdTYfQFvXSqsLfF0Our7nrig6k6-a0&country.x=US&locale.x=US (donate) I am having a spiritual discussion and public blogging here with my personal insight on this topic: Laws of Attraction, Spiritual Awakening, Vibrating on a Higher Dimension, Incarnating To a Higher Frequency & More...
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Help Everyone Can Read My Mind! Can They?- Telepathic Clairaudience Psychic - Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html (book a reading) https://www.instagram.com/psychicsunshinerose/ (follow me on instagram) https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=A3tZDsLqKuLg0kuqQE9eAfkHOEfeLnh_Dvv3ZfPiSdTYfQFvXSqsLfF0Our7nrig6k6-a0&country.x=US&locale.x=US (donate) By Law Psychic Healing Corner States: This video is solely for your entertainment: If you feel you are suffering from mental or physical illness. Please contact a licensed physician who is trained to give you professional medical advise. This youtube channel is not responsible for any injury or property damage caused by any user who misinterprets or abuses the information used in this video, or any information posted on the website Psychic Healing Corner. Psychic development should not be used to diagnosis or treat any mental or physical illness.
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Opening Yourself For Clairvoyance  by Psychic & Reiki Master Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (book a reading) Tags: Spiritual "Angelic Guides" Soul Family "psychic reading" angels cards "psychic medium" "sunshine rose" "doreen virtue" "energy drainers" clairvoyant "clairaudience psychic readings" "trance medium" esp "spiritual awakening" 2012 "aztec calander" "edgar cayce" "shawdow figures" ghosts spirits "spirit guides" angelic archangels "aura cleansing" meditation yoga kundalini "tai chi" "psychic kids" "evil eye" reincarnation Aggression clearing Karma Cleansing
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Soul Mate Relationships -Channeld Message Angels 2014 Year- Psychic Sunshine Rose
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Psychic Healing Corner Video Diaries Video #1 ; Empathy is a Gift & Spirits by the Road
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Psychic Attack Part 8  "Sun Meditation,Chakra Clearing & Protection" -by Sunshine Rose
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Intuition VS Ego - Divine Guidance - Reiki Master/Psychic Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (book A psychic reading or reiki service) How do you know when you have received Divine Guidance? Intuition vs Ego, a discussion by Psychic Medium & Reiki Master Sunshine Rose
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Psychic Self Defense Against Psychic Attack : Exercise Shield Meditation- By Sunshine Rose
Psychic Protection. Energy Vampire Protection. "Psychic Attack" Psychic Self Defense Exercise. Energy Defense. To Book A Psychic Reading Go TO: myworld.ebay.com/psychic916
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Psychic Protection, Energy Psychic Attack,  Ghost / Spirits TIPS - Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html (book a reading) https://www.instagram.com/psychicsunshinerose/ (follow me on instagram) https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=A3tZDsLqKuLg0kuqQE9eAfkHOEfeLnh_Dvv3ZfPiSdTYfQFvXSqsLfF0Our7nrig6k6-a0&country.x=US&locale.x=US (donate) I want to share with you some information on psychic attack and how to defend yourself.
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Am I Clairvoyant ? Psychic Development  / Spiritual Ascension- Psychic Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ Starseeds, Indigos, Intuitive People, Incarnated Angels are & Everyone Else :) Are welcome to my channel Please Subscribe!
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Attracting Twin Flame Energy / Soul Mate -A Psychic Perspective On Finding Love
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (Click here to Book Your Reading) With Psychic Medium Sunshine Rose Attracting Your Twin Flame Energy/ Soul Mate. Spiritual Growth For Developing Relationships and Finding and Having Love, This Can Also Be Applied To All Relationships, whiether friendship or family, or love. This Is The Great Opening and Awakening Time For Many Souls. Many Blessings Sunshine Rose (Psychic Medium, Channeler, Trance , and Clairvoyant.)
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Aggression Clearing Verse Karma Cleansing Psychic Sunshine Rose
Have You Wondered what is the difference between Aggression Clearing verses Karma Cleansing? Akashic Records is a collected Universe Memory of all Events that occure in history, man kind and other more higher dimensional counter parts are all connected to the Akashia. Karma is the Soul's negative outcomes of past life actions verses Aggression being the Negative experiencs that the soul carries over from Past Life Traumas. Psychic Trance Medium, Reiki Master and Channeler Sunshine Rose.
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Spiritual Teaching & Psychic Development Reading ~Luvurself~ Psychic Sunshine Rose
Book a Reading at: http://www.psychichealingcorner.com Angel Card Readings, Clairvoyant / Clairvoyance, Psychic Development Spiritual Teachings & Personal Reading For My Friend Luvurself
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Psychic Studies; Why It's Important To Ground Yourself- Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (book a reading)
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Empathy & Dealing With Negative Emotions & Energy Frequencies - Psychic Sunshine Rose
Book A Reading/Click Here: http://www.psychichealingcorner.com Empathy & Dealing With Negative Emotions & Energy Frequencies Management - Psychic Medium & Spiritual Guru Sunshine Rose Tags: Empath, Empathy, Psychic Development, Energy Frequency, Raising Vibration,
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Conscious vrs Subconscious Memory- Lies Effect Psychic Abilities : Psychic Reiki Sunshine Rose
Lying places false information into the subconscious. The subconscious is a collective memory of unlimited information. This memory is unlimited. It is also known as Long Term Memory. People who have perfect memories are able to tap into the subconscious mind without any distractions; ergo those with photographic memories. The subconscious mind is also the associated with psychic abilities , psychics are able to tap into the subconscious mind with the ability to read energy. So basically by tapping into the files of the subconscious we can tap into the energy of the Akashia; or receive Universal messages. We can access two things about the subconscious mind: 1. That the subconscious mind is associated with memory & by being able to connect your conscious mind to your subconscious you can have a perfect or better memory. 2. The ability to tap into the subconscious mind will enable you to have a better understanding of the Universe and you can also interpret or understand things form a psychic perception "easily" The difference between the Conscious mind and the Subconscious mind is that the Conscious Mind or or what is known as the "Short Term Memory" hold approximately 8 mega bytes of memory. Recall of Short term memory is about 20-30 seconds of recording without rehearsal. (or study), and with rehearsal or over-view of the information, your conscious memory can last as long as you need to keep the memory stored. So what can lying do to the "Sub-Conscious" Mind? Let's view some information. If we lie, we obviously need to store this information into the "subconscious mind" so that we can have an unlimited access of the Lie we told. After all, we don't want to get caught lying.  hehe So what happens when we store "False" Information into the Unlimited Subconscious memory of our Soul? We just may create false Illusions within ourselves, and is this what we really want to do while seeking spiritual wisdom? In my own observation of people who constantly tell lies, I accessed a few traits. One, that they usually have more temperamental swings. Two, they usually have problems understanding why they feel certain feelings and have certain thoughts. And Three, the sometimes start to believe "for themselves" the lies they have told others. I always figure that this is because they may "feel" that if they can convince themselves of the lie, they can convince others more efficiently. Is there a special time to tell lies? While growing up I have heard many times, that we "sometimes" have t lie to save others feelings. But I personally feel there are ways to live a "Lie" free life, without hurting others. We just need to learn how to speak to others in a manner that we can save ourselves from being "fake" or "false" and at the same time be nice enough to guide others to the truth. Just because we are living our lives telling the "truth" doesn't mean we have to be Mean. So how is this all connected to Psychic Studies? Well the reason why I wanted to create this video is because I want to teach others that by keeping the conscious mind free of "false" illusions or "lies" we can have a better connection to our subconscious mind and at the same time keep our subconscious mind free of "Confusion". I feel that this will help us on our journey to the "Divine" Messages from the Universe by keeping our channels free of "Disillusion". Namaste!
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3 Q Angel Reading Reedited With Client's Feedback Email -Psychic Sunshine Rose
Book A Reading Click Here : http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html
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Angel Caught On Video  - Angel Communicator Psychic Sunshine Rose
I caught an Angel after my prayer on my Iphone. FOR THOSE WHO DIDN"T SEE IT WATCH ( 1:23 - 1:26) Link: http://www.psychichealingcorner.com
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Chakra Clearing ,Aura Cleansing , & Energy Shield Protection Meditation -Psychic Sunshine Rose
Click here: http://www.psychichealingcorner.com Spiritual Guru/ Psychic Medium Sunshine Rose
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Entering The Akashic Records  Testing Yourself  By Psychic Sunshine Rose
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Contacting your Spirit Guides, Psychic Studies By Psychic & Reiki Master Sunshine Rose
I am a naturally born Psychic Medium, Clairaudient, and Telepathic. I made this video to help others learn to contact or fully contact their guides. http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/index.html
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How To Use Telepathy For Psychic Studies Psychic & Reiki Master Sunshine Rose
How To Use Telepathy For Psychic Studies Psychic Sunshine Rose
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Life Lessons & Soul Family ; Starseed & Lightworkers -Psychic Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (book a reading or Reiki Service) Have you ever wondered "Why is my life like this?" " What am I here to learn?" Today's dicsussion is on Life Lessons, Soul Families and Personal Spiritual Growth Through The Lords of Conselor ; Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones or Counsel of God. Blessings. Psychic Sunshine Rose
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Learning To Manage Temper & Emotions, Control Your Life Empath; Frequency-Psychic Sushine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (Psychic Reading -& Reiki Book Yours Today)
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"Incarnated Angels"  Fairies, Wise Ones,  Starseeds, Indigos, by Doreen Virtue (thanks Dustin)
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Telepathy & Clairaudience Learning To Break the Connection - Psychic Training / Spiritual Teaching
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html (book a reading) https://www.instagram.com/psychicsunshinerose/ (follow me on instagram) https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=A3tZDsLqKuLg0kuqQE9eAfkHOEfeLnh_Dvv3ZfPiSdTYfQFvXSqsLfF0Our7nrig6k6-a0&country.x=US&locale.x=US (donate)
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Lucid Dreaming ,Using Your Dreams as a Personal Psychic Reading - Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html (book a reading) https://www.instagram.com/psychicsunshinerose/ (follow me on instagram) https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=A3tZDsLqKuLg0kuqQE9eAfkHOEfeLnh_Dvv3ZfPiSdTYfQFvXSqsLfF0Our7nrig6k6-a0&country.x=US&locale.x=US (donate)
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Astral Travel Part1 Basic Fundamentals Journaling Astro Projection - Psychic Healing Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (book a Reading)
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Angel Reading For Ann Using Doreen Virtue Archangel Deck- Psychic Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (book a psychic reading) Angel Reading Using Doreen Virtue's Archangel Deck By Psychic & Angel Communicator Sunshine Rose
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Parents of Psychic Children / Kids & Suffering Empaths- Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com Parents of Psychic Children / Kids & Suffering Empaths- Sunshine Rose, Children Who See Ghosts, Have Visions, and Need Guidance
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Medium Sunshine Rose Synchronicity & Loving Healing Energy of Hawaii
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7 Arch Angel Reiki Attunment & Psychic Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com (book a Reading)
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Tips For Working As A Psychic   Sunshine Rose
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Exericise in Connection to Psychic Abilities, Soul Contracts, & Karmic Issue Vibrations
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Incarnating Into A Higher Dimensional Existance  Channeled Angelic Realm-Psychic Sunshine Rose
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html To Book A Reading Or Reiki Attunement Incarnating Into A Higher Dimensional Existance. If we are good people, Do We Go To Heaven? A Channled Message From the Angelic Realm, by Psychic Trance Medium Sunshine Rose A Divine Message From the Angelic Realm Is there a Heaven? Soul Ascension -Spiritual Awakening
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Psychic Past Life Akashic Record Reading for AngelJophiel
Past life Reading for AngelJophiel stores.ebay.com/psychic-corner-in-sunshines-lot
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Past Life Akashic Reading Code Aquarian - Psychic Sunshine Rose
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Entering The Akashic Records A Personal Story By Psychic  Sunshine Rose
"A Personal Story" By Psychic Sunshine Rose Everyone always ask me, " Rose how do you learn to access the Akashia? How can I learn?" I am not really good at explaining how, I think it's because I am a "born" psychic that its hard to explain something I do naturally, but I want to share with you my "Personal First Experience".
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Soul Origins, Starseeds, Elementals, Indigos, Old Souls, & More - Medium Sunshine Rose
Book A Reading Click Here: http://www.psychichealingcorner.com Psychic Development Video
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Earth; The School of Life ; Why Are We Here? Incarnate into Higher Realms?
http://www.psychichealingcorner.com ; A discussion by Akashic Record Trance Clairvoyant Medium Sunshine Rose
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Energy Psychic Attack - The Break Down & Types
Energy Healing & Removal: http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/reiki--psychic-attack-dna--more.html Book Reading: http://www.psychichealingcorner.com/psychic-readings--healings.html
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Tulle Fabric For Organic Insect Pest Control In Vegetable Garden - Spiritual Wellness
Video Blogging: I am using Tulle Fabric to keep my veggies a bit warmer since it's early spring and keep bugs out, it also keeps the plants cooler from the direct sun, and also provides wind protection from strong winds it's completely breathable and the plants get Full Sun as well as partial shade/direct sun. It's awsome stuff / way cheaper than insect garden netting and I tried it out last year. I had NO APHIDS for almost the ENTIRE growing season, that is until ants made their way by farming their aphids into my garden. The ants came in and brought the aphids so make sure if you see ants, to take them out asap. Welcome. My channel is based on spiritual lifestyle. In 2015 I began growing my own organic food. I want to share my journey, tips and trips with you. I am a spiritual teacher, psychic, and vegetarian. My health is very important to me, mind, body and soul connection. This video is part of my garden blogging/tips/tricks and just basically sharing my journey with you. Thank you for watching. - Sunshine Rose zone 9
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Dream Weaving What Is It ? by  Psychic Sunshine Rose Discussion
What Is Dream Weaving? Psychic Sunshine Rose Talks about this Telepathic Experience through Dreams, Day Dreams, and Fantasies of the Mind.
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CLAIRAUDIENT (Start Using This Gift) Psychic
CLAIRAUDIENT (Start Using This Gift) http://stores.ebay.com/Psychic-Corner-In-Sunshines-Lot
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Akashic Past Life Reading for JuJu - Psychic Sunshine Rose
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Energy Vampires Psychic or Empath Attack Psychic Self Defense  By Psychic Medium Sunshine Rose
Energy Vampires: What Are They? Are they Real? DO they Suck Blood? LOL j/k Watch VIdeo Please Key Words: "psychic Vampire" "psychic attack" "energy drainers" clairvoyant clairaudience "psychic readings" "akashic records" "past life" aggression "trance medium" esp "spiritual awakening" 2012 "aztec calander" "edgar cayce" "shawdow figures" ghosts spirits "spirit guides" angelic angels archangels "cleanse your home" aura "aura cleansing" meditation yoga reiki kundalini "tai chi" taichi "psychic kids" "evil eye"
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