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Eric Harris Journal entry 1
Now to start off i in no way am defending what Eric and Dylan did i am making this to give both myself and you a better understanding of what they were feeling and like leading up to the shooting RIP the victims of Columbine and my thoughts go out to all thoes effected by this.
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Monache High School Christmas Rally
For my first take a look at our Schools Christmas rally.
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Eric Harris journal entry 2
We continue our look into the mind of Eric Harris with the second journal entry.
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Monache High School Graduation Band
Band at my Graduation.
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Introduction video and Update
I figure some people might want to know more about me so here is some info its kind of random and heat of the moment and my Aspergers make it kinda of wired but also interesting.
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Dogs fight over toy.
My dogs fighting over a toy.
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Eric Harris Journal Entry 3 and 4
Since its been a while since i did this i put two into one video for you guys.
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Civil War Reenactment
Civil War Reenactment footage those cannon's are loud you can feel the pressure.
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Spec Ops the Line Quotes
No need for an explanation here.
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Museum Guns
Here is a look at a showcase of guns in the museum.
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Monache High School Mo Sprots Jousting
My friends Zack and Dusty going against each other in a one on one.
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Monache High School Mo Olympics Dogeball Boy Champions Vs Girl Champions.
This is one of our Olympic games that we are having this week for the MoOlympics it's gonna be really fun!
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Civil War Reenactment
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Monache High School Christmas Rally 2
Second part a competition between teachers.
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