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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Cam test
This is just a test. Please put your comments.
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bloodyhell18's montage
kill joy
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bloodyhell18's first nuke
mad rampage
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The Prayer For Peace
This is my First song from my album that will be called (God's Love For His Children)
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Call of Duty Advance Warefare thoughts
Hi everyone who is watching my youtube channel. I have not made a youtube video for a long time and wanted to make a new video for you guys talking a little about what I think about Advance Warfare respond points. These respond points have not changed from black ops 2 and it is making other players very upset because this has not been fixed for over 2 years from Black Op 2 to Advance Warefare. Players get upset when they respond and a enemy is right behind them. I don't think that is fun for anyone. If you like my video please give me a like or leave your comments below.
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