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WPAHS News: Foods that heal lung damage
Eating the right foods can help former smokers speed the process of healing their lungs, says Dr. Betsy Blazek-O'Neill, head of the Integrated Medicine Program at Allegheny General Hospital. Look for foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as cantaloupe, tomatoes, blueberries and collard greens.
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Migraines May Cause Stroke Like Symptoms
Allegheny General Hospital neurologist, Dr. Lara Kunschner, shares her thoughts about a Los Angeles television reporter who suffered stroke like symptoms on the air. Turns out it was a migraine that caused the symptoms
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AGH Doctor Solves Mystery of Teenager With Rare Sleep Disorder
Allegheny General Hospital child psychiatrist Dr. Michael Rancurello appeared on the NBC Today Show to discuss the diagnosis of a Pittsburgh teenager suffering from a rare sleep disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome. The "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome" is a debilitating disease with no cure, though it can be treated and sometimes goes into remission.
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Vocal Cord Problem Can Be Mistaken for Asthma
A nagging cough and sensitivity to perfumes led a Pittsburgh woman to suspect she had asthma. But, a little-known condition, vocal cord dysfunction, was the real culprit that made it hard for her to breathe. West Penn Hospital otolaryngologist Dr. Shelly McQuone says VCD is more common than you might think and that speech therapy, psychotherapy or anti-anxiety medications can bring relief.
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Deep Vein Thrombosis: A silent, deadly disease
When WPXI-TV news reporter and anchor Jennifer Abney finally decided to seek medical attention for a pain in her calf that would not go away, she was shocked to learn that the cause of her problem was a blood clot that, if left untreated or not diagnosed in time, could have taken her life. The condition is called deep vein thrombosis and doctors at the West Penn Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh, where Jennifer was cared for, provide the most comprehensive treatment available for it. Watch this great segment as Jennifer shares her personal experience to educate others about the risk factors for DVT, what symptoms you should be aware of and how the condition can be managed effectively
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Which DCIS patients need radiation treatment?
For women with a type of breast cancer called ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) a new test can predict whether they will benefit from radiation therapy. The test is a spinoff of one developed by doctors at Allegheny General Hospital.
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WPAHS News: Sago Mine Survivor Reaches 5 Year Anniversary
The medical team at Allegheny General Hospital who helped save the life of the lone Sago Mine Accident survivor -- Randal McCloy -- recall the heroic efforts it took and the miraculous recovery he made in this KDKA-TV report.
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AHN Women – Brianne & Steven: A Postpartum Depression Story (2:00)
Real stories from real AHN patients with unique narratives about a shared health experience. These women met for the first time on-camera at an AHN facility and just talked, openly and honestly, and we got to hear what they had to say. Their hopes, their fears and their clinical experiences. It was emotional, insightful and educational. And now we want to share their stories.
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Acid Reflux the Cause of Adult-Onset Asthma
Esophageal disease specialists at the West Penn Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh have published a study in the latest JAMA Surgery journal identifying gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) as a primary cause of adult-onset asthma. The study also showed that a new diagnostic technique can more effectively detect GERD-induced asthma and that anti-reflux surgery can alleviate the asthmatic disease. Dr. Blair Jobe and one of his patients talk to CBS affiliate KDKA-TV about this latest discovery and the message it sends -- if you are over the age of 20 and develop asthma, get checked for GERD.
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A New Type of LifeVest
A new type of vest provides a life-saving shock to patients whose hearts have stopped. Allegheny General Hospital doctors have prescribed the Zoll LifeVest -- a wearable defibrillator- to help protect patients who have experienced heart attacks through their vulnerable recovery periods when they are prone to additional cardiac problems.
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Salt & Ice Challenge
Made popular by daredevils on YouTube, the "salt and ice challenge" could send your child to the Emergency Room. Allegheny General Hospital's Dr. Tom Campbell says this test of endurance causes a chemical reaction that could lead to third-degree burns.
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WPAHS News: NPH -- A Curable Disease that Mimics Alzheimer's and Parkinsons Symptoms
Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus is a common, treatable neurological disease but the symptoms are often mistaken for Alzheimer's and Parkinsons disease. Dr. Bennet Blumenkopf, a neurosurgeon at Allegheny General Hospital talks to CBS Pittsburgh affiliate KDKA-TV about NPH and the surgical procedure that can help patients regain their independence and greatly enhance their quality of life.
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Brain Trauma Experts Discuss Sidney Crosby Injury
Dr. Jack Wilberger, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Allegheny General Hospital and a leading brain trauma specialist talks to Pittsburgh ABC affiliate WTAE-TV about the nature of brain concussions and the implications of such injuries when symptoms persist for a long period of time
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Meghan Klingenberg Interview
Pittsburgh’s Meghan Klingenberg, a starting defender on the 2015 U.S. Women’s World Cup-winning team, will go for the gold this August in the Olympic Games in Rio. Before she hits the international spotlight, Meghan took some time to answer a few questions about herself.
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Early Onset Parkinson's Disease No Match for Marathon Runner
Seven years ago, at the age of 32, Angela Badaracco received a medical diagnosis that seemed incomprehensible to an active, dedicated mother of four children and an avid marathon runner -- early onset Parkinson's Disease. By the age of 39, the disease had progressed to the point that medications were no longer working and her ability to take care of herself and her family was growing more and more difficult. Four months ago, Angela underwent deep brain stimulation therapy to treat her Parkinson's symptoms at Pittsburgh's Allegheny General Hospital. At Allegheny, Dr. Donald Whiting is one of the nation's leading experts in the use of this advanced technique that has proven to be a life altering treatment for patients with movement disorders like Parkinson's and essential tremor. In July, just a few months after deep brain stimulation therapy, Angela crossed the finishing line of her first race since Parkinson's took control of her life. She is completely off medications with a total remission of her Parkinson's symptoms. Watch the full story here on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.
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WPAHS News: Strep Throat or just a soar throat?  How to determine.
Allegheny General Hospital's Dr. Marc Itskowitz talks to KDKA-TV about strep throat and how doctors can most effectively diagnose and treat patients who suffer from chronic sore throats.
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In Adults, Type One Diabetes Often Misdiagnosed as Type Two
Approximately 26 million Americans have diabetes and the vast majority have a kind called Type Two. But a growing number of adults are being diagnosed with Type One diabetes after initially being misdiagnosed with Type 2. According to Dr. Jennifer Holst, an endocrinologist at the Joslin Diabetes Center of West Penn Allegheny Health System in Pittsburgh, as many as 10 percent of people who develop diabetes as adults may actually have latent form of Type 1 disease. She tells Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV that an accurate diagnosis is critical to preventing major health problems such as organ failure, cardiovascular disease and blindness.
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Postpartum Depression A Serious, Treatable Condition
Dr. Eugene Scioscia, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the West Penn Allegheny Health System, talks about the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression in this outstanding feature story on Pittsburgh's PBS affiliate WQED-TV. Considered a common and serious risk of pregnancy, postpartum depression screening is critical so that appropriate therapy can be recommended to those suffering from it.
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AHN Women |  Beth & Sandy: An Ovarian Cancer Story | #LivingProof
Real stories from real AHN patients with unique narratives about a shared health experience. These women met for the first time on-camera at an AHN facility and just talked, openly and honestly, and we got to hear what they had to say. Their hopes, their fears and their clinical experiences. It was emotional, insightful and educational. And now we want to share their stories.
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Tony Dorsett Dealing With Devastating Diagnosis
Former Hopewell High School, University of Pittsburgh and Dallas Cowboys standout Tony Dorsett announced he has been diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a progressive degenerative brain disease often found in athletes. Dorsett said he often feels like he doesn't recognize himself, and that fits with the symptoms described by Allegheny Health Network neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Wilberger to WPXI-TV: memory loss, short temper, depression and even thoughts of suicide. Dr. Wilberger said there is currently no way to stop the progression of CTE, but earlier diagnosis can help patients deal with symptoms.
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AHN.org -  Dr. Donald Whiting, MD | Managing Parkinson’s Disease with Deep Brain Surgery (DBS)
"Richard has had Parkinson’s disease for 15 years. Despite taking three medications, his tremors were so strong that he was unable to feed himself or write his name. It was truly disabling. A breakthrough Parkinson's disease treatment known as deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery allows Richard, who has had Parkinson's for 15 years, to reclaim his life from involuntary tremors. Watch as Dr. Whiting of Allegheny General Hospital demonstrates the staggering effects of this life-changing treatment. Then Richard had deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery at Allegheny General Hospital. By implanting electrodes into his brain, doctors were able to stop his abnormal nerve impulses. Free of medications, with this new treatment, he can control his movement normally and do the activities he enjoys."
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AGH Doctor Solves Mystery of Teenager With Rare Sleep Disorder
Allegheny General Hospital child psychiatrist Dr. Michael Rancurello appeared this morning on the NBC Today Show and was interviewed locally WPXI-TV regarding his role in the diagnosis of a Pittsburgh teenager suffering from a rare sleep disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome. All of the segments can be viewed on the West Penn Allegheny Health System YouTube page.
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Salt and Ice Challenge
Dr. Ariel Aballay, Director of the West Penn Burn Center, talks about a 12-year-old Pittsburgh boy severely burned by the "Salt and Ice Challenge" and advises parents to warn their kids about this dangerous dare popularized on You Tube.
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Jefferson Hospital OB Tour
Virtual Tour of Jefferson Hospital Obstetrics Unit
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Leukemia Survivor 5 Years Clinically Cured - (5 minute video)
Chad Hough, a family man diagnosed with leukemia, chose Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute for Superior Results in Cancer Patient Survival. He is now 5 years clinically cured.
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WPAHS News: Did LA Reporter Suffer Mini Stroke On Air?
Dr. Ashis Tayal, director of the comprehensive stroke center at Allegheny General Hospital discusses the signs and symptoms of trans ischemic attacks, or mini-strokes, after an LA reporter's speech becomes blurred on air.
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Defying the odds- what it takes to recover from a double leg amputation
Catherine Fielding is making a remarkable recovery following a motorcycle accident last summer that resulted in the loss of her legs. With help from Dr. Barbara Swan and the occupational and physical therapists at West Penn Hospital, she plans to walk into her daughter's graduate school graduation this spring!
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Arthritis Supplement "Reumofan Plus" Recalled
A Mexican-made supplement billed as an "all natural" remedy for arthritis pain has been recalled by the FDA and Mexican authorities. West Penn Allegheny rheumatologist Dr. Fotios Koumpouras says Reumofan Plus contains several drug agents that should be taken only under a physician's supervision to prevent unwanted side effects.
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"Seeds" Help Breast Surgeons Zero in on Cancer
Breast surgeons at Allegheny Health Network are using radioactive seeds to help them pinpoint the locations of small tumors, and remove them more precisely and efficiently. Dr. Kathleen Erb told KDKA-TV she actually uses a Geiger counter in surgery to show her the tumor's exact location. It's a big improvement over the old method where a radiologists would insert wires in the breast to mark the spot for the surgeon. Patient Marlene Tucker, who had an early-stage tumor removed by Dr. Erb, said the surgery prep was pain and hassle-free.
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Seeds Cured His Cancer
AGH Uses Brachytherapy to Cure Hermitage Doctor of Prostate Cancer Morren Greenburg, MD, has long been the picture of good health. He runs every day, follows a healthy diet and keeps a positive mental outlook. It was little wonder, then, that he was taken aback when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer six years ago. "Your first reaction is: 'Why did this happen to me?' But this just goes to show that cancer can happen to anyone. Once I had a chance to let everything settle in, I told myself I would have to depend on the people who would take care of me," said Dr. Greenburg, 80, a resident of Hermitage, Pa.
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The test that tells doctors a patient is having a heart attack
A blood test for a substance called troponin can help doctors determine whether a patient with chest pain is having a heart attack. Dr. Indu Poornima, cardiologist at Allegheny General Hospital, explains how lowering the cut-off point for when troponin levels indicate a heart attack might help, or hurt, patients.
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Back to Life
Once temporarily paralyzed from cervical stenosis, a compression of the spinal cord, KDKA-TV's Jon Burnett was back in action just days after undergoing an innovative surgery at Allegheny General Hospital's Jho Institute.
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WPAHS News: Power Bands: Do they really work?
Allegheny General Hospital sports medicine specialist, Dr. Moira Davenport, talks with WTAE-TV about the science, or lack thereof, behind power bands. Do they really work to improve balance and performance, or is it all in the mind?
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FDA Approves New Treatment for GERD
The first new treatment for reflux disease to be approved in more than three decades is generating a lot of interest from those who suffer from GERD, a chronic condition in which acidic juices from the stomach backwash into the esophagus when swallowing food. GERD exposes patients to cancer risk if left untreated. The new therapy, called the Linx Procedure is a minimally invasive technique in which a ring of magnetic beads is used to reinforce the sphincter between the esophagus and stomach, preventing GERD. Doctors at Pittsburgh's West Penn Allegheny Health System are among the first in the country to offer the Linx procedure. Watch this segment on Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV as a young woman discusses her success with the new treatment.
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AHN Women – Amanda & Dana: A Cardiovascular Story
Real stories from real AHN patients with unique narratives about a shared health experience. These women met for the first time on-camera at an AHN facility and just talked, openly and honestly, and we got to hear what they had to say. Their hopes, their fears and their clinical experiences. It was emotional, insightful and educational. And now we want to share their stories.
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Robotic Heart Bypass Surgery
Cardiac surgeons at Allegheny General Hospital are offering patients who suffer from coronary artery disease the option of a much less invasive bypass surgery thanks to state-of-the-art robotic technology. Learn more about it in this clip from Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV
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WPAHS News: Parkinson's Patients Discuss 'Love and Other Drugs
Allegheny General Hospital's Parkinson's specialists served as consultants on the new Hollywood picture 'Love and Other Drugs'. Watch this report from KDKA-TV
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Cardiac Giants
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Outpatient Hip Replacement
An innovative approach to total hip replacement offered at Allegheny General Hospital has patients leaving the hospital just hours after undergoing surgery. Orthopaedic surgeon Julius Huebner says many patients may qualify for the anterior approach and be eligible for outpatient hip replacement.
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WPAHS News: High Blood Pressure in Young Adults
Do you suffer from high blood pressure? If you are a young adult and think you are immune to this risk factor for heart disease and stroke, think again. Allegheny General Hospital physician Dr. Marc Itskowitz talks to KDKA-TV about a new study that suggests even those in this age demographic should get regular blood pressure screening
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Elbow replacement
Elbow replacement surgery gives Saxonburg woman her life back Kathleen (Kathy) Shields is not the type of person to be easily deterred by a setback. A 71-year-old retiree from Saxonburg, Kathy is energetic, cheerful and positive. Her 1,000-watt smile could light a darkened room and her contagious optimism could lift even the bleakest of spirits. But Kathy's upbeat outlook to life was put to the test after she suffered a devastating injury in 2005. "I didn't think I would be the same again," said Kathy, "until I saw the orthopaedic specialists at Allegheny General Hospital."
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Curing Osteoid Osteoma with a Zap of Microwaves
Osteoid osteoma, a tiny but painful bone tumor, took nine-year-old Jesse Steinmetz from the football field to the sidelines and kept him awake at night. But Dr. Robert Sciulli, a musculoskeletal radiologist at Allegheny General Hospital was able to cure his pain by heating the tumor with microwaves.
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Battling HER2+ Breast Cancer with Perjeta
Allegheny General's Dr. Jane Raymond discusses a new drug that holds promise for women with HER2+ breast cancer, Perjeta.
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Hepatitis C and Baby Boomers
Dr. Jose Oliva, Allegheny General Hospital hepatologist and medical director of the liver transplant program, was interviewed on NBC Nightly News by Dr. Nancy Snyderman about the Hepatitis C epidemic and how it is affecting baby boomers. A patient at AGH's Center for Digestive Health was also interviewed about her experience.
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Making Strides with Dystonia
West Virginia teen Amanda Bell underwent deep brain stimulation surgery at Allegheny General Hospital with hopes of controlling the symptoms of dystonia—a disorder in which the brain sends impulses to muscles that make them contract painfully and intensely. It's affected her gait, ability to hold and maneuver objects and even her speech. Allegheny Health Network's Dr. Donald Whiting explains the procedure and how it's already helping Amanda to stand and walk straighter, with hope for continued improvements as electrical impulses to her brain are adjusted in the coming months.
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An Alternative to Allergy Shots Finally at Hand
What kid likes getting allergy shots? And what adult likes weekly or monthly trips to the doctor's office for shots? Relief may be on the way. Immunotherapy, in the form of allergy shots, is the only remedy now available for people with severe allergies. Now an FDA advisory panel has approved an under-the-tongue immunotherapy tablet called Oralair that allergy sufferers can use at home, and a second similar therapy called Grastek is under review. Allegheny Health Network's Dr. David Skoner, one of the leading researchers in the field, discussed the new under-the-tongue therapies with NBC Nightly News.
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Lower Back Pain? New Technology Facilitates Diagnosis by Capturing Images of Spine in Motion
Physicians at Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) are the first in Pennsylvania and among the first in the nation to introduce Vertebral Motion Analysis (VMA) a groundbreaking technology that uses fluoroscopy to capture real time images of the spine while the patient is guided through a pre-set range of motion. The technology provides unprecedented views of the spine in motion to facilitate diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with lower back pain.
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Do Your Knees Need Vitamin D?
A recent study has shown that Vitamin D and calcium supplements are no more effective than placebo in helping patients cope with knee pain. However, Allegheny General orthopaedic surgeon Dr. T.J. Sauber says they are low-risk supplements and there's no harm in taking them if they give you some symptom relief. In fact, Vitamin D and calcium can be as effective as many other medical treatments for joint pain.
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