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Tony Dorsett Dealing With Devastating Diagnosis
Former Hopewell High School, University of Pittsburgh and Dallas Cowboys standout Tony Dorsett announced he has been diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), a progressive degenerative brain disease often found in athletes. Dorsett said he often feels like he doesn't recognize himself, and that fits with the symptoms described by Allegheny Health Network neurosurgeon Dr. Jack Wilberger to WPXI-TV: memory loss, short temper, depression and even thoughts of suicide. Dr. Wilberger said there is currently no way to stop the progression of CTE, but earlier diagnosis can help patients deal with symptoms.
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Jefferson Hospital OB Tour
Virtual Tour of Jefferson Hospital Obstetrics Unit
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"Seeds" Help Breast Surgeons Zero in on Cancer
Breast surgeons at Allegheny Health Network are using radioactive seeds to help them pinpoint the locations of small tumors, and remove them more precisely and efficiently. Dr. Kathleen Erb told KDKA-TV she actually uses a Geiger counter in surgery to show her the tumor's exact location. It's a big improvement over the old method where a radiologists would insert wires in the breast to mark the spot for the surgeon. Patient Marlene Tucker, who had an early-stage tumor removed by Dr. Erb, said the surgery prep was pain and hassle-free.
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Cardiac Giants
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Making Strides with Dystonia
West Virginia teen Amanda Bell underwent deep brain stimulation surgery at Allegheny General Hospital with hopes of controlling the symptoms of dystonia—a disorder in which the brain sends impulses to muscles that make them contract painfully and intensely. It's affected her gait, ability to hold and maneuver objects and even her speech. Allegheny Health Network's Dr. Donald Whiting explains the procedure and how it's already helping Amanda to stand and walk straighter, with hope for continued improvements as electrical impulses to her brain are adjusted in the coming months.
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Future of Pain Relief: Stem Cells
Allegheny Health Network sports medicine and orthopaedic specialists Dr. Edward Snell and Dr. Patrick DeMeo discuss the benefits and challenges of using stem cell therapy to promote quicker healing and better pain management in patients with joint pain and repeated sports-related injuries.
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Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion Virtual Tour
Introducing the Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion: A New Approach to Healthcare. Take our virtual tour and see what services are available. To make an appointment for any our services, call 412.Doctors.
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Allegheny Health Network - Numbers
Allegheny Health Network is a dynamic, patient-centered and physician-led academic healthcare system that provides a full scope of advanced, high quality, comprehensive medical care. With nationally recognized programs in cancer, heart disease, orthopedic/sports medicine care, neurosurgery, transplantation, women's care and more, our exceptional team of physicians, nurses and support staff are dedicated to meeting the complete needs of patients in the most effective, efficient and personalized manner possible. Watch this short video for a glimpse of our advanced capabilities.
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Liver Transplantation at Allegheny General Hospital
A personalized, multidisciplinary approach, strong leadership and cutting edge technology - all combined with a human touch - are what make Allegheny General Hospital a national leader in liver transplantation. Patient outcomes are among the best thanks to a personalized approach and advanced technology not available anywhere else in the country. Led by Ngoc Thai, MD, PhD, Director of Abdominal Transplantation at AGH, this video features AGH physicians talking about what makes the program unique. Two Pittsburgh-area patients also share their stories of the life-saving skill and caring they found at AGH.
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Moses Hart's Long Journey to a New Heart
Moses Hart is one of 70 Pittsburgh-area residents on the waiting list for a heart transplant. He's been waiting two years and is now high on the list, meaning he may get his donor heart very soon. It's the "gift that's coming." he says. Moses has heart failure, and for the past two years a surgically implanted left ventricular assist device has kept his blood moving from his heart to his vital organs. Allegheny Health Network's Dr. Raymond Benza said Moses could live for some time with the device, but eventually will need a transplant. KDKA-TV reporter Brenda Waters is following Moses on his journey to a heart transplant.
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How to Reduce Allergens in Your Home During Winter  - Cheaply!
Expensive remedies aren't necessary to help control allergies, Allegheny Health Network allergist Dr. Deborah Gentile told KDKA-TV. Folks suffering from winter allergies might consider frequently changing their bed sheets, putting an allergy-proof cover on the mattress, vacuuming frequently, adding a HEPA filter to the vacuum and furnace, and cleaning wood or tile floors with a damp mop or Swiffer.
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Can your bones predict the weather?
Patients tell Allegheny Health Network rheumatologist Dr. Fotios Koumpouras all the time: They know when it's going to rain or turn cold, because they can feel it in their bones. KDKA-TV reports that according to a new study, this feeling may have some basis in fact. The theory is that when barometric pressure falls, the pressure inside the joints changes as well.
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Allegheny Health Network's Sports Medicine -- Maybe
Allegheny Health Network's Sports Medicine commercial featuring Pittsburgh Pirate's second baseman, Neil Walker.
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Allegheny Health Network's Sports Medicine -- Wear & Tear
Allegheny Health Network's Sports Medicine commercial featuring Pittsburgh Pirate's second baseman, Neil Walker.
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Cardiology at Jefferson Hospital
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Allegheny Health Network Speeding Treatment Time for Heart Attack Victims
For years, door-to-balloon time - the time it takes from when a heart attack patient arrives at the hospital to the insertion of a life-saving stent -- has been the standard for speedy care. Now research is questioning whether the emphasis on door-to-balloon time is enough. With its new First Contact initiative Allegheny Health Network aims to speed treatment even further by emphasizing the time from a patient's first contact with emergency services personnel to the time of stent insertion. The initiative empowers EMS to diagnose a heart attack at the scene, and set the hospital's cardiac catheterization team in motion. A Ross/West View EMS first responder spoke to KDKA-TV about a positive experience, and results, from First Contact.
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Allegheny Health Network's Sports Medicine -- You Want Neil
Allegheny Health Network's Sports Medicine commercial featuring Pittsburgh Pirate's second baseman, Neil Walker.
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Allegheny Health Network's -- Every Day
Allegheny Health Network's Breast Cancer commercial featuring Pittsburgh Pirate's second baseman, Neil Walker.
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Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion Television Commercial
Watch our Television Commercial for the Wexford Health + Wellness Pavilion.
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Allegheny Health Network & Johns Hopkins Announce Cancer Affiliation Plans
This week Allegheny Health Network announced an agreement with the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center to establish a formal affiliation for cancer services. Drs. David Parda and Tony Farah joined the KD-PG Sunday Edition on KDKA-TV to talk about the potential benefits of the affiliation to cancer patients in the Pittsburgh Region.
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Allegheny Health Network Dermatologist on Call
In today's on-the-go world, virtual care just makes sense. Watch this video to learn how AHN is making access to a board-certified dermatologist easier and more convenient than ever.
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Allegheny Health Network's Sports Medicine -- Concussion Testing
As the Pittsburgh Pirates 2nd baseman, Neil Walker​ knows a thing or two about concussions and the importance of baseline testing. The Allegheny Health Network uses the state-of-the-art C3 Logix concussion baseline testing technology to athletes over age 10. AHN offers baseline testing at multiple locations throughout the network. To learn more, visit www.ahn.org.
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Changing the Tone
Health care is changing; and at Highmark Health, we intend to lead that change. Over the past several months, the Western Pa. health care marketplace has been unsettled. We recognize this and are rededicating ourselves to you and the community through our investments in products, services and facilities that meet your health care needs now and for years to come. View this television commercial that delivers the message to the community.
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Advanced Surgery at Jefferson Hospital
Jefferson Hospital offers advanced surgery techniques for a wide range of procedures. Advanced surgery means more accuracy, less pain and scaring and faster recovery. www.jeffersonregional.com Choose Well.
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Pledge the Gift of Life
Each year, the lives of thousands of people across the country are saved because someone made the choice to become an organ donor. In April, Allegheny Health Network is honored to celebrate National Donate Life Month and pay tribute to all of those who have bestowed the precious gift of life to another through organ donation. Visit AHNdonate.org to learn more and register to be an organ donor.
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We Build 032714
Allegheny Health Network is a dynamic, high quality integrated healthcare system serving the greater western PA region. Learn more about the great programs and healthcare professionals who lead them!
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Athletes at Jefferson Hospital
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Jefferson Hospital Primary Care
Jefferson Hospital has more than 100 Primary Care physicians in 28 communities. We'll help you find one near you. Contact our physician referral department or search our online physician directory. www.jeffersonregional.com Choose Well.
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Orthopedics at Jefferson Hospital
Jefferson Hospital's Orthopedics Institute has earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval among other awards. www.jeffersonregional.com Choose Well
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The Injury Report    Wrap up 2009
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One Secret to Staying Safe in Bitter Cold Temperatures
You probably know that dressing in layers and keeping all parts of your body covered are keys to staying safe and warm when temperatures turn bitter cold. But Dr. Melanie Cheers of the Emergency Department at West Penn Hospital in Pittsburgh reminded WPXI-TV viewers of one crucial element to staying safe in the cold: Avoid alcoholic drinks. Alcohol may dull the feeling of cold, or make you more susceptible to falling, and that combination can be dangerous.
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The Injury Report 2009    Dr  Balk
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The Injury Report 2009    Dr  Lesh
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93-year-old Forbes Hospice Volunteer "Like a Living Angel"
At age 93, Alyce Johnston spends three days a week volunteering at Forbes Hospice, and patients and employees alike say she brings them joy and comfort. And Alyce, for her part, says that volunteering is her joy. Pittsburgh City Council recently honored her with "Alyce Johnston Day" and WPXI-TV produced this wonderful segment about her work. This elegant lady is always perfectly groomed and always wears a skirt, never slacks.
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The Injury Report 2009    Dr  Emond
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