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Comunidad SL Colombia
Segundo intento de reunión para analizar cómo reactivar la comunidad de SL en Colombia. Una reunión muy interesante, con excelentes ideas. Si usted quiere participar puede aportar en: https://titanpad.com/RpJGeh1TcP Puede unirse a la discusión en el grupo de telegram, para esto puede contactarme a través de @linaporras y con gusto lo agrego.
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Tercera Reunión comunidad SL Colombia
Agenda: 1. Misión y Visión 2. Actividades a desarrollar en el corto plazo y responsables de cada una de ellas 2. Mecanismos de trabajo, determinar cómo se ampliarán los grupos objetivo y como lograr muchas de las cosas que se han propuesto en el pad y cómo podemos incentivar a las personas. La reunión duraría un máximo de 2 horas y se realizaría por Hangouts. Si consideran que hagamos un vote sobre los temas, lo hacemos.
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COP COLOMBIA presentación del proyecto 2013
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Video English 5 - UMNG
TRAVELLING EXPERIENCES, ¿ARE THEY BAD OR NOT? I have many experiences travelling; every year, On December I travel with my family, there are so many places that we have visited, in this video I´m going to share some experiences about two trips: Cocuy's Snow-capped and Tatacoa´s Desert. When I was eighteen years old, I was with my mother, my father, my brother and my sister at Cocuy's Snow-capped, it was an excting travel, but also in that trip I realized, that we as humans are destroying the neiture, by example Cocuy's snowcapped had at list 14 snow-capped, but for 2009 only 7 was still there, the other ones had deiced. The travel to Cocuy's Snow-capped is long, I started that trip from Bogotá until the Snowcapped, and I think that this road is one of the most complex of the Colombian topography. When we finished our visit at Cocuy's Snow-capped, we return to Bogotá, but we don´t return directly, we decide to visit many towns, some of them were Paipa, Nobsa, Cocuy, Wican, and Mongui. At Mongui we rent a farm and there we passed Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Now, let's talk about Tatacoa's desert. To go to the Tatacoa´s desert, my family decided to make a few stops on the way to the desert, we passed Girardot, Ibague, Neiva and then we get to the desert, but not before visiting the villages that were in the way. Once in the desert, we decided to go exploring, and found that the desert had two oases, which were channeled shaped pool, by desert dwellers. Also at Tatacoa´s desert we found an observatory, the observatory is wonderful, there I saw the stars, which unfortunately for the pollution in the cities they cannot see properly; learned at the observatory about the stars, their ages, the constellations as Sagittarius, Cancer and Leo. Again I thought that humanity instead of thinking so much about development should care more about the natural wonders we have. Given my experiences traveling, I can conclude that traveling is not a bad experience; the most important fact about traveling is discover new places and share that experience with the people we love, like our family.
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Parte 3 cut
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Olivos de Jaén
Video tomado en la vía La Carolina - Arjonilla, en Jaen.
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