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Moody Blue Devils 2015
All rights to respective artist and contributors.
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Ported Box Build for 4 8" subwoofers. 1.28cu each', 38Hz.
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Sam  40
Sam shooting Ron Popeil's pocket rifleman.
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Emily finishing her first time around the diamond.
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Black River Movie
All rights to music in this video belong to the respective artist. Short video to show someone back home what my backyard looks like during a North Country winter.
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Sam Final Season
14 years of mayhem came to an end last night when my amazing son played in his last football game of the season. I don't think he ever missed a game, or a practice for that matter. He loves the game. The first two songs on here are two he required be played back to back, over and over, all the way to the game since he was 4 years old. Didn't matter if we were going around the corner to the local field, or driving an hour away, these two songs, over and over. LOL. I didn't mind a bit. Saturday mornings were his. Whatever he asked for for breakfast, he got it. On the way we always had to get a Hersey's Bar, no nuts, King Size, of course. Then select the proper colored Gatorade for the given day. By game time he was always ready and never failed to deliver a fantastic performance. That little boy made more kids cry than the ending of Old Yeller. But, always a great sport, never one to boast, he just quietly did his best, and the results were often magnificent.
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EM 22
Started with, "I don't think I want to do this." Five minutes later, " I need some more bullets."
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New Yorkers.
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