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How Much Food to Store and What's the Cost?
http://build-food-reserves-now.com This 4th video in the series focuses on how big of a reserve you should build and a rough idea of the cost. The key is that if there is a circumstance like huge inflation or natural disaster then having a good food supply can be priceless.
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Food Storage & the 80-20 Rule
http://build-food-reserves-now.com With all the information we have about the pending financial disruption we will be going through, why do only some people "get it" and are preparing right now. The 80/20 rule has a lot to do with it, but to avoid a lot of pain you need to get into the 20% group and fast. Storing food is not just a nice thing to do anymore - it's imperative.
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Bourne High School Video Challenge
http://boomers-incharge.com This video is an open challenge to Bourne High School alumni to get their video cameras out and upload a video to facebook. Let's see each other as we are today.
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The Role of Diet in the Knee Preplacement Process
http://Knee-Replacement-Prep.com Second in a video series getting you ready for Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery and your subsequent Recovery. Tips and ideas on weight loss, exercise, necessary equipment and much more. 90 days from surgery - follow along
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3 Reasons to Build Food Reserves Now
http://Build-Food-Reserves-Now.com Why every American should start building a food reserve now to be prepared for the coming economic situation of inflation, and any natural disaster that you may be in the path of. Preparation is the key to weathering any storm.
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Advantages of Network Marketing
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com There are several key advantages Network Marketing has over more traditional ways of generating additional income, including low entry cost, the ability to start part-time, and some terrific tax benefits.
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Solving the Baby Boomer Dilemma
http://boomers-life-solutions.com Free 5 video series showing "boomers" how to improve the quality of the rest of their lives
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Hilton Head beach after Irma
Irma took much of our beautiful beach. This is what's left.
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Knee Replacement Preparation .wmv
http://knee-replacement-prep.com A free video series focusing on the pre-surgery preparation necessary to improve the recovery process from total knee and hip replacements. Follow along as I prepare for double knee replacement surgery on September 30th.
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Why Start Building Food Reserves Now
http://build-food-reserves-now.com You've heard of food storage and food reserves, but why start storing food now? This video will answer that question and hopefully prompt you to take action.
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Knee Replacement Prep and Results
http://Live-Life-To-The-Max.com My follow-up video to my series on preparing for and recovering from bi-lateral (that means double) knee replacement surgery. Surgery was 8 weeks ago and here are the results.
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Las Vegas shooting; JFK assassination files
Why all the secrecy
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What kinds of food to store
http://build-food-reserves-now.com There are a number of types of food to store. Which ones are better than others? For many simplicity of the process and quality of the product is most important. That's what you'll learn in this video.
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Don't Procrastinate   Build Food Reserves Now
http://build-food-reserves-now.com In today's dismal economy with prices skyrocketing the only smart option is to build a food reserve for the security of you and your family.
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Grass-fed Beef - A Healthier Alternative
http://wherez-the-beef.com Grass-fed beef is a much healthier (and tastier) product than corn-fed beef but where do you get the best quality at the best price? Well the answer is simple - http://wherez-the-beef.com . Learn about this excellent company and why grass-fed beef removes the guilt from eating beef.
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Knee & Hip Replacement Advice - Do It Now!
http://boomers-incharge.com After a total hip replacement and bilateral (means both) knee replacements my best advice to those trying to decide whether or not to get it done is YES - do it now. If you have questions, use the contact info at the end of the video.
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MAXGxl Intro.wmv
www.live-life-to-the-max.com Not another miraculous supplement? No miracles just a patented, scientifically proven product that will enhance your own body's ability to fight inflammation oxidation in every cell. The result is you are healthier and operate at peak performance.
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Food Reserves - One Answer to Uncertainty and Instability
http://build-food-reserves-now.com In today's world where uncertainty and instability seem to be the norm, one thing you can do to alleviate some of the pressure is to build a food reserve for you and your family. Also, try free meals so you can judge the quality yourself.
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Food Reserves and Making More Money - Dealing with Inflation
http://boomers-prepare-now.com Inflation has started and will only get worse. Food storage is a key to weathering this imminent storm. Learn what to do and how to build food reserves to protect you and your family.
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105,000 people at Ohio Stadium
Never been to a Big Ten or to a stadium with over 100,000 people in attendance. Check this out.
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How Do I Find People For My Network Marketing Business?
http://givingcomesfirst.com Forget the 10 foot rule, talking to people at the mall or grocery store, or putting flyers up all over town because they just don't work. The internet has changed the way we attract people to our network marketing business and our lives have become much easier.
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Let's Stop Racism Today - Part 1
http://lets-stop-racism-today.com If we have the courage and desire we can stop racism today. This 4-part video series highlites four areas that, if corrected, could stop racism immediately.
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"Stored Food" for Lunch?
http://build-food-reserves-now.com Food that you use as part of your Food Storage Program aught to taste good and you aught to integrate them into your weekly meals. That's exactly what I'm doing for lunch today. Tortilla Soup or Cheddar Potato soup, that's the question. Get 12 Free Servings of this great food that you can eat anytime or store for up to 25 years!
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How Baby Boomers Can Achieve Their Health and Wellness Goal
http://boomers-life-solutions.com Free 5 video series showing "boomers" how to improve the quality of the rest of their lives through planning, diet and exercise "boomer style", staying mentally sharp and financially viable, and by staying connected.
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The Gift of "Peace of Mind"
http://inflation-buster-food.com A Christmas gift that can help you prepare for the very uncertain ecomonic times ahead in 2011. Preparation is the key to surviving the high inflation that is coming. Food storage will help insure you make it through.
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Life is Painful
Tragedy strikes. God is on a break or doesn’t exist.
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Why Build Food Reserves Now?
http://build-food-reserves-now.com A free 5 video series answering the 5 most frequently asked questions about why building a food reserve is critical to being prepared for not only natural disasters but also the upcoming inflation that will surely affect the cost food
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Uber info
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Do I Have To Talk To My Family and Friends to Start a Network Marketing Business?
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com The "fear" question always asked when someone is looking to start a network marketing business. Get both sides of the story and then you decide. Family and friends have a role to play even if they don't become a customer or join your business.
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What does it cost to get started in Network Marketing?
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com The truth about start-up costs in Network Marketing and how to know what is too much. Also, all the costs they don't tell you about in the beginning.
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Can You Earn Food and Make Money Q5
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Home Business Not Growing? Here' How To Fix It!
http://billehmann.com Three key elements keep most home business from being successful. Conquer these three and your business will soar! ... (more info) (less info)
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Solve the First Boomer Dilemma
http://boomers-life-solutions.com The 1st of five solutions to different dilemmas all baby boomers face, now or in the near future. This free video series starts with planning and organizing the rest of your life on Mother Earth.
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How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company For You?
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com No matter what you've heard the company does matter, the product does matter. Making the correct choice of what company to join is at least 60% of the success equation, so choose wisely.
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The Plymouth Rock Talk - Taking Charge of Your Own Life
http://living-life-to-the-max.com Live from Plymouth Rock some frank comments about dependancy and entitlement versus personal responsibility. History is a great teacher if we listen and learn. Learn how to develop financial independence and why that is the only true freedom.
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Can I Succeed in Network Marketing?
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com The key frequently asked question about Network Marketing - can I be successful? Find out if you have the characteristics that will improve your chances for success in building your own business and income through network marketing.
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Windows Movie Maker Test Video
A video training of how to use Windows Movie Maker to upload your own video content, edit, and prepare it for video sharing sites.
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8 24 Test vid
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How Much Do I Need to Commit to a Network Marketing Business?
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com One of the most frequently asked questions about starting a network marketing business is how much to do I need to commit to be successful. The answer is "enough"!! We'll discuss a little time management and how you build a business in the time you have.
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Home Business Not Growing? 3 Steps to Fix It
http://boomers-incharge.com Three key elements keep most home business from being successful. Conquer these three and your business will soar!
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Maximizing Your Health thru Correct Diet & Exercise Promo.wmv
http://boomers-life-solutions.com The 3rd video in this free 5 video series focuses on the baby boomer dilemma of maximizing our health and fitness as we age. You can improve your longevity with the correct "boomer style" diet and exercise
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Baby Boomer Choices to Maximize Your Life
http://www.boomers-life-solutions.com How Baby-boomers can maximize their time on earth by implementing 5 key ideas to improve their health, wealth, and the time to achieve their dreams.
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cig butts & lines
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A Christmas Wish and an Invitation
http://billehmann.com A Christmas and New Years wish plus and invitation to learn about a business and product that may make your 2011 a little easier and more secure.
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Let"s Stop Racism Today - Part 3
http://lets-stop-racism-today.com Eliminating "class warfare" is step 3 in eliminating. The rich vs. the poor vs. the middle class - income taxes provide another wedge in racism. Even the playing field - treat people equally.
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Easy Video Editing Training
An excellent training site to help you edit and prepare your videos for video sharing sites like YouTube. Don't let your lack of understanding stop you from building visibility on the internet. Learn where to go to get the training you need for video sharing, blogging, article writing, social marketing and much more.
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Info to Sonny on Heritage Golf tournament
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The 7 Keys to Network Marketing Success
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com Seven simple things to do everyday that will literally insure your success in your network marketing business.
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Do I Have To Make Presentations for My Network Marketing Business to Grow?
http://www.givingcomesfirst.com Besides talking to family and friends, nothing scares people more than making a presentation about their network marketing company and the companies products or services. Here's the real answer - it might surprise you.
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What is Food Storage anyway
http://build-food-reserves-now.com What is food storage anyway and why is important to you and your family? Get answers to this question and other faqs about builiding a food reserve in these unstable economic times
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