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How Do Online Classes Work at SNHU
Find your online program today at http://bit.ly/1sshic2. We asked real students to describe what the online learning experience is like at Southern New Hampshire University. Find out more about the courses, support system, and fit and flexibility of an online education that you need to see your succeed.
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SNHU Master of Arts in Communication Program Overview
For more information visit http://bit.ly/24VeXUt The SNHU master's in Communications online degree consists of 12 courses (for 36 credits) taught by respected communication instructors. Participants build their communication skill sets through online coursework that applies directly to real-world situations in such areas as public relations, health communications, social media and marketing.
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Inside White Birch Brewing
SNHU alum Bill Herlicka shares the story of how he founded White Birch Brewing, New Hampshire's first nano-brewery. Founded in 2009, White Birch is a seven barrel micro brewery located in Hooksett NH. http://snhu.edu
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Online Bachelor’s in Graphic Design: Pursue Your Passion at SNHU
Develop your artistic and technical design skills by earning an online Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Southern New Hampshire University. One of the most affordable graphic design degrees in the country, this online program prepares you for a career in graphic design and media arts. You’ll explore typography, layout strategies and brand identity in print and web design and master the Adobe Creative suite. Class sizes are small, so you’ll get direct, personalized feedback from dedicated instructors with years of graphic design experience. See yourself succeed at snhu.edu.
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Q&A with Wicked Author Gregory Maguire
From Wicked to writers block, author Gregory Maguire answers student-submittted questions in a special one-on-one interview. Maguire answered the questions while visiting Southern New Hampshire University to help celebrate the 10-year anniversary of SNHU's McIninch Art Gallery. Learn more about SNHU at http://bit.ly/yi06Ru
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Online Creative Writing, SNHU Testimonial
Learn more about SNHU's Creative Writing program at http://bit.ly/GWxen6 SNHU student Ryan Neely shares his experience with SNHU's Creative Writing program. See more SNHU stories at http://snhustories.com
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A Day in the Life of a SNHU Culinary Student
A Day in the Life of an SNHU Culinary Student To learn more about the Culinary program, visit: http://www.snhu.edu/culinary
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SNHU Online Criminal Justice Degree Program Overview
Apply today and see yourself succeed at http://www.snhu.edu/CriminalJustice Pursue your online criminal justice degree at Southern New Hampshire University, and learn from instructors with firsthand, on-the-job experience. SNHU’s Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree program and concentrations prepare you to explore career paths in law enforcement, homeland security, human services and the criminal justice system.
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SNHU’s Psychology Program
An inside look at SNHU's on-campus program in Psychology. To learn more, visit: http://www.snhu.edu
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Why Study History? Presented by Southern New Hampshire University
Learn more about SNHU’s online history degree programs at http://bit.ly/2nakJ3A Studying history is more than just memorizing dates and facts about long-ago events. It’s gaining insight into humans and their actions and understanding the impact of past events. In today’s ever-changing world, it’s more important to study history than ever before. Learn more about the importance of history and how studying the past can help you prepare for the future. Southern New Hampshire University, a private, nonprofit institution, offers affordable, flexible online degree programs in American, European, Middle Eastern and military history. Learn more at snhu.edu.
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SNHU Bachelor’s in Environmental Science Program Overview
Visit https://www.snhu.edu/EnvironmentalScience to learn more about our program. See yourself succeed at snhu.edu. Pursue your passion for the environment at Southern New Hampshire University. Our affordable, accredited online BS Environmental Science degree program will give you a strong foundation in natural and physical sciences with a focus on natural resources and conservation. You’ll get hands-on field experience through instructor-led online lab courses and customized lab kits mailed right to your home.
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SNHU Bachelor of Arts in Communication Program Overview
SNHU's online bachelor's in Communication degree takes the theory behind PR, social media and marketing and teaches you to apply it to real world solutions. The 11 major courses (33 credits) are taught by successful, respected professionals and take students on a dive deep into social media, communication strategy, public relations, corporate communications and more.
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Online Marketing Degree Program, SNHU Testimonial
Learn more about SNHU's BS Marketing Program at http://bit.ly/HeAtdg SNHU student Benny DiChiara shares his experience studying marketing online with Southern New Hampshire University. The owner of his own advertising agency, DiChiara highlights how he has been able to apply classroom learning into his personal business, as well as speaks to SNHU's academic and military support. See more SNHU stories at http://snhustories.com
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SNHU #SeeYourselfSucceed Diploma Delivery: Scherrice Brown, Master of Science of Sport Management
SNHU's fourth stop on the #SeeYourselfSucceed cross-country journey to celebrate student success was in Philadelphia, PA where SNHU crew member, Seth O'Dell, presented recent online graduate Scherrice Brown with her Master of Science in Sport Management diploma. Congrats, Scherrice!
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Why should I earn a master’s degree?
Because of where it can take you. The possibilities are endless. You can make a difference in your community, improve your management skills and take what you learn in class into what you do everyday. It's an opportunity for personal growth and increased lifetime earnings. Find the graduate program that’s right for you at www.snhu.edu.
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SNHU and Berklee Online MBA in Music Business Overview
Learn more about the MBA in Music Business at http://bit.ly/1ZYlV7K Tyler Cymone Scott, a recording artist and businesswoman from Los Angeles, is the 100th student to enroll in our MBA in Music Business program. The degree is a partnership between Southern New Hampshire University and Berklee College of Music that provides the tools and knowledge critical to a thriving music career. Tyler toured the SNHU and Berklee campuses with SNHU Academic Advisor Rob Benincasa and Admission Counselor Tamra Sirois. This is Tyler’s story: “My name is Tyler Cymone Scott, and I’m from Los Angeles, California, and I just enrolled in SNHU and Berklee School of Music’s online MBA program. I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life. My father is an entertainer so I’ve always felt almost called to do music, to pursue music and to entertain. My dad has always told me he didn’t have the business knowledge going in to music so him and his group got really taken advantage of. I just felt now was a good time to continue my education and finish it out by getting an MBA in Business, but to find out that SNHU went that far as to combine with the prestigious Berklee made it that much more exciting. Even though everything is online, it didn’t feel like there was that distance. It felt very intimate and that was the first impression that I had of the university – that it would be an intimate type of experience. Being able to come and meet everybody, it’s just blown me away. It’s more than what I ever could’ve expected, just seeing that everybody is genuinely committed to seeing students succeed. My admissions representative, she took an interest in what I had to offer, and she really showed me how this program would help to benefit me. And I had Rob as my academic advisor, and I thought it was so great that I got paired with him because he is also into music as well. Meeting them, they’re just as friendly in person as they were over the phone. I think it’s so great that this program is able to tie in music with business for me to fulfill the dream that I have of being in music.”
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5. Receiving Your Financial Aid Award
Do you have questions regarding the time it takes to receive your Financial Aid Award? The fifth video in Southern New Hampshire University's Financial Aid Video Series covers the different types of aid and how long students will have to wait for their award letter.
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2017 SNHU Commencement Speaker Zia Haider Rahman
Zia Haider Rahman, the award winning novelist of In the Light of What We Know, encouraged graduates to live full and engaged lives – challenging them to always ask questions. “Ask questions, demand answers, and do so over and over again, because anyone who seeks to act in your name, has no entitlement to your blind trust.”
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What Is Sport Management?
https://www.snhu.edu/about-us/news-and-events/2016/07/what-is-sports-management?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=YTchannel_Bitly&utm_content=MPM-1206-content-article-vid-what-is-sport-mgmt&snhu_segment=ol Sport management is a vast and varied industry. You an find sport managers working for professional sports teams, colleges and universities, recreation departments or sport marketing firms. As event and facility managers, sports economists, promotions experts and more. Some love sports. Some love taking chances and challenges. These traits, together, make a winning combination for a career in sports management. Sport management has to do with any and every business aspect of sports and recreation. The field is vast. Sport managers can be found working for professional teams, their parent programs (such as the NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL), colleges and universities, recreational departments and sports marketing firms. They can be event managers, facility managers, sports economists, financial, promotion or information experts. They can run the front office, work behind the scenes or act as the interface between players, coaches and the media. In all of these sports management roles, energy, motivation, good sportsmanship and teamwork are considered strong assets. Hit subscribe, or join our social communities to keep in touch: https://www.facebook.com/SNHU/ https://twitter.com/SNHU
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Residencies Bring Learning to Life in Master’s in Counseling Program
http://www.snhu.edu/online-degrees/masters/ma-in-clinical-mental-health-counseling/residency-requirements?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_content=22749_Counseling-residency&utm_campaign=YTchannel_Bitly&snhu_segment=ol Counseling’s strength lies in forming connections. And those relationships can best be developed in a face-to-face setting. That’s why Southern New Hampshire University’s online clinical mental health counseling master’s degree incorporates two in-person residencies into its program. “We get to have this rich, weeklong experience of interaction, getting to know each other, and really moving into the space of what it truly means to be a counselor,” said Dr. Stacee Reicherzer, associate dean of counseling programs. Bring your profession to life – both online and in person – when you earn your master’s in counseling at SNHU.
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94-Year-Old Graduate Redefines Senior Citizen Education
Learn more about the creative writing and English degree Amy Craton earned at http://bit.ly/2jHFZzH The goal of earning a college degree lingers in the minds of many. For Amy Craton, that glimmer of a thought burned for decades – over five, in fact. The 94-year-old Hawaiian completed her BA in Creative Writing & English in November 2016. The pursuit of her degree didn’t advance her career. It wasn’t going to position her for a bigger paycheck. Said SNHU President Paul Leblanc, “I think it’s the sense of satisfaction … the sense of achievement … the sense of being engaged in life, in the world.” Craton’s long road to her degree sounds like the journey of many other SNHU students: “I’ve always wanted to have my degree. … Things have gotten in the way. Life itself got in the way.” While Craton isn’t the oldest person to graduate from college, she’s become SNHU’s oldest graduate. She also answers the question “Am I too old to go to college?” – she’s now pursuing her master’s degree.
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From Pine to Palm: An SNHU Fashion Journey
In September 2014, Southern New Hampshire University student videographer Laura Martinelli and student model Hailey Bonczar joined Harry Umen, Chair of SNHU's Communications, Media Arts and Technology Department, on a journey to San Francisco, CA for Melange 2014, one of the world's foremost fashion shows. Umen was invited as part of his role with the Descience competition which paired up teams of scientists and designers to produce fashion designs inspired by scientific research. As part of Team Synesthesia Muse with Angela Change, an audio-haptic researcher, Umen created a Luminous Firefly Dress that was modeled by Bonczar at the fashion show.
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A Day with David Ousted, MLS Goalkeeper and SNHU Online Student
Learn more about our partnership at http://bit.ly/2g17XFz Experience a day in the life of David Ousted, Vancouver Whitecaps soccer player, father and now an online student at Southern New Hampshire University. See how the goalkeeper is able to study finance online at SNHU while balancing family life, training and the busy Major League Soccer season. SNHU is the official education partner of Major League Soccer, providing over 200 online degree programs and dedicated support to MLS players, retired players and staff. Learn more at snhu.edu.
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SNHU Chef Vicki Connell Baking & Pastry Arts Program
In this video Chef Vicki Connell shows step by step how to prepare a ribbon sponge. Learn more about Southern New Hampshire University¹s Culinary program at http://www.snhu.edu/culinary.
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Driving Global Business with an Online International MBA from SNHU
Learn more about our online international MBA programs http://bit.ly/29mfEAm Southern New Hampshire University student Neil McLellan is pursuing his International MBA online. Neil, a business development manager, travels all over the world to bring Internet of Things technology to companies like Bolt Motorbike. It’s more than a degree for Neil, because the expertise he’s gained throughout the global MBA program is helping him become an industry leader. Follow Neil’s journey at #SNHUdegree. SNHU is an accredited, private, nonprofit university with over 200 on-campus and online degrees, including over 50 online MBA programs. From day one to graduation and beyond, you’ll get the support you need to see yourself succeed. Visit snhu.edu. “Empires” Performed by The Snake, The Cross, The Crown Courtesy of Equal Vision Records
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Inside Ben & Jerry's Social Mission
Learn more about social entrepreneurship at http://beasocialentrepreneur.org Ben & Jerry's Director of Global Social Mission shares insight into how the American ice cream company approaches social entrepreneurship. From Fair Trade to new packaging and delivery, Ben & Jerry's was founded on and is dedicated to a sustainable corporate concept of linked prosperity.
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Advance Your IT Career with SNHU’s Online Information Technology Degree
Learn more at http://bit.ly/1vdtJ64 INNOVATION FROM DAY ONE As the only university on Fast Company’s 2012 World’s Most Innovative Companies list, we make sure you have access to the latest online learning tools. • Virtual Desktops: Utilize state-of-the-art software and productivity tools on your computer, laptop or smartphone • Web-based Simulations: Gain virtual “hands-on” experience you wouldn't otherwise get with a wide variety of systems and equipment • Personal Digital Portfolio: Build a digital portfolio as you progress through the program to demonstrate your skills to prospective employers DID YOU KNOW that you can pursue or advance your IT career with an affordable, 100- percent online degree program that fits your life right where you are? You’ll be able to complete coursework when it’s most convenient for you, and you’ll also have the opportunity to learn, practice and demonstrate your mastery of IT skills. YOUR SUCCESS STARTS HERE As a private, nonprofit, accredited university, SNHU focuses on ensuring you have the necessary skills to succeed. As an SNHU online student, you’ll benefit from: • Broad offering of IT degrees with nine concentrations and 37 elective IT courses • One of the most affordable undergraduate IT programs available • Classes taught by real-world experts with years of professional IT experience • Best-in-class academic advisors to guide you from day one • Career advisors to help you network, interview and achieve your goals • 24/7 access – complete your coursework when it’s most convenient for you Find out more at http://bit.ly/1vdtJ64
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Forward: What Would You Create with Your Online Degree? (:60)
http://www.snhu.edu/student-experience/online-student-experience?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=YTchannel_Bitly_Summer17&utm_content=2485_Forward-60&snhu_segment=ol Our goal is to reach out to students whose next best educational option is nothing at all,” said Paul LeBlanc, president of SNHU. The truth is, the very people a college degree can help the most are the same people who have the least access to one. That’s why SNHU is changing the way universities work. By making the power of education accessible to all people, we’re given the opportunity to see what wonderful worlds students will create for themselves, for those they care for, and for their country. Visit snhu.edu to learn more.
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Break the Cycle: Change Your Life with an Online Degree :30
http://www.snhu.edu/student-experience/online-student-experience?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=YTchannel_Bitly_Summer17&utm_content=2485_BreaktheCycle-30&snhu_segment=ol Our goal is to reach out to students whose next best educational option is nothing at all,” said Paul LeBlanc, president of SNHU. We believe people can change their worlds with the power of education. That’s why we’ve made a college degree accessible for everyone. So more people can transform their lives and the lives of those around them. Visit snhu.edu to learn more.
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Watch what happens when an online student meets the academic advisor that changed her life!
SNHU's #SeeYourselfSucceed bus visits Danine, a BA in English Language and Literature student. Read about the entire trip to New Jersey here: http://bit.ly/12PIwZV
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SNHU MFA in Writing
An inside look at SNHU's Low Residency MFA in Writing Fiction and Nonfiction. To learn more, visit: http://www.snhu.edu/mfa
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A Night At The Quill
Description: In this video we spend an evening at Southern New Hampshire University's student-run, fine-dining restaurant, the Quill. To learn more about the Quill, visit http://www.snhu.edu/restaurant
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Teaching English as a Foreign Language, SNHU Testimonial
Learn more about SNHU's Teaching English as a Foreign Language program at http://bit.ly/H3XNZM SNHU student and Fulbright scholar Wala Maaitah shares her experience studying Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Southern New Hampshire University. See more SNHU stories at http://snhustories.com
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Why choose SNHU?
Get an inside look at Southern New Hampshire University from the eyes of our students. Hear what they have to say about their experiences in academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and on-campus housing. Learn more at http://www.snhu.edu
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Alumni Testimonial, MBA in Marketing, SNHU
Nnamdi Ebere shares his experience with an online MBA in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University. Learn about earning your MBA online at: http://www.snhu.edu/online-degrees/gr... View more SNHU Stories from online university students at http://snhustories.com
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SNHU Online Campus Tour
With more than 70,000 students from coast to coast, we have an amazing campus: The United States. In April and May, we spent six weeks touring our campus, delivering diplomas to graduates and meeting students. Along the way, we filmed beautiful time lapse sequences and aerial footage of dozens of locations across America. This is the SNHU Online Campus Tour. Learn more at https://www.snhu.edu Featured Locations Crescent City, Calif. Butte, Mont. Custer State Park, South Dakota Seattle, Wash. Wyoming Portland, Ore. Mount Rushmore New Hampshire Chicago, Ill. Asheville, NC Discovery Park, Wash. San Francisco, Calif. Utah Coeur d’Alene, Idaho The Badlands Salt Flats, Utah Equipment Canon 5D Mark III Canon 24-105 f/4 DJI Inspire 1 Syrp Genie Cinevate 36” Slider Connect With Us! https://www.facebook.com/SNHU https://www.instagram.com/SNHU https://www.twitter.com/SNHU
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Fit and Flexibility: How SNHU Integrates with Students' Lives
Find your online program today at http://bit.ly/1behi2n. At Southern New Hampshire University, we're committed to ensuring that all of our students have the flexibility to learn and to be successful regardless of where they study or how hectic their schedules may be.
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Online Master’s in History Degree: See Yourself Succeed at SNHU
Southern New Hampshire University has one of the most comprehensive online Master of Arts in History degree programs in the country. Expand your knowledge base by taking interactive, intensive online courses in historical topics that interest you. Gain professional skills that will transfer over to your chosen career path. And get the support you need from day one with dedicated academic advisors, unlimited learning resources and a host of career services.
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Live Like A Penman
Get an inside look at how Petey lives like a Penman at Southern New Hampshire University. Schedule a campus visit so you too can experience life as a Penman, visit: http://www.snhu.edu/campusvisit
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2. What Is Financial Aid?
In this second video of the Financial Aid Video Series, Southern New Hampshire University explains grants, federal loans, scholarships and other forms of financial aid available to students.
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Online Creative Writing, SNHU Testimonial
Learn more about SNHU's Online Creative Writing programs at http://bit.ly/GWxen6 SNHU student Gerald von Stoddard shares his experience with SNHU's Creative Writing Program. See more SNHU stories at http://snhustories.com
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SNHU Alumni Chef -- Anthony Mazzotta
Executive Chef, Anthony Mazzotta, is a graduate of the SNHU culinary arts program also received his Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Management. Here he shares a look into his workday. For more information about the Culinary Program at SNHU, visit http://www.snhu.edu/culinary
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Sport Management: A Field of Opportunities
Learn more at http://bit.ly/2eJrGJU SNHU sport management faculty and alumni recently participated in a panel discussion on this exciting and competitive field. Watch the video to learn about the many career options in sports business, advice about breaking into the market and the real-world value of a sport management degree.
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SNHU #SeeYourselfSucceed Diploma Delivery: Nakisha Muhammad, Online BS in Business Studies
SNHU's third stop on the #SeeYourselfSucceed cross-country journey to celebrate student success was in New York, NY, where SNHU advisor Whitney Flanders presented recent online graduate Nakish Muhammad with her Bachelor of Science in Business Studies diploma. Congrats, Nakisha!
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SNHU Faculty & Staff Congratulate the Graduating Class of 2018
https://www.snhu.edu?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=YTchannel_Bitly&utm_content=MPM-78_SNHU-2018&snhu_segment=ol To the Class of 2018 – every late-night studier, military service member, first-generation degree-holder and beyond – now’s your time. In honor of all you’ve accomplished, we asked SNHU faculty and staff to share a special message just in time for commencement. Here’s what they had to say.
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Online MBA, SNHU Testimonial
Learn more about SNHU's MBA programs at http://bit.ly/GU1mUw. SNHU student Rene Attoumbre shares his experience with SNHU's online MBA program. See more SNHU stories at http://snhustories.com
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How Kepler and SNHU Are Changing Lives Through Education
http://www.snhu.edu/about-us/news-and-events/2017/06/refugee-education?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=socialmedia&utm_campaign=YTchannel_Bitly&utm_content=Kepler_1666&snhu_segment=ol Kepler, a nonprofit university program based in Africa, provides its graduates with a unique credential through its close partnership with Southern New Hampshire University’s innovative College for America program: an American Bachelor of Arts, the same degree that a student in the U.S. would receive upon graduation. Learn why this can make a world of difference in the lives of graduates and their families in Rwanda.
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SNHU 2016 College of Online and Continuing Education | Speaker: Jessica Torruella Torres
Jessica Torruella Torres delivered the student address at SNHU's 2016 College of Online and Continuing Education, Graduate non-business programs Commencement Ceremony.
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#SeeYourselfSucceed Diploma Delivery: Tauni Molesworth, Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing
SNHU's #SeeYourselfSucceed journey to celebrate student success stopped in Mesa, Arizona to present recent online creative writing graduate Tauni Molesworth with her diploma. Congratulations, Tauni!
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Magna Cum Laude!
ILE Professor Gary Carkin announces our 2011 honors graduates with gusto.
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