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G1 Transformers Hoist Viewer Request Part 2
This is Part 2 of 2 of a viewer request by DEMOLISHOR1234. This time I am reviewing the G1 Transformers toy Hoist. Part 1 was of G1 Transformers Grapple. Please rate, comment, and subscribe.
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Unboxing Of My First Tripod
This here is my first tripod. I know in the video I said I got it from a Walmart, but I actually got it from a KMart. Sorry for the verbal typo. After unboxing it I played around with it further and it looks like I may have some fun with it after all.
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A G1 Transformers toy viewer request part 1
This a viewer request by DEMOLISHOR1234. The fellow YouTube viewer asked for me to show off G1 Transformers Grapple and G1 Transformers Hoist. In part 1 I am showing off G1 Transformers Grapple. I will show off G1 Hoist in part 2 in a couple of weeks.
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Showing off my G1 Transformers Toy Prowl
This is my first toy user review. If you have any suggestion on how I can make my videos better, please do so. Also be kind and subscribe so you can receive more of my videos. I have a very small transformers toy collection. And will try to upload more in the coming weeks. If anyone has an idea for my next video project, give my a shoutout.
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