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Feeding Aquatic Turtles 2
an update on different types of food you can feed your aquatic turtles, all things ranging from commercial turtle foods such as reptomin sticks, to live prey you can find at your local pet store such as fish, crickets and worms, and also fresh fruit and vegetables you can find at your local grocery store...or even already in your fridge! let me know what you think and please feel free to ask any questions aquarium related and ill do my best to answer all of them to the best of my knowledge. song is not mine, song is surfin' buena park by the ziggens
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Feeding Bearded Dragon
What I feed my Bearded Dragon and a round about of how much (depending on size, my bearded dragon is a juvenile) I feed him daily.
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Feeding Aquatic Turtles
When i got my first aquatic turtle i didn't really know too much about taking care of them so i would go online and look up whatever questions i could think of and the one question that was THE hardest to find an answer for was "how much do i feed my aquatic turtle?". All the websites and food containers would say feed as much as your pet can consume within ten minutes, and that wasnt really a good enough answer for me seeing how turtles eat like horses and wont stop when they should and can be easily over fed. So i made this walk-thru video of the types of food i feed my aquatic turtles on a daily basis (both living and non-living food) and how much. If any of you are in the same situation i was in, i feel this video will be a great deal of help.
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Here are some clips of my Ropefish. I bought him 7 months ago and he's been doing great ever since. If you havnt thought about buying a ropefish, give it some thought. theyre a relatively cheap fish to buy, easy to take care of, and a joy to have :)
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Black Belt vs Red Texas
2 big cichlids goin at it. both about 8-9 inches I do not own this music.
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Fluval FX5 Canister Filter
Turtle/Fish Tank Update: FILTRATION I just got this new Fluval FX5 and it is beeeautiful
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Custom Turtle Dock
i came up with this idea of using fish line to hang my turtle dock on whether the dock is made up of drift wood, or flat stones. it's simple, cheap, and easy to do. just be sure to secure the rocks or driftwood on the fish line so they don't fall off. BE CAREFUL. my idea here was just a rough idea that has ALOT OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT. stones being suspended could fall and cause harm to the animals and the enclosure.
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Digging out my turtle eggs
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My Baby Turtle Eating Cucumber
i do not own this song.
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Badass Crested Gecko
live feeding compilation. I do not own this song. song is reptile by nine inch nails
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feeding my turtles and fish sum big nightcrawler worms
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Turtle Shell Looking Very Healthy
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feeding my turtles sum big live crawfish song is the game by disturbed
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Feeding Aquatic Turtles and Fish : Fresh and Frozen Foods
i do not own any of these songs.
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125 Gallon Turtle/Fish Tank Update: Black Gravel
an update of my aquarium, now with black gravel (=
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Angry bearded dragon does not like kisses
Two bearded dragons from a local pet store. while one bearded is completely relaxed, the other is not and apparently does not like being antoagonized with kisses from other bearded dragons. lmao This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Snails Eating Zucchini
snail feeding!
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Turtles Eating Krill
i do not own this song.
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Turtle tank update and feeding
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Preparing Zucchini for Fish and Turtles
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125 Gallon Turtle/Fish Aquarium
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Turtles vs Fish and Crickets
2 full videos back to back of me feeding my turtles live goldfish and live crickets. now i usually edit my videos by taking out the best moments of my live feedings and put them all together back to back to make a compilation video, but for this video i just put the whole video of when i dumped the bucket of goldfish in the tank to when i shut off the camera, then did the same with my live cricket feeding i did a couple days later and just put these 2 videos back to back so there was no editing involved, but still was packed with action and no boring footage of nothing happening so i hope you guys like this one song is Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses
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Red Texas and Salvini Spawning
My Red Texas and Salvini have been hanging around eachother for a couple weeks now and i think they are trying to mate.
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Hand feeding my aquatic turtle
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Raccoon Break-in
so i come home one day from work to find a hole in my ceiling, trash everywhere, and 3 raccoons in my livingroom. i quickly call 911 and im givin a number to call animal control. i call animal control while watching these 3 racoons trying to escape my closed windows when suddenly they start to come towards me. so i start yelling "NO RACOON! BAD! BAD RACOONS!" and they made a grunting noise and came at me so i can out the door into the hallway. then i open the door and i see them run through my kitchen and climb into my cabinets below the sink. so ran over to the cabinets and wedged a broom stick between the wall and the oven, blocking the racoons from getting out untill animal control shows up and that's where the video begins. lol
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Tetra Whisper AP 150 Air Pump
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Pleco Eating Sweet Potato
i do not own this song. my pleco chowin down on sum cooked sweet potato
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Turtles vs Crawfish
My turtles hunting some crawfish ^_^ the tank looks alittle green because i had too much direct sunlight hitting it, but check out my other videos and you can see the tank all clear. song is Welcome Home by Coheed And Cambria
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Fatty Turtle Eating
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Ferocious A.D. Frog Eating Worm!
I gave my african dwarf frog a trout worm and he attacked it without hesitation. after a couple of minutes of him "trying" to eat the worm i gave it to my carpintis cichlid who ate it in one bite so dont worry, i didnt let the worm stay with the frog for more than just a couple minutes
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Turtle and Pleco Eating Carrot
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Java Moss 125 Gallon Cichlid Aquarium
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Red Eared Slider Walking Around The House
let my red eared slider raphael roam around the house alittle bit and actually got him to follow me lol
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Turtle vs HUGE Crawfish
i do not own these songs.
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Crested Gecko Eating Tomato Hornworms
Live feeding of tomato hornworms to my crested gecko
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Bearded Dragon & Turtle
i let my red bellied cooter (who is shedding) walk around on the floor with my bearded dragon and they got along pretty well. i noticed my turtle doesnt really focus much on other animals like the bearded dragon, but instead focuses on the world around him and wonders around. my bearded however, seems to focus more on animals like the turtle and at first was afraid of the turtle, but at one point as you'll see in the video he runs away from me to go upclose to the turtle. all in all it was a pretty cool/cute and interesting experience. and dont worry, the turtle walking over the bearded did no harm. it looked like she squished him, but beardeds are known to get low to the ground and flatten their body and that turtle is very light I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG
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hand feeding turtles
just a short video of me hand feeding my turtles reptomin sticks off a floating log. u can also see my painted turtle in the background basking on my tanks bracket, which i thought was pretty funny cuz he has to climb up there from the floating log and ive seen him do it and its pretty funny watching him fall off the log repeatedly trying to get up there while the log floats away lol
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Cichlid Fight Aftermath
Every week my hybrid cichlid breaks through the divider looking for trouble and i always gotta break it up. well this time I let them settle it. Hybrid got his ass WHOOPED! Stay tuned for the fight
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Cichlid Saves Turtle From Crawfish
my 3 inch black belt cichlid gets a crawfish off my 6 inch res turtle lol song is somebody hates me by reel big fish
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75 Gallon Crested Gecko Vivarium
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Prionotus evolans (Striped Searobin)
The COOLEST (IMO) creature at the New England Aquarium.... besides the Sea Turtles of course ;)
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Convict Cichlid Parents Chase Aways Turtles From Babies
footage of my convict cichlids and their babies, and footage of the parents chasing aways turtles from the babies protecting them (= song is reeko by nofx
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Herichthys Carpintis Cichlid Guarding Eggs
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125 Gallon Turtle/Fish Tank
a video showing all the current tank members of my 125 gallon Turtle/Fish Tank. You may see a convict cichlid in some of the shots, but i did not do a clip of it alone because i'm not sure if i will be keeping it.
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Turtles Chasing Laser Pointer - Cute and Funny
i do not own this song. first time using a laser pointer in my aquarium n i enjoyed it, esp the part where 2 of my turtles tried fighting the current of my powerhead to get to the laser dot. lol
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125 Gallon Addition: Herichthys Carpintis
i do not own this song.
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Fish Splashes Water at Owner
My cichlid was expecting to be fed and when i backed away while recording this he must have thought i wasnt going to feed him so he splashed me. fat fish
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