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Dolphin on wheels meme *read desc.*
So just a quick note, we are now uploading sporadically. Meaning that we will not upload on a regular schedule. Don't think there is something wrong, we are busy with other projects that you will love. Thanks! Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Our Instruments 🎺🎻🎸
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Welcome To Penny & Penelope Animate
Here’s our first video! Hope you enjoy! Credits to Mangle Loves Foxy for suggesting FlipaClip to us! Be sure to Subscribe!
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Mine meme (20 sub special)
OMG Thank you guys for 20 subs! Instagram: Penny_and_Penelope_ANIMATE Thanks for watching! Stay weird!
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Sponge on me meme
This. Is. Amazing Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Oh meme (SpongeBob) *FLASH WARNING*
Original by: Turquoise Pencil Tip Woot wooot what do normal people put in the description 0-0 Sorry for the Earrape :/ IT WAS PENNYS IDEA
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I Can’t Wait Meme
Took SOOOOOOOO LONGGGGG but it was really fun to animate! I have it in full color too, which is really cool! Thanks For watching! The original is by FluffRave
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Ghosts meme | read description for Backstory
Thank you for Watching! This took Penny SO LONG to Do! Backstory: Lenelope is Penelope's long lost twin sister. When Penelope's mom and dad split up, Penelope's dad took Lenelope. Soon after Penelope's dad left, he joined the military, and he died in a war. So Lenelope was placed in a foster home, and there Lenelope developed anger issues, schizophrenia and depression. Years later, Penelope started to make a YouTube channel. Lenelope found about this, and as Penelope gained fame, she got really jealous. Lenelope's schizophrenia then got to her good side and the voices in her head came to life. They told her "You want to make your sister look bad, right?" Lenelope replies "Yes". So the voices possessed Penelope. They forced Penelope to do bad things and make bad decisions. Lenelope watched in triumph as to what was happening before her eyes. Until one day, the voices really got to Penelope, and she started to starve herself. Penelope then told the voices "You guys are going too far! I don't want to see my sister like this!" The voices then replied "But I thought you said you wanted to make her look bad, we are doing what you requested" Lenelope then realized the disaster she had created, and she thought there was nothing she could do. And then she remembered. She rushed to her kitchen and went into one of the shelves. The voices were confused. She then pulled out a small orange container filled to the brim with pills. She unscrewed the top and grabbed one of the pills. And then she consumed the pill, and the voices faded away. Penelope then started to eat again, and her metabolism then went back to normal with medical treatment. She then became as close as possible to Penelope as she could and admitted she was jealous. They are now very close to one another and now Lenelope is honest to Penelope. Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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GRRRLS Meme (Flashing images)
:3 Still don’t know what to put here Sry for the cringe ending
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Kanye meme ( collab with Mangle Lolbit and Foxy ) ( read description)
Watch it on Mangle lolbit and Foxy www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LpqDkTd0I Thanks for watching! Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Infinite Meme *FLASH WARNING*
Why do all of my memes have flash warnings (Penelope) This meme is exactly one minute long
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Her | meme
This took SO FREAKING long to make! Please enjoy so penny's sanity can stay intact :) Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Daijobanai meme
Original by darlinqq This only took penny 3 1/2 hours to do + editing This is fine Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Dessert Meme!
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Weird Things We Did as kids
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Thanks for watching! Instagram: Penny_and_Penelope_ANIMATE music: Intro:OMFG hello Background:Monkeys spinning monkeys Outro:Ice flow Kevin Macleod Stay weird!
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Thanks for watching! Please be sure to subscribe and hit that like button! Stay Weird! Instagram: @Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE MUSIC: Intro: OMFG Hello Noncopyrighted Background: Monkeys Spinning Monkeys🐒 Outro: Ice flow Kevin Macleod Noncopyrighted
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The many screams of Penny
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I used the audio from "The many screams of Patryk" so credit to David intensifies for audio. Instagram: Penny_and_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Lost | meme
Yep.Pennys moving away. Thanks for all these years Penny... you are still the best friend I could ever ask for. Never stop animating girl 🙃
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School ( inspired by Jaiden Animations)
Sorry this video is late. Thanks for watching! Music: Intro: Hello by OMFG Background:Monkeys spinning monkeys 🐒 Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Happy birthday Penny!
It's penny's b-day! Music in the beginning of the video: It's my birthdayyy by Inkyface Instagram: Penny_And_Penelope_ANIMATE
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Happy Easter! Easter special
Happy Easter everyone! Music: Intro: OMFG HELLO uncopyrighted Background:Monkeys spinning monkeys by Kevin Macleod Instagram: Penny_and_Penelope_ANIMATE THANKS FOR WATCHING! Stay weird!
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Panic Room meme
Wowowoowowowowowoowowowowoowowoowowowowoowowowoowowowoowow,owowoowowowoowowowo What do I put in the description
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Tide Pods
Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed this video! New videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday! Please leave a like and subscribe😜 Background music: “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” Kevin Macleod. Penny And Penelope ANIMATE is a two team animated YouTube channel. Please respect our privacy as we respect yours Thanks For Watching! Stay Weird!
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