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Coca Cola KSTS
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Cast Entire Desktop From Ubuntu to TV via Chromecast
A beta version of the Chromecast Chrome Browser extension allows you to cast your entire Ubuntu desktop and whatever applications running directly onto your chromecast-connected TV, unlike the initial ChromeCast extension. Setting up is straightforward. See video to learn how. Link to Beta Extension (which supports entire desktop streaming): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-cast-beta/dliochdbjfkdbacpmhlcpmleaejidimm?hl=en Its unfortunate Google doesn't mention any of this on their official website about support for Linux, even if in Beta. Now you know, Enjoy! Chromecast support page: https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/3046409?hl=en&ref_topic=3058948 Background Music: "Dream Dance" by N-GeniuZ
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Jehovah's Witnesses Ghana Branch Bethel
my visit to Jehovah's Witness Ghana Bethel Branch. I believe its much like the paradise they normally talk of. The atmosphere there is the best.
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YOLO Season 3 Episode 1 - September 4 2016
YOLO Season 3 Episode 1 - September 4 2016 For YOLO S03E01 Review, visit https://blog.khophi.co/yolo-season-3-episode-1-review/ Follow google.com/+Nkansahrexford for all your YOLO Updates after each episode Please share and subscribe. Thanks This episode aired on TV3 Network Ghana on the 4th of September 2016 at 17:30 GMT
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Fulani Family make Wagashi
Wagashi is prepared from coagulating cow fresh milk using some grinded leafs (will update with name of plant when I find out). The coagulated milk is then fried in an ordinary way.
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YOLO Season 3 Episode 2 - September 11 2016
YOLO Season 3 Episode 2 - September 11 2016 For YOLO S03E02 Review, visit https://blog.khophi.co/yolo-season-3-episode-2-review/ Follow google.com/+Nkansahrexford for all your YOLO Updates after each episode Please share and subscribe. Thanks This episode aired on TV3 Network Ghana on the 11th of September 2016 at 17:30 GMT
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Wikimania 2014 Documentary
See the Wikimania 2014 Conference at the Barbican Centre in London in 4 minutes. Thanks to Victor Grigas and Naureen Nayyar Narration by #TheAfricanDream Oral Ofori
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4E1 Argument Kdua SecTech 2
KSTS dey beeeeee. What a nice argument over class prefect-ship. How can you mark someone absent if the person goes to drink water? it happens only in Koforidua Secondary Technical School (KSTS).
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Coca Cola Pojoss
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VLC Streaming
Ever tried streaming video from your laptop or desktop via VLC to Android? See the how-to in this quick video. VLC works flawlessly.
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How to Watch Apple Live Event on Chrome & VLC
Here's how to watch Apple Live Event on Chrome & VLC https://blog.khophi.co/watch-apple-live-stream-chrome-vlc/
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Grant Shapps of the UK visits PEG in Ghana
Read more at http://www.theafricandream.net/?p=1749
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Metro Rail Trains Accidents: My "Why" Understanding
How some of Metro Rail accidents come about!
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Iziko Museum
Nice scenes of Iziko South African Museum in 4K.
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Breaking: Fire Engulfs Coconut Grove Hotel, Accra
Fire Engulfs Coconut Grove Hotel, Accra, as seen on TV3 Network
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Totimeh Koforidua Sectech
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Train in Ghana - Epic Experience
I am more than 20 years, have spent 98% of my life in Ghana, but Behold! I see a train for the FIRST time in Accra. From about 500 meters away, all you could see is kinda cloud of people approaching. As it gets closer, you realize an entourage leads this ageless metallic device which metal rings beneath. Taking a closer look at some parts of the rail line, I learn how miraculous this train can glide without derailing. The experience was EPIC epic for me
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Android One Review - Battery - Infinix Hot 2 X510
Android One from Google targets emerging markets. It would be surprising if on an average use, the smartphone couldn't last even a day. Fortunately, it does. Check out the video to see this in action
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MPower - A Better PayPal Solution for Ghana
In this voiceless video, I quickly show you some of the features of the MPower Android App.
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PAW server android app
in case you're looking to serve static webpages on your Android phone, I can recommend the PAW Server app. Works flawlessly
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YOLO Season 04 Episode 01
Season 04 Premiere of the YOLO show, aired on TV3 on April 15, 2017. YOLO Season 04 Episode 01 YOLO S04E01
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Enable Progressive Web App for Desktop in Chrome 67 Ubuntu
Chrome 67 brings the support for Progressive Web App for Desktops. See how to start using it today on your Ubuntu in the video above. What's New in Chrome 67: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyLI3WlWqLM&t=0s
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Kasahorow Android Keyboard
The team from Ghana, at Kasahorow develops the Kasahorow Keyboard to make writing letters of local languages like Ga, Ewe and Twi easier and simpler. Many letters used by such local languages are not available on the AOSP Keyboard or the Google Keyboard, or even other English-related keyboards on the store. With Kasahorow, get all these language letters for free on your keyboard, with a ton of customizations possible. This is my first time talking about the an Android application developed by a team from Ghana. See video for more!
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Kingdom Hall Cleaning - Koforidua Baakokrom Cong
In preparation for the April 3, 2015 Memorial, brothers and sisters of Koforidua Baakokrom cleans the Kingdom Hall.
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Bamboo Bags at Barcamp Koforidua 2017
Bamboo Hand Bags presented by Eunice at the Barcamp Koforidua 2017 event.
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Screen Pinning - HowTo
Pinning is a beautiful feature. Give your phone to a friend to make a phone call, send a text, or browse through your images, feeling safe that he or she doesn't cross the boundary and start going through your private documents. Aside Profiles, screen pinning is a cheap way to achieve that in an efficient way. See how to enable screen pinning in this less-than-a-minute video
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ES Explorer Folder Associated App Icons
How cool, that after installing ES Explorer, it labels all of your folders with an icon of the app that created such a folder? Help improve such automation! See how
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Prince Koforidua Sectech
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Ananse, A stu. of KSTS, doing his own thing. Ibe free style ooooh. remember
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Vysor - Remotely share your Android Screen
Control your Android phone from your PC via chrome like a boss, using Vysor. You enjoy sharing your Android device with friends and family.
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ADB Shell Extension - Another gift from ClockworkMod
ADB Shell Chrome Extension
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Using vdfuse on Ubuntu
See how to use vdfuse to mount a .vdi virtual machine file on Ubuntu
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Edit Ghana Training Session Week 3
To learn more about the Edit Ghana Training Sessions, visit: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:PEG/Wikimedia_Ghana_Usergroup/Edit_Ghana The Event is held at the AITI in Accra
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Scammer who can't read Numbers
It is unfortunate scammers from Africa are some of the uneducated you can find on the planet and on the web. Their lives would be so much better in the scamming game if they could apply just a little bit of education to their accolades. In fact, after a bit of education, they'll realize how useless such a trade is, and would put their time and energy to better use. "Hello Nkansah Rexford, am Lady Blessing David by name, a Female Receiving Cashier Of ECOBANK group, Abidjan Ivory Coast branch, I am in possession of the sum of £8M GB POUNDS (Eight Million Great British Pounds) belonging to our late customer named withheld! who died first of May 2017 declaring no next of kin. I can make you the next of kin and arrange for this Money to be transferred immediately to your detailed Bank Account in your country when we have a good understanding to that end. Reply me if you are interested, so i can give you more details to proceed over the claim of the said fund in your name. My best regards to you and the family. Lady Blessing.D"
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Google Chrome to Phone Extension
Sharing a link from Chrome on PC to Android phone just got fastest! See how to enable the Google Chrome to Phone in this video!
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Peeling Coconut in TimeLapse
Peeling Coconut in TimeLapse. I shot a friend of mine, Benjamin, who happened to peel the coconut. Requires a level of skill to get that done safely.
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Enable Root Access, CyanogenMod 12
A short, voiceless video on how to enable root access on your rooted CM 12 device. No supersu or superuser needed. It comes baked in. Enjoy
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Apostrophe Nest
This video shows a bird nest that is woven in the shape of an apostrophe. The nests are abandoned by the birds after they're done caring for their chicks. By the time we found these nests, nothing was in them. We're told the birds build the nest to take this form to keep their chicks safe from predators.
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Up next is VaGiMA (VGMA) says Bright of TV3
Who ever knew the abbreviation of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) is pronounced Va-Gi-MA, at least according to Bright Nana Amfo of TV3 network, Ghana.
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Bicycle Riding Skills Pro
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GUNSA fest at Koforidua senior high technical school
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Koforidua Baakokrom Assembly Hall Dedication
Koforidua Baakokrom Assembly Hall dedication
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Manage Chromecast from Chrome Ubuntu
See how to manage your Chromecast from your Chrome browser on Ubuntu
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GUNSA fest
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Wikipedia App comes Clean - Part 2
Aren't we all getting to love the Wikipedia Android App more by the updates? See what's changed in the most recent update. Will be doing reviews of the app for subsequent updates in writing only. Check google.com/+Nkansahrexford for updates!
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GH One Ghana
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#GLAM Wiki 2015, Den Haag Excerpts
See excerpts of the recently ended GLAM Wiki Conference in the Hague, The Netherlands. See glamwiki.nl for more details. Sounds: "Dream Dance" - N-genuiZ "After Hours" - N-genuiZ
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B. Peter For you
Entertainment during preps. Only in KSTS. All Work and No Play, makes Prepants Dull Boys
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d cryme (3 of 3)
Full D-Cryme performance @ KSTS on the 13th of November 2010. I will love to read your feedbacks
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