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D.L.I.M.C. - November Cassingle
Looky-looky at who delivered. No, not me. Erik Hart, err, Erik Nervous, hooked ya boi up with his tape rip of D.L.I.M.C.'s November cassingle. I missed out completely when it was released with Lumpy Records, so I'm crazy psyched to have access to this now, and I'm sure many of you are just as hyped for a rip to be up on the innernette. If you don't know about D.L.I.M.C. yet, you're way behind dude. Check out their other cassingles on my channel and dig in. Mark's infectious tunes are seriously outta this world, so hurry up and dive into this happy-not-so-happy tongue-in-check punk goodness. Both "I Hope B.P. Explodes" and "Wicker Park" are absolute hits. TRACK LIST: I Hope B.P. Explodes - 0:00 Wicker Park - 2:21 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l5uvls3lrch0fqf/November_Cassingle.zip
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D.L.I.M.C. - October Cassingle
D.L.I.M.C., D. Leopardo Industrial Music Co., hella catchy tunage, you know the drill. This tape doesn't fail on delivering the same infectiousness and melodious goodness that the rest of the cassingles are known for, so prepare for some imminent foot-tappin'. I'd like to extend a big thanks to All Dawgs Go To War, Field II, Master Sloth, Will Mecca... I'm not sure what handle to be using here, but they ripped this tape so please direct your appreciation to that guy. He's got a really fuckin' cool blog and channel where he shares bands and vids he takes of live shows. Check out his blog here: http://errydawghashisday.blogspot.com/ and his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/RideTheS.... TRACK LIST: Mushrooms On My Ass - 0:00 (I've Been Livin' In) Macaulay Culkin's Brain - 2:31 Here's the lyrics sheets for both of these tracks, they make for a pretty funny read: https://cdn.discogs.com/mj6k0aH4mb6d4cb1cLAsqu5wOGA=/fit-in/600x862/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-7778878-1448590374-9987.jpeg.jpg https://cdn.discogs.com/tUnw_Z_w-2JyjNck8Y589rZaJVw=/fit-in/600x922/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(96)/discogs-images/R-7778878-1448590381-5217.jpeg.jpg DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/t429zi73rwk47b4/dlimc.zip.
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D.L.I.M.C. - July Cassingle
im a fest punk youre a fest punk you can buy cool friends and happiness like the rest of the fest punks And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. You boys like D.L.I.M.C.? Of course you do, it's kinda hard not to. It's a Mark Winter project that puts out infectious and innocous-soundin' monthly cassingles. So far, there's been one tape on the net (February Cassingle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omKw68eOaTE), and that's it. Thankfully, a viewer provided me with a link to this tape, and I am IMMENSELY grateful because this seriously blows the February one outta the fuckin' water. Both traxx are satirical tongue-in-cheek songs about the modern punk scene. Doc Martin boot-babies, dillweeds buyin' tapes for 85 dollars, droolies like me who eat this shit up and posts this stuff on their Tumblr accounts, it covers pretty much everything, and it's fucking hilarious. I highly suggest payin' attention to the lyrics; I know with all your filthy filthy punk boi music you've kinda gotten used to not understandin' it anyways, but make the effort here cuz you'll probably get a laugh out of it. And yeah, the music itself is still fucking phenomenal, but that's not much of a surprise at this point. BIG ups to the homies Erik and "Rold Gold". Rold Gold provided the original files, and Erik was the one considerate enough to send 'em over to me. Please say nice things about them in the comments. TRACK LIST: Fest Punk - 0:00 Punk Rock Song - 2:16 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/tz3d3eeilbkg9f2/July_Cassingle.zip
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BLACK FLAG - Depression (Ron Reyes)
Ron Reyes was seriously underrated as a lead vocalist. I'm just uploading the few songs that haven't been posted here yet.
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URANIUM CLUB - Who Made The Man?
...Now you wait a gosh-dang-diddley minute here. You seriously mean to tell me that no one – and I do mean no one – has yet to cover this single on the Youtube-sphere? I mean, given, it IS just a two-track promo release for an upcoming LP, but... c’mon, it’s new Uranium Club. Minneapolis’ Uranium Club, THE fuckin’ Uranium Club. Based on that notion alone, I figured that some other nerd woulda pounced on that shit the minute the vinyl found its way into their mailbox, but no, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I thoroughly searched the web for at least a whole minute before I came to the conclusion that the second track of this single, “Small Fry”, has yet to surface in a digital format. So, being the “nerd” that I am, I aimed to rectify that situation last night, despite my intent on concluding my channel’s string of Lumpy-related content with yesterday’s post. With a freshly-sharpened pencil in hand, I vicariously spun this record, as instructed, until satisfaction was fully achieved; and in consequence, a vinyl rip was brought into the cyber-world. Technology sure is neat. A band like Uranium Club needs no introduction; and no, I’m not necessarily implying that they’re some sort of “groundbreaking” punk group whose music can wholly speak for itself – which they are, and it very well could – but moreso in the sense that I fear for perpetuating redundancy. I think we’re all well-aware of Uranium Club’s splendor. By this point, this Minneapolis-based punk band has been thoroughly fawned over by dozens of blogs and music outlets, meaning that there’s next to nothing that I, as a semi-illiterate, musically-inept moron, can say that’d be remotely insightful or substantial. Be it the group’s angular, tightly-wound punk delivery, the expressive, temperamental songwriting that’s bursting at the seams with hooky riffage and expansive progressions, or the palpable sense of energy that’s loaded within the confines of these near-mathematical rock jams, it’s all ground that’s been tread on by a dozen writers before me. So to supplement my lack of original ideas and a similarly-stale musical lexicon, I’ll just have you all know that Uranium Club is nothing short of incredible. Absolutely fuckin’ incredible. “Who Made The Man?” (released by Static Shock Records in Europe and Lumpy Records in the US) serves to be the second release in Uranium Club’s catalog, which is somewhat hard to believe once you account for the vast amounts of aural nourishment that the group’s debut LP, “Human Exploration”, provided us all back in 2015 – that single LP provided more original tuneage than some bands do with an entire discography’s worth of material. However, despite the 7” currently being the sole-successor to their well-applauded LP, it’s not exactly a standalone release. As previously mentioned, it’s more of a promotional release than anything, with the EP containing an alternate take of their song, “Who Made The Man?”, which is set to appear in their upcoming “All Of Them Naturals” LP on Static Shock Records (Europe) and Fashionable Idiots (US). Backing that is “Small Fry”, which was a song that originally appeared on Maximum Rocknroll’s “Shitworker Comp” earlier this year; as to whether or not it’s the exact same take of the song, I can’t confirm. Regardless of what you consider this EP, it’s definitely more than enough to tide us over for the group’s LP release in early November. The way “Who Made The Man” gradually mounts into an anxious, post-punk-like fervor, with technical inflections being brought forth by warbling synth tones and a shrill, droning wail, sounds far too enticing for me to NOT be helplessly excited to hear what Uranium Club has in store for us next. Saying that they made good use out of side A’s five-minute runtime would be an understatement, because “Who Made The Man?” is a tireless endeavor with more than enough tonal transitions to make your head spin; truly, an artistic undertaking for the ages. Also, shoutout/apologies to Lumpy & His Rex for saturating my channel with his label’s content over these past four days. I’m aware that I accidentally stepped on your toes last night by posting your Halloween mixtape prior to its planned debut on Mental Whiff’s podcast. I didn’t mean to, I’m just trying to be a good boy n’ help out. :( Anyways, I’m goin’ back to Jimmy’s never-ending inventory of shitty punk music tomorrow evening, I promise. TRACK LIST: Who Made The Man? – 0:00 Small Fry – 5:00 SUPPORT: http://spottedrace.bigcartel.com/product/uranium-club-7 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/q6rqbw2mqm6lbxb/Who_Made_The_Man.zip
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I Don't Like Beer
i dont like beeeer
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I should really do my research before making these things. I had another video set to be uploaded today, but it turns out that someone else has already posted it, like, a whole month ago. I'm sick n' tired of all these melvins stealing my thunder. So, seeing that I've been somewhat slacking on this channel lately, I scrambled to put another vid together instead of taking another day off. The important question at hand was: what other band would I possibly want to post? Oh, right, let's just share that band I heard about yesterday. That's seriously the extent of my retention, I couldn't think back farther than that to find another band to share. I mean, as today's band states, "I'm not a fucking idiot", I'm just a wee bit slow. I almost drowned when I was a kid, which probably killed more than its fair share of brain cells, so I pin all of my issues solely on that. Oh, and I used to eat paper. Doubt that's relevant, but that's probably not very good for you either. Anyways, Narc Parade. Supposedly formally known as Carbomb (tasteful), they're yet another punk group surfacing in Kansas City. I don't know what the hell's going on out there exactly (I know there's a number of viewers from KC, so I'm sure there's many of you ready to look down on me), but it really seems like there's something new emerging from their scene every other week. That may be a loaded statement, considering the scope of my Kansas City punk knowledge is pretty much limited to any bands associated with the Beta Boys, Dirty Work, and the groups featured on KCrew's Bandcamp page. Speaking of which, KCrew's Bandcamp is a damn gold mine (https://kcrewcs.bandcamp.com), even though the distro (label?) seems to recycle the same three band members over and over. Still really good, gettahold of whatever tapes you can while they're still there. Narc Parade is a recent addition that didn't take long to win me over. I did have to sit through a intro that wasn't immediately appealing, but at least the track that follows it is particularly strong. "Sociopath" exposes you to the bare essentials that this group plays off of to deliver their punk-infused rock tunes; a lead who sounds like he's half-asleep, lazy, sluggish musicianship, and a recording quality that clips like the dickens. Of course, Narc Parade throws this all out of the window once they actually decide to put forth an effort into playing some undoubtedly-fantastic hardcore. But for the most part, there's rock grooves to be found here, with tiny bits of hardcore explosions sprinkled throughout. It gives me vibes of a hardcore-oriented younger sibling of the Nubiles, for the lack of a better way to put it. I admire how sloppy and half-assed the majority of these tracks seem to be (though admittedly, it's mostly the vocalist that's conveying that flavor), especially in that fun little Void cover at the end. On a separate note, I kinda question the sincerity of this group's lyrics, as the lead drops numerous spiteful and deprecating comments such as "I don't fucking care" and "curl up and die", before humorously filling the role of a muscle-milk drinking macho-man in "Cool Guy". I find it to be an endearing example of snide, irreverent songwriting, even though I still don't even know what the hell this group is on about. Like, does the name "Narc Parade" have some sort of relevance that's totally going over my head? Eh. Honestly, I doubt that the band even cares enough about the formalities of it, so who cares? I love this band, and I love this distro, and you should too. Liss'sen. TRACK LIST: Intro/Sociopath - 0:00 P.O.W. - 2:08 Cool Guy - 4:22 Dirty Money - 6:41 Halfway Boys (Void) - 7:42 DOWNLOAD: https://kcrewcs.bandcamp.com/album/narc-parade-demo
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MR. DUSTY - Get Dusted
Er, I guess it should be titled as "MR DUSTY - Get D-usted", but that would just look silly. This is Mr. Dusty, a punk group hailing from... San Ramon, California? That's what it says on their non-descript Bandcamp page, but I'm pretty doubtful that's the case. This band shares two members who play in other Vancouver bands, like Crazy Bugs, Weed, and Other Jesus. Those two members are "Flip McGee Sandy" and Katayoon, who are up in Vancouver, right? Does this mean that they used to be in the States, but relocated to Canada, or that they set their location to San Ramon because they think it's funny? I'm guessing the latter. Well, good tunes aren't reliant on location, and there's plenty good tunes to be found on this four-track cassette, so who cares about the logistics of it? Like I said, Mr. Dusty shares two members with Crazy Bugs, a group that I've uploaded in the past (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaCWf-ERrd4), with Will--er, I mean, "Flip" on guitar. It's unbeknownst to me as to what Katayoon plays, but hey, it's a toss-up between bass and drums. Take a guess. In fact, I don't know much about this group aside from that. Mr. Flip sent this tape to me recently, along with a handwritten note which serves as my source of information (Thanks a ton for that Will, not a lot of people write letters like that these days). All he had to say about this tape, which came out in late 2014, were the shared members with Crazy Bugs, and how there's a new Mr. Dusty release set to drop within a couple weeks. So, I'm doing what I do best here: taking shots in the dark and probably missing every one, but people will still believe me regardless. My self-importance is reaching an all-time high, everyone. Mr. Dusty should be a sleeper hit. I'm so surprised that it isn't, even though I personally set my sights low once I had the tape in my possession. Not because of a lack of faith in the project or anything, I just didn't anticipate receiving it, and had never heard their name being thrown around before, ever. Apparently, nobody really has. After scavenging the web for a bit, I found barely anything mentioning them, save for some pages for past gigs, a few Tumblr posts, and their Bandcamp page (Which, by the way, doesn't include the third track "Trouble For Dusty". I gotchu though, ripped the whole tape for you's). I doubt many punks outside of Vancouver are even familiar with these guys. That's just criminal, Mr. Dusty is fantastic. Three days in, and these four distinct melodies are already imprinted into my mind, each containing their own bouncy hooks. Seriously, emphasis on bouncy, this tape's a real toe-tapper for sure. "Mature Little Guy" is such a fun track, I can feel myself riding those grooves in the chorus segments without fail. The bass and drums are palpable, and doesn't leave a lot to be desired when it comes to intoxicating rhythms. So much so, in fact, that I had to record this tape over three times just to get a rip that doesn't totally demolish my speakers at high volumes, and even then, the current version is still a bit belligerent. I don't mind it in the slightest though. If there's one band that I'd be willing to destroy my equipment over, it'd be this one. I'm really impressed by Mr. Dusty. As previously stated, this band's not dead yet either, with a new tape set to release in a couple of weeks, so it's good to know that we've got something to look forward to. You better believe that I'm gonna post it once it reaches me, without a doubt, because Mr. Dusty makes me feel like I'm at a one-man slam-rodeo that I don't want out from. Check it out and wonder where this tape's been all your life. TRACK LIST: Mature Little Guy - 0:00 Booze Coma - 1:22 Trouble For Dusty - 3:08 Get Dusted - 4:05 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c1r1l0bacbnla01/Get_Dusted.zip
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AKA, by its full title, the "14 Year Old High School PC​-​Fascist Hype Lords Rip Off Devo for the Sake of Extorting $​$​$ from Helpless Impressionable Midwestern Internet Peoplepunks L​.​P​." How has this not been uploaded on it's own yet? The tracks are mostly put up separate, but who actually wants to click on each individual song/listen to a playlist that has to load every time it moves onto a new song? That 'ish is for chumps, come give it a full listen here. Anyways, The Coneheads. I don't... really know where to begin with this band. People often compare it to Devo or Dow Jones and the Industrials, but I think it's on a whole 'nother level of freaq. It's awkward punk mixed with alien-like vocals music that's just... weird. It could range from stunted guitar work, to rapidfire strumming, or to droning melodies straight out of a sci-fi movie. You gotta listen to believe it. UPDATE 1/13/16: I improved the formatting of the original download I set up and am now hosting it elsewhere. For anyone new to The Coneheads, I even included a download link to everything they've put out thus far. Both are found below, so dig in. TRACK LIST: Out of Conetrol - 0:00 Notha Thing - 0:46 Alien & Warm - 1:52 Hack Hack Hach Variation 1 - 3:16 Hack Hack Hack Variation 2 - 4:09 Lizard Lady - 5:40 Waste of Space - 6:29 1982 - 8:06 Big City Baby - 8:46 Violence - 9:27 What's Best - 10:33 I Used To Be A Cheesepuff - 11:41 Nasal Load - 12:54 Psycho Killer - 13:38 Way Things Am - 15:18 DOWNLOADS: L.P.1 - http://www.mediafire.com/download/iuq3umazqkb55gz/L.P.1.zip Discography (So Far) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/tz5nottnhwbrp7y/The_Coneheads.zip PURCHASE: https://erstetheketontraeger.bandcamp.com/album/ett-028-the-coneheads-l-p-1-aka-14-year-old-high-school-pc-fascist-hype-lords-rip-off-devo-for-the-sake-of-extorting-from-helpless-impressionable-midwestern-internet-peoplepunks-l-p LYRICS: http://imgur.com/a/r9ey9 If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.
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I featured a song from these guys in my last mix, but it turns out that I love the whole EP enough to find it worth uploading on its own. Dreamy bedroom pop-punk from Philadelphia. Prepare to either gush over these harmonious morsels of lo-fi pop goodness, or call me a fuckin' loser for liking this band so much. Knowing how judgmental, snobby, and pompous some of you meatheads can be, I'm kinda anticipating a little bit of the latter. Still like this band a lot though. A lot, a lot. Momentary happiness, hooray! TRACK LIST: Knock Hard I'm Home - 0:00 Depraved A.D. - 2:24 It Never Goes Away - 4:11 I Wear You Out - 8:18 Leaving Today - 10:21 For Fun - 11:39 DOWNLOAD: https://permanentbody.bandcamp.com/
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CIRCLE ONE - Left Right Left / Red Machine (Live 1982)
My favorite Circle One song, being played live at the Bards Apollo in 1982. Found in "The Slog Movie", a documentary about the L.A punk scene in the early eighties.
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RUT - Demo
I don’t know who this John Lizard guy is, but he owes me—big time. Seriously, what is this, like, the third thing of his that I’ve shared on my channel? There was Acrylics, then Fussy, and now Rut. That’s three more things than I should’ve uploaded to begin with, he hasn’t even bribed me with any cassettes by this point. What does he take me for, some sort of charity? Punks gotta pay the toll if they wanna take a ride on the all-expenses-paid Jimmy Express, ya heard? I’m expecting a minimum of two audio cassette tapes on my desk by Tuesday or you and I are through, Johnathon Lizard. Teasing, Johnny. I just want to take this joke as an opportunity to clarify something that I’ve been asked about a handful of times in the past few weeks: Jimmy doesn’t charge a dime for any of this, through monetary or materialistic means. No, Jimmy won’t take Paypal to upload your band, and no, he won’t upload it solely because you’re willing to offer him a tape. On the flip side of the same coin, if I do upload your band, you’re still not obligated to send Jimmy shit, at all. I’ve joked about being “bribed” by bands in the past, and it seems that some people are taking them to heart. I’m afraid of coming off as any more of a worthless hack then I already am, so I’m making the statement to say that I’m not genuinely being paid off by anyone, this is nothing more than a hobby to me. If you want to send me something, great, but if not, then no hard feelings, I can’t hold anything against you. In this particular case, it’s just really easy to tease “John Lizard” about it. Alright, now that I’ve got that out of the way, here’s Rut. They’re a hardcore group from Santa Rosa, California, which is home to other J. Lizard-recorded bands, namely Acrylics and Fussy. I mean, what else does Santa Rosa got that’s worth mentioning? That’s the place with all the wine and old people, right? Thrilling. Or, at least I’d imagine that it would be, considering that they’ve got bands like Rut active over there. This five-piece hardcore group threw out a demo back in April to the unsuspecting ears of… not many, probably. I haven’t listened to anything from this group until recently, only having heard their name through an event page or two prior to “John” contacting me. I found that “John” shared it on his tumblr back when it first released in April, but I don’t follow anyone on Tumblr (save for Kathleen, hi), so I didn’t catch it. Cut me some slack, alright? There’s a lot to keep track of over here at Jimmy HQ; it’s like I’m at the tail-end of a sewer pipe, poking through the run-off with a large pole to try and find a solid piece of shit in a sea of chunky poop-stew. It’s rough. This succinct lil’ demo of theirs is really impressive, though; I would’ve expected something of this caliber to already be unanimously-fawned over by the internet by now. I guess I’m not the only one slacking here. There's three thickset-tracks--four if you count the fifty-second-long introduction--all of which aiming to completely pummel your hearing receptors with their devastatingly-dense sounds. The palpable basslines make the guitar sound wiry and frail in comparison, which is thankfully made up for with the group’s usage of a second guitarist. It might not be immediately noticeable within the introduction track, but there is definitely a second set of chords hidden within the vast expanses of pulpy bass-driven rhythms. The added tonality is much appreciated, and further accentuates the hecticness of their music, especially towards the end of tracks once the guitarists loosen their steely-grips on the strings and transition into lingering feedback (of which there's plenty of in this tape). It's a crushing display of hardcore that mingles somewhere between a mid-to-high tempo, constantly alternating between an abrasive, breakneck speed and slow, demolishing grooves at a moment's notice, with the pissed-off vocalist adjusting accordingly. It's just real-good hardcore all-around, what more can you ask for? Is Rut as good as Acrylics or Fussy? Eh, that's debatable. If only I had a tape or two of theirs to jog my memory. Seriously, that Acrylics tape is the bane of my existence. "John" said he'd hook me up with one, then they sold out. I ordered a re-press offa Discontinous Innovation Inc., then they recently told me that they're going to send it out "soon" with a buncha extra goodies. It's been over four months since I uploaded that S/T tape, I still don't own one. I feel like I'm at the butt-end of a joke from these California punks by now, they don't want me to have it or something. If I finally get one and open the case to find it's got a Bee Gees tape or whatever inside, I'm gonna be pretty peeved. Gonna go nuclear here soon, trust. TRACK LIST: Intro/In a Rut – 0:00 Contempt – 2:12 Seen Not Heard – 3:46 DOWNLOAD: http://rut-hc.bandcamp.com/releases
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MR. DUSTY - Kick The Dust Up
KICK THE DUST UP Mr. Dusty, who I’m assuming is a distant cousin of Mr. Clean, is already back at it with a brand-spankin-new EP which dropped some time this month. Shit, it’s been like, what, three weeks since I just shared their first EP, and we’ve already got another dust-dose? Those San Ramon punks sure are spoiling us, ain’t they? Oh, my mistake, they’re actually up in Vancouver; I completely lost sight of the fact that the group is deliberately withholding information about themselves from me. Apparently, “Flip McGee Sandy”, who plays guitar in this project, gets his sick kicks outta watching me struggle to put the puzzle pieces together and guesstimate as to what the hell Mr. Dusty is. But you know what, “Flip”? You get nothin’ this time. No theories, no estimations, zero conjectures, nothin'. Well, except for almost-free publicity of your work by bribing me with music mixed onto an outdated format, and the immense praise from Jimmy and his punk peers, but aside from that, you’ve got nothin’. Got ya real good, haha. Alright, fine, I’ll give you a little bit of what you want. Just a little. Mr. Dusty is a punk group up in Vancouver who shares members with other Vancouver-based projects, like Crazy Bugs, Weed, Tough Customer, and Other Jesus, to name a few. Fuck, maybe that’s all of them, I don’t know. I’m being bullied by Vancoober punks and I can’t do anything about it, save for speculating and maybe getting one out of every five things right. But hey, I did get a little extra tid-bit of information from another Vancouver punk since I’ve last featured Mr. Dusty. Apparently this group’s vocalist resides in California and plays in Happy Diving (https://happydiving.bandcamp.com/), so maybe that’s why Mr. Dusty’s Bandcamp page says that they’re located in San Ramon. Or maybe they’re just fuckin’ with me. Help. But it’s cool though. I have to embarrass myself on the internet, but I did get a cool audio cassette tape out of it. This is Mr. Dusty’s brand-new EP, “Kick The Dust Up”, which was said to be released within “a few weeks” after I received their first 2014 EP. Flip may be a conniving little turd, but damn, is the guy timely. So here’s the tape in its full glory: four fresh tracks to hop around your bedroom to, all matching or surpassing “Get Dusted” in practically every regard. Opening with a cheering crowd (get over yourselves, you dorks), Mr. Dusty delivers the same dance-friendly punk rock n’ roll that won me over so hard in their first tape. The music is fierce and invigorating, but still has enough bounce and pep to warrant a pogo or two, maybe three if you’ve got enough Mt. Dew in your system. A vocalist that sounds like he downed a glass of gravel and chased it with a shot of mucus, a guitarist and bassist that interchangeably ride on each other’s coattails to churn out angular groove after angular groove, and a drummer that backs these essential rhythms masterfully, it’s hard to not find something to appreciate in this group. The only con I can come up with is the fact that this tape doesn’t include a re-recording of “Mature Little Guy”, but that’s just because I love that song way too much to not want it to be included in everything Mr. Dusty-related. But hey, four new tracks is cool too, I guess. Mr. Dusty is still stupid-good, so down a few Code Reds and go nuts. But mind the furniture, please. TRACK LIST: Return to Dust – 0:00 Hate Valve – 1:22 Spiritual Healing – 2:19 Peace – 3:43 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jct48do847cjtrd/Kick_The_Dust_Up.zip
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URANIUM CLUB - Beat Session Vol. 1
Released on Veteran’s Day, “Beat Session Vol. 1” compiles three live recordings of all-new material from Minneapolis’ Uranium Club, courtesy of the newly-founded Los Angeles label, Shout Recordings. Both “God’s Chest” (listed here as “Gods Chest) and “Operation Pt. 2” are set to debut in the group’s upcoming LP, “All Of Them Naturals” – I mean, whenever the hell that thing’s supposed to be released. So for the time-being, take this three-track tape as a tiny taste of what’s to come, along with the supplementary garnish that is “Operation Pt. 1”. It’s new Uranium Club. Go hog-wild. Tapes are available for sale at the “support” link below, go ahead and throw some dollars at this newly-established label. While you’re at it, you might as well pick up a physical copy of Dirty & His Fists’ demo too, which is a tape that I featured on this channel a short while back. You probably won’t regret it. Probably: http://dafists.bandcamp.com/ TRACK LIST: Gods Chest – 0:00 Operation Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 – 2:43 SUPPORT: https://uraniumclubshout.bandcamp.com/releases DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8a47mqm84a6x8yq/Beat_Session_Vol._1.zip
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BLOTTER - Under Armour '77 EP
Hahdcore pank from Auwstin Tecksas. This is the last thing Blotter put out before they (euphemistically) croaked. Just about all the tracks have been uploaded before, but for those who'd rather have 'em all in one video, this is for you. Get cha groove on. TIME STAMPS: No Country for Old Kids - 0:00 Life Among Sausages - 1:17 A.U.M - 2:18 Gunboy Rover - 3:01 The Shit - 4:09 DOWNLOAD: https://katorgaworks.bandcamp.com/album/under-armour-77-7 If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.
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Here's another dose of weird for ya. These are two tracks Lumpy and the boys put out last week for a new Zine, No Friends. It was featured on a split Flexi 7" with the Ausmuteants. Now, both of these tracks tried a little something different. Rather than sticking with their grungy, slapdash riffs as per usual, they added these catchy little synth-whatever beats in the back. It really works, it's fucking great. This has easily become my favorite release from Lumpy & The Dumpers so far. Looks like the Lumpsters are stepping up their game boiii. TRACK LIST: Flush 'Em - 0:00 Noxious - 1:48 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vkq3j5cghmbfc44/Flexi.zip If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya. Check out the No Friends Zine here: http://nofriendszine.com/zine.html
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SKIP CHURCH - Private Pleasures
Tomorrow is Sunday. Skip church. A super-duper big thank you to Larissa for providing the tape used to rip this infectious lil' bundle of sweetness. As you might've already guessed, Skip Church is a side-project of The Sueve's frontman, Joe Schorgl (https://thesueves666.bandcamp.com/). This tape came out on Chicago's Tripp Tapes sometime back in 2014, but as far as both Larissa and I can tell, these recordings haven't found their way online yet. So here you go. TRACK LIST: Hospital - 0:00 Skip Church - 2:27 The New Thing - 4:42 Not The Boy - 7:39 I'm Having A Good Time! - 11:55 Hard To Meet Ya - 15:05 Then We Kissed - 17:18 The Weather - 20:01 Glitch - 24:28 2 Dollar Bills - 27:10 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ozuao9bx0ac6rzf/Private_Pleasures.zip
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BEASTIE BOYS - White Shadow (Punk)
Some live footage of when the Beastie Boys were a punk band. A damn good one, too. This was back in 1980-something. You can find the whole set on Youtube, this was just a song that hasn't been posted on its own yet. You should consider checking it out, it has a pretty good live version of Egg Raid on Mojo. If you're looking to find more Beastie Boys punk stuff, look for the Polly Wog Stew EP, or the Aglio e Olio EP. Both are probably all you'll need to sate your Beastie-Punk needs.
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DUMSPELL - Self-Titled Demo
I was recently shipped this tape a short while ago by Hampton Martin, of Baghead and Big Bleach. At that point, I wasn't familiar with the group at all, so the otherwise ingenuous artwork left me pretty curious as to what sounds could possibly be on this tape. I anticipated pop-punk, but I was pretty far off. This is Dumspell, a post-punk band coming from Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I was pretty quickly swooned by the somber, fuzzy and reverb-heavy tunes, and oddly lethargic-yet-melodic songs. Tracks like "Island" or "American Girl" drone on with tantalizing monotony, drilling it's fantastic riffs, uninterested vocals, and refreshing bass n' drums into your earholes. Cool punk for sad people, check it. Also, I kept mistyping "Dumspell" as "Dumpsell" and it made me giggle. Humor. TRACK LIST: Dumspell - 0:00 Island - 1:05 Distract Me - 2:54 DTMFU - 4:23 American Girl - 5:45 DOWNLOAD: https://dumspell.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-demo
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THE VITAMENS - Self-Titled
Backpedal, backpedal, backpedal. Alright, I think it’s best for me to preface all of this with one crystal-clear proclamation: There's some thing's I've said that I’m not exactly proud of. Er, a lot of things, actually, especially when it comes to this whole Jimmy-deal. You wouldn’t believe some of the inaccurate, insensitive, inane, in-fucking-stupid shit that has come out of my mouth ever since I decided that pretending to be a punk would be a good idea. The majority of you likely don’t see the scope of my idiocy since I’ve already gone back and retconned a lot of the dumb shit I’ve said, but there’s one statement I’ve made that I’ll never, EVER be able to go back on, no matter how much I may want t, because of how much I've already committed to the idea, is this: “Warm Bodies is the best punk band coming out of Kansas City, period.” No disrespect at all to Warm Bodies; much love, each and every one of you are absolutely fantastic at what you do, I highly doubt that anyone would ever question that. I’ve been adamant about you guys for a while now, even going as far to threaten people over the internet with physical violence if they thought otherwise. [Editor’s Note: You’d fuck Jimmy up, no problem.] But having first heard The Vitamens a little over a week ago, shit, I’m kinda conflicted here. They're. So. Damn. Good. These two bands are surfacing from the same poop-smear that is Kansas City, Missouri, so subjectively, that title is under dispute. Who do I think is the better band of the two? In dunno; my opinion doesn’t mean shit, learn to think for yourself, asswipe. All I know is that The Vitamens are absolutely stunning, and they’re one of, if not THE best band to come out of KCMO in the recent past: I may be ashamed of the majority of words that have come out of my mouth within this past year, but these’re definitely ones that I can say with the utmost confidence. The Vitamens are almost unbelievable. This group has been active for what I’m assuming to be a few months now, though I’m not able to confirm that. When I asked their drummer, Claudia, for any words that the band may have to say about themselves, I was responded to with a single screenshot of a group conversation of their's, with these quotes being taken word-for-word from the image: David (Guitar) – “Make sure he knows I skate board” McKayla (Vocals) – “Poppers” Barrett (Bass) – “i am tall” Thanks for that guys, much appreciated. Because if there’s three things that come to mind when I listen to The Vitamens, it’s skateboards, poppers, and tall people. The group also has another guitarist, Dakota, though there wasn’t an insightful comment of his shown in the screenshot, so I can’t comment on it. Who knows, maybe Dakota would’ve said that their favorite movie is “Freddy Got Fingered” or something; information like that could’ve proved to be crucial to the foundation of this entire write-up. But look, it doesn’t matter, because this demo of theirs that dropped earlier this month is positively phenomenal; no lack of “Freddy Got Fingered” comments could ever detract from that. The group’s members, namely David, Dakota, and Barrett, have played in numerous other Kansas City-based bands of the past and present, including Beta Boys, The Deacons, Dirty Work, Nuke Cult, Nubiles, Cryogenics, and a handful more. Their extensive experience truly shines here in The Vitamens, making for what I believe to be one of their most impressive endeavors to date. The group’s sounds adhere to a perfectly-dated flavor of rock ‘n’ roll, almost like a concentrated dosage of proto-punk injected straight into your jugular. This atmosphere is reinforced by the demo's warm, murky intonation, genuinely sounding as if it was emanating from a different era entirely. Had you guys not known any better, you likely would’ve assumed that The Vitamens WAS pulled right out of some garage in the late 70's. [Last paragraph of write-up is in the comments.] TRACK LIST: Common Krait – 0:00 Roach Motel – 1:49 Hysteria – 4:00 R&R – 5:14 DOWNLOAD: https://thevitamens.bandcamp.com/releases
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Oh, finally! I’ve been getting real antsy while waiting to share this tape. I’ve been making sure to be timely with posting the other requests so I can get to this one as soon as possible. It’s only been sitting in my to-post list for about a week now, and I still feel that it’s a week longer than I should’ve waited. I usually have got some sort of story or tirade to go along with these write-ups, to sorta, I dunno, pad the information with other things that’re a bit more fun to read. It’s a trend that people are catching onto, with people telling me that they’d not only love for me to share their bands on my channel, but to also “ramble” about it; that’s a perfect way to put it, actually, just rambling. I’m afraid that I don’t got any sort of story with Olvido, because my interactions with the band was about as wholesome as it can get: band comes to me with their material, I listen to said material, I agree to post it on my channel, and I get to walk away from the exchange with a tape for my “charitable deeds”. And you know what? I think that’s great. As much as I love complaining and having things to rant about, having next-to-nothing be associated with Olvido--barring their wonderful music--actually makes me appreciate it more. Me talking to bands only makes me realize how damn dorky every single one of you are, so to keep that sort of curtain up allows me to respect people as artists a little easier. Setting up a Facebook account for contact was probably one of my worst decisions: everyone’s tastes in memes totally suck. Looks like I still managed to find something to complain about. Huh. Funny how that turned out. Anyways, this is Olvido. They’re a pop-punk group from Mexico City, which makes them the very first Mexican group to see their way up on the Jimmy. Congratulations, here’s your certificate to represent such a remarkable feat: http://i.imgur.com/7bN8k6k.jpg I wouldn’t get that piece of paper too close to your face though. It’s, uh, been through some shit, I’ve kinda been handing it out to every band that strolls through here. Some of these punk-people are a little rank, y’know? Those bleached t-shirts ain’t just for show, they legitimately need some of that heavy-duty bleach stuff to wash out the stains and stench from their clothes. Kinda concerning how nasty some of these guys are. Um, on second thought, don’t get it near your body—actually, don’t even touch it. Just leave it right where it is. That’ll do. Yeah. Sorry. But hey, congrats on being Mexico’s first up on the Jimmy! But like I was saying, Olvido is a pop-punk group from Mexico City. They’re a three-piece, and unfortunately, my knowledge on the group stops right about there. At most, I can assume that the band’s been active since 2015, and that this demo released sometime last month. Other than that, I’ve got zilch. When I prodded the member who contacted me for information, he didn’t have anything to say about his band, so I’m afraid that the biography’s gotta stop right about there. My lack of a personal introduction and factual information on the group doesn’t impede my ability to absolutely adore this tape. When I first got the email from the group, I paid heed to the band's name in the subject line: Olvido. I paid enough attention during the three years of Spanish that I took in high school to know that "Olvido" translates to "Oblivion" in English. Judging from the name alone, I anticipated something crusty, maybe hardcore d-beat. Instead, I found that the file contained the most saccharine set of pop-punk tunes to ever grace my ears in such a long time. Words can hardly begin to express how peppy this music is, or how good it makes me feel. I can't recall posting a band that was so capable of having such a positive influence on my mood since what, Objects or Booji Boys? Either-or, all I know is that Olvido has been helping keep my chin leveled and my toes tapping ever since I first listened to them. [Remaining portion of write-up is in the comments.] TRACK LIST: Olvido - 0:00 Jenny - 1:33 Lejos - 3:46 Top Speed - 6:18 The Punk Singer (Julie Ruin Cover) - 8:00 DOWNLOADS: Demo - http://olvido1988.bandcamp.com/album/olvido-demo Julie Ruin cover track (not included on demo's page) - http://www.mediafire.com/download/vx4wtvjvgl6os49/Olvido_-_Olvido_Demo_-_05_The_Punk_Singer_%28Kathleen_Hanna_Cover%29.mp3
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EDIT 9/2/2015: Looks like they finally added it to their bandcamp page, it wasn't there when I checked a day or two ago. They appear to also have taken down their first demo for some reason. Darn. Screw it, I've already chopped up a rip, hosted it somewhere, made this shitty vector, and rendered/uploaded this video. It cant all be for nuthin. I'm mainly uploading this to provide a download link for the punk-people out there, since there isn't one yet. Look below if you're looking to snag this madness. For those who DON'T know who Laffing Gas is, do yourself a favor and check out their other stuff on my channel or their bandcamp. They're just too fuckin' good to pass up, and I believe they're one of the best punk bands coming out of the midwest that's not getting as much attention as they deserve. And this cassette really goes to show how much these turds have honed their craft, it's fucking unreal. TRACK LIST: Bob - 0:00 Rodeo - 1:22 Television - 2:35 Regular Guy - 3:10 Tough Luck - 4:13 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dzztb7z8ej72rlg/Laffing_Gas_-_Demo_2015.zip If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.
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INSTITUTE - Catharsis LP
Yet another instance of an album being uploaded track by track and thrown into a playlist. I don't like that. I want to fix that. So here. The tracks were uploaded by the same dudes who released the record, Sacred Bones Records. Sacred Bones, if you're watching this and want this vid taken down, don't bother with a copyright claim. Just hit me up with a PM or email and I'll remove it, no probs. Just lettin' you know that some people might prefer the content to be condensed and in one place, is all. This is Institute, one of Austin's crowning punk bands. Sharing members of Glue and Wiccans, the band's debut demo blew me away. The songs were slow, drawn-out, and filled with absolute anguish from the disinterested vocals. It was vastly different amongst the unending sea of hardcore punk bands, so they are easily one of the top 5 bands comin' out of that scene for me. Now this is their first ten-track LP, Catharsis. Edgy, I know (Then again, we're all a buncha dorks listening to a genre that unfortunately is now commonly associated with early 2000's pop-punk trash). This album follows the same path as their demo, although they seemed to have dropped some of the gothic inspiration and picked up some raw punk rachk grooves, twangy guitars and all. The change is welcome, so don't shy away if Catharsis doesn't sound exactly like the demo you fell in love with. Institute is still killin' it. TRACK LIST: Perpetual Ebb - 0:00 Admit I'm Shit - 2:58 I Am Living Death - 5:18 Cheerlessness - 8:19 Interlude - 12:19 Untitled - 13:08 Leathernecks - 15:14 Cheaptime Morals - 18:50 No Billowing Wind - 21:34 Christian Right - 24:43 DOWNLOAD: http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/Pv66qUsa/file.html If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.
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Am I ready for Moondreamzzz? Ah, shit. I'm not ready for Moondreamzzz. I've been sitting on this tape for what feels like weeks -- for all I know, it probably has been. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been deliberately pushing this post back for a few days, but at this point, I'm conscious of the fact that it'd be rude of me to continue pussy-footing around a tape that I find to be a stunning musical undertaking. My hesitation towards sharing this EP definitely isn't a statement against the group or their music, but more-so my inability to do articulate my appreciation for songs of this nature. I can bullshit about rambunctious, feedback-laden hardcore. I can spitball nonsense about stupid punk garbage. Hell, I can even feign understanding on subgenres that I don't necessarily partake in, notably noise-oriented projects or ones that lie further on the metal-end of the musical spectrum. But a band like Moondreamzzz, something as ethereal and shapeless as such, is the sort of music that resides beyond my scope of auditory recognition. As I've stated about a handful of bands before, Moondreamzzz is the type of band whose music is better off being described by someone who has a musical lexicon worth a damn. In my hands, I feel like Moondreamzzz's compositions are bound to be undersold, like I wouldn't be capable of doing it justice. Going forward, just keep in mind that I do genuinely adore Moondreamzzz's newest EP; don't mistake my poor articulations or short-phrased aural descriptors as a sign of feigned enthusiasm towards this group, because believe me, there's plenty of enthusiasm at hand. I just don't write too good about music. It also doesn't help that I'm mentally out-of-it this evening. Where the fuck is my aspirin? Moondreamzzz is a three-piece punk group from LA; as I'm sure the band's name immediately led you to believe, they do dwell in shoegaze territory, somewhat. That assumption is surely bolstered for anyone who's listened to the previously-released teaser track for this five-track EP, "Shy Toes", which is an undeniably shoegaze-like track, with elements of alternative and psychedelic rock sprinkled throughout. I went ahead and featured that particular track at the end of September's mix (https://youtu.be/YCDNAkpQLuE?t=2801), but back then, the track was still nothing more than a teaser. The whole tape hadn't been released yet, so as far as I knew, Moondreamzzz could possibly wind up to be nothing more than yet another fuzz-enveloped shoegaze band that'd only lend itself to a handful of pseudo-introspective listens before its pedal-ridden harmonies grew stale. As charming as I found "Shy Toes" to be, I never would've expected myself to be nearly as enamored by the group as I am now. [Remaining portion of the write-up is in the comments.] TRACK LIST: Reaper - 0:00 Shy Toes - 2:12 Special Hold - 5:29 Leaving - 8:18 Last Words - 13:58 SUPPORT: https://moondreamzzz.bandcamp.com/album/leap-year-3 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rxspzxh13070xzu/Leap_Year.zip
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BIG HOG - Demo
yo. go hog wild ya big winkies. TRACK LIST: Big Hog - 0:00 Big Log - 1:26 Big Frog - 2:11 Big Dog - 2:56 DOWNLOAD: https://bighog.bandcamp.com/album/demo
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acrylicsprjectrvideo 1
no escaping this twisted dream filmed and edited by colin harris: youtube.com/toxxieavenger noises by acrylics: acrylics.bandcamp.com
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Records and tapes are available at the link below, though I recommend holding off on purchasing til Friday. Bandcamp intends on donating all of its proceeds from sales to the ACLU come February 3rd, which obviously wouldn't hurt anyone -- save for those who've got their head firmly planted up their ass, that is. Go out and support cool bands and people in need. TRACK LIST: Bad Mates - 0:00 Communication Skills - 1:26 Fantasy Boy - 4:20 Invisible Spear - 6:52 Local Music Scene - 11:22 Trendoid - 13:13 Physical Reaction - 15:21 Psychedelic White People - 17:29 Red Light - 18:54 They Showed Me Things - 21:44 PC PUNX - 23:01 Hologram - 23:43 SUPPORT: https://kitchenpeople.bandcamp.com/album/trendoid DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4m2820lagxey32r/Trendoid.zip
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COLOR TV - Self-Titled
Crunchy, spirited garage rock chuneage from some rude boys out in Minneapolis, pressed onto wax by Deranged Records sometime in 2016. Wiggle them tailfeathers. TRACK LIST: Meat Wagon - 0:00 To Death - 1:52 No Reason - 4:04 Total Strangers - 6:03 SUPPORT: https://colorteevee.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-7 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5uewbf8h9a8xk9f/Color_TV.zip
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KID CHROME - "I've Had It" 7"
Part five of five in Neckchop's sixth round of record releases: Washington vs. Indiana! Ushering five steaming-hot discs inscribed with some of the best rock 'n' roll the states have to offer, Round Six pits these behemoths in a one-on-one deathmatch for the ages -- and YOU get to sway the tide of battle with nothing but your hard-earned cash. Check out Neckchop's shop and pick up some records today: https://neck-chop-records.myshopify.com/ Here's some words I wrote for the site: "'I’ve had it!' Truly, these are words to define an entire generation -- a generation plagued by empty promises, emptier pockets, and even emptier skulls. Sometimes, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the palpable, burning desire to stomp your feet, gouge your fuckin’ eyes out and scream at the top of your lungs, 'I’VE HAD IT!' Thankfully, for the benefit of all humanity, Seattle’s Kid Chrome has sonically centralized these sentiments onto one three-track, seven-inch, zero-fucks-given vinyl record, sparing everyone’s eyes from a socket-full of fingers -- and frankly, this clever fucker deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for that alone. The person responsible for Kid Chrome’s irresistible rock ‘n’ roll luster is none other than Chad Bucklew of Lysol, whose legacy as a solo-rock maestro trails back but a few years. And yet, the progress Chad has made since releasing his first hyper-lo-fi spasm of simplistic, drum machine-backed punk is nothing short of inspiring, as it would be for anyone capable of single-handedly writing snappy, bonafide songs of this caliber. Spurred by punchy mechanical drum-beats sure to get a crowd pogo-ing, Kid Chrome has re-recorded three flaming-hot takes on songs of past and present, toting a sharp, ultra-refined rock ‘n’ roll sound whose copious hooks, squeal-sensitive guitar licks, and rampant rodeo howls hearkens back to the great seminal proto-punk acts of yesteryear, complete with a contagious sense of enthusiasm set to enliven once-deadened senses. These are the type of songs you can expect to hear in 'underground punk compilations' a few decades from now -- so don’t you dare fuckin’ sleep on it now. These songs are somethin’ else." TRACK LIST: I've Had It - 0:00 Pall Mall 100's - 2:46 Don't Walk - 4:54 SUPPORT: https://neck-chop-records.myshopify.com/products/kid-chrome-ive-had-it-7 https://kidchrome.bandcamp.com/music DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ekrcj2z6b71zps1/%27I%27ve_Had_It%27_b-w_%27Pall_Mall_100%27s%27_%26_%27Don%27t_Walk%27.zip
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THIS is the kind of shit Jimmy lives and breathes for. Provocative, surf-tinged garage punk from Perth, best suited for any booze-fueled shindig capable of matching Aborted Tortoise’s levels of irreverence, sporadicity, and more importantly, immaturity. It’s hard to overlook the 15 songs shamelessly radiating with varying shades of “who gives a fuck” in this debut LP. TRACK LIST: Get Off The Road – 0:00 Goodbye Beach – 0:57 Cheese Supreme – 3:37 Fashionably Late – 5:56 Bees 1 – 7:19 Bees 2 – 8:15 No Skin – 10:25 Spewin’ McGregor – 12:37 Get Mum – 15:17 Responsibilities – 15:58 Wasted Goods – 18:13 Flash Photography – 19:56 TV Set – 21:57 Bab – 24:23 Crumple Zone – 26:30 SUPPORT: https://abortedtortoise.bandcamp.com/album/an-beach DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fphy7b0y7p39zyq/An+Beach.zip
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SUPER - Human Musik
As a human, I am very content with this. Very, very content. Pure aural sunshine compacted within a 2.5 by 4 inch plastic encasement, distilled right into your hearing receptors. TRACK LIST: Burning In Hell - 0:00 My Head Hit The Floor - 2:25 Padded Cell - 6:00 Touched - 10:00 Freedom 1 + 2 - 15:41 SUPPORT: https://sup3r.bandcamp.com/album/human-musik DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u8z3b6iwnk7fjzq/Human_Musik.zip
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UROCHROMES - Beat Session Vol. 2
Urochromes recordings, with an ACTUAL drummer? Sign me the fuck up, broheim. This Los Angeles-based label, Shout Recordings, has picked a fine band to follow up the first in their series of studio recordings: Massachusett's one and only Urochromes. I'm so stoked to see these recordings finally be released, you've never heard their material sound so strong. Robots may be taking all of our jobs, but they'll never, EVER match the palpable weight that a real, breathing drummer brings to any recording. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1jsU1lBZMc Shit. Anyways, scope out the link below if you're interested in buying a tape. At the very least, I can sleep soundly knowing the robots will never replace my faithful tape player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS1s3HuvcAk Motherfucker. TRACK LIST: My Dickies - 0:00 Ugly People - 1:12 T.O.A.P - 2:58 I Don't Wanna Be Like Me - 4:22 I'm Gonna Confront Ya - 5:46 SUPPORT: https://shouturochromes.bandcamp.com/album/beat-session-vol-2 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/72r5j7na834d1a5/Beat_Session_Vol._2.zip
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shit wait what Apparently this is a thing already. I figured the new LP from these St. Louis punks would be put out in a digital format around the same time as the its physical release on Lumpy Rex, which is in late May/early June. As of now, they're being sold throughout Australia during their tour, so I thought that the Aussie's were gonna have this LP be exclusive to them for a week or two to make up for, y'know, living in Australia. Well, Lumpy and The Dumpys just released it today on their Bandcamp page anyways, so huff it, crocodile-humpers. Yep, the Dumpers finally put out some new material. I feel like it's been ages; all they put out last year was the Flexi 7" split with the Ausmuteants (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp3vgsXAVKc). Don't get me wrong, I'm not being entitled or anything, I'm not complaining about it. The Dumpers were never one for longer releases, with most of their tapes and 7"s hovering around the two-to-three track mark, so I didn't expect much more from these guys. It's just that having two tracks stave us off for an entire year made for one hell of a slime dry spell. But now, we've got nine, yes, count 'em, NINE brand-spanking-new tracks from the abominable Dumpers. Seriously, they all deserve major props on that merit alone. In their most-recent flexi 7", they toyed around with a synthesizer in both of the tracks. It was fantastic, and I was really banking on that synth making a return in this LP. I'm afraid that's not the case; whether or not you consider the lack of unconventional experimentation in this LP to be a fault or not is totally subjective. I would've loved to see them step outside of their comfort zone a bit more, but for what we've got now, it's still face-melting. Lumpy and The Dumpers have loosened up their strings and are taking another shot at the straight-slimy punk that we've all been craving for months. The guitar is sluggish and evidently pulling back the punches, the Lumpster still sounds like a goblin behind the mix, the drums do a fine job backing these head-bobbing rhythms, and the bass sounds so damn dense, it's practically just pouring out of your speakers just like the primordial ooze this band crawled out of. Even the recording quality has taken a hit since their last appearance; Lumpy and The Dumpers is one of the few bands that's gotten shittier and STILL sound better than ever before. There's so many gems to be found here, with my personal favorite being the "Looney" cover. It's probably the slowest song on this LP, which I know makes for a weird favorite since this is a hardcore group after all, but that song actually has some grooves to it that I can't get sick of. That and "Spider Bite" are probably the most "different" tracks to be found here, at least in regards to The Dumpers, so check those out if you want a taste of the discernible changes in style these guys are capable of making. All in all, "Huff My Sack" is so worth the wait, I can only hope to be able to pick one up for myself once it's out on Lumpy Rex. I swear, if that thing sells out before I can get my hands on one, I'm gonna throw a major hissy fit. I know, I know, I usually have free downloads set up for my videos. I'm all about making music more accessible to the innernette punks, but I'm not gonna do it for this particular video; at least not yet. This LP just came out on their Bandcamp, and I'd feel like shit if I denied them opportunities to make money that could be helping them out on their tour. So, I won't have a free download set up for the public until later this month, probably. Do the boys a favor and cough up the three bucks needed to buy it yourself below. It's a steal, really. But if you're THAT dirt poor and are desperate to get ahold of this, I guess you can contact me and I'll set up a download for you. Dumpahz for all. UPDATE 6/29/16: oh right right. download link added TRACK LIST: Huff My Sack - 0:00 Subordinate - 1:52 I'm Gonna Move to New York - 3:16 Looney - 5:17 Numbing Agent - 8:36 Blue Lives - 10:37 Pee in the Pool - 11:46 Nix Nix Nix Nix - 12:35 Spider Bite - 14:11 SUPPORT: https://lumpythedumpers.bandcamp.com/album/huff-my-sack DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/95x9mh1cb81h3al/Huff_My_Sack.zip
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ACRYLICS - Self-Titled
Well, looks like these freakshows got ahold of some instruments again. This, ladies and gents, is Acrylics. Try not to look 'em in the eyes for too long, it makes them angry. They're a group of snot-laced punk reprobates from Santa Rosa, California. I've dug these guys for a while now, so I'm pretty damn psyched to see that these bozos dropped anotha EP two days ago. And I gotta say, this self-titled release is a fuckin' flawless return to their Gag-like feedback-drenched guitar-strangling goodness. Touting some disjointed strumming, off-kilter basslines, unabating vocals that border on mindless wailing, and drumming that's surprisingly tight despite the abrasive nature, Acrylics seriously fuckin' kills it with this tape. It's incomprehensible but digestable, even with the weird segments, such the little guitar diddy at the end of The Germ that sounds like a dilapidated ice cream truck jingle. Noisy and incessant, but it's hella melodic all the same, so hurry up and snag this bad boy. I left links to buy it offa Bandcamp for the cool guys who like to support bands, and a link to just download it for everyone else. You can likely pick up a tape if you attend one of their shows during their "Acrylics Does America" tour: https://www.facebook.com/events/1501715410156268/ If this band had a single human manifestation, it'd probably be a guy with a bad case of elephantitis. TRACK LIST: Shame - 0:00 The Germ - 3:16 Momma's Boy - 4:48 Nada Nada - 7:18 He Wants a Baby - 9:34 Waiting - 13:10 SUPPORT: https://acrylics.bandcamp.com/album/s-t DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6na4cjc57b5jdv7/Acrylics_-_Self-Titled.zip
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devo worship is cool Alright, so I guess this is a little bit of a step in another direction with my channel. Have I uploaded something like this before? I don't even remember anymore. I'm sure someone'll remember for me... as if I've got fanboys who'd care enough to do that, anyways. Pft (just kiddin ive got one you know who you are). But anyways, Circuits. Circuits is a one-man synth-centric project from Bloomington, Indiana. The brains behind this is none other than Drew Winslow, who's also involved in a few other projects that I dig. Those are Gum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aewzw8TXgDI), Hoops (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMJkBsH0BMc AND https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha8iJYGgHJc), and Manneqin (http://notnormaltapes.bandcamp.com/). All of these are phenomenal, and I highly recommend checking these out if you haven't already (I made proper downloads for Gum n' Hoop's tapes. They're all below and on their respective videos. Enjoy!). Circuits is a one-man group though, and was recorded all in one summer by Drew himself. He said he was listening to a lot of Devo and Wire at the time, and it really shows. The obscurity and disjointedness really bares strong resemblances to these influences, and I'd say rivals them pretty well. The tapes a lot of fun, and shows clear efforts of experimentation and inconsistent goodness. And hell, does that Cleaners From Venus cover get me every time I listen to it. Hurry up and download it, boi. Or better yet, buy a tape yourself. I intend to get on that soon... probably. Can one of my fan boys remind me to do that later? Er, the one, I mean. TRACK LIST: I Feel Great! - 0:00 Idiot - 1:29 Mediocrity - 2:52 Knock - 5:07 Only A Shadow (Cleaners From Venus Cover) - 6:32 TV - 8:24 DOWNLOADS: CIRCUITS - #1: https://circuitss.bandcamp.com/releases GUM - Vol. #1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ln37aj7ipw1jnvp/Vol._%231.zip HOOPS - Tape #1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/oy5mrlbuu1xcmww/Tape_%231.zip HOOPS - Tape #2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jampm11114sv4af/Tape_%232.zip
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C.C.T.V. - Practice Tape 3.6.16
UPDATE 4/7/16: I just edited together a new rip for this tape, which was first provided to me by Erik Hart/Nervous/Sugar Daddy. Bless Mecca’s heart for uploading the first rip to the innernette (it's the rip featured in the video), but it’s a bit blown out and clips a lot. Erik’s rip is a little quieter, has an issue with treble at one or two points, and skips for half a second on the final track, but other than that, it’s totally fine. It even includes the interludes that can’t be found on the original rip. It had quite a bit of fuzz initially, but I messed with some sliders and managed to edit most of it out. This is a definite step up in regards to quality, so snag it if you wanna. A download link can be found below, along with a link to the old rip if you prefer that one. Now, I wouldn't be a reputable punk if I didn't upload this, would I? Yeah, someone's finally gone and done it, C.C.T.V.'s practice tape has now surfaced on the web. I don't really know where to start with this Indiana punk group. Like, what hasn't been said about them a thousand times over on the internet? As Sorry State Records "expertly" stated, they're totally "The Coneheads with a girl singer" (that's sarcasm). C.C.T.V. pretty much blew everyone away with their self-titled 7", and has since garnered an insane amount of hype on the internet. Rightfully so, seeing as the levels of infectiousness this group achieves is way-superior than the majority of punk groups out there. Never before has a group made me wanna hop around my bedroom as much as these guys n' gal do, and that still remains the case with their most-recent practice tape. This cassette makes a fantastic return to some older songs, along with some newer stuff that I recognize from their Everything Is Not OK II set (http://suhbuhbn-varmun.tumblr.com/post/141133390207/everything-is-not-ok-ii-30-full-sets). I'm not gonna ramble on further with this group for the fear of sounding super redundant, as I'm sure the majority of you are way-past familiar with C.C.T.V.'s splendor. I'll shut up now, just take your beloved C.C.T.V. and scram. Obviously, I've gotta give BIG thanks to Will Mecca for ripping this tape. I've become slightly acquainted with the guy these past few weeks and he seem more than a cool enough guy. He's sent me some stuff in the past, and even offered to boot me this tape free of charge, so I really appreciate the dude. Check out Willy's blog here, it's a lot like my channel except he actually know what he's talking about: http://errydawghashisday.blogspot.com/ TRACK LIST: Song About Gossip & Inclusivity - 0:00 Song About Shit Talker's Demise - 1:55 Song About Anxiety - 3:01 Song About Schaumburg, IL - 4:18 Song About Sex In A Can - 5:39 Song About KnowItAllSayItAll's - 7:05 Song About Men In Punk - 7:45 Song About "......." - 9:32 Song About A Big Plan - 10:11 DOWNLOADS: New, Higher Quality Rip: http://www.mediafire.com/download/se87usahrq3mcpa/Practice_Tape_3.6.16.zip Old, Louder Rip: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vr41ddbpclctepm/cctv.zip
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LIQUIDS - "Blindin" Flash EP
Hot-damn-diggedy, new Liquids! Yep, Liquids dropped a whole notha EP earlier this month. This Indiana punk rock n' roll group (that I'm sure many of you are way-past familiar with) seriously nails it with this seven-track cassette, providing a tasty palette of what this group can offer. Side A features four hook-laden treasures with uncontainable amounts of energy, and side B follows suit, albeit with a slightly degenerated recording quality. Every single one of these songs are incredibly solid, making it truly difficult for me to pick an overall favorite... having that been said, "I Killed Donald Trump" is fucking fantastic. I can't say much more about these punker-heartthrobs that hasn't been said a thousand times already; they're one of the best bands coming out of the midwest, and four EPs in, Liquids has still got a shitload of garage-ditties up their sleeve to swoon you with. Shut your trap and dig in. Long Live Liquids! If you're itchin' for more Liquids, check this out: http://suhbuhbn-varmun.tumblr.com/post/141133390207/everything-is-not-ok-ii-30-full-sets It's a link to 30 full sets from Everything Is Not O.K. II, including the Liquids! Surprisingly enough, they're all really good quality and make for solid listening material, so check it out! Jon Peven (http://goblintower.tumblr.com/) recorded all of them himself, so please direct all of your thanks to that guy, he deserves it. Alright, so, I HAVE to give a thousand thank you's to Larissa for sending me this tape, otherwise I obviously wouldn't have been able to make this rip. She picked up this tape for me offa Mat Williams himself at a Coneheads/Liquids/The Bug/Bruised/Tigress show in Chicago a little while back, and sent it on over to me--for free. She's been sending me a number of complementary punk goodies for a while now, and this most-recent care package was the absolute greatest: A Liquids tee, a Sueves 7", a cute lil' Bruised button, and this tape! I can't thank her enough, she's the coolest punk to me, and her packages always make my week. Thank you! That ain't all she sent me though, she also gifted me a new tape from a group you might be able to recall... Today: Liquids. Tomorrow: Dagger. TRACK LIST: Blindin Flash - 0:00 Speed - 1:35 Head Meat - 2:24 Time - 3:02 I Killed Donald Trump - 4:44 Sword of Damocles - 5:40 Trash Can - 6:50 DOWNLOAD: Tape rip:http://www.mediafire.com/download/pu9odtz17bp7ey1/Blindin_Flash_EP.zip Bandcamp version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p2s2vwwap44zakg/Blinding_Flash.zip
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This is an instance where this demo was uploaded track by track, rather than one by one. I don't like using playlists to load every single track, or clicking them myself, so I'll just upload this whole. This is Institute, a punk band from Austin, Texas. Now, I know you'd be expecting hardcore punk to be coming from there, but this is actually some really slow, gothic-esque -postpunk rock. With music reminiscent of early punk, combined with the drawn out pace, you'll likely be left with chills. The vocals are disintrested and worn, the music is straight-up haunting, and overall, I'd say that this is one of the best bands coming out of Austin. Get it. TRACK LIST: Putrid - 0:00 Dead Sea - 2:58 Bureaucrat - 4:09 Diamonds & Pearls - 6:12 Weak Times - 8:34 Narrow & Straight - 11:23 DOWNLOAD:http://www.mediafire.com/download/eu2hhnmibyu1s5f/Institute.zip If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.
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UROCHROMES - Get In Line 4 Mental Decline
Urochromes. So I don't know too much about this Western Massachusetts group, but I know these boys have been makin' some big waves recently. This then-two-man band with a drum machine recorded a demo tape mid-last year, which was put out by Gut Freak. That's what you're listening to here. They've since made quite a name for themselves, with their weirdo tunes and delightfully eccentric music videos. (You can check these vids out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3cuWSqtMnNkg4nkfkutnsg ) Apparently, they're incredibly fucking good live as well, but I've yet to come across a video of a set that isn't blown out to shit with their dilapidated goodness, so I guess I can't contest that. The group's got a 7" bein' put out by Lumpy Rex here soon, with test pressings already out in circulation (can't wait to see all those fantastic n' fair bargains on Discogs, right guys?). So far, all that's been put out online are the music videos that's been released by the group themselves, meaning this tape has yet to be exposed to the surface of the innernette. Well, thanks to Erik Hart, er, Erik Nervous if you will, there's a rip now available to you droolies. Direct your thanks to him, it's his rip, he just sent it to me to upload. Thanks Erik! Now we can all enjoy Urochrome's bizarro drum-machine jams, so just mosey on below and download. I'm pretty sure the image in the video isn't the tape's art, but it's the best I could mock-up given the lack of images of the tape online. Big whoopie, it works. TRACK LIST: Beat Off The Brat - 0:00 T.O.A.P. - 1:16 Country Joe - 2:47 I Don't Wanna (Wanna Wanna) Be Like Me - 4:01 Ugly People - 5:38 2 Men - 7:31 Urotrip - 9:27 Chromosome Damage (Chrome Cover) - 11:06 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/uib9hzt0ac2zw4w/Get_In_Line_4_Mental_Decline.zip
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ROLDY - U1-24
…fuck, I dunno, some bullshit about aliens? This is whole “space-alien-vibe” thing that I’ve been doing with my channel lately is starting to remind me of being back in school and trying to put together some essay about bullshit you hardly care about, only to realize midway through that your entire theme or thesis is totally convoluted, stupid, and pointless, so you’ve gotta try your damn ass off to cheese your way through to the end of the paper and hopefully salvage it in a way that doesn’t render all of your efforts fuckin’ moot. Well, am I doing it right? The fact that I’m even writing this suggests otherwise… shit. It’s a good thing I dropped out of middle school then, I guess. Book-learning is for suckers. Anyways, the next thing I have to share on my list of freaky, otherworldly-baloney is… Roldy. Lot of “ee’s” going on there, I know. This tape, released in late December, is probably going to be considered to be the most obscure projects I’ve chosen to share in this “spacey” theme, if not in the history of my entire channel. While that may seem like it’s saying something, the obscurity of the project winds up boiling down to it being largely composed of wiry, sporadic instrumentals, with there being little to no “humanity” shining through the oddly-jazzy, lo-fi melodies (save for a few sound clips that inject the slightest bit of lyricism into this subdued sprawl of pop and twang). Mind you, they’re very GOOD jazzy, lo-fi melodies at that, but wiry and sporadic nonetheless. I’d say that Roldy’s probably one of the least punk things to ever find its way onto my channel, but I certainly wouldn’t hold that against “Unit No. U1-24”. For a measly collection of ampoules, this tape sure does stand true to its label: it’s pure auditory stimulation. Roldy is the solo-project of Kalamazoo’s “Rold Gold”, who also plays bass in Erik Nervous’ live band (I think they call themselves “The Beta Blockers”?). But you probably recognize the name as that one guy who provided a couple tape rips for the channel, which is a flattering enough claim to fame, I guess. This is his debut tape, which may or may not be sold on a small run of tapes during Erik Nervous’ upcoming tour with Spodee Boy (https://www.facebook.com/events/1751736605090724/). Keep an eye and ear out if you’re interested in getting a tad bit more ammonia and alcohol in your diet, which I can always recommend. TRACK LIST: Rainy May – 0:00 Mod Lodge – 2:29 Untitled – 4:35 Untitled – 6:42 Hold Up – 7:20 Lurkin – 8:52 Untitled – 10:44 Please Hold – 11:59 Palisades – 13:14 Iris – 15:32 DOWNLOAD: https://roldy.bandcamp.com/releases
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S.B.F. - Self-Titled
Don’t quote Raymond. Don’t quote Raymond. Don’t quote Raymond. Don’t quote Raymond, you fucking pea-brained piece of—oh, uh, hey there, didn’t think that this video was gonna go live so soon. I was just, uh, preparing myself for this write-up is all, to make sure that I don’t, well... quote Raymond. You see, Raymond Schmidt’s the dude who’s been spoon-feeding me information on this “S.B.F.” project of his for the past few weeks, as opposed to the project’s other half, Cruz Somers, who was presumably too busy sulking in his bedroom—perpetually scorning people that he’ll probably never meet—to actually tell me what the hell was going on with this alleged “S.B.F.” thing. But believe me when I say this: it’s REALLY fucking difficult to NOT quote Raymond. Literally every other thing that comes out of the dude’s proverbial cyber-mouth is stupidly funny-but-equally-unfunny when taken out of context, so it’s a damn shame that I’m gonna have to withhold the majority of his wisdom from you guys—though, in his own words, here’s a not-so-friendly reminder that this tape should “be burned from both ends, ya dink”. S.B.F. is a project made up by two Californian dudes that you’ve probably already heard of at one point or another, assuming that you’ve been keeping a close eye on my channel over these past few months: these two dudes are Cruz Somers—the guy behind L.A.’s Socialites (including the project’s live outfit, which features Raymond on guitar: https://socialites.bandcamp.com/album/palibar-mystic-chess-volume-i-ep), his eponymously-named solo-projects (notably “UV-B” and “Beneath My Blood”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEGfPdyGhZA , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUZZgB6GPIo), and his independent label, Big Dunce Records (https://www.facebook.com/bigdunce/)–and of course, that lil’ fucker Raymond Schmidt (the “bright” mind behind Race Car [https://abnormalbroadcasting.bandcamp.com/album/build-your-own-go-kart] and “Country Great” Shrink Ray [https://ojcrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/some-songs-about-horses-and-a-quick-trot-with-satan-through-the-city-into-the-woods-and-down-to-hell]). Er, I know that “lil’ fucker” comment seems oddly mean-spirited when taken out of context, but believe me, there’s a little bit of backstory behind that. You see, I’ve been hearing about this supposed split-project for a while now; like, weeks upon weeks. Though, to be fair, it had a pretty quick turn-around rate considering how long it took to release some of the members’ past material (I’m lookin’ at you Cruz, with you waitin’ nearly five months to release “Beneath My Blood”, and, like, three to put out those “UV-B” tapes: http://bigduncerecords.storenvy.com/products/17499278-cruz-somers-uv-b-cassette), because while this tape’s material was originally recorded over the course of two weeks back in August, I had a rough copy of this tape at my doorstep by mid-September. And within that rough copy—which is just a limited “demo” edition of ten, made complete with unused artwork and a dubbed-over copy of Kenny G’s “Duotones”—was a glued-on note that lists the details of the project. And within THAT note lied the focal point of this story, with that being a small line of text that was only limited to eight words, yet somehow managed to hit like a ton of bricks: “ur getting this cuz ur a true burner”, with “true burner” being penned out and replaced with “lil fucker”. Fuck dude. Like, seriously, how you gonna do me like that, Raymond? After all we’ve been through? It’s unbelievable—so much so that I’m sure there’s a handful of people that refuse to believe that someone could be so cruel. To clear the air, I went ahead and asked for Raymond’s permission to share a scan of the note in the video somewhere, and being the stingy lil’ fucker that he is, Raymond granted me the permission to show it—but for only one second, at the very end of the video. So, y’know, it’s there if you care to see it; but for just one second, so you better not blink. Fuck. Raymond, you’re REAL lucky that I don’t have any sense of self-worth, otherwise I likely woulda stood up for myself and refused to upload this stupid tape of yours. But regardless of how I feel towards this project, I can’t help but have one question rattle around in this empty skull of mine: what the hell does “S.B.F.” even stand for, anyways? Neither Raymond nor Cruz filled me in on that. Suffer By Fire? Secret Burners Fanclub? Sick Bomb-Ass Flips? Soggy Butt Flaps? Stupid But Funny? Sexualized Baby Furries? Savory Bag of Funyuns? Social Behavioral Failures? Soft Baby Face? Sucky Breakfast Falafels? Single Black Females? Uhhh... Smelly Butt Farts? I dunno, it could literally be anything with these guys. I’m guessin’ that it’s “Super Best Friends.” What’s your guess? [Remaining portion of the write up is in the comments.] TRACK LIST: Halved Snake – 0:00 A Haunting We Will Go – 1:44 Paused – 3:24 Burn Both Ends – 4:59 DOWNLOAD: https://abnormalbroadcasting.bandcamp.com/album/s-b-f
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STUCKO - Demo 2015
bouncy bounce bounce I intended to upload this a little later down the line, but I don't think I could be happy with my channel if I didn't feature this band ASAP. Stucko's a really fun punk band comin' from San Francisco that's been selfishly hogging my stereo for the past two days. Like, how fucking DARE you? Being played on repeat, not givin' any other bands a chance... nevermind, I hate this band. Vid's over. I keed, I keed, I love this demo. Stucko's pretty straight forward in their delivery: no fancy distortions or reverbs, or mosh-centric riffs, or senseless noise, just some really great punk rock. Each one of these five tracks on this demo are infectiously catchy, being made up of bouncy guitar work, upbeat bass n' drum tempos, and snotty unrefined vocals that never fail to make me smile. Which is a little ironic, considering the nihilistic lyrics. There's also a surprisingly-beautiful acoustic cover of "That's Not Me" by The Beach Boys at the end that'll likely swoon you. I'm definitely impressed with this demo. Stucko's surely gonna be one of those bands that I'll actually share with friends, because I honestly think they deserve the attention. I suppose this is a fine enough way of accomplishing that. TRACK LIST: Depressed - 0:00 Social Anxiety - 1:25 Stress - 2:44 I Don't Trust Anyone - 5:06 That's Not Me (Beach Boys Cover) - 6:35 DOWNLOAD: http://stucko.bandcamp.com/releases If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.
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DD OWEN - Plane EP
In compliance with both DD Owen’s wishes and my similarly ill-bred sense of self-worth, I’m gonna go ahead and get the wheels on the DD-Owen-Express rollin’ again, despite my intent to space out Drew’s material on my channel. I meant to upload a totally unrelated project today, but seeing that I forgot to render its respective video last night, I’m gonna have to settle with a video that I’ve already got primed for uploading. So, in this case, it’s gonna be DD Owen’s “Plane EP”. And the crowd goes mild. Look buddy, I’ve got, like, quotas and shit to fulfill over here. I ain’t able to seamlessly crank out hot, new bands for you to publicly gush over and pretend that either of us has got musical tastes that are worth a fuckin’ damn. Sometimes, I just gotta fall back on shit that you’ve probably heard of already – huge emphasis on “probably”. From the looks of it, the first track of this three-track EP is the only one to have surfaced on the immediately-accessible part of the web, meaning that the remaining two tracks are uncharted territory, assuming that y’all don’t already have a physical copy of the 7” yourselves. So you’re welcome... er, I’m sayin’ that on behalf of Drew Owen, of course. He’s the one who provided me the files for this release, so if you were lookin’ to get your hands on these recordings, then thank the DD dude himself, not me. For the uninitiated, DD Owen is the guy behind Baltimore’s Sick Thoughts – or I suppose I should say New Orleans’ Sick Thoughts, since Drew moved down south in early 2016. As the opening track, "I Hate This City", blatantly suggests, Drew has come to hate Baltimore and all its phony, self-indulgent ideals. So, naturally, he moved from one shitty state to another. Seriously, I can’t imagine Louisiana to be much of a step-up from Maryland; but I guarantee that half of you wouldn’t even be able to point out either of those states on a map, so the supposed significance of someone’s location would be lost on you regardless. But back to the subject at hand: “DD Owen” is just another name that Drew uses to release his solo-produced music under, not unlike Sick Thoughts or Chicken Chain, which are two other projects that he’s written and recorded on his own. This particular EP, which was released by Sweden’s Ken Rock in early January, features three more Drew Owen originals. Though, if you’re solely anticipating some more Sick Thoughts off-shoot material then there’s a chance that you’re going to be left slightly disappointed, as DD Owen and Sick Thoughts are two separate entities that can barely be viewed within a single scope. As Drew puts it, DD Owen is his solo persona: “He doesn’t scream like the Sick Thoughts guy. He sings words like a human being.” I feel that aptly describes the nature of music that DD Owen was aiming for. It’s still drawing from the same well of rock-tinged punk influences that Sick Thoughts has been thoroughly relishing in, though within this particular interpretation of Drew’s tried-and-true idiot rock n’ roll sounds, it’s considerably more concentrated and calculated. With the clunky, yet controlled introductory riff, it’s immediately clear that DD Owen is making more of an effort to articulate his instrumentation, doing without a good portion of throwaway power chords and sporadic noodling. Every aspect of his musicianship has been honed to a razor-sharp point in this EP, especially when it comes to the bass and vocals, whose presence is lucid and vital to the integrity of these rock melodies when they typically came second to the showy guitar work in Sick Thoughts. It’s a discernible change in pace and tone from Drew’s typical material, more-so in the third track, “Suburban Nightmare”, which is a slow-paced, bass-driven mind-number that’s riddled with harshly reverberated vocals and appropriately cryptic inflections in both the guitar and bass. Pair the concentrated rock dosage with the oddly-placid, yet still-contemptuous vocals, and you’ve got an interesting, niche side project to the contrastingly-crude Sick Thoughts. Now, the succeeding self-titled DD Owen LP (released by 12XU in September: https://ddowen12xu.bandcamp.com/album/dd-owen) is a totally different sort of beast that should be approached with an open mind, clear of any expectations that this particular EP likely gave you. I suppose Drew’s doin’ whatever with the DD Owen name, because that LP is somethin' else. TRACK LIST: I Hate This City – 0:00 Plane – 1:43 Suburban Nightmare – 3:34 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/h060flft8t1af0q/Plane_EP.zip
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CIRCLE ONE - Let's Get Rid of Society
No idea if this is the actual name of the song, but he says it a dozen times so it's close enough. Taken from The Slog Movie, a 1981 documentary about the So Cal punk scene. This is Circle One playing at the Bards Apollo, featuring the one and only John Macias on vocals. Real nice song, very amateurish and catchy.
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BIG BLEACH - Under The Bleacherz
imma punk whoopdee doo So a while back, like, WAY back, I posed a tape titled "The Big Bag Split". The tape featured two bands from Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Baghead, a real fierce hardcore punk group, and Big Bleach. At the time, that was the only release the latter group was featured on, and the tracks that were there were fuckin' great. It was bouncy good punk fun, and left me itchin' for more intoxicatin' jams like Beava Diva or I'm A Punk. Well, not too long ago, I got this tape in the mail. It was their tour tape, which has since passed (Whoops. How's that for relevancy?). The tape's got some solid goodies here, with two new tracks and a return to an old favorite. Side B is an assortment of covers, from groups such as The Zero Boys or The Angry Samoans. The entirety of side B is seriously brilliant, and just as infectious as their original tracks. I couldn't have asked for a better release from these punker sweethearts. TRACK LIST: Biker L♥ve Song - 0:00 Bad Boy Leather II - 1:29 I'm A Punk - 2:37 Kids In America (Kim Wilde Cover) - 3:43 Party With Me Punker (The Minutemen Cover) - 5:57 Dirty Alleys Dirty Minds (The Zero Boys Cover) - 6:53 Lights Out! (The Angry Samoans Cover) - 8:31 DOWNLOAD: https://bigbleach.bandcamp.com/album/under-the-bleacherz
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Holy fuck. I’ve been hearing on and on about this supposed Lemonade EP for months now. Up until this point, I’d generally wavered between the assumptions that the EP either: A), totally fell through, or B), came out in a format that had totally slipped under my radar. Like, as a tape that the group originally dished out at some show in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere, or uploaded on a Youtube channel that was buried underneath the thousands of videos of late-night talk show clips and… I don’t know, old people shitting their diapers or something. Being someone who absolutely adored this group’s demo tape (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9oC6t4E3Z0), both ideas bummed me the hell out. But, evidently, I’m the one sitting here with his foot in his mouth because this EP was just released to the public earlier today – in its ENTIRETY. And, after months of preemptive hype, “Pink” still manages to be EVERYTHING I had hoped it would be. Hell, it’s practically the reason why I got on my computer to post any videos in the first place; it’s THAT fucking good, and it deserves to reach the ears of as many people as possible. This EP, which is set to be split-released by both San Francisco’s Thrilling Living (http://thrillingliving.com) and Chicago’s Not Normal Tapes (http://notnormaltapes.storenvy.com), makes an electrifying return to the four songs that originally appeared on their debut demo tape, while also introducing two brand-new anthems to kick some shit around to. As before, this six-track EP keenly showcases Lemonade’s knack for not only ridiculously-smart songwriting, but a bratty, rampant delivery to back it all up to a near-unstomachable degree. It shouldn’t surprise you when I say that this EP is a real slobberknocker, through and through, and was well-worth however long I was kept waiting for it. Minneapolis’ Lemonade was, is, and always will be, one of my hardcore favorites. Ah-fuckin-men. Keep your eyes peeled for that physical release, whenever that happens. I’ll be sure to update the support links as soon as it does. TRACK LIST: Gusano Burracho – 0:00 Noches Blancas – 1:10 Xtabay – 3:37 Aztlán – 4:47 ¿O Se Explote? – 6:16 Forced Sterilization – 7:30 SUPPORT: http://thrillingliving.com https://thrillingliving.bandcamp.com/album/pink-ep http://notnormaltapes.storenvy.com DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2ho96d8fhz95od2/Pink.zip
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D.L.I.M.C. - February Cassingle
AKA "D. Leopardo Industrial Music Co." Mark Winter is a goddamn prodigy. He's been putting out monthly singles this year, put together entirely by himself. This was Februrary's, and as with most cassingles, the tape has two tracks. The first is "(What's Your) Dew Do Dude", which is a happy, upbeat-sounding song of a man who euphemistically overdoses on Mountain Dew. The second is "My Baby (Is A Battery)", which I believe is just a love song about a battery (iunno). Both are worth a listen, they're pretty fun and infectious. TRACK LIST: (What's Your) Dew Do Dude - 0:00 My Baby (Is A Battery) - 2:30 DOWNLOAD: Track One - http://www.mediafire.com/download/iz2j0uxtlp4ri10/DLIMCcassa-01+%28What%27s+Your%29+Dew+Do+Dude.mp3#39;s_Your%29_Dew_Do_Dude.mp3 Track Two - http://www.mediafire.com/download/wd3l5woxrofbkb2/DLIMCcassb-01+My+Baby+%28Is+A+Battery%29.mp3 If a download link is ever expired, please comment saying so. I'll reupload it within a day for ya.
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G.S.B. (Goldman Sex Batalion) - Goldman's Beat
UPDATE 4/8/16: Update the download link to include a version of the rip that sounds WAY better. I made a mistake in the editing process that I've just gotten around to fixing. If you've downloaded the old version, I recommend re-downloading this one. It's literally better in every way. 6 hard ones and a pop song... and now, with an Ooze cover! Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking: "G.S.B.? Doesn't Jimmy know that tape's old news now? What is he, some sort punk CASUAL?" Hush-hush, wee baba, because I'm already way-past familiar with G.S.B. I absolutely adored this tape back when it surfaced on the web in October of 2015, right about when Mark Winter first started dishing these out. This is yet another one of his solo projects, which I'm assuming stemmed from Gordon Spicer Band,which supposedly was the first rendition of The Coneheads that debuted on the Cool Bands compilation tape (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Eq3a3knG9Y). I'm not entirely sure on that the two projects being related, seeing as how the two's sounds seem totally different with most of these tracks, but they share the same initials, so that makes them pretty much one and the same to me. So, Jimmy, why're you posting this tape here if it's already popped up on the web twice now? What makes YOU so special that you get to post it for the third time? Well, Jimmy, this video's got something that none of these other rips have: an eighth track, which is a cover of Ooze's "Lifeless World" (https://youtu.be/TWUfIS49WoY?t=340). Technically, that track wasn't ever included with the original tape; that's where Erik Harrrrrvous comes in. He hooked me up with his rip of this tape, along with his rip of C.C.T.V.'s most recent practice tape (which isn't as blown-out as the original one we've got now. I'll get to sharing that later today). I appreciate this rip immensely, because to me it sounds like the best of the three rips I've got of "Goldman's Beat". The others sound slowed-down or sped-up in comparison. Interestingly enough, Erik also threw in something else, something that hasn't even surfaced on the web at all, as far as I can tell. It's a cover of Ooze's "Lifeless World", in that signature pop-G.S.B. style. It was originally provided to Erik by Rold Gold on his personal copy of the tape (are you noticing a trend here on my channel? You should). Mr. Gold got his copy through Mark Winter by mail, which replaced "Happy People" with that cover. So technically, on the original copy of this tape, that track never existed, meaning it doesn't really belong here. I just felt like it'd be a crime to keep it to myself, because it's fucking phenomenal. It sounds like what I would've anticipated Gordon Spicer Band to evolve to: poppy, highly-energetic punk with slight tinges of unorthodox grooviness. It's easily the highlight of the tape to me, and having only been introduced to it earlier today, I can safely say that it's become my personal favorite track from this "group". Oh, right. There's seven other tracks on this tape. Eh, I'm sure most of you have already listened to G.S.B. extensively by this point and have formulated your own opinions, so I'll save my breath. If you haven't heard of G.S.B. yet, listen to it on your own and think for yourself for once. That's me teasing. Don't take it personally. And my bad if this description seems a bit rushed, I had originally written a shitload more, but Youtube's complete trash and saved none of it. Thanks dawg. TRACK LIST: Quote - 0:00 Free-Time - 0:44 You Hate Everything - 1:36 Somebody Like Me - 2:08 Post Modern Shrub - 3:10 Interlude 1 - 3:56 Happy People - 4:52 Telephone Bore - 6:58 Interlude 2 - 9:34 Lifeless World (Ooze) - 9:45 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dt17v8yexhdatb5/G.S.B._-_Goldman%27s_Beat.zip
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LIQUIDS - Heart Beats True EP
Hey Mat, you okay buddy? Just checking in. It’s been nine days since the release of your Liquid’s self-titled EP on Yeah You! Records, and you've already released some new material earlier today. Seven pristine tracks, completely “fresh” music, in every sense of the word. So, y’know... you good? I dunno, maybe music’s some sort of coping mechanism to get your mind offa sour shit; I’m too stupid to make music, so it’s not like I’d know. Track six, “Without a Doubt”, is a real bummer, so y’know, just wondering. But like, back when I’d let myself get real low, I used to make a bunch of bootleg tapes of whatever, and now I’ve got a couple dozen boots of shit that I don’t even want to listen to anymore. Some people do the same sort of thing with origami or knitting or something, so prolifically producing music can potentially be like that, in’it? According to the j-card, this was recorded over the course of thirteen days. Thirteen days! It sometimes takes me, like, two weeks to write some of these dinky articles that nobody’s gonna bother reading, yet Mat’s over here writing and recording whole EPs in thirteen days. Just another reminded for how incompetent I am. Or maybe Mat’s just a real-talented boy who enjoys making music and makes it extremely well, I dunno. It’s just that, in my mind, being alive sucks and everything happens as a result of how much it fucking sucks. Like, this channel only exists to keep my mind off of how much I want to die. Oh, and I guess to make music more accessible or something, that too. Anyways, the message I’m trying to say here is that Mat’s a musical prodigy who’s got a real knack for this music-thing, and it’s super impressive how prolific he’s been ever since he resurrected that Liquids Bandcamp page. Under the Liquids name, he’s released two EP’s, an LP, a physical release of a past 2015 EP (Brandon’s In Jail), and now he’s put out another brand-new EP for us to ogle at. Not to mention all these unreleased recordings that he’s probably got sitting around in whatever house he’s living under, with a handful of them being shared with me recently. I’m afraid that I can’t openly share those, but believe me, they’re really something (there may or may not be some bizarre punk-beatboxing side-project that Mat worked on). The fact that Mat’s even been uploading them on his Bandcamp page is amazing too, it really makes up for the fact that all punk blogs are dead and obsolete now. Thanks Mat! xoxo But this baby’s exactly what you’d hope for it to be; an all-new Liquids EP, complete with seven recently-developed tracks that you’ve (most-likely) never heard. Surprisingly enough, the actual “Heart Beats True” track isn’t even featured in this EP, despite the two sharing the name. I imagine that there’s some sort of significance to the phrase that we’re not aware of, but regardless, it’s a damn good title for an EP. Mat seems to be continuing the trend of light, honeyed rock ‘n’ roll tunes with these Liquids releases, and I’m totally all-for this direction. Those “la la la’s” in “Zilch” and the stretched-out pace in “Without a Doubt” makes my heart flutter, they’re really damn good. That’s not to say that there aren’t some bonafide bangers here, with “Lucky Knife”, “Got The Disease”, and “Selfish” blasting out the door with a higher tempo, while the remaining four tracks typically adhere to a mid-to-low pace. Liquids is good, Mat is good, life is bad, yadda yadda yadda, I don’t need to be the one to tell you all these things. Just enjoy these sprightly punk rock ‘n’ roll chunes and shh. According to the Bandcamp page, this EP was dubbed onto 100 tapes and are aimed to be sold at the Liquids’ show with Lumpy and The “Dumps” at “Chitown Futbowl”, presumably this coming Saturday. If you want one, ask a punk for details on the show and go there. If not, then either scam yourself off of $30 and nab one on Discogs, or dub it onto a blank yourself. The included image is high-res, so just print it off, dope. Like Mat said, it’s as easy as macaroni art. Shit, Mat either likes or hates me for posting all of his publicly-released material--or maybe he’s indifferent. I’ve uploaded, like, every major Liquids release to my channel, barring “Mat’s Demo”. Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed about that—no, ashamed, definitely ashamed. But hey, at least he’s getting some money offa this, right? Y’know, with these “altruistic” punks that’re willing to fork Mat over a dollar so they can get his music into their digital Bandcamp music collections--after Bandcamp and Paypal take their cut, of course. Shit, after all that, Mat might have enough money to buy a couple gumballs! Wow! TRACK LIST: Lucky Knife – 0:00 Zilch – 1:17 Got The Disease – 3:05 Let’s Eat Him – 4:02 Selfish – 5:08 Without a Doubt – 6:05 Bottomless Pit – 8:42 DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/download/50r00b4jcy12wmy/Heart_Beats_True_EP.zip
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IMPALERS - Beat Session Vol. 5
Continuing their everlasting crusade to record live, studio-grade performances from punk bands touring through the region, L.A.'s Shout Recordings has provided a crispy serving of punk rock perfection with Austin's Impalers: a nigh-legendary act that has, once again, effortlessly transcended all preconceived limitations of the hardcore genre, boisterously discharging a calculated amalgam of d-beat tempos, psych-tinged dynamization, and a hardcore ferocity that could, like... probably kill an elderly person if you play it a little too loud. Realistically, Impalers are pretty much one of the few bands truly fitting of the "Beat Session" branding -- you can consider my ass beat. Shout-out to Mike and Raymond for providing these files and just generally being cool people. You can pick up some tapes -- and even a debut 7" from Mike's thang, Dirty & His Fists (https://dafists.bandcamp.com/album/dirty-his-fists) -- at the "support" link below. Highly recommend you nab whatever you can. TRACK LIST: Nuclear Cabaret - 0:00 Secret Beach - 2:43 Fight Em All - 4:21 Spider Sisters - 5:39 Rippin Rope - 7:54 Psychedelic Snutskallar - 9:30 SUPPORT: https://shoutimpalers.bandcamp.com/album/beat-session-vol-5 https://shoutrecordings.bandcamp.com/merch DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w9w8xgwz9qt6gv0/Beat%20Sessions%20Vol.%205.zip
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