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(PCH) Publishers Clearing House Prank Call (716) - 243 - 3131
I Got Theses Crooked Scammers I Hope U Guys Enjoy Leave A Like Comment & Subscribe
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Scammer Acting A Fool Prank Call (800) - 609 - 7139
This Is Just One Those Vids Were U Have 2 Watch and See How Weird These Scammers Can Be .
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KKK Rages On Scammer Prank Call (716) - 245 - 6549
This was 2 fun not to take tha opportunity 2 call these scammers back and hit them were it hurts and make them feel low and worthless like they make others feel . Karen Channel (Click) https://www.youtube.com/user/lovevt0000/videos Joe Scambait Channel (Click) https://www.youtube.com/user/joeg1725/videos
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Nigerian Ebay Scammer  (650) - 419 - 4541
This is typically Ebay Nigerian Scammer Listen 2 How I Call Him Out On His BS .
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Tha Mask Rapper-Cake (Official Audio)
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Grant Scammer "I Want My Money" !!! Prank Call (202) - 630 - 5287
Guy gets angry , but not me he is just angry in general just he probably he got alot of ppl calling him , this will make u laugh enjoy LOL !!!
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My Best Friend Eddie? Prank Call  (855) - 837 - 9965
This one was way 2 funny Eddie is character .
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Update on my channel moving forward...
Going to do things a little different on my channel always wanted 2 do this and now i can .
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PF Manger Calls IBM Scammer (408) - 463 - 4496
I Hate Being Overlooked on my hardwork sorry but i will be honest and real all tha time that is hard thing 2 come by , i work very very hard on my vids so u guys can have vids everyday .
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Student Loan Scammer Prank Call (337) - 422 - 4137
So basically i received a called from this "Student Loan" place all tha way in Louisiana and they claimed i owed $200.00 wen i used a fake name , stay tuned and check it out .... so after this happened i called again and this Jamaican picked up and said we are not scammers and she was trying 2 convince me not 2 upload tha video because i would be wasting my time that was all on (3.27.17) , so basically wen i called back today (3.28.17) guess what this jamaican guy picks up and u know who this guy is ??? .... is tha same scammer who i talked 2 before that was telling me about a fake gas company that i had tha video for but deleted it because i thought they were legit wen they were not (i'am getting all scammers) they all need 2 called .
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Arguing With Scammer Prank Call
This was pretty fun lol theses are tha numbers i used (844) - 770 - 2112 (877) - 664 - 7337
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Tha Mask Rapper-Hallelujah  (Official Audio)
all i can say is real music is here i do all kinds of stuff .
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Tha Mask Rapper - Free C-Murder (Official Audio)
this is a song i made for C-Murder on how i was feeling because of him being locked up
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Why I Deleted My Youtube Videos ?
Basically This is an inside of why i deleted all my videos and what is going 2 happen with my channel it was long overdo and now is tha time 2 explain .....
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Scammer Problems Prank Call
so basically this Indian Scammer was telling me about his problems check it is a good one and theses are tha numbers i used 1 -(888) - 966 - 3966 & (844) - 445 - 8570
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Tha Mask Rapper-DTN (Official Audio)
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Tha Mask Rapper-Blessed (Official Audio)
True and Amazing song .
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Tha Mask Rapper-Laying By My Side-(Memory Of My Mom) (Official Audio)
Very Personal Song I Did For My Mom
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Samuel Davis "Richest Man Alive" Prank Call (312) - 600 - 2477
I used my new camera on this video and i was talking like tha guy from Infabren "Sylass Brown" i was using his voice as Samual Davis "Richest Man Alive" i hope u guys enjoy this was 2 funny to record lmao . (PS: always my vids in 1080 HD for tha best quality)
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cRAZY iNDIAN lADY "gO pRAY" pRANK cALL (240) - 330 - 6811
This suppose 2 be a IRS Scammer but this lady i guess for whatever reason she wanted me to "Go Home and Pray" LMAO talk about crazy lol enjoy .
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Hillbilly want his $9,000.00 Prank Call (315) - 203 - 5045
This is basically Me Calling Tha "Treasury Department" and Pretending 2 Be A Hillbilly , Hope U Enjoy This Was All In Fun , Not Making Fun Or Anyone Or Any Race Or Skin Color "Enjoy" and be Sure well ... 2 Sub-scribe 2 Jim Bob McClear lol .
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Tha Mask Rapper-America's Dirty Tricks (Official Audio)
I think this song is how everyone feels on how things are run in America
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Tha Mask Rapper-Hood Dreamer (Official Audio)
One of my favorite songs i made mixed and produced by me everything by me ..
Просмотров: 8 Tha Mask Rapper
Tha Mask Rapper-Straight Edge (Official Audio)
official song for Straight Edge
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Tha Mask Rapper-Blind (Official Audio)
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Tha Mask Rapper-Roast Myself Challenge (Official Audio)
i did this Roast Myself Challenge just for fun .
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Tha Mask Rapper-Purple (Official Audio)
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Tha Mask Rapper-Taking Shots (Official Audio)
Chris Brown diss basically
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Tha Mask Rapper-Boss (Official Audio)
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