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Medial Thigh Lift- Dr.Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates plastic surgery after massive weight loss to treat lax skin of the thighs.
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Liposuction Fat for Breast Augmentation Without Implants- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Autologous Fat: Breast Augmentation
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TIGR Matrix Internal Bra in Live Breast Reduction- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates the Superficial Fascia System of the Breast and how is shapes the breast gland. A breast reduction is performed and an internal long term absorbable bra is created.
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Internal Seri Push Up Bra with Silicone Augmentation- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates an Internal Seri Push Up Bra with Silicone Augmentation
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Superficial Fascia System in the Basic Body Segment
This video is about Superficial Fascia System in the Basic Body Segment
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Breast Anatomy: Inside the Corpus Mammae
This video is about internal breast anatomy, exploring what is inside of the capsule of the Corpus mammae: stroma, parenchyma (lobules and ducts), shown during live cosmetic breast surgery.
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Breast Augmentation Without the Use of Breast Implants- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Breast Augmentation Without the Use of Breast Implants
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Breast Reconstruction Without Implants   2nd Fat Grafting 9625D912 6300 44F0 844E D8CC5AA5C230
The third, in a series of videos documenting our technique for nipple sparing mastectomy and reconstruction using a long term absorbable 3-D scaffold and two sessions of outpatient fat grafting.
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Intra Fascial Augmentation with Internal Mastopexy- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates an Intra Fascial Augmentation with Internal Mastopexy
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Inframammary Fold Breast Anatomy- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Inframammary Fold Breast , in live surgery.
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Breast Anatomy_Deep Blood Suply- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates live surgery showing breast anatomy and breast blood supply from the deep system (thoracoacromial).
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Breast Lift with Internal TIGR Matrix Push Up Bra- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke presents an approach to common cosmetic surgery procedure, breast lift; which fashions a surgical push up bra within the body. A purse string suture gathers the breast together at the chest and a long term absorbable fabric supports the bottom of the breast. Live surgery demonstrate the technique.
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Fascial Breast Anatomy: Right Breast Reduction
This video is about the System of Superficial Fascia that shapes the breast, as seen in a Right sided breast reduction.
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The Circum-mammary Ligament- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke illustrates the anatomy of the Circum-mammary Ligament, a three dimensional fascia and fat ring, at the base of the Superficial Fascia System. It surrounds the corpus mammae and anchors it to the chest wall.
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Repair of the Large and Sagging Breast Augmentation- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Repair of the Large and Sagging Breast Augmentation
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Correction of Deep Nasal Fold with Voluma- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Correction of Deep Nasal Fold with Voluma
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Dr. Robert Rehnke - Breast Lift with Internal Purse String Suture which Acts as an Underwire Bra
This video is about Internal Breast Lift with a Circum-mammary Purse String Suture that narrows the diameter of the breast and increases projection and perkiness - this makes an implant unnecessary.
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Intra Fascial Circum-Mammary Ligament Purse String- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke presents a case of removal of 675cc saline sub-muscular implants and replacement of 280cc intra fascial silicone implants, after internal Circus-Mammary Ligament purse string(internal mastopexy) plus Autologous Fat Transfer.
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Upper Blepharoplasty Using the Diamond Knife
This video is about Upper Blepharoplasty Using the Diamond Knife
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Dr. Robert Rehnke MIS Mastectomy and Immediate Reconstruction with P4HB Scaffold and Fat Grafting
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates an Intra Fascial Mastectomy, that preserves the skin, nipple and Superficial Fascia System; reconstruction with a 3-D long term absorbable matrix and fat grafting.
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Supernumerary Breast and Breast Ontology- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke presents a video on Breast Ontology and Supernumerary Breast in the Axilla.
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Skin Nipple SFS Sparing Mastectomy- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Skin -Nipple- SFS Sparing Mastectomy
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Circum-mammary Ligament Mastopexy and Fat Grafting- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates a Circum-mammary Ligament Mastopexy and Fat Grafting
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Internal TIGR Mesh Bra- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates long term absorbable mesh used as an internal bra, to re-enforce the superficial facia of the breast or cir-cum-mammary ligament, during an immediate breast reconstruction.
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Organic Breast ReConStruction- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke shows a patient in surgery,11 months after skin and nipple sparing mastectomy with P4HB absorbable scaffold and two out patient fat grafting session. The scaffold was 10 cm in diameter and had shrunk to half its size. It was removed and a CML purse string was placed to decrease the base diameter of the breast and increase breast projection.
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Improved Mid Face Life Suspension in Face Lifting- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke improved Mid Face Lift Suspension in Face Lifting - DSD Vertical Mattress The key has been to extend my upper SMAS flap dissection across the infra-orbital rim to release the peri-orbital septum (a fascial attachment of the nasojugal line to the infra-orbital rim-http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18317148); and to suspend the malar soft tissue mass with a permanent suture that incorporates both a deep plane of suspension and a superficial one - the "DSD Vertical Mattress" stitch. This DSD stitch is anchored to peri orbital deep connective tissue just lateral to the rim at the level of the canthus. The remainder of the procedure follows standard SMAS lift principles and is rather routine. The efficacy of the DSD Vertical Mattress mid face lift is any thing but routine. - Dr. Robert D. Rehnke For more information, please visit http://reconsurgical.com/improved-midface-suspension LIKE US on Facebook at www.facebook.com/reconsurgical Follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/reconsurgical
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Fascial Breast Anatomy for Internal Mastopexy
The breast is shaped and anchored to the chest wall by superfical fascia that has a zone of adherence known as the circum-mammary ligament. Breast feeding, surgery, and aging lead to its expansion and sagging of the breast. We use a purse string suture to tighten it.
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Breast Reconstruction without Implants using Fat Grafting- Dr. Robert Rehnke
This patient underwent a Minimally Invasive Mastectomy and Lotus Scaffold reconstruction 6 weeks ago (to see the YouTube video of this surgery, go to- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR_lXLygxi8). Today we perform her first fat grafting for reconstruction without implants.www.rehnkemd.com
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Minimally Invasive Mastectomy-Intrafascial Mastectomy- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates extraction of Cooper's Ligaments in Intrafascial Mastectomy, that removes the breast gland but saves the innocent surrounding tissue.
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MIEtome Cadaver Dissection - Minimally Invasive Hybrid Technique for Carpal Tunnel Release
Video of the PICTR procedure in a cadaver specimen with open dissection after the procedure demonstrating the anatomy of the carpal canal. The MIEtome instruments allows for a revolutionary minimally invasive hybrid approach to carpal tunnel release. For more information on the PICTR procedure, please visit www.reconsurgical.com and http://reconsurgical.com/node/24#overlay-context=endoscopic-carpal-tunnel-release Follow us on Twitter @reconsurgical LIKE us on Facebook: facebook.com/reconsurgical Join the Discussion at www.reconsurgical.com
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3 D Silicone Mask For Prevention of Swelling and Bruising after Face Lift
Three dimensional silicone mask prototype for post op face lift patients.
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TIGR Mesh Mastopexy with Long-Term Reservable Mesh- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates revision of a mastopexy augmentation after bottoming out of the silicone implant. After capsuloraphy with permanent sutures, the repair was reinforced with a 10x15 cm. piece of TIGR Mesh, by Novus Scientific, the worlds first long-term resorbable mesh. Follow us on Twitter @reconsurgical LIKE us on Facebook: facebook.com/reconsurgical Join the Discussion at www.reconsurgical.com
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Breast Anatomy: Arterial Supply- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Breast Anatomy: Arterial Supply
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Juvederm Injections and Masseter Botox
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Minimally Invasive Mastectomy  Intra Fascial Technique- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke presents a minimally invasive approach to mastectomy, which removes an equivalent amount of tissue as a standard mastectomy, in the sub quadrant of the cancer, but then removes only the corpus mama in the other 5/6 ths of the breast. Skin, Nipple, and superficial fascia system is preserved, thus leading to better reconstruction without the use of implants.
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Corpus Lamina: Anatomy of the Infra-mammary Fold
This video is about Corpus Lamina: Anatomy of the Infra-mammary Fold
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SFS Breast Anatomy CML
Anatomic dissection of the Superficial Fascia System of the breast, showing the Circum-mammary Ligament.
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Results of breast reconstruction without implants-fat grafting-Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke shows a patient who underwent bilateral mastectomies for a right breast cancer. We used Autologous Fat for a series of fat transfers to reconstruct the breast. The right side required post op radiation therapy and therefor needed four fat transfers, while the left only required two.
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Immediate Breast Reconstruction Without Implants- Dr. Robert Rehnke and Dr. John Clarke
Dr. Robert Rehnke presents a case of Immediate Breast Reconstruction Without Implants
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Male Breast The Corpus Lamina
The breast gland develops in a layer of superficial fascia midway between the anterior lamina fascia, or Camper's analog, and the posterior lamina fascia, or Scarpa's analog, we have called the "Corpus Lamina". This is nicely shown in an example of a male breast reduction, where there is no corpus mammae development.
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INTRA Fascial Breast Implant Pocket Dissection- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke presents a new position for implant insertion, the intra Superficial Fascia System pocket. Dissection is below the corpus mammae and posterior lamina fat, but on top of posterior lamina superficial fascia. This should maintain the integrity of the circum-mammary ligament and prevent bottoming out in breast with poor chest wall support.
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Breast Enlargement Using Liposuction Fat Graft- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Breast Enlargement Using Liposuction Fat Graft
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Intra Fascial Breast Dissection- Dr. Robert Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke presents Intra Fascial Breast Dissection
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Surgeons talk about TIGR
Dr Robert Rehnke, Dr Jim Chao and Dr Bruce Ramshaw
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Breast Anatomy SFS Circum mammary Ligament 2
Cadaver dissection of the Superficial Fascia System surrounding the breast - the Circum-mammary Ligament. Eric R. Van Buskirk and Robert D. Rehnke
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Internal push-up bra/live surgery. TIGR Matrix- Dr. Rehnke Rehnke
Dr. Robert Rehnke demonstrates Internal Mastopexy purse string and TIGR support to correct bottomed out implant.
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Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting and P4HB Absorbable Implant
This video is about Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting and Absorbable Implant
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