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GRAPHIC Removal of gauze strip packing.
Nurse removing gauze strip from the wound in the back of my leg after surgery. First time of daily dressing changes for both leg and foot.
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Pus spewing out of a swollen leg
Trip to the doctor to have fluid drained from a hole in my leg turned out pretty cool. (Show more for more information) I had a rope wrap around my leg and pull off destroying all the soft tissue under my skin, there was not any major cuts at the time or any way for fluid to be drained, basically think of moving toothpaste around in its tube without taking the cap off. I had been seeing the doctor once a week after being in the hospital for 10 days when this happened, 2 weeks after discharge. I was in surgery the next day for de-brieding of necrotic tissue. Think of the fluid as being the same fluid as what is found in a blister, some infection and blood (at least that is how it was explained to me).
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Workin at the car wash
2 motorcycles go through carwash with riders
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Branding Party
Short video of a friend branding his hand during a party one night using a small cauterizer.
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Blood Blister Half Full
This was a blood blister I had that was half emptied by natural means, Nothing really special but I had one friend say to stick a straw in it like a Capri-Sun
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