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Imaginary Friends at Shamrocks in Omaha doing "Ready To Go!"
Playing with my Imaginary Friends at Shamrocks Pub in Omaha, Fall of 2016.
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Bigheara and Lyra
Bigheara (6 mo. male ebony Oriental Shorthair) and Lyra (8 mo. female blue-point Siamese) wrestle. And wrestle and wrestle.
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Bozo Under The Sea
A vintage Bozo picture book record I digitized for my kids. These were my mother's when she was a child in the late 1940s.
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Storms Over Copperfields
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The midnight Fancy Feast treat conspiracy
Cats are so sneaky and quiet. Huh? Not Oriental cats!
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Meezer pool.
Cleaning up for a nice game of pool, until the claws come out at the end!
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Beanie Baby
Waiter, there's a Tasmanian tiger on my table....
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Luxury Home For Sale
5100 square feet! All of the gold carpeting has been recently replaced with grey pattern carpet and luxury vinyl tile in the lower level.
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Blue Point Siamese kitten "Lyra"
The newest member of our family. Four month old female "Lyra".
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Just Lyra being frisky
Our 6 month old Blue-Point Siamese kitten having fun.
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Bigheara at 4 months old.
Our gangly little male Oriental shorthair playing. We didn't know then that he would be the biggest cat we've ever had!
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Lyra's Favorite Video
Our adorable five month old female blue-point Siamese kitten loves to watch, and this is her favorite subject.
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