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Fallout 76 Will Not Be a Good Game
This Will not be a traditional Fallout game there's not going to be no NPCs and 76 so no companions no Quest givers no good story no nothing this game is basically just a online Fallout game where you just jump into a open world with other people around the world and defeat enemies and kill each other not my cup of tea
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{Bound by Flame} Money Glitch Working June 2018 for Xbox One
This glitch been in this game ever since it launched in 2014 this is never going to get patch
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Rest In Peace Carl And F*** AMC
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George Hill misses game-winning free throw
Warriors take game 1 of the NBA finals the Cavs team ain't got to step up you can't have LeBron James scoring all the points every game someone else got to do something
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My reaction to The Walking Dead final season trailer
Original Video Hear https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pzjg14Nlo8 The graphics are on the whole nother scale from the other telltale's The Walking Dead games I know they making sure they end off this series with a bang can't wait for it to happen August 14th 2018 the first episode is coming out can't wait to see my baby Clem and can't wait to see how this ends
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Wannabe Playz {Super Hot} pt7
Watch me play Super Hot a popping VR game not so popping on consoles though I got this game off of games with gold March 2018 update this game is a solid 6-10 to me let me know what you think Category porn star
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Perverted words in Scribblenauts
Cock ass dick pussy
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Clem kiss gabe revew pt1
I relly wish I was gabe right now
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Irma Wannabe  MSM For Glory Repost Mirrors pt1
Boo suck me
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Unchanted on drugs pt1 (DeadFall ADVENTURE)
This game gives me a nice Egyptian five so where the native bitches at😱😬
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My Top 13 Badest Disney princesses
1. Jasmine 2.Mulan 3.Merida 4. Pocanontas 5. Bell 6. Rapunzel 7.Tiana 8. Arial 9. Cinderalla 10. SnowWhite 11. Anna 12. Elsa 13. Aurorl
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Karioke 4# Let me see You Strip
She way to sexy to me
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Ahsoka Alive!!! I Cant Believe it
In Star Wars Rebels season 4 episode 13 Ahsoka came back through the Realm of the Force and it looks like this is not the last we going to see of Ahsoka either so I'm excited to see where Star Wars is going to take this but I'm just glad my bitch back😍😍👅
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Paladins Beta Game play
This game is a Overwatch Knock off
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Tag you're it (Dog Vlog) 4#
My babby fast that's flas fuck
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New  Avatars Meau For Xbox One Coming this fall
Soooo much conseterashin
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Your nigga graduated😆😀🌠🌹🎓🎓🎓📷🎉🎊
Thank everybody else for support we'll see what happens going on in life for me
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I wish I was every single one of these dudes with a plate in their lips
My one of my fantasy is getting my lip biting and sucked by the baddest bitches in the world
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Messing Arounde With Sire gone sexaral
Gets Freaky
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Flame's vs Acro's Away at flame's MSM for Glory
3-1 the fourth unit got a lot of potential
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Wannabe Playz {Bound by Flame} pt11
This is my let's play on (Bound By Flames) I got this game off of games pass subscription this game came out 2014 and it was highly compared to Dragon Age some people don't like it but after my experience playing at I got to say I like the characters and I like the story that comes with it and it's alright game in my opinion I'll give this a 9-10 yes is that good to me I'm not really good with RPG games but this one's easy to handle awesome game in my opinion enjoy the list play Humans PS Eldwin and Sibi sexy as fuck
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TWD Season 8 Episode 12 My Thoughts
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Sarey4Life#❤❤💕💏 OMG Pleaz Make it Happen
I know this was in the main couple in this but I always like to see a cute couple like this go somewhere hopefully someday we will see this ship
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Paladins More KOGA Gameplay
Recorded yourself my Xbox One Wish I Could Do all my gameplay videos like this
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Training my Maeve in paladins
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Wannabe Playz {Shadow Warrior} pt17
STUDENT VS MASTER epic battle # Category Gaming and Pornstar JK Shadow Warrior 1997
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My New Bike
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Wannabe Playz {Super Lucky's Tale} pt2
Hi everybody welcome to my Gameplay on Super Lucky's Tale I I got this Game off of games pass March 2018 Update This Gme remines me of Super Mario Bros. Bass On how it plays out But This game is a solid 9-10 To Me I really Enjoy Chill Games Like this
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How I keep myself Cool on a hot summer day
Come on I'm not the only one that does this do I I'm such a weirdo😕
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Cavs Got Swept
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R.I.P That Nigga X
Dead at 20 he a whole career ahead of him he will be missed
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BRAND NEW Microsoft studio games to games pass my thouge?
Xbox Games pass is for the Causal Gamers
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The Power of Alchemy 1# [Red Faction:Armageddon]
Not A bad third Person shoter still not beater then dead space thoe
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PB&J on Waffles Yummy
This is not that bad I actually prefer PB&J on waffles then on bread I'm going to make this shit more often
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Boyz 12 Impersonation!!!
Imma be the next b-boy 13 I got killer vocals
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I am not looking forward to Fallout 76
I think Bethesda is trying to do too much keep Fallout traditional make it a single player experience with a good story don't make it no bulshit online game that I don't give a fuck about I will not play this game unless it's free of charge it's a waste of time I hope this game fails Bethesda what the fuck is you doing
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with Plate Lip 2#
You thought I was Done With This Didn't You
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Plate Lip 5# are you satisfied
#FeisyByLipBit4 all of these are from kissing challenges on YouTube
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I never really had any kind of design in my hairusually just got mine hair trimmed up but this like the first. Design I had in my hair and plus I like cum in my mouth just to let you know
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He's Back at it Again Plate Lip 3#
I don't know why but I live for lip bites
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Fuck Valentine's Day
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My First Game With KOGA in Paladins
My first time playing as Koga was cool experience Koga is sneaky character that is not like any other
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"LeBron James to the Lakers WTF"
This is very interesting I thought LeBron James will resign with the Cavs but he actually join the Lakers I guess that fan speculation bullshit is worth something after all anyway I'm curious to see what the cavs going to do I'm still Cavs fan can't wait to see what they make out of LeBron James decision to leave they will not be in the playoff for a couple of years they will be sorry for a little while and that's a fact but they just got rebuilt now and just hope for the best for LeBron James he gave it all to Cleveland so I'm not bashing him for leaving he did what he set out to do Win them a championship so you can't be mad at the man so anyway this NBA Seasons going to be interesting
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Wannabe Playz (Gears of War) pt11
A plan that failed
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I don't really give a fuck about the extra shit in life
I don't really give a shit about all that extra shit if I'm good and have I need to survive in the world and I can satisfy myself I'm all shizzy
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TellTale Walking Dead The Final Season Art
This are is very similar to the first season art it gives me a vibe that they're going to try and make this season the same thing as the first season with Clementine and Lee but they going to make it Clementine and AJ I don't know if I'm bored with that because Clementine's the most beloved character in my opinion and if she dies I'm done
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Skyrim SP pt 16-He's a Fucking Trader
Im a Brode now that still sounds so wrong
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Tales from the Borderlands extra Guns Shildes an SkinCustomizations for #Pre-Sequel
I know this is old but the Fast Talker Conference Man and Nova are pretty obese guns pun intended
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All good So far
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