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HER2-positive breast cancer: a celebration of survival
At 39, Lisa Wolfe was diagnosed with aggressive HER2-positive breast cancer. After a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and treatment with a personalized medicine, Lisa is in remission – and she’s stronger than ever. Learn how the right diagnosis changed the life of a young breast cancer patient – and her growing family. RTD WEB6069A RTDPC-ASFASA-0070
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The role of the p16 biomarker in cervical precancer
This animated mechanism of action video teaches you how the p16INK4a and Ki-67 biomarkers detect the over-expression of these biomarkers in cervical precancerous disease.
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Ventana is looking for the best and brightest to join our team and take our mission worldwide.
If you’re ready to join a team on a mission, get a glimpse of what it’s like to work at the world-leader in tissue diagnostics.
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Follicular lymphoma versus follicular hyperplasia
In this short video, Dr. Peter Banks, pathologist with Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., discusses useful IHC markers that aid in distingushing follicular lymphoma from follicular hyperplasia - a common conundrum in hematopathology.
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Bringing down the beast – the power of diagnostics in the war on cancer
Do pathology professionals play a role in helping to cure cancer? How effective is immunotherapy – and how do we know which patients will benefit? Two amazing true patient stories demonstrate that advanced diagnostics – and emerging therapies – can directly improve cancer care, and extend patients’ lives.
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IHC/ISH Automated Staining vs. Manual Processing
This time-lapse video compares the VENTANA BenchMark GX IHC/ISH automated staining instrument to manual processing and highlights key automation benefits such as less hands-on time; faster turnaround time; and quality, reproducible results. (The Benchmark GX IHC/ISH automated staining instrument may not be available in all markets).
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Case Study: Yuma Regional Medical Center and digital pathology solutions
At Yuma Regional Medical Center in Yuma, Arizona, the anatomical pathology lab has adopted cutting edge digital pathology solutions from Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. to increase their efficiencies and to assist in better patient care.
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SurePath™ Slide preparation for CINtec® PLUS Cytology
Learn how to process SurePath™ slides from the enriched cell pellet (tube) for use with CINtec PLUS Cytology on the BenchMark IHC/ISH automated slide stainer.
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Introduction to VENTANA BenchMark Systems - US & Canada
An overview of the unique staining technologies of BenchMark ULTRA and BenchMark XT that lead to consistent and reproducible results, and how Roche's global install base of BenchMark IHC/ISH platforms has led to a robust pipeline of medical value assays.
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Welcome to the new normal
Cancer rates are set to increase 70% by the year 2030 -- and anatomic pathology labs are preparing to face tremendous test volumes with fewer resources and tougher regulations. Find out what Roche is doing to help pathology professionals navigate the "new normal" in cancer diagnostics.
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Chain of custody, lean integration, and full visibility into histology lab operations
Lab manager perspective on why to choose VANTAGE workflow solution, impact on team performance
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VENTANA HE 600 system: Consistent and Safe Foundation for Cancer Diagnosis
A behind the scenes look at the development of the VENTANA HE 600 system stain quality.
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Tell your friends and loved ones about HPV cervical screening
Become informed about HPV testing to help increase awareness of cervical cancer prevention. Share with your friends and loved ones. Web5945A-1 RTDPC-ASFC-0013 1. Ferlay et al. GLOBOCAN 2012. World Cancer Population fact sheet. Available at: http://globocan.iarc.fr/Pages/fact_sheets_population.aspx. Last updated 2012. Accessed 21 May 2014. 2. Cancer.net – http://www.cancer.net/navigating-cancer-care/cancer-basics/understanding-statistics-used-guide- prognosis-and-evaluate-treatment. Accessed 7/16/2015. Also – Every Woman Counts Website – California Department of Health Care Services. https://qap.sdsu.edu/screening/cervicalcancer/facts.html. Accessed 7/16/2015. 3. American Cancer Society website. Key statistics about cervical cancer. Accessed 7/16/2015 4. Leyden WA, Manos MM, Geiger AM, et al. Cervical cancer in women with comprehensive health care access: attributable factors in the screening process. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2005;97(9): 675-683. doi:10.1093/jnci/dji115. 5. Andrae B, Kemetli L, Sparén P, et al. Screening-preventable cervical cancer risks: evidence from a nationwide audit in Sweden. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2008;100(9):622-629. doi:10.1093/jnci/djn099. 6. WHO/ICO HPV Information Center. Human Papilloma Virus and Related Cancers. Summary Report Update. Nov 15, 2010. p8. 7. Ikenberg et al., Screening for Cervical Cancer Precursors With p16/Ki-67 Dual-Stained Cytology: Results of the PALMS Study. J Nat’l Cancer Inst. 2013;105(20):1550-1557. 8. Bergeron C, Ordi J, Schmidt D, Trunk MJ, Keller T, Ridder R; European CINtec Histology Study Group. Conjunctive p16INK4a testing significantly increases accuracy in diagnosing high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. Am J Clin Pathol. 2010;133(3):395-406. 9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_papillomavirus#Cancer. Pg 4/31. Accessed 7/16/2015. Note: References corresponding to #2, #3, and #9 above have original articles with the reference annotated posted into the gallery for this ZincMaps submission.
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Digital pathology transforms tissue diagnostics
Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in the U.K. has been using the Roche Digital Pathology portfolio to transform tissue diagnostics. They have streamlined collaboration, especially for their multi-disciplinary meetings and they have used digital technology in the education of new pathologists. Lab workflow has become more efficient and pathologists are now more seamlessly connected. RTDPC-DP-0034 Web6021A-1
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An AP lab is transformed with digital pathology
Anand Diagnostic Laboratory in Bengaluru, India has become the first lab in India to adopt the complete Roche Digital Pathology portfolio to provide better diagnostic insights for physicians and their patients. They utilize this technology for routing reporting, enhanced quality assurance and pathologist education. The staff advises all pathologists to consider the possibility of moving to the monitor and take steps towards understanding the digital pathology advantages.
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Digital pathology enables MUMC's AP lab to deliver prompt, confident diagnoses
When treating cancer patients, every second counts. Prof. Dr. Axel zur Hausen of Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC), located in Maastricht, the Netherlands, pioneered the use of whole slide imaging to quickly deliver diagnostic pathology reports instantaneously to referring physicians -- both within the centre and outside.
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ThinPrep® Slide preparation for CINtec® PLUS Cytology
Learn how to process ThinPrep® slides for use with CINtec PLUS Cytology on the BenchMark IHC/ISH automated slide stainer.
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Hope without borders: the promise of telepathology
Did you know that only 20% of patients in some African countries survive cancers that are highly curable in more developed countries*? Learn what Roche is doing to bring access to advanced diagnostics and care to patients worldwide -- watch the video now. Sources: National Cancer Institute, *World Health Organization (WHO), Public Radio International (PRI.org)
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Diagnostic innovation: birth of automated staining
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., a Member of the Roche Group, is a global leader in tissue diagnostic innovations for anatomic pathology. This video reveals the true story of a quest to improve the standard of care for a single patient -- a quest that began a new era in cancer diagnostics. Discover how automated staining is empowering histology labs worldwide to deliver prompt, personalized diagnostic information.
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INFORM HER2 Dual ISH Training Lesson 1: The INFORM HER2 Dual ISH DNA Probe Cocktail
In this lesson you will learn the importance of determining HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor-2) gene status in breast cancer, review and understand the intended use of the INFORM HER2 Dual ISH DNA Probe Cocktail assay, list the components, and describe how the assay works.
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The value of staining automation
Anatomic pathology labs worldwide trust automated platforms to help them reach new levels of efficiency as cancer test volumes skyrocket. But did you know that lab automation also plays a significant role in patient safety, stain quality, talent management, and technician job satisfaction? Learn how lab professionals are using automation to bring high-value testing in-house and offer patients a higher standard of diagnostic care.
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Join the Ventana Patient Safety Initiative
Ventana Medical Systems Inc. supports patient safety improvements in the pathology lab in many ways. We invite you and your lab to learn more about these efforts and join us in the quest for safer lab practices.
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The vital role of pathologists in diagnosis and treatment
Some reports about pathologist concordance in breast cancer diagnoses have introduced doubts about the reliability of anatomic pathology as a whole. But is there more to the story? Eric E. Walk, MD, FCAP, Sr. Vice President, Medical and Scientific Affairs; Chief Medical Officer, Roche Diagnostics Tissue Division, explores the diagnostic concordance among pathologists interpreting breast biopsy specimens study – JAMA March 17, 2015, Vol 313, No 11 in depth – and reveals innovative diagnostic technologies that can deliver higher levels of diagnostic confidence and deeper clinical insight to physicians and patients.
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Tissue Heterogeneity
Why have we been unable to cure cancer? Dr. Eric Walk speaks candidly about tissue heterogeneity, and the theory that it may be a key reason we still face significant challenges in cancer treatment. See the recent findings of Dr. Charles' Swanton's work in the emerging science of heterogeneity revealed in this richly illustrated dialogue with Dr. Walk -- and find out what it means for pathology, oncology, and cancer patients.
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The value of companion diagnostics Part-1
Industry thought leaders discuss the value of companion diagnostics in cancer pathology, and their impact on the personalized healthcare model, healthcare professionals, and -- ultimately -- patients.
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VENTANA iScan HT scanner showcase
Dynamic 8 minute video highlights market-leading throughput of this high volume scanner optimized for speed with sub-minute scanning and viewing
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Virtuoso image and workflow management software, pathologist workflow made easy
This 5-minute video demonstrates pathologist workflow for breast patient cases
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Malaysia AP lab embraces full scale adoption of digital pathology
Learn how a lab in Malaysia has utilized the Roche Digital Pathology portfolio to - improve collaboration among pathologists, provide rapid turnaround time for diagnosis and consults and enrich education and training across multiple group and individual settings. Dr. Pathmanathan at Subang Jaya Medical Center encourages those reluctant to embrace digital pathology to try it for all the benefits it offers and get ahead of the curve.
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iScan Coreo - Scanning made easy
Concise 4 minute video details the optimal use of this flexible medium volume scanner
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Expect a breakthrough with Ventana Companion Diagnostics
How can we close the gap between generic and personalized cancer treatment? Working together with pharmaceutical visionaries, Ventana Companion Diagnostics can help identify the patients most likely to respond to breakthrough therapies that can improve or extend life for patients worldwide.
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Journal of Histotechnology Reports on Real Risk of Errors in Patient Tissue Biopsy Processing
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. announced a groundbreaking study in the Journal of Histotechnology that indicates there is a real risk that errors can be made in the processing of patient biopsy tissue in anatomic pathology labs around the world. The Journal reports on the startling outcome of the Stainer Bath Cross Contamination Challenge (SBCCC), developed by Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., that involved 70 pathology labs from six countries across three continents.
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Clinical Importance of Special Stains
18-minute educational PowerPoint presentation narrated by Ventana Medical Systems pathologist Dr. Michael Lynch. This video provides an overview of the clinical value of special stains in histopathology through the review of organ-specific stain panels and case studies.
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H&E: the foundation for cancer diagnosis
The sole basis for 80% of tissue-based cancer diagnosis, H&E is a critical technology in anatomical pathology labs. Featuring Dr. Tom Grogan, MD - pathologist and founder of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. - this brief educational video answers three key questions: Is H&E a relevant technology today? What does H&E show us? And why is individual slide staining better for patients?
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VENTANA Vector software offers pathology training and collaboration anytime, anywhere
VENTANA Vector software creates a learning environment for pathology teaching and collaboration. This software optimizes course efficiency, increases engagement with students and enhances the overall learning experience. The VENTANA Vector software is part of the VENTANA Digital Pathology suite of products and fully compatible with the iScan Coreo and VENTANA iScan HT scanners.
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Laboratory professionals reduce H&E staining risk by minimizing exposure to hazardous chemicals
Ventana H&E automated slide stainer reduces risk to laboratory professionals with ready to use reagents and xylene free operation
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Workflow studies of the VENTANA BenchMark Ultra System
This short video highlights Worldwide studies that demonstrate the workflow and efficiency gains that anatomical laboratories can achieve when adopting single piece workflows in conjunction with the BenchMark ULTRA system.
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Trying to save 8 million people, starting with his wife
One of Tucson's most successful start up companies, Ventana Medical Systems, is becoming the global leader in bio-technologies. What that boils down to, is saving millions of cancer patients. Kayna Whitworth sat down with the man who started it all from a lab at the University of Arizona Medical Center.
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Pathologist perspective: the power of companion diagnostics
This is the true story of a pathologist who learned the real value of diagnostics through an unlikely breast cancer patient: her own mother. Watch this inspiring video to learn how a HER2 test, a HER2-positive diagnosis, and a personalized therapy came together to extend and improve a family’s life.
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First Ever International School of Biomedical Diagnostics
Arizona State University and Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland joined forces to create the new International School of Biomedical Diagnostics, which offers the first degree program of its kind. The school was designed and implemented as a result of ASU's partnerships with Dublin City University and Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
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Embark on Innovation with Roche Tissue Diagnostics
As the world leader in tissue diagnostics, Roche Tissue Diagnostics, is looking for diverse, top talent from all over the world to drive innovation further. Come join our team! Visit http://careers.ventana.com
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Expect a breakthrough with Ventana Companion Diagnostics
Ventana Companion Diagnostics is committed to personalizing cancer care by developing breakthrough immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization biomarkers that help identify patients who will benefit from targeted therapies. Learn how we can help pharma move their personalized medicines from concept to commercialization in this motion graphics video.
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CINtec® PLUS Cytology Post-Processing Procedure: Mounting and Coverslipping
Learn how to perform the Post-process procedure to aqueous mounting and coverslip slides stained with the CINtec PLUS Cytology test on the BenchMark IHC/ISH automated slide stainer.
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Case study: Automated hematoxylin & eosin (H&E) staining at Petroglyph Pathology
The VENTANA HE 600 system Petroglyph testimonial video highlights Petrogyph Pathology experience with the VENTANA HE 600 system as the first beta site. Testimonial from pathology, lab management, and histotechnologist are included in this video.
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Delivering diagnostic confidence: Chapter 3 - VENTANA BenchMark systems video
The third chapter in a 4-part video series highlighting how VENTANA BenchMark systems achieve consistent & reproducible results, discover why Roche Tissue Diagnostics' IHC/ISH staining systems have become the trusted partner of choice for the global histopathology community.
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The importance of counterstain in immunohistochemistry analysis
Dr. Tom Grogan addresses the impact of counterstain intensity and adequate color differentiation in the assessment of therapeutic targets and low expressing markers using immunohistochemistry (IHC). Imaging scientist Chukka Srinivas then shows how digital pathology tools can precisely quantify the color spectrum in each stained cell, and how challenging it is to separate positive and negative cell populations when counterstain intensity is too strong. It emerges that proper IHC counterstaining is essential to diagnostic accuracy. The information obtained from this multifunctional approach enables Roche Diagnostics to optimize its reagents so that you can continue to deliver diagnostic confidence.
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BRAF V600E IHC -- Dr. David Shibata, Moffitt Cancer Center
Learn from Dr. Shibata about his experience with BRAF V600E testing. Dr. Shibata discusses the role and value of immunohistochemistry in BRAF V600E testing in colorectal cancer. Dr. Shibata also provides background on the role of the BRAF V600E mutations and their frequency in different disease areas.
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BRAF V600E IHC -- Dr. Andreas Von Deimling (German Cancer Center (DKFZ)
Learn from Dr. von Deimling about the value of BRAF V600E (VE1) testing with immunohistochemistry in comparison to existing Molecular methods. Dr. von Deimling also discusses the specificity of the BRAF antibody to V600E mutations.
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The CAP/CLIA Lab at Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
What is it about the companion diagnostic development process at Ventana Medical Systems that is so unique? Learn more about the people in our CAP/CLIA lab who focus all their years of experience on developing new diagnostic tools to help identify the patients most likely to respond to breakthrough therapies that may improve or extend life for patients worldwide.
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BRAF V600E IHC -- Dr. Jayesh Desai, Royal Melbourne Hospital
Learn from Dr. Desai on the importance of the BRAF V600E mutation and the value of BRAF V600E testing with immunohistochemistry. Dr. Desai shares the results of a 500 patient studies done with the V600E (VE1) antibody.
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Ahead of our time: the evolution of H&E
What happens when a medical innovation is ahead of its time? Individual slide staining for H&E is a revolutionary technology patients need now. Optimizing lab efficiency, achieving consistent stain quality, and helping improve patient safety are gains that make the time and risk associated with developing a breakthrough technology worthwhile.
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