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CAHO Webinar : Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment by Ms. Keerthi D'Souza, Managing Director, LG Professional Services, LLP
Benchmarking in healthcare-  Is it a possibility?
CAHOCON 2017 : Benchmarking in Healthcare - Is it a possibliity by Dr. Anupam Sibal (Group Medical Director, Apollo Hospital)
CAHOCON 2017 : Challenges faced by hospitals in geting Entry level accreditation
Challenges faced by hospitals in getting entry level accreditation by Dr. M Prabhakar, Director- Kalyani Kidney Care Centre, Erode
CAHOCON 2017 : Perfection with purity
Perfection with purity by Mr Kapil Hetamsaria, CEO - Bodhi Brands (Velvetcase.com)
CAHOCON 2017 : Uber Model -Customer Experience & logistics
Uber Model- Customer Experience & logistics by Mr.Prabhjeet Singh, Uber Business Head North India
CAHOCON 2017 : Let's Debate  Documentation Vs Patient care   Which is important
Let's debate- Documentation v/s Patient care : Which is important? (Air Marshal Dr. Pawan Kapoor, Dr. Arati Verma, Dr. Anand R, Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Capt. Ajitha PS )
Legal Compliances in Kidney Transplant
CAHO Webinar : Legal compliances in Kidney Transplant by Dr.V. Balaraman.
CAHOCON 2017 : Pre Accreditation Entry Level accreditation - A game changer
Pre Accreditation Entry Level Accreditation - A game changer by Mr. DVS Ramesh , Insurance Dept. IRDA
CAHOCON 2017 : Quality beyond Accreditation -Clinical outcomes
Quality Beyond Accreditation : Clinical outcomes by Dr. Narottam Puri, Medical Advisor-Fortis Healthcare
CAHOCON 2017 : Data Sharing -Are we ready to collaborate
Panel Discussion : Data Sharing- Are we ready to collaborate ? by (Dr. Sanjeev K Singh, Dr. Antony Basille, Dr. Harish Nadkarni, Dr.D Nagar, Mrs. Upasana Arora, Mr. Govind Hari)
CAHOCON 2017: NABL Accreditation: Need of the hour
NABL Accreditation: Need of the hour by Dr Vandana Jain