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Brownfield plan modified for Founder's Landing parking structure
Brownfield plan modified for Founder's Landing parking structure
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Brownfield Plan Approved
The state has approved the $1.278 million Brownfield plan for the new Holiday Inn Express to be built in downtown Alpena.
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Janesville ARISE Brownfield Redevelopment
Janesville, Wisconsin's downtown riverfront and adjoining neighborhoods are severely affected by brownfields and their health impacts. This project advanced strategic thinking and community engagement toward realizing the potential for the 240 acre Rock Renaissance Area and six high priority redevelopment sites. The Rock Renaissance Area Redevelopment and Implementation Strategy is known as ARISE. This project won a 2015 Merit Award for Analysis and Planning from the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. The planning effort interpreted existing site environmental information, incorporated community planning efforts for the downtown, and assessed current market opportunities to maximize green and healthy design, facilitate future private development, improve river access, and spur job creation. The resulting draft plan will be a vision and implementation strategy for the Rock Renaissance Area, including improved connectivity, cohesive land use patterns, enhanced public space, and redevelopment recommendations and implementation strategies for the six key redevelopment sites. Funding has been granted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through a Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program.
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Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of U.S. EPA's Brownfields Program: Looking Back, Moving Forward
A short video describing the history of the U.S. EPA's Brownfields Program including interviews with EPA and state officials.
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Study: "Job-Killing' EPA Rule May Actually Create Jobs.
Shop through Amazon by clicking this link and support TYT Nation! http://ow.ly/LAKHU "The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions at power plants will end up creating more jobs than it cuts, according to a new analysis of the proposed rule. EPA's Clean Power Plan would require existing power plants to cut their greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a cleaner supply of energy. The EPA has previously estimated that the plan would create 120,000 jobs by 2020 but lead to 24,000 job loses as plants move away from fossil fuel energy sources. " http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/244470-study-epa-climate-rule-would-create-jobs Support our channel, become a patron and help us build a better Nation: http://www.patreon.com/TYTNation Like Our Facebook Page! http://www.Facebook.com/TYTNation TYT Nation is Your Channel, Your Voice If you want to be on TYT Nation, send us your clips: http://upload.theyoungturks.com Subscribe to TYT Nation: http://www.youtube.com/tytnation Subscribe to our Network Partner: The Young Turks. http://www.youtube.com/theyoungturks http://www.tytnetwork.com
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Old Rails to Green Trails: EPA Helps Lawrence MA Plan a Promising Future
NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on. With the help of EPA’s $200,000 Brownfields Area-wide planning grant, this video shows Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera and Congresswoman Niki Tsongas explain the catalytic impact of EPA funding to jumpstart improvements and community outcomes for citizens in underserved communities, such as Lawrence, MA. By planning for, and envisioning, new walking paths to replace a blighted old railway that cuts through the City, residents will someday be able to link to adjacent recreational trails. This video shows the “before” of a key community project that will change the future face of Lawrence and make a real difference to its citizens. For more information about EPA’s Making a Visible Difference in Communities http://www2.epa.gov/smart-growth/making-visible-difference-communities For more about EPA: http://www.epa.gov/ We accept comments according to our comment policy: http://blog.epa.gov/blog/comment-policy/
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Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy, Langley, BC (2015 FCM Award Winner — Brownfields)
Learn about the City of Langley’s Brownfield Redevelopment Strategy, for which it won a 2015 FCM Sustainable Communities Award.
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The Conservative Party manifesto and brownfield site development
In this short video, RICS' Global Property Standards Director, Peter Bolton King, discusses brownfield site development and the UK Conservative Party’s upcoming 2015 General Election manifesto. Peter also picks up the fact that the manifesto meets some of the calls RICS is making in our ‘Property in Politics’ campaign. Read more about Property in Politics: http://www.rics.org/propertyinpolitics Follow RICS on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ricsnews Like RICS on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ricssurveyors Follow RICS on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ricssurveyors Follow RICS on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/rics Read our latest news: http://www.rics.org/news Read RICS Modus magazine: http://www.rics.org/modus Read our latest RICS Journals: http://www.rics.org/journals
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What Can Brownfield Do For You?
Mo Nishiyama http://lanyrd.com/2015/writethedocs/sdmwxd/ As documentarians, we are rarely afforded an opportunity to thrive in a pristine greenfield environment. Sometimes we are asked to resurrect an existing documentation system which had fallen into a derelict state over many years. To turn this ship around, we must shepherd contents, customer base, and internal Subject Matter Experts into a future state where outdated, neglected, and ambiguous support documents are transformed into timely, relevant, and pleasing works of art. The role of the documentarian is to help execute this transformation. However, we are often asked (or voluntold) by our organizations to wear other hats beyond our primary writing duties: repair and build relationships, analyze business processes, learn about how others react to change, discover unknown troves of documentation, train and encourage the next generation of writers, gather and crunch data, tell stories, design workflows, and perform “other duties as needed.” Some may respond with an exasperated “I wasn’t trained on this!!!” or “That’s not part of my job!” But those of us who embrace the opportunity to stretch beyond our areas of expertise and learn new peripheral skills may realize that working on a documentation equivalent of a cleaning up Superfund site can turn into super fun. In this talk, I will share my experiences and lessons learned as a technical writer who is witnessing this documentation culture change, one conversation at a time. Wearing many hats can be exhilarating and rewarding.
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Digbeth Fieldcourse 2015
A brownfield regeneration walk filmed in Birmingham's Digbeth area and hurriedly cut together.
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Atlantic City Redevelopment & Investment
Atlantic City is positioned for growth in 2015. Planning a conference? Organizing a company retreat? Setting up a big corporate presentation? Start with Atlantic City!
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Albemarle Development time lapse video
Time lapse video showing the redevelopment of Albemarle House in Stockwell. For more information, please visit www.networkhg.org.uk
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GreenIsGood - Mathy Stanislaus - EPA
As Assistant Administrator for OSWER, Mr. Stanislaus has focused on opening government, expanding transparency, and empowering local communities to participate in all of OSWER's decisions through the Community Engagement Initiative. He has expanded the brownfields program to provide tools to local communities to revitalize economically distressed communities in America's downtown including through the innovative Area Wide Brownfields Pilot program. He leads the Agency's efforts to support community based actions to address environmental justice under Plan EJ 2014. He is leading the effort to transition from waste management to life-cycle based materials management through theSustainable Materials Management Initiative. He led EPA's response efforts during BP Spill – serving weeks in Unified Area Command. He serves on the White House Council on Auto Communities and Workers and the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. - See more at: http://greenisgoodradio.com/guest/epa-s-mathy-stanislaus#sthash.Z0XcOkuA.dpuf
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EcoDistricts – Performance Based Urban Design
This webcast is currently available for viewing only and is NO LONGER APPLICABLE FOR AICP CM credits. Sponsored By: Urban Design and Preservation Division Description: An Ecodistrict strategy is an emerging planning process which incorporates environmental performance metrics to guide neighborhood growth with a social, environmental and economic priority. This panel session will present, in detail, two ecodistrict efforts: the Brewery Blocks in Portland, OR - a private sector driven redevelopment of a historic brewery district, and the SW Ecodistrict in Washington, DC - a federal agency driven redevelopment of a single use office district into a sustainable, mixed-use neighborhood. The Brewery Blocks will illustrate how private sector efforts on a sustainable adaptive reuse of multiple industrial properties laid the foundation for ecodistrict strategies. By contract, the SW Ecodistrict – A Vision Plan for a More Sustainable Future is the first public agency approved ecodistrict plan in the United States (accepted by the National Capital Planning Commission in January 2013). The SW Ecodistrict, which is currently a federal employment precinct south of the National Mall is being planned as a national model of mixed use sustainability with a goal of being net zero energy, as measured in carbon, by 2030. The presentation will highlight how goals for energy, waste and water reduction guided recommendations for preservation and rehabilitation, infill or redevelopment of mid-century modern buildings; how recommendations for energy and stormwater management guided the urban design of the public realm; and how urban design guidelines for building massing and height and the street network were developed within the context of the Monumental Core, adjacent Smithsonian institutions and the historic L’Enfant Plan. The presentation will also provide an overview of the EcoDistricts framework and Target Cities, a new two-year partnership with ten development projects across eight North American cities, including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Cambridge, Denver, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Ontario and Washington, D.C. Target Cities is utilizing public-private-civic partnerships to accelerate district-scale community regeneration representing more than 1,300 acres of existing neighborhoods, downtown areas, business districts, historic precincts, neighborhoods rich in culture, brownfield sites, and university campuses.
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FarmLogs introduces FarmLogs Flow
Brownfield's Tom Steever speaks with Jesse Vollmar, Co-Founder and CEO of FarmLogs about their new product released at the InfoAg Conference, the FarmLogs Flow.
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Peterborough Investment Partnership - Our Vision of £120 Million Fletton Quays Development
http://www.peterboroughinvestmentpartnership.com/ Peterborough City Council’s Planning Committee today approved an outline planning application to regenerate 20 acres of derelict brownfield land at the Fletton Quays site. The planning application was submitted by Peterborough Investment Partnership (PIP) which is a joint venture by Lucent Strategic Land Fund and Peterborough City Council. PIP aims to help support the sustained growth and development of local communities across Peterborough by creating new jobs, retail, housing and leisure facilities. The long-awaited scheme will help to bring the river front to life and has been designed to make the most of the outstanding views across the river towards the cathedral. It will include: 280 high-quality apartments, providing bespoke city centre living opportunities and introducing a new community in the heart of the development Up to 160 bed hotel Restaurant, leisure and retail facilities 166,000 square feet of prime office accommodation New and improved cycle and pedestrian links along the south bank The creation of public spaces which will help to establish a new neighbourhood in this part of the city A dedicated wildlife area Refurbished Grade II Listed railway sheds, bringing these important heritage assets back to life. The iconic Mitchell bas relief will also be returned to public display by incorporating it into western elevation of the car park. --- The Peterborough Investment Partnership (PIP) is a joint venture formed by Peterborough City Council and the Lucent Strategic Land Fund. PIP aims to help support the sustained growth and development of local communities across Peterborough by creating new jobs, retail, housing and leisure facilities, and by generating funds that can be reinvested back into the community.
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India's first greenfield airport takes off!  - India Business Hour
India's first private Greenfield airport in Durgapur, West Bengal is now operational. Developed by Bengal Aerotropolis Projects limited, the company which says it is also the first in India to launch an Aerotropolis.
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Business Opportunities in Waterbury Connecticut - Mayor O'Leary
See current properties: http://www.waterburyct.org/content/9588/default.aspx ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT There are many positive developments in Waterbury CT these days. We are continuing to advance our economic development strategy with public and private investments that are producing solid returns. This is evidenced by many new businesses coming to Waterbury, creating hundreds of new jobs. The years 2014 and 2015, so far, have seen the establishment of 20 new businesses and 1,035 new jobs through the direct involvement of our Economic Development Team. And more than 15 businesses have expanded, creating an additional 100 jobs, and we already have several new companies accounting for 800 jobs that have committed with letters of intent for 2015. That’s nearly 2,000 new jobs. And there’s more. For the first time, small independent restaurants in the Waterbury area will have access to the highest quality and freshest foods that restaurateurs nationwide have been enjoying for years with the opening of Restaurant Depot. CarMax, the used-car giant, has chosen Waterbury as a location that fits into its current growth plan and has received first local approval needed to construct a facility. Additionally, one of the largest independent propane retailers in the Northeast – Paraco Gas – plans to expand into Waterbury. Why are these companies choosing Waterbury? Our City is strategically located at the junction of Interstate 84 and Route 8. We are just two hours from Boston, 90 minutes from New York City and a 30-minute commute to Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven and Danbury. We have a skilled workforce that combines an old-fashioned New England work ethic with state-of-the-art training in the latest technology. Among our new businesses are a good cross mix of manufacturing, retail, restaurant and professional enterprises, allowing for continued expansion and diversification within the City’s employment base. The retail sales strength of our City starts with a population that exceeds 110,000 and continues with the strong demographics of affluent neighboring communities that depend on our retail base for goods and services. One Waterbury success story is the Texas Roadhouse, a restaurant that opened last year on Reidville Drive. The typical wait for a table on a weekend night can be 45 minutes or longer because of this family establishment’s growing popularity. The Texas Roadhouse in Waterbury has fast become one of the top-performing stores in a nationwide chain of more than 400 restaurants. Another Waterbury highlight is the commitment from King Industries Inc., of Norwalk, Conn., to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex that will provide an estimated 180 jobs and, upon completion, provide for up to 200 full-time manufacturing jobs. King Industries is building on 10 acres of a Brownfield industrial-use property the City acquired, remediated and sold to them at an extremely competitive price. King Industries is constructing an 80,000-square-foot industrial manufacturing complex – an investment of more than $50 million in Waterbury. Waterbury remains the state’s leader in Brownfields identification and redevelopment. And we recently learned the Workforce Investment Board’s Brownfield Job Training Program will be featured as a Case Study in a federal EPA publication on the Nova Dye and WIC projects for job placement. The publication will be released at the EPA’s Brownfield Conference in September 2015 in Chicago. In 2014, Waterbury was the recipient of the historic TIGER Grant. This $19 million project is a game-changer for our City in so many ways. With plans already underway to improve the Waterbury rail branch, this project will enhance mass transit in our City while highlighting the beauty and viability of our downtown. The TIGER Grant and the rollout of Waterbury NEXT will transform our City. Waterbury NEXT represents an almost $20 Million public-private investment in revitalizing our downtown. These projects are part of Governor Dannel Malloy’s overall commitment to investing in housing, jobs and economic development to revitalize cities and downtowns across the state. The bottom line, as Mayor Neil M. O’Leary often says, is that “Waterbury is open for business.”
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Intergraph® SmartPlant® Review construction site plan - Intergraph PP&M
SmartPlant® Review high level construction sequence using a simple Smart 3D training model and a site plan (SmartPlant Review plus Construction Module, Simulations and Visual Effects Module).
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Nonpartisan Voting & Brownfield Grants & Project Hieroglyph
There is a national network of reformers seeking nonpartisan elections that are bringing support to the movement in Arizona. The US EPA has awarded $1.2 million in Brownfield grants to 3 AZ communities. Phoenix will get $400,000. ASU's Center for Science and the Imagination’s Project Hieroglyph brings together science fiction authors on May 26.
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Is it time to build on the green belt?
All sides of the political divide agree there is a housing crisis in the UK, but also seem frustratingly short on answers. Campaigners from the Russell Brand-backed New Era Estate to free-market think-tanks assert the need for more housing, but house-building in the UK has slumped to the lowest levels since the early 1920s. Moreover, the Conservative manifesto pledge to sell off 1.3 million housing association properties under ‘right to buy’ – nominally using the cash to fund more homes – is expected to exacerbate the problem in the short term. Some call for rent controls in London to both curb the private rental sector and encourage house-building, but there is also a bigger question of where those homes should go. Some suggest we need a radical loosening up Britain’s notoriously restrictive Town and Country Planning Act 1947, most notably in the Green Belt surrounding London: the National Housing Federation argues that freeing up one per cent of such land could provide space for 300,000 new homes. Objections to this come both from influential voices who call for the development of brownfield sites rather than paving over the countryside and from those who question whether the market can be relied upon to provide sufficient accommodation. There are concerns that without an accompanying large-scale development of transport infrastructure, loosening Green Belt restrictions would only lead to the creation of unloved suburban banlieues at the expense of precious green space outside the cities. Is opposition to building on the Green Belt really just Nimbyism, or are there valid concerns that the policy is an ineffective quick fix to a bigger problem of demand? Do even moderate attempts to relax planning restrictions on new developments on both brownfield and Green Belt land alike threaten to cause chaos for humans and disaster for natural habitats? Are property developers and home-builders simply distracting themselves from more innovative solutions to the housing crisis, or a change in our attitudes to home ownership? Why has suburbanisation and city expansion, once heralded as the triumph of a modern city development, now become viewed with so much suspicion? Should the focus remain on providing the right kind of housing, or is the only solution to the current impasse to ‘build, build, build’? Speakers Dr Rupa Huq Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton David Orr chief executive, National Housing Federation Karl Sharro architect; writer; Middle East commentator; co-author, Manifesto: Towards a New Humanism in Architecture Matt Thomson head of planning, Campaign to Protect Rural England Chair Jason Smith associate fellow, Institute of Ideas
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Be Healthy Blue Island: A Roadmap to a Healthier Community
This video highlights how the strong sense of community pride and spirit brought people together to adopt a community health focus and drive the brownfields redevelopment and revitalization plans. The community of Blue Island used ATSDR's National Brownfields/Land Revitalization Action Model, a 4-step framework, to assess community health related to redevelopment. The examples and community dedication depicted in this video may inspire other communities to replicate the positive projects in their own communities. Learn more at: www.atsdr.cdc.gov/sites/brownfields Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: http://www.cdc.gov/SocialMedia/Tools/CommentPolicy.html This video can also be viewed at http://atsdr-dev.cdc.gov/sites/brownfields/videos/blue_island/blue_island_brownfields.mp4
Casino report released
SCHENECTADY -- Questions had been swirling in the Capital Region after the Gaming Facility Location Board announced its decisions. Friday, some of those questions were answered. The Gaming Facility Location Board released a report Friday explaining its decisions, laying out what it liked and didn't about each plan. In Schenectady, the Board said it especially liked how the Rivers project will replace a brownfield site saying, "Another compelling aspect of the Rivers project is that it supports revitalization of the City of Schenectady by replacing one of the country's oldest brownfield sites." The Board also said that, "the Rivers facility, as part of a broader, integrated economic development plan, would have a wider economic development impact than the Hard Rock proposal." "It's just everything you could ask for along a beautiful riverfront," said Schenectady City Councilwoman Leesa Perazzo. "We're talking about all levels of jobs." In Rensselaer, the Board said it liked the Hard Rock plan but also had some concerns. "Among the Board's concerns is that Hard Rock would not have been an equity investor in the project, but merely a franchisor licensing its name," the report said. And the Board said in the report that Schenectady County had higher levels of poverty and below average home prices, than Rensselaer County and the State. "I think all of Upstate New York is in need of an economic boost," said Rensselaer County Executive Kathy Jimino. The County Executive said the casino wasn't the only potential boost for her county, pointing to higher education, and business efforts there. She also feels this process has drawn attention to Rensselaer's riverfront. "I think the attention it's gotten will bring additional opportunity to the City of Rensselaer," said Jimino.
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Victoria Way Housing Plans - Thom Pizzey
Thom Pizzey, Ashford Green Party Candidate for the Aylesford Green Bylection responds to developer's housing plans for over 600 new properties, on the brownfield sites off of Victoria Way. Thom said: "We need affordable and social housing for local people, not just luxury pads to attract London commuters." ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Thom's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThomPizzeyGreen/ Thom's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThomPizzey Ashford Greens' Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashfordgreens/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Join the Green Party: https://my.greenparty.org.uk/civicrm/... ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­----------------- Music by Chris Zabriskie http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Chr... Promoted by Steve Campkin on behalf of Ashford Green Party at 7 High Trees Close, Ashford, TN24 0ND
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Thunder Bay CJD Expansion Moves Forward
The City of Alpena Authority for Brownfield Redevelopment approved a plan at their board meeting October 8th at 4:00 p.m.
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Business Leaders for Michigan Summit | MEDC
Visit http://www.michiganbusiness.org/grow/pure-michigan-business-connect/ to learn more. The Business Leaders for Michigan Summit is the largest matchmaking summit that the state of Michigan has ever thrown, with over 1500 people expected to show up across 20 different industries. The Pure Michigan Business Connect program was launched three years ago and the goal was simple, it was to encourage Michigan Businesses to support other Michigan Businesses by doing more business with each other.
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Funding plan to help Latin American nations fight war on illegal narcotics.
1. Wide view of US State Department briefing on the Andean Regional Initiative 2. SOUNDBITE: (English) William Brownfield, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs "The Andean Regional Initiative is not a counter-drug initiative. It is a strategy that has three elements to it. And since we are a very simple people we start them all with the letter 'D' -- Democracy, Development and Drugs. Counter drug obviously is a part, a very important part of the Andean Regional Initiative. But it is an attempt to integrate a coherent approach that covers all elements of the problems and threats affecting the Andean region, and indirectly the United States of America." 3. Mid view of map showing levels of Cocoa plant cultivation in for Colombia year 2000 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) William Brownfield, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs "We also acknowledged, and I believe to a certain extent we've taken some criticism for the speed....the pace with which spillover was proceeding from Colombia to other countries. I would argue that some of that criticism....I would argue that a lot of that criticism was exaggerated. Having said that, we do acknowledge that the Colombia threat, the Colombia cancer if you will, of drugs, and insurgencies, and paramilitaries, and economic problems that create trans-border movements of people and drugs and criminals and guerillas, is in fact a problem that we will continue to deal with in the years ahead." 5. Mid view of people at briefing. 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) R. Rand Beers, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs "This last year for the first time in a number of years we began to see new growth in Peru in terms of cocoa cultivation. While the eradication effort there outstripped this new cocoa, it is a troubling feature of the drug environment there and we want to ensure that it does not become a significant factor." 7. Mid view of Beers 8. Mid view of briefing STORYLINE: U-S officials have unveiled a new funding plan to help Latin American nations fight the war on illegal narcotics and to give them economic aid. Known as the Andean Regional Initiative, it earmarks more than 880 (m) million U-S dollars for aid to seven countries in South America. The countries to be funded in the programme are Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela. U-S officials say the Andean initiative will provide additional U-S dollars for anti-narcotics programmes, along with development assistance for economic aid. The State Department also stressed that the programme seeks to balance anti-drug funding with other aid in an overall assistance package for the region. Less than half of the aid will be for Colombia and only half will be for law enforcement and security assistance. Officials also admit that the effort to combat what they call cross border spillover of illegal activities between Colombia and its neighbours will continue in the years ahead. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/470c0e70ec2523b793db48abc3ff7d6b Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Innovation in Sustainability: Redeveloping Contaminated Sites
In this third “Innovation in Sustainability” video, Mathew McLash discusses why he bought a contaminated site and his vision for turning the empty site into something for the community. For more information about brownfields, visit www.edmonton.ca/brownfield. This video series showcases Edmontonians sharing their stories about how they are living the City’s “The Way We Green” initiatives. http://www.edmonton.ca/thewaywegreen
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EPA Method 5035 Technical Presentation
Technical presentation over the required use of Method SW846-5035 in Texas given by Ann Strahl, QA Specialist for the Remediation Division of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). To learn more about EPA Method 5035 in the state of Texas, please visit www.alsglobal.com.
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EPA-Tribal Environmental Plan (ETEP) Webinar from 5-7-15
This is a recording of a webinar on "Understanding, Developing, and Implementing an ETEP." This webinar was produced by Prosper Sustainably and was presented by Joshua Simmons. The webinar presentation, templates, and other materials can be found at http://www.prospersustainably.com/resources/tribal For more information on Prosper Sustainably's services please visit: http://www.prospersustainably.com/services
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Southfield City Council Meeting July 20, 2015
Southfield City Council Meeting Held July 20, 2015 Topics Discussed Include • A Brownfield Plan and Tax Abatement for Kiwi Hospitality to redevelop the former Holiday Inn Building • Resolutions Regarding The Retirements of Michael Horn and Marty Bulger From Southfield Public Schools • A Rezoning Request to Allow A Tailor Shop and Dry Cleaners on Southfield Road For more please visit http://www.cypheredwolf.com An agenda and related documents can be found at http://southfieldcitymi.minutesondemand.com/Document/6612996f-092f-e511-9795-001fbc00ed84/Regular%20Meeting%20Agenda%20July%2020,%202015.pdf
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Emma Martin Park, Kingston, ON (2015 FCM Award Winner — Brownfields)
Learn about the City of Kingston’s redevelopment of Emma Martin Park, a former industrial site. The city won a 2015 FCM Sustainable Communities Award for this project.
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Balfron Tower Redevelopment Video (July 2014)
This controversial video has now been removed from Vimeo, but thankfully we we were so shocked by it that we made a copy and are distributing it here in the belief that the dissemination of its contents are in the best public interest. We do not believe that the wholesale removal of social housing from Balfron Tower, and the exploitation of its architectural heritage, will ever be acceptable, or accepted by our community. The transfer of housing to registered social landlord Poplar Harca from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets was made based upon promises to tenants of new windows, kitchens and bathrooms, yet what has followed has been a successive sequence of landgrabs, as they sweep through estates, displacing our communities, devouring social housing, demolishing our homes and replacing them with increased density, low-quality flats with only 11%* social housing. 1-bed flats in the redevelopments are renting for £350 per week. This video was originally published on Vimeo on July 2014. We believe it shows a vision horrific to the true intention of Ernö Goldfinger. We reiterate that there should be a minimum of 50% social housing retained in all social housing redevelopments. Stop social cleansing. Stop the #landgrab. * See separate blog post on the 89% landgrab on Linton and Printon Houses: http://50percentbalfron.tumblr.com/post/123355006549/our-area-is-nice-when-it-wants-to-be
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July 13, 2015 Southfield City Council Meeting
Southfield City Council Meeting Held July 13, 2015 Topics Discussed Include • A Median Island That Complicates Fuel Deliveries at a Gas Station • A Brownfield Plan For the Former Holiday Inn Building on Telegraph Road By Kiwi Hospitality in the Hope of Turning it into a Best Western Premier. • Possibility of Creating Ethics Rules and Guidelines for the Council • The Possibility of A Public Arts Requirement for Development An agenda and related documents can be found at http://southfieldcitymi.minutesondemand.com/Document/1c26e781-2e27-e511-9795-001fbc00ed84/Committee%20Of%20The%20Whole%20Meeting%20Agenda%20July%2013,%202015.pdf For more please visit http://www.cypheredwolf.com
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April 14, 2015 Southfield City Council Meeting
Southfield City Council Meeting held on April 14, 2015 Topics Discussed Include • Mayoral Powers and the ability to veto land use ordinances • The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church • A Brownfield Plan for Retail development on 8-mile road. An agenda and related documents can be found http://southfieldcitymi.minutesondemand.com/Document/80861aee-15e2-e411-b821-001fbc00ed84/Special%20Meeting%20Agenda%20April%2014,%202015.pdf For more please visit http://www.cypheredwolf.com. Note: The First portion of this meeting, which was not recorded, was a closed session.
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Jose Andre North Riverside 2015 Low Energy Design Master PLan Proposal
NORTH RIVERSIDE DEVELOPMENT PROJECT BRIEF : The redevelopment of the North Riverside area of the city center forms one of the priority projects within the Derby Cityscape Masterplan. The site forms part of this area and is bounded by St. Alkmund’s Way (inner ringroad), the River Derwent, Exeter Place and Darwin Place, a total area of 2.31 ha (5.7 acres). Currently the site is a surface car park (Darwin Place) and the river frontage land is occupied by a block of flats (Exeter House) which is to be demolished. The redevelopment of this area will seek to create a new city center destination and community offering new employment opportunities with the creation of a sustainable, high quality mixed use development on brownfield land which will fully exploit the riverside setting and which could include a mix of any of the following : Hotel / Leisure / Entertainment, Retail, Offices, Residential, Car parking, Public realm. The opportunity exists to create a safe environment with high quality public spaces fully optimizing the benefits of the riverside location and utilizing the proposed river footbridge which will create a link with the River-lights and the city beyond. Design: The North Riverside site presents the opportunity to become part of the existing vibrant waterfront pedestrian realm within the heart of the city and can promote new direct links to River-lights and River Gardens, Market Square and Osnabruck Square. The site frontage should respect the river frontage whilst promoting improved access and views of the river. The public realm should aspire to a world class design and artistic aspirations that fully promote the uses within the scheme. Overall the public spaces should form a mix of hard and soft landscaping to promote new gathering and forecourt spaces generating a holistic riverside ambiance within the scheme. Green City Strategic Aim and objectives - Build a worth atmosphere, Use materials that remind us of nature, Challenge our concepts of sustainability, Enhance our understanding of the natural world, Give us reasons to be proud of, Save and generate energy, enhanced with the use of green walling etc.
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New Bedfords $50M Brownfield--Brians Beat Commentary June 10, 2015
Ever since we were kids, we were told to clean up our mess. Most of us try to instill that good habit in our children and grandchildren. Why is it that New Bedford residents are hearing from KG Urban and figure heads supporting a casino that if KG Urban is the only party coming in here to spend $50M to clean up the brownfield. Nobody else will. Hey, I was drinking the Kool-Aid, then I thought-- what about the company(ies) that profited from the Cannon Street site? Why aren't NStar and Sprague responsible for any of the contamination created on that site? Where's the Attorney General's office, EPA, any litigating authority forcing the hand of the responsible parties? Folks who don not want a casino are being convinced that having KG Urban place a casino on the Cannon Street site is the only way to clean up the eyesore brownfield. I say that's not true. Check out the Brian's Beat radio talk show with Brian The Cab Driver. Monday-Friday, 10 AM-Noon [Eastern Daylight Time]. AM 1420 WBSM-New Bedford www.wbsm.com App: Radio Pup Call-In: (508) 996-0500 Toll-Free: (877) 996-1420 Office: (508) 996-6690 If you're new, Subscribe! http://bit.ly/1tCBC5M Description © 2015 Plan B. Lifestyles Network Go here: http://www.briansbeat.com Like Me: https://www.facebook.com/briansbeat Follow Me: https://twitter.com/briansbeat Category Talk, News & Politics, Home Business, Travel License Standard YouTube License
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Liam Byrne sax,Jamie Brownfield trumpet, Tom Kincaid piano, Jack Cotterill drums,Andy Hulme guitar,Ed Harrison bass. This nifty tune written by Jon Erik Kellso a reworking of the1920's" Linger Awhile "played by this very talented group of young musicians at a private jazz party in Cheadle Cheshire UK. on 16th Aug 2015
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#KeepOurHomesDetroit - 'I am Detroit' Mr Gerardo
Video by Kate Levy https://www.gofundme.com/ourhomesdetroit
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Somerville By Design: Traffic, Parking and Brownfields
2/18/15 Old Post Office (237 Washington Street) Union Square Project realities: traffic, parking and brownfields – Development Opportunities and Constraints Workshop A workshop held to gain insight into key development issues such as traffic and parking, project financing, architectural possibilities, and market conditions. These workshops area all open to the public and are lead jointly by the City and the US2 consultant team www.SomervilleByDesign.com
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Environmental Remediation Job Training 2015 Graduation
Environmental remediation job training is going green and more training opportunities will be available in 2016! Experience the insights from our 2015 Environmental Remediation Job Training graduates, instructors, and visiting EPA officials: Chris King, Executive Director, SLU Center for Environmental Education & Training; Mathy Stanislaus, EPA OSWER, Assistant Administrator; Greg Lomax, HRP Associates and program alumnus; Michael Harris, graduate; Sean Kempf, graduate; Paul Oryem, graduate; Prince Farris-Settles, graduate; and Rene Dulle, Program Manager, STLCC Workforce Solutions. All of our 2015 program graduates were offered employment after the graduation ceremony and Mathy Stanislaus, EPA, announced funding for additional training sessions. For more information, or to apply for upcoming 2016 classes, please visit http://STLCC.edu/EnviroTech or email Rdulle4@stlcc.edu.
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Community Revitalization
The Community Revitalization program is an aggressive incentive program that is a partnership between communities and Northern Development that encourages new development and redevelopment in central and northern B.C. This innovative program provides an immediate financial incentive for developers that is significantly more attractive than any revitalization tax exemption program currently available in the region.
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U.S. hails China's efforts to combat wildlife trafficking
A wildlife trafficking exhibit is being held at the Crime Museum in Washington D.C.. William R. Brownfield, Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, said on Friday that the United States is impressed with China's commitment to fighting the trade of ivory, and that the two countries are moving towards the right direction to combat wildlife trafficking. He said the issue will be further discussed at the upcoming annual U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue later this month in Washington.
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Everett Planning Commission - October 6, 2015
https://everettwa.gov/676/Planning-Commission City of Everett, Washington Agenda Items: 0:03:11 Community centers in residential zones 0:24:00 Williams Comp Plan Amendment and Rezone 0:34:11 EPA Brownfields Community- Wide Assessment Grant 1:0248 Subarea Plans for the Metropolitan Center and College District
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Asbestos During Demo Phase - Programming, Planning and Practice Exam - ARE Live
To learn more about our ARE Exam Prep, visit http://blackspectacles.com/courses/ This episode will focus on reviewing mock exam questions for the Programming, Planning and Practice exam. Prior to the review, we sent out an exam to all those that signed up, gave some time to take the mini-exam, and then went through each question one by one during the online/live session, reviewing the answers, strategies, and resources for how to answer them. In this section, Mike Newman discusses a question from the mock exam that asks what you should do if, when walking a construction site during the demo phase, you find material that you assume to be asbestos tile. It then gives four possible options: Immediately stop the work on the site to allow the dangerous material to be removed appropriately, immediately tell the General Contractor to stop the work on the site so that they can remove the material appropriately have the material encapsulated in place, or show the material to the Owner and suggest that they should have an Environmental Review by a licensed environmental engineer. Mike will go over each answer, reveal the correct one and why it is the correct answer.
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BASF Grow Smart program works with farmers to improve their business
Brownfield's Tom Steever speaks with BASF representatives about their Grow Smart program and how it is helping farmers.
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Sacramento takes steps toward ambitious housing project
The city and county of Sacramento are working with more than 30 partners in supporting the promise zone, an ambitious redevelopment project. Subscribe to KCRA on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1kjRAAn Get more Sacramento news: http://kcra.com Like us:http://facebook.com/KCRA3 Follow us: http://twitter.com/kcranews Google+: http://plus.google.com/+kcra
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Super Fund Blitzkrieg Success for EPA.
Here is the contractor involved in this disaster. http://www.erllc.com/ As covered in earlier videos this was planned. Visit #freedomfighter2127 #professordoom1 #spiro I have the link to the July 30th article linked on my Aug 12 video regarding the planning and warning of this event. America.aljazzeera.com/watch/shows/live-news/2015/8/ground-zero-look-at-the-toxic-oil-spill.html http://www.examiner.com/article/epa-accused-of-plan-for-superfund-blitzkrieg-at-gold-king-mine-spill http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-08-12/did-epa-intentionally-poison-animas-river-secure-superfund-money
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Intergraph Smart Yard – Intergraph PP&M
Reduce costs and improve productivity across your entire project life cycle. Bring together your company’s engineering, procurement, project planning, fabrication, construction, and completions within a single, collaborative knowledge management environment. Watch this video to learn more.
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