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Teaching Math (Differentiation)
I made this to show how I chunk up my math lessons and differentiate for my students' ability level.
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Preschool Differentiated Math Lesson
This video clip demonstrates a portion of a differentiated preschool lesson. You will see preschool students working on creating patterns. They have chosen their centers based on interest. A small group, based on readiness, is working with the teacher in order to extend a simple AB pattern.
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Differentiated Lesson Plan
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Tips & Strategies for Effective Differentiation & Instruction.wmv
This video will help teachers with differentiation of instruction to provide an effective, engaging, learning environment by creating a culture of student success and meeting the needs of all students. Every student is unique and deserves instruction beyond "one size fits all". Administrators can also use this video to provide staff development to their teachers helping them with differentiation providing instructional engagement. This video emphasizes the "how to", "nuts and bolts" of preparing and managing differentiated instructional models. This video will teach strategies to provide opportunities for student and teacher success. Learning cannot happen without a safe, secure, and comfortable learning environment for students that provides engagement and makes students feel valued and successful. Differentiation will help to meet the needs of all students. All stakeholders; administrators, teachers, and students will benefit from the tips and strategies illustrated in this video. These tips are based on twenty years of experience as a teacher and principal of 3rd through 9th grade students, especially students of color, poverty, and English language learners (ELL). The author/ creator of this video has been influenced by other experts in the field; Michael Grinder, Harry Wong, Ruby Payne, and Robert Marzano all of which have great ideas to help teachers provide effective and engaging classrooms. Helpful hints are provided to help the teacher create a successful differentiated classroom. Primary grades through high school teachers can find valuable information in these videos and the accompanying web page. Test scores and learning in general will improve with effective and engaging differentiation. Differentiated instruction will help to close the achievement gap in STAR testing and other standardized testing. Building differentiation, communicating expectations, and accountability will provide the keys to reaching students to teach them effectively meeting the needs of varied ability levels and multiple learning styles. Meeting the needs of different ability levels will help students be successful learning the common core state standards.
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Using Differentiated Instruction to Support All Learners
Watch Alberta Education’s new Inclusive Education Video Series to learn more about inclusive education topics, including Valuing All Students; Changing How We Talk about Disabilities; and Using A Positive Behaviour Approach to Support Learning. education.alberta.ca/inclusion
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Expanded Form Lesson: Guided Math in Action
UPDATE: The giveaway is over, but be sure to sign up for my email newsletter, where I give first access to all of my sales and FREEBIES! You can sign up here: https://www.simplyskilledinsecond.com/newsletter-signup/ -- Expanded Form Lesson: Guided Math in Action This Expanded Form lesson video shows me working with a small guided math group. The students were already introduced to the concept of standard form and expanded form. However, I wanted them to review this concept one more time before moving on to comparing numbers using greater than or less than. We were using Place Value Discs, Place Value Cards, double-dice from ETAHand2Mind and my Guided Practice workmats from my Guided Math Curriculum. Don't forget to Give this video a THUMBS UP COMMENT BELOW SUBSCRIBE to my channel ************************************************************* If you are interested in checking out my Guided Math Curriculums or my Place Value units, please click the links below to check them out in my TeachersPayTeachers shop! Grade 2 Guided Math Curriculum: http://bit.ly/GMGrade2Bundle Grade 3 Guided Math Curriculum: http://bit.ly/GMGrade3Bundle Grade 2 Place Value Unit: http://bit.ly/GM2placevalue Grade 3 Numbers to 10,000 Unit: http://bit.ly/GM3Numbersto10000 Need MANIPULATIVES: CLICK HERE: http://shrsl.com/?i071 Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel so that you can see all of the future videos that I upload. Follow me: My TPT Shop: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/S... INSTAGRAM: @SimplySkilledinSecond Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimplySkille... Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/num1teechr/ Blog: http://simplyskilledinsecond.com/ Membership Site: https://simplyskilledteaching.com/ E-Mail: Anna@SimplySkilledinSecond.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxrhJJe-DOA&feature=youtu.be
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Lesson Planning: What is Required?
Here is a sample lesson pan template at my TPT store https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Lesson-Planning-Template-3659351. Lesson planning is broken down into twelve different components that all school administrators, and state quality assurance for school will require. Most of these components you will already have in your lesson plans. Some of the categories that are required for teachers to have in their lesson plans begin with having a title and date for all of the lesson plans that are being submitted. Other required components for a teacher's lesson are including differentiated instruction for students with disabilities, and ell students. it also should include technology standards, state standards and cross-curriculum standards when they apply to the lesson. This video is part of a teachings in education playlist designed to help educators answer some of the many questions that teachers have throughout the school year. Other videos include teacher interview questions, blooms taxonomy, formative assessment, positive behavior intervention and supports, school climate and school culture, special education background knowledge, and many more. Teachers looking to add a little bit more to their classroom lesson planning can find a lot and really improve their practice through these videos. Remember, lesson planning is one of the most important components of teachings, yet many teachers don't put enough time into planning their lessons.
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Differentiated Learning - Incredible Teaching Tip
Sarah Phillips, author of Incredible English and an expert in CLIL and brain-based learning, presents an Incredible Teaching Tip on Differentiated Learning. Try out the tip in your classroom by downloading FREE notes and resources from http://oxford.ly/incredibleenglish.
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Math 3-part Lesson
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By Priscilla Torres
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Lesson Plan Construction - Project Linking Learning
Project Linking Learning Lesson Plan Construction Dr Sandra Kaplan
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UDL Math Intermediate
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Bansho (The Three Part Math Lesson)
A glimpse into the classroom, teaching using bansho (the three part math lesson)
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Allyson Smith Lesson Plan
Sequencing: First grade, differentiated instruction, homogenous grouping
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Step-by Step Lesson Planning Using Universal Design for Learning
Many educators have explored the fundamentals of universal design for learning (UDL) and then asked: “How do I use UDL in my planning?” In this webinar, Dr. Patti Ralabate walks you through the process of applying UDL to effective lesson planning. Patti is the author of Your UDL Lesson Planner: The Step-by-Step Guide for Teaching All Learners, and she will take you through 6 easy steps to get started with UDL in your planning. For more: http://home.edweb.net/webinar/lesson-planning-using-universal-design-learning/ Originally broadcast: August 3, 2016 Part of the edWeb Teaching All Students: Practical Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms professional learning community sponsored by Brookes Publishing: http://www.edweb.net/inclusiveeducation
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Strategic Teaching in the Math Classroom with Adrienne King
Adrienne King, math teacher at Discovery Middle School in Madison, Alabama, walks us through activating prior knowledge, differentiated instruction for kinetic and visual learners, and gradual release of responsibility (I do. We do. You do.).
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A Differentiated Math Lesson
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math tiered lesson
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Three Part Math Lesson
CSC380 01 Students View Themselves as Mathematicians 2011 04 25 H264 Immix
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How to Teach Math as a Social Activity
A master teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, establishes a cooperative-learning environment in an upper-elementary classroom. For more information and resources, visit http://www.edutopia.org
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differentiated math 3rd
This is a math lesson where the students work on tiered extension activities after finishing their independent practice.
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Differentiated Lesson Plan
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Differentiated Instruction Strategies: Multiple Intelligences
When teachers begin to differentiate their instruction in the classroom, it becomes apparent that not all students approach problem solving in the same way. In a differentiated classroom, teachers facilitate the learning process by recognizing and accommodating these learning preferences when planning and carrying out instruction. In this video, you will witness a sample math lesson where the teacher has differentiated her instruction by providing for intelligence preferences. For more information about this topic and additional graduate courses for teachers, please visit: http://www.videocourses4teachers.com.
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Differentiated Instruction: Why, How, and Examples
Differentiation instruction is fully explained in detail beginning with a brief overview of what exactly differentiated instruction is in the classroom. The video continues with the question of why educators and teachers should use differentiated in their classroom with their students. Then several examples of why differentiation instruction is important and needed are describe and outlined. Continuing, the video focuses on a couple ways that teachers can incorporate differentiated instruction in the classroom. Its basically a how to for teachers to use differentiated instruction. Next, the video moves on to some concrete examples of differentiated instruction. Differentiated instruction examples are broken down by content, process, and product. And lastly the video will finish up with what administrators will look for in a differentiated classroom.
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PreK Small Group Math Stations, mov
Power of Two-Team Teaching in PreK Unified Classrooms. "It's like a marriage!" Watch this team masterfully plan small group instruction. Two teachers each work with a small group, while students work independently in two additional small groups. It's amazing to see such independence from 4 year olds!! Teachers are able to facilitate on-going assessment and respond with differentiation when utilizing a 1:5 teacher: student ratio. Stations last 10-12 minutes. By the end of the week, student will have rotated through all 4-5 learning stations.
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Differentiated Lesson Plan 2
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Expanded Math Curriculum - Your choice - Lesson Plan Development Supplements
Visit http://www.DollarStoreTeacher.com for teacher resources. Sister site of http://www.Tools4PreschoolandKindergarten.com Digitally Delivered Ebooks to accommodate the most cost effective classrooms for worldwide education. The Site is expanding to include curriculum for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and 2nd Grade. Includes File Folder Games, Calendar Cover-Ups, Flash Cards, Themed Curriculum, tools for the alphabet, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, letters, patterning, digraphs, nouns, verbs, compound words, contractions, homophones and more. Added recently (with more coming) - by special request - curriculum resources from Tools for Preschool and Kindergarten Ultimate Curriculum Resource Site. This will included communication boards, interactive reading books ..... so many new items with special pricing just for the Dollar Store.
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Fun 4th Grade Math Lessons : Elementary School Math
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehoweducation Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehoweducation Fun fourth grade math lessons are a great opportunity to bring out a classic activity known as the "candy shop activity." Get tips on fun fourth grade math lessons with help from a professional educator with an Elementary Mathematics Endorsement from the state of Utah in this free video clip. Expert: Casey Johnson Bio: Casey Johnson has been teaching Fourth Grade for 10 years. He has an Elementary Mathematics Endorsement from the State of Utah. Filmmaker: Jeff Goodey Series Description: Elementary school math teaches a wide variety of important concepts, like fractions and long division, that will become more widely used as the kids continue their educational careers. Get tips on teaching elementary school math with help from a professional educator with an Elementary Mathematics Endorsement from the state of Utah in this free video series.
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Elementary Math Classroom Observation
Watch exciting videos
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Math Lesson
This video is about Math Lesson
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Response to Intervention: Safe Spaces for Math and Literacy
At Charles R. Drew Charter School, the Literacy Center and Math Lab provide fun, engaging, and enriching interventions to help support students most in need. Charles R. Drew Charter School GRADES PK-12 | ATLANTA, GA Explore more resources from this school: https://www.edutopia.org/school/charles-r-drew-charter-school
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Differentiation Lesson Plan - Group Work
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Lesson plan: 4th grade math
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Math Rotations Planning & Grouping
How I plan and group students for Math Rotations in my classroom. Find more info at www.3rdGradeThoughts.com
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Course on Differentiated Instruction for Senior High School Mathematics Teacher 2016 SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics April 20 - May 3, 2016
5 Tips for Successful Math Stations
How to implement successful Math Stations / Math Centers in your classroom! Want to learn how to run successful Math Stations in your classroom without pulling your hair out? In this video, I will share my 5 BEST TIPS to running successful Math Stations in your classroom that cuts out the chaos and the clutter! FREEBIE DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/SpinItsfreebie Check out my Spin-Its Math Stations here: 2nd Grade Math Stations: http://bit.ly/2ndSpinItsMath 3rd Grade Math Stations: http://bit.ly/3rdSpinItsMath Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel so that you can see all of the future videos that I upload. Follow me: My TPT Shop: www.simplyskilledinsecondtpt.com INSTAGRAM: @SimplySkilledinSecond Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimplySkilledInSecond/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/num1teechr/ Blog: http://simplyskilledinsecond.com/ Membership Site: https://simplyskilledteaching.com/ E-Mail: Anna@SimplySkilledinSecond.com
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4th Grade ELA, Main Idea
4th grade english language arts lesson on finding facts through close read of text; aligned to MA Curriculum Framework Standard RI.4.1.
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Tiered Instruction in a Middle School Math Classroom - Lory Schieler
Featuring Lory Schieler Edited by Christian Arnsparger
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Using Assessments to Adjust Instruction in Mathematics
Assessments when used effectively not only tell how a student is progressing, but the data gained from both formative and summative assessments should be used to drive classroom instruction. Teachers should use assessment data to plan, monitor, and adjust instruction in order to meet the needs of all students. Produced by Teach n' Kids Learn Professional Development Group Contact: PD@TeachnKidsLearn.com Website: http://www.TeachnKidsLearn.com
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Mr. Mehney's 6th Grade Math Class.m4v
Mr. Robert Mehney's math lesson plan for his 6th grade class this summer. Students were to analyze data from bar graphs and pie charts in order to convert it into fractions, then decimals, and finally percentages for the objective!
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Math lesson 4th grade
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Preschool Shark Math Lesson
Preschool classes..Preschool Shark Math Lesson
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math lesson video for powerpoint
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Using Guided Math to Strengthen Students' Math Learning, Grades 3-6
A NEW Video Training Program offered by Bureau of Education & Research Guided math is a practical, small group approach that provides primary children with the instruction and coaching they need to develop foundational math skills and concepts. This video training program clearly demonstrates how working with small, flexible groups of children enables teachers to tailor mathematical learning experiences to the needs of their students. As a bonus, two model lessons are also included to illustrate the critical elements of guided math for young children. For more information on this video and other training options from Bureau of Education & Research, please visit http://www.ber.org.
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EDU 698A: Capstone A
Kindergarten math lesson plan on comparing numbers 0-5
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Royal Lesson Plan
Joneasa Royal Differentiated Math Lesson Plan 4th Grade CCSS 4.OA.3
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