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Cool Lake Homes
Subscribe NOW to Grig Stamate: http://bit.ly/GrigStamate Beautiful picture collection of most epic lake homes. #LakeHomes Music: Sovereign "Sovereign" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Little River 24 Tiny House Plans
A preview of the Little River 24 Tiny House Plans from http://www.tinyhousedesign.com/plans/
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Living on a 4 Season Houseboat - Beautiful Floating Tiny House!
In this video, we meet Bonnie from Wakefield, Québec, Canada who is living on a gorgeous tiny house boat that is full of character and charm. The River Den (or La Tannière) has custom-made asymmetrical windows, a classic ship's wheel, antique fireplace, and hand-built furniture — all of which give the boat a warm and cozy feel that makes you feel at home as soon as you step on board. The boat is docked on the shore of the Gatineau River and Bonnie lives in it as often as she can when she's not renting it out on Airbnb (https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/9678942?guests=1&s=vNzQNzuG). The tiny houseboat was designed by Bonnie and her boatbuilding friend, Denis Tremblay, who is known locally as the Wakefield Pirate. Denis and a few of his friends built the boat by hand, including the aluminum frame and the custom windows, the cabinets, and the grill floor in the loft. The boat is built on 5 pontoons that are designed to provide flotation while still taking on some water to keep the boat weighed down in the water for stability. The pontoons are also designed to freeze in the ice and are made by a local company called Les Quais Navigables (http://www.quaisnavigables.com). It's a 4-season house boat that is fully insulated and has an antique wood burning fireplace to provide heat in winter. For power, they installed a deep cycle marine battery that provides 12-Volt power for the lights, bilge pump, and navigation lights. They have a Separett composting toilet from Sweden (https://www.separett-usa.com), and a sink that pumps water from the river for washing dishes. For refrigeration, Bonnie uses a cooler with ice, but she might invest in some solar panels so that she can power a proper fridge eventually. The main floor has a kitchen, toilet, dining room and living room, and upstairs there is cozy a sleeping loft with a grill floor that allows heat to rise through the floor, and sun & dust to travel down to the main level. One of the windows in the loft opens up onto a gorgeous rooftop patio with a cedar deck and has space for some solar panels if/when Bonnie decides she needs them. The boat has a gas motor and can be taken out on the river which is quite impressive considering it's size! To make sure the boat was still road worthy, they built a wedge roof over the loft that can be taken apart if Bonnie wants to transport it to a different location. The boat is currently docked in the quaint little town of Wakefield, Québec where there are cute cafes, restaurants and shops right across the street. If anyone is interested in renting this house boat, check it out on the Airbnb website here: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/9678942?guests=1&s=vNzQNzuG Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle ------------------------------------------------------------- STAY IN TOUCH! ------------------------------------------------------------ Blog: www.exploringalternatives.ca Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog Instagram: @exploringalternatives Music & Song Credits: All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat Dubé of Exploring Alternatives.
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Stunning Modern Cabin Designs
Subscribe to Grig Stamate: http://bit.ly/GrigStamate Stunning collection of modern cabin pictures. Music: http://www.purple-planet.com/
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Top 15 Pros and Cons of Building a Shipping Container House in 2017
If you love shipping container homes; or are exploring the possibilities of building your own; this video brings to you the top 15 pros and cons of building a shipping container house, starting with the advantages. Watch this video at: https://youtu.be/t5RWCVncor0 Feel free to subscribe to our channel for our weekly videos on shipping container home design. 15. Containers are largely available. 14. Container homes are portable. 13. Container homes are structurally sound. 12. Container homes are fast to build. 11. Container homes are ecofriendly. 10. Modular container homes. 9. A container home can be a steel security box. 8. Container modules offer flexible design layout options. With so many good things to say about shipping containers, let us look at a few pitfalls you need to consider before building a shipping container home. 7. Container indoor climate control is a challenge. 6. Containers have rigid dimensions. 5. Container homes can be health hazards. 4. Finding contractors with experience is hectic. 3. Cutting containers creates structural weaknesses. 2. On-site construction challenges. 1. Restrictive building permits and building codes. Just like traditional home construction, shipping container homes have their drawbacks. if most of the shortcomings are addressed, building a shipping container home can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Did you find our analysis exhaustive and informative enough to help you start your container home project? If you feel we have left out something, kindly let us know by posting in the comments below. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up; and feel free to share it. Remember to SUBSCRIBE for our weekly videos on shipping container homes. WATCH MORE VIDEOS HERE: 35 Best Shipping Container Homes in the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mPgj... Best Container Homes in the USA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Myd... Apple Campus 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZJnv... Affordable Ways to Reduce the Cost of Building: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f59CL... 6 shipping container Home Designs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH6rA... 10 best Multi-dwelling shipping container homes in the world: https://youtu.be/YXxMmfkjgng Graceville Container House Grand Design by Todd Miller of Zeigler Build: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=D3lt57xirdk Beach Box Budinna: https://youtu.be/LPxi-BJKO0Y [COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER] THESE VIDEOS ARE FOR EDUCATIONAL/DESIGN INSPIRATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The images/ video clips copyright belong to the rightful owners. If any owners of the content clips would like us to remove the video, we have no problem with that and will do so as fast is practically possible. Please email us if you have any concerns at info@sheltermode.com [FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER] * Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. 1) This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them) 2) This video is also for educational/Design Inspirational purposes ONLY. 3) It is positively transformative in nature. 4) We only use one or two images/video clips from same source to get the point across where necessary. [CONNECT WITH ME ONLINE] http://sheltermode.com.com http://twitter.com/sheltermode http://facebook.com/sheltermode http://instagram.com/sheltermode -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Modern Container House Designs with Floor Plans | ECOBOX 160 Studio Cabin" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7y_gpgkZv8 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Slipform Stone Masonry: Building a Slipform Stone House from the Bottom Up
Building a Slipform Stone House from the Bottom Up (Revised and expanded). http://www.hopspress.com/Books/Living_Homes.htm http://www.hopspress.com/Videos/Stone_Masonry_Video.htm In April of 2005 we broke ground on construction of a new energy-efficient slipform stone house originally intended as intern housing for our Green University® internship program. This slideshow provides a quick overview of the entire building process, from the bottom up. More extensive photos and text of the building process are available on our website at http://www.hollowtop.com.
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Basement Waterproofing - How To Permanently Waterproof A Basement
How to waterproof a basement and fix groundwater and flooding basements. This is a guaranteed solution to seal and waterproof a basement, without using numerous sump pumps or excavating and removing landscaping. We are the industry leader in foundation waterproofing throughout Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. For more information on foundation stabilization, underpinning and foundation repair, visit http://www.baseco.net
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Vipp Shelter tiny prefab as precise industrial-era appliance
The Danish company VIPP (famous for its iconic 1939 wastebasket, now in the MOMA) has created a prefab tiny home designed down to the last detail (flashlight included). Their 592-square-foot “plug and play getaway” wasn’t designed to blend into nature, but to float above it; fifty thousand pounds of glass and steel serve as a frame for the surrounding landscape. VIPP designer Morten Bo Jensen explains that the shelter wasn’t designed as a piece of architecture, but an industrial object. The prefab structure is built in a factory and the four modules are transported by truck to the site. The shelter can be constructed in 3 to 5 days using just bolts for the modules and 9,000 screws for the steel plates. The small prefab can house 4 people: 2 on a daybed and 2 in a loft bedroom. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls slide open and closed with mechanical rollers, designed to move the 400 or 500-kilo doors with ease. “We kind of like this idea that you just grab it and slide it open,” explains Jensen, “instead of motorized solutions that would be more different from our philosophy of very mechanical products that just last for a long time.” https://www.vipp.com/en/shelter/the-vipp-shelter/ Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/vipp-shelter-tiny-prefab-as-precise-industrial-era-appliance/
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430 Sq Ft One Bedroom Home (Tiny Home Idea), "Wee" House
Subscribe to Grig Stamate: http://bit.ly/GrigStamate Energy-Efficient Small House - One Bedroom "Wee House" (theweehousecompany.co.uk) Location: Scotland Price: £75,000 Floor Space: 40 m2 (431 ft2) Wee Houses are carefully designed so that they exude character and charm without compromising on functionality. These Wee Houses are highly customisable and are available in a variety of finishes. • Quality fitted kitchen with a wide choice of finishes. • Space for integrated oven and hob, full-size fridge/freezer, washing machine and plenty of storage. • Stainless steel sink with designer taps. • Dedicated low energy downlighters on ceiling - no bulbs to change! Music: The Bluest Star Downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music
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River of Life Farm - River Lighthouse Cabin
The River Lighthouse is River of Life Farms newest Tree house Cabin and is available for lodging now! Make your reservations today to enjoy one of the finest river view cabins we offer. This cabin sleeps up to 6 people with 1 King size bed, 1 Queen size bed, and a sleeper sofa. It has 2 private restrooms, each with it's own whirlpool tubs. With approximately 1200 square feet, it has all the amenities you would need for a relaxing Missouri vacation. www.riveroflifefarm.com
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Log Cabin TIMELAPSE Built By ONE MAN In The Forest
No talking viral timelapse video of Shawn James off grid log cabin build by one man alone in the wilderness of Canada, from 1st tree I cut to last floor board I laid. Please SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIMXKin1fXXCeq2UJePJEog?sub_confirmation=1 So Why Should You Subscribe To My Channel? To watch me build my next cabin - bigger and better than this one!.. To relax… To virtually immerse yourself in nature… To see how I live debt free, stress free and low cost… To see how I build things alone… To see how I cook with no electricity or gas… To hear what steps I took to retire in my mid-forties so I could live my dream life… To interact with the happiest and most helpful community of viewers on YouTube… To become more self-reliant. If you want to build a rustic log cabin or tiny off grid home alone in the wilderness and you haven't seen the rest of my videos, this is a good primer. It's super fast motion though, so if you are interested in building a primitive log cabin like this, take a look at the "Log Cabin The Bear Den" playlist on the channel. At the beginning of the video, I show a winter drone photo of the cabin in the snow in December. Then I flashback to the first balsam fir tree I cut down with a saw and axe near the cabin. I drag the trees into place and clear the cabin site. All summer, I cut the notches in the logs as I built the cabin up, offsite. Once I was finished notching the logs with a log scribe, saw, axe, adze and wood carving gouge, I loaded up the entire cabin of logs and moved them to my land near Algonquin Park, Ontario Canada. Once on site, I spent a month reassembling the cabin on a foundation of sand and gravel. Once the log walls were up, I again used hand tools to shape every log, board and timber to erect the gable ends, the wood roof, the porch, the outhouse and a seemingly endless number of woodworking projects. For the roof, I used an ancient primitive technology to waterproof and preserve the wood - shou sugi ban, a fire hardening wood preservation technique unique to Japan and other areas in northern climates. Because the cabin is offgrid, I have used handtools for most of the build and without power, I have no options on site regardless. The tiny house will continue to be operated with power, not even renewable energy for now, so I'm heating the cabin with a woodstove fire place, which I also cook on. The cabin is made of cedar fence posts, twelve feet long and the cabin measures 10 feet x 20 feet inside with a one hundred square foot sleeping loft on the second floor. The floor is made of two inch thick pine planks, torched to help repel water and to give them a rustic barn board appearance. Tune off sound if you don't want to hear the music, - there is no talking in this silent video. If you are a subscriber or long time viewer, there is some new footage at the end of the video, but otherwise you have seen most of this. As always, I'll release a new video on Friday showing the progress I made this week on the door and the ice box for food storage. CABIN LIFE MERCHANDISE HERE: https://teespring.com/stores/my-self-reliance Website: http://myselfreliance.com/ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MySelfReliance/ Personal Facebook Page (Shawn James) – https://www.facebook.com/shawn.james.msr Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/myselfreliance/ Music Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100238 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ #logcabin #timelapse #shelter
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Almond Custom Homes... Lots and Similar Home Plans Available
Custom homes on the water in Virginia! Contact Sabrina Hack, REALTOR at SabrinaHack@AlmondAndHackRealty.com, 757-812-7255 and mention this video.
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House Plans With River View
SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl3QiCiR-kmyjstVBaQDdaA?sub_confirmation=1
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Rustic Beautiful The Light Haus Tiny House Plans for Tall People | Lovely Tiny House
RUSTIC BEAUTIFUL THE LIGHT HAUS TINY HOUSE PLANS FOR TALL PEOPLE Price: $85,000 This is the Light Haus Tiny House on Wheels designed by Vina Lustado. It’s a tiny home designed with tall people in mind. Highlights Designed by Sol Haus Design (Vina Lustado) Light Haus Sleeps 2-3 people 172 sq. ft. on main floor plus 80 sq. ft. bedroom loft and 40 sq. ft. office loft Dimensions: 24′ x 8′ 6″ x 14′ Weighs approximately 14,000 lb. More info: https://tinyhousetalk.com/light-haus-tiny-house-plans-for-tall-people/#more-82776 More Videos: https://goo.gl/kpivNL ======================= THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! 👍 If you like our video don't forget to press the button "Subscribe ❤️" and "Like 👍" !! 👍 Subscribe and View more here: https://goo.gl/6RbeLH
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EB01 (31m2) - River - Home Office-Granny Flat- Guest Flat Floor Plans
The plans can be used for single bed room and living room, with a bathroom and a kitchen. We will provide a number of drawings that suit either a slab (concrete floor) or on brick piers. The plans have been designed for N2(W33) or N3(W41) wind loads. On construction it will require a site plan (this is required for all house plans). It locates the house on your land. Links http://www.newlittlehouse.com.au/ or https://www.facebook.com/NewLittleHouses or http://pinterest.com/newlittlehouse/ Total Floor Areas - 69.9m2, House Dimensions -- 8.26 Length x 6.19 Width x 2.40 High mm. The plans are on A3 sheets and the specifications to be provided to suit the footing type.
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Luxury Homes Video 1 | House Plans and More
http://houseplansandmore.com/homeplans/luxury_house_plans.aspx - Let us take you on a video tour through these stunning Luxury home plans with amazing exteriors that have a custom feel and interiors that will have you living the luxurious life you always imagined. Luxury homes provide lavish living thanks to their many special amenities throughout. Find the home of your dreams in this video then view the floor plans and plan details at http://houseplansandmore.com/ and make your dream home a reality. And, don't forget to share this video with friends, rank this video and add comments. If you enjoyed this video, then please follow us on twitter at @HousePlansMore https://twitter.com/#!/HousePlansMore facebook http://www.facebook.com/HousePlansandMore Pinterest http://pinterest.com/houseplansmore/ House Plans And More, powered by HDA, Inc. is a premier home plan provider with more than 17,000 home designs to view and purchase at http://houseplansandmore.com. View more stunning home videos on the House Plans and More You Tube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/houseplansandmore and subscribe today!
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Luxury Notch House by Platform 5 Architects | Incredible Small House Design
The terraced house and pavilion style extension has been notched to create a sequence of framed internal spaces and glazed voids to link the interior with elements of the garden More information at https://clippings.com/dont-move-improve/Notch-House-Platform5-Architects 🙏 🙏 🙏 Help me get 100K SUBSCRIBERS. Please like & share videos ❤️ http://bit.ly/2tgNRv7 ★★ Modern Style Tiny House Design http://bit.ly/2LYP1Dj ★★ Best Tiny House Design http://bit.ly/2tgXUk9 ★★ Amazing Small House Design http://bit.ly/2Mx38kq http://bit.ly/2LZxhYs ★★ World's Most Beautiful Cottages http://bit.ly/2HZntv3 ★★ Stunning Shipping Container Homes http://bit.ly/2ljCyi9 =========================== SOCIAL MEDIA 💖 Like Us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2KeVxc9 💖 Follow Us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/2tsICZt 💖 Google Plus: http://bit.ly/2ysPgF1 💖 Follow Us on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2MaGltT 💖 Thanhtrick Blog: http://bit.ly/2yxoRWA =========================== The images displayed in this channel, which were downloaded from the Web,search engines and/or free sources report the source link. I do not claim any rights to any of these images.If publication of such materials is liable to copyright, please notify us by email and will be removed immediately. More Videos: #tinyhouse #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #smallhome #tinyhome #smallhome
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Top 10 COOLEST House Interior Design Features You Won’t Believe Exist
Most houses are defined by their commonalities but there are 10 amazing and interesting design features we think every house should have. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: beamazedvideos@gmail.com Featuring... Treehouses and Skate Parks - What’s cooler than being able to bring the skateboard park home with you? That’s the impetus behind Tokyo based design studio LEVEL who installed a small skate park.Waterfalls - They're possibly one of the most mesmerising and relaxing things to look at and hear, so why not put a waterfall into your house. Slides - Walking up and down stairs takes time and ask yourself, would you rather walk down stairs or slit on your bum and slide down the same distance? I rest my case. Glass Floors and Walls - Glass tends to be a staple material for office buildings, so why not as a residential option? More and more people seem to have picked up on the amazing potential of working with glass. Underground Parking - Taking their cue from James Bonds movies, a number of companies, including a Swiss-based design firm out of Geneva, have managed to bring vertical parking into reality. Moss/Rock Walls - What better way to spice up your home and make it feel like your own than to upgrade its environmental impact? Pet Transit Systems - If you’re wrinkling your brow at this one, don’t worry – so did we at first. Musical Walls - Known as the Court of Water, this funky Dresden art installation slash building design is the product of eclectic architect and artist Heike Bottcher who built the blue Rube Goldberg-esque wall in 1999 for the Kunsthof Passage farm collective. Hidden Rooms - If you were anything like me growing up, you lamented the fact that your house didn’t have a secret room that could only be accessed through a hidden door in the form of a bookcase. 3D Epoxy Floors - There are a whole bunch of options to choose from when it comes to flooring for your home – from wood and tile to laminate and even rubber, the list goes on and on.
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Small House Plans - SHP 1008
Small House Plans
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Waterfront Houses Video 2 | House Plans and More
http://houseplansandmore.com/homeplans/waterfront_house_plans.aspx - This video tour takes you through these stunning Waterfront house plans with laid back floor plans and open style that make these homes ideal for a vacation home. Waterfront homes enjoy many large windows typically and plenty of outdoor living areas. Find the home of your dreams in this video then view the floor plans and plan details at http://houseplansandmore.com/ and make your dream home a reality. And, don't forget to share this video with friends, rank this video, and add comments. If you enjoyed this video, then please follow us on twitter at @HousePlansMore https://twitter.com/#!/HousePlansMore facebook http://www.facebook.com/HousePlansandMore Pinterest http://pinterest.com/houseplansmore/ House Plans And More, powered by HDA, Inc. is a premier home plan provider with more than 17,000 home designs to view and purchase at http://houseplansandmore.com. View more stunning home videos on the House Plans and More You Tube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/houseplansandmore and subscribe today!
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Absolutely Charming Timber House | World's Most Beautiful Cottages
Absolutely Charming Timber House | World's Most Beautiful Cottages Price: 1,890,000 kr ($207,744) Toftvägen 4 Logarn, Strängnäs Map & travel times Facts Property Winterized holiday home Living area 60 m² Lot Size 1 646 m² of land Number of rooms 3 rooms Operating cost 21 302 kr / year Year built 2007 Watch the final price Sjönära timber house in popular Logarn! Winter booth and modernly decorated log house with great charm factor. Light and airy interior, large windows, wood burning stove, nice open plan living between kitchen and large cottage. Tastefully decorated with bright color choices. Tiled shower room with washing machine. Waterborne underfloor heating. Lovely patios, balcony in sunny position. Nice isolated guest house about 15 m2. Popular area with bath and boat bridges and sauna house at Mälaren. Boat site complies with the property. Welcome! Buy from Hemnet https://www.hemnet.se/bostad/villa-3rum-logarn-strangnas-kommun-toftvagen-4-13885955 #LeTuanHomeDesign More Videos: https://goo.gl/tv4eHa ======================== THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! * If you like our video don't forget to press the button "Subscribe ❤" and "Like 👍" !! * Subscribe and View more here: https://goo.gl/6xfETi
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Dream Small Bungalows
Subscribe to Grig Stamate: http://bit.ly/GrigStamate Charming images of small bungalows in this video. #SmallBungalows
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Promenade on the river - Floor Plans
A video of the floor plans at Promenade on the river in Reno, NV
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How to build a wooden cottage in... 4 hours!
This film shows a wooden holiday house construction, which in reality took 4h to raise. NEW! https://youtu.be/KEodO5i8xhk and http://youtu.be/Q990KwHxbXU See the ready hut here: https://youtu.be/EUFoXhE1Y1I ; http://youtu.be/h5hTwb3uMpQ and http://youtu.be/ktLFRlwKjlI A luxury log cabin may be seen here:http://youtu.be/rJwtr42QVlc In this vid the crew started just after 7 A.M. and they finished right after 11 A.M. the same morning. The longest it took to level out the concrete foundation blocks. Foiling and insulation against heat loss as well as electrical installation took some more time but was worth it, esp. in colder climate. Sunset over the hut in 2015: https://youtu.be/0doXu6UkHaI See more interesting things on our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dzikieswinie
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Urban House in Mumbai by Architect Nitin Killawala
To own a peaceful abode in a crowded city of Mumbai, is nothing less than a dream for an individual. Space constraint has become a prominent issue for builders, architects and individuals. This has left Mumbai with a sole option of rising vertically! Capitalising on this challenge, Architect Nitin Killawala’s residence in Mumbai’s Juhu Scheme, makes a bold statement. He narrates you the concept of this urban house, which at its first sight, looks like stacked drawers.
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The Entire Tiny House Design Collection
This is a quick overview of all the tiny house plans and ebooks included in this years Tiny House Design Holiday Sale. Learn more at: http://www.tinyhousedesign.com/entire-collection-49/
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Off the Grid on a Homemade Island
Floating off the coast of Vancouver Island, a 45-minute boat ride to the nearest town, is a sustainable island fortress complete with a dance floor, art gallery and garden. For artists Catherine King and Wayne Adams, this is home: a labor of love 24 years in the making. SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/vR6Acb Follow us behind the scenes on Instagram: http://goo.gl/2KABeX Make our acquaintance on Facebook: http://goo.gl/Vn0XIZ Give us a shout on Twitter: http://goo.gl/sY1GLY Come hang with us on Vimeo: http://goo.gl/T0OzjV Visit our world directly: http://www.greatbigstory.com This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Great Big Story is a video network dedicated to the untold, overlooked & flat-out amazing. Humans are capable of incredible things & we're here to tell their stories. When a rocket lands in your backyard, you get in.
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Beautiful Treehouse-Style Cabins on Stilts - Full Tour
In this video, we take a tour of 2 tree house-style cabins on stilts at the Canopée Lit eco-resort in Sacré Coeur, Québec. The first one we see is a summer cabin.  It's just one simple room with a double bed and they gave it a rustic interior design look by using unfinished wood panelling and branches so that it literally feels like the cabin was carved out of the forest.  One thing we really like about this cabin is the big bubble skylight above the bed.  It makes the room nice and bright during the day, and it would be cool for looking at the stars at night.  There's also a horizontal curtain that you can pull across the skylight to keep the room dark in the morning or to keep the sun from heating up the room too much.  There's a huge balcony outside with a great view and a functional little kitchen. There's also a breakfast box on a pulley that the resort uses to deliver your breakfast in the morning. There is a composting toilet and shower at the bottom of the stairs. The second cabin is an all-season cabin.  They've got a bedroom in the loft up a curving staircase.  The kitchen and sitting area are indoors in this one and they look a bit more comfortable although you do lose the camping feel of the summer cabin. The composting toilet, shower and sink are inside too which is nice and it looks like the shower stall is made out of an old wine barrel. The cabins all have 1 solar panel and a propane heater but we don't think they're completely off the grid.  There are half a dozen of these cabins spaced out along some trails but they're still within walking distance of the resort's main cabin where you can get access to wifi, eat at the restaurant, play board games & stuff like that. You can see that the cabins aren't true treehouses since they're built on stilts but they still give you a great view, and it's a good alternative if you want to build a tall structure like this but don't have a mature tree to build it in. Check out the Canopée Lit website if you're interested in learning more: www.canopee-lit.com We also made a video about the bubble tents at Canopée Lit here: https://youtu.be/45UoPLPhy7M Thanks for watching! Mat & Danielle ------------------------------------------------------------- Stay in Touch ------------------------------------------------------------- Blog: www.exploringalternatives.ca Facebook: /exploringalternativesblog Instagram: @exploringalternatives ------------------------------------------------------------- Music & Song Credits ------------------------------------------------------------- All music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat Dubé of Exploring Alternatives.
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Neoclassical Homes Video 1 |  House Plans and More
http://houseplansandmore.com/homeplans/neoclassical_house_plans.aspx - Join us on a video tour of these best-selling Neoclassical home plans with stylish amenities and highly functional floor plans for easy living. Neoclassical homes offer a great style composed of many styles that is sure to stand out in any neighborhood. Find the home of your dreams in this video, then view the floor plans and plan details at http://houseplansandmore.com/ and make your dream home a reality. And, don't forget to share this video with friends, rank this video, and add comments. If you enjoyed this video, then please follow us on twitter at @HousePlansMore https://twitter.com/#!/HousePlansMore facebook http://www.facebook.com/HousePlansandMore Pinterest http://pinterest.com/houseplansmore/ google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/100119071131345920367/ House Plans And More, powered by HDA, Inc. is a premier home plan provider with more than 17,000 home designs to view and purchase at http://houseplansandmore.com. View more stunning home videos on the House Plans and More You Tube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/houseplansandmore and subscribe today!
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Green Home Tips from a Texas River House
Visit http://AlternativeHomesToday.com for more tips on sustainable home construction. This video shows 8 green building tips from a home I stayed at along the Colorado River near Bastrop, Texas, USA in the summer of 2012. I would like to send out a special thanks to owners Linda and Steve for allowing us to use the video. If you need a great weekend away in an old Texas town, you can get more photos and rental information at http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p300545. You can also send them an email at bastropriverhouse@gmail.com.
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A Quick Tour of the River House built by New River Custom Builders
Tour the River House, overlooking the River House Inn and Restaurant, on the historic New River in Ashe County, North Carolina. This house was built by New River Custom Builders: http://www.asheaverywataugabuilders.com
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Underground Beach Hut Build
I love digging holes on the beach so this is taking it to another level. I've always thought if i brought wood to stop the sides from collapsing then i could a brilliant underground room so this led me to dream of a bench hut with a double basement, however it turned out harder than expected. Part 2 is here https://youtu.be/AojTrc_UMaM Order The Colin Furze book aimed at kids 6+ which is full of little projects to turn them into little inventors and loads of pictures of my previous projects http://smarturl.it/C-Furze Want to see the underground bunker i built in my back garden go here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UKNajCgpEs Social stuff here people Twitter https://twitter.com/colin_furze Instagram https://www.instagram.com/realcolinfurze/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Colin-furze-521680751253584 MUSIC 1st Track is called "Seven" and is by "Braincoats" More on them here https://www.facebook.com/BRAINCOATS/ https://braincoats.bandcamp.com/ 2nd Track is called "You drove me to Taxidermy" and is by "Freeze the Atlantic" more on them here Web Site: www.freezetheatlantic.co.uk YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/FreezeTheAtlanticUK Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/freezetheatlantic 3rd Track is called "Nobody cares but You" And is by the "filibusters" more on them here https://www.facebook.com/thefilibusters/ In a band, want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewer's.
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Tiny Vacation Home Design Floorplan Layout with Guest Bed: Ana White Tiny House Build [Episode 1]
SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/1UGazC Jacob and Ana White are building a tiny house, and showing you step by step how you can build one too! In this video series, the Whites will turn a trailer into a beautiful home. In this episode Ana White shows you her design concept and a sneak peek at the interior of the tiny house.
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Berkshire Small House: Beautiful Little Cottage | Absolutely Small House Design Ideas
I think you might agree that this Berkshire Small House is the epitome of simple living because it’s not too much and it’s not too little. The home was built using modified Tumbleweed Whidbey plans. And unlike many tiny houses this gorgeous little cottage could easily serve even a growing family and their descendants for many decades to come because it has two bedrooms, a big walk in closet, radiant floor heating, and more. It’s a beautiful example of what housing and real estate could be if we can inspire developers to give us what we really want, don’t you think? If you agree that more homes like this would help society please join the movement and re-share. Thank you! Images © David Fell Photography Learn more: http://www.berkshiresmallhouse.com/ Read more at http://tinyhousetalk.com/berkshire-sm... =========================== #GoTinyHouseHunting is a channel sharing #homes under 500 sq ft and #tinyhouse. In the past few years, tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally. Look around and have a look at some of the beautiful homes and spaces people have created. Enjoy!
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Kristie Wolfe builds underground home & sets rural WA hamlet
Inspired by the success of the Hawaii treehouse she built for $11,000, Kristie Wolfe began searching for land to build a “Hobbit”-inspired village. Knowing that there is land to be found for cheap in this country (she bought her Hawaii property for $8000), she began to search the Northwest for sites. https://faircompanies.com/videos/building-your-own-hawaii-minimal-house-for-a-vacations-cost/ “There’s a lot of land everywhere, if you look on craigslist, if you look on zillow, you can find property so it’s not really that there’s not a lot. The issue is with property that’s in my price range- I’m looking for property that’s $10,000 to 20,000- usually there’s a reason why it’s cheap, it’s either an easement problem or you have to drive through a crappy neighborhood… but if you’re wanting to be off-grid, it opens up a whole world of selections, there’s a ton out there.” Wolfe paid $18,000 for 5 acres on a hillside above Lake Chelan, Washington. Being a couple miles down a dirt road, there was no option to be on the grid so Wolfe put in a solar panel, septic and a water tank (filled by truck for now) and began to dig the first of her underground homes. At 288 square feet, Wolfe’s “tiny house in the shire” was over the maximum square footage allowed for an un-permitted build so she went to the county for approval. With only hand-sketched plans on graph paper, she was able to get a permit. The structure went up in a few days “with a lot of help from family and friends” and it was “wrapped and roofed” in a few weeks and then Wolfe finished the interior on her own. Inspired by the “Hobbit” books, films and cartoon (from 1977), Wolfe wanted to recreate the cozy feel of a hobbit hole. "Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a hobbit-hole and that meant comfort." Rather than buying expensive custom details, Wolfe got creative. She used the top of an old cable spool - scavenged for free long before the build- as a round door. To create round windows, she hid secondhand ($10) square windows behind repurposed circular mirror frames. For a very unique cordwood floor, she cut scraps of wood (found beside the road and old firewood) into into one-inch-thick pieces glued down with a heavy construction adhesive and grouted by hand (again thanks much help to friends and family). Wolfe has broken ground on the 2nd and 3rd hillside homes. She doesn't plan to change much of her design except to make the windows larger. The completed “village” will include an above-ground communal kitchen built to look like a thatched-roof English-style pub. Filming credit: Ivan Nanney- IvanTheIntrepid.com [Kristie’s “Tiny House in the Shire” rents on Airbnb https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8794484] Original story: https://faircompanies.com/videos/kristie-wolfe-builds-underground-home-sets-rural-wa-hamlet/
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Official River Ridge Apartment Homes in Orlando, FL
9957 Hidden River Drive Orlando, FL 32829 (844) 364-5045 River Ridge Apartments! Welcome home to Southeast Orlando's newest apartment community, where high-end living is simply affordable. Choose from 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom floor plans. Learn more at http://www.myriverridgeapts.com or search for sister communities at http://www.concordrents.com
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Contemporary Design Custom Timber Frame House
The manufacturing and installation of timber frames, glulam beams, internal walls and floors was undertaken by Vision Development of Berkshire
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Our Magnificent Cantilever Home Interior showing
https://nextgenlivinghomes.com Next Generation Living Homes has designed this Magnificent Cantilever architectural home in order to achieve something extraordinary and highly appealing from a design standpoint. This is our view of the glamorous lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. The home features 8 bedrooms of luxury living, with balcony views for family and guest. Yet, we want to warn you that inviting guests may turn out to be a headache, as your guests will never want to leave this exclusive pampered lifestyle. Our architectural design is best for a hilltop location with panoramic breath-taking city- or endless ocean views. If price is of no object, this 18,871 sq. ft. Cantilever Home's estimated retail valuation in prime locations of Los Angeles or San Diego is at $53.3 Million, when completed. The full custom architectural design and construction blueprints of this magnificent Cantilever home are available in our Shopping Cart. Be the first to get the plans and even get an exclusive buyout from us, so you can have the exclusivity of this architectural design just for yourself. Furthermore, we can customize or add anything in our architectural designs to fit your every wish of this Magnificent Cantilever Home. https://nextgenlivinghomes.com Next Generation Living Homes is excited that we are expanding in Europe. We are currently reviewing opportunities for land purchases in the Mediterranean regions of Spain, Monaco, and Italy. Additionally, Next Generation Living Homes is proud to announce its full adoption of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash for our payment system. https://nextgenlivinghomes.com/shop/ We embrace new technologies in C.A.D. Architectural Design Systems and joined with steel framing and concrete home building to deliver faster design, better construction with steel that withstands extreme weather conditions for a sustainable modern home to last generations. We hope you enjoy viewing our unique modern home designs and invite you to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER. Additionally, if you know a potential customer needing an architectural design, then sign-up for our affiliate program and earn a 5% commission when they become a client. https://nextgenlivinghomes.com/affiliate-portal/ Below are our home specs to grasp the splendor, impressiveness, and especially the appearance and style of our architectural designs at Next Generation Living Homes. Approximate Areas are: 1st Floor Living 4,540 Sq Ft 2nd Floor Living 3,787 Sq Ft 3rd Floor Living 1,336 Sq ft TOTAL LIVING AREA: 9,663 Sq Ft Basement 2,557 Sq Ft Balconies/Porches 5,416 Sq Ft Pools 1,235 Sq Ft GRAND TOTAL 18,871 Sq Ft Total building 18,871 Sq Ft plus pools and balconies 8 Bedrooms 1 Kitchen 1 Pantry 1 Breakfast Nook 2 Bars indoor/outdoor 1 Storage room 1 Elevator/4 stories 4 Balconies 1 Study/office 1 Utility room 2 Dining rooms 1 Wine Cellar 1 Movie Theater 12 bathrooms 6 Car Garage + room for motor cycles cantilever, cantilevered, cantilevers, cantilever house, cantilevering, cantilever design, cantilever houses, cantilevered houses, cantilevered house, cantilever house hollywood, cantilevers house, cantilever architecture, cantilever homes, cantilever house design, cantilevered home designs, cantilever home, cantilever house plans, house cantilever, architecture cantilever, cantilever design architecture, cantilever home plans, cantilevered home, cantilevered homes, cantilevered house plans, cantalevered, cantalievered, cantelever design, cantelever house, cantelevered, cantelievered, cantelivered, canterlevered, canterliver, cantiever, cantileaver, cantileavered, cantileer, cantileever, cantilevar, cantileve, cantileveer, cantilevel, cantilever design house, cantilever home cantilever homes, cantilever home cantilevered home, cantilever home design, cantilever home designs, cantilever homes cantilevered home, cantilever house designs, cantilever house los angeles, cantilever houses designs, cantilever houses los angeles, cantileverd, cantilevere, cantilevered architecture, cantilevered contemporary homes, cantilevered design, cantilevered home cantilever home, cantilevered home cantilever homes, cantilevered home cantilevered home, cantilevered house designs, cantileverred, cantilevers architecture, cantilevers houses, cantilevr, cantiliever, cantilievered, cantilievers, cantiliver, cantiliver home, cantiliver house, cantilivered, cantillever, cantilver,
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Avalon Log Homes - Johnson Eaglesnest Luxury Log Home
This is a luxury log home built in Happy Jack, Arizona. See this Johnson Eaglesnest floor plan at http://www.avalonloghomes.com/floor-plans/johnson-eaglesnest-log-home
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Charming Small House | Vacation Cottage
Charming vacation home with cozy interior. Around the front and sides of the cottage is a generous terrace where the sun is shining brightly. MUSIC: ATTRIBUTION ‘Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com)’
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Modern House Plans View Lot
SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClOyuVCvRfo23QXPaCRGuQA?sub_confirmation=1 - - - HELP MY CHANNEL - - - Dogecoin Wallet: DJWY35EVSwKNtjyBnw9MYNVzqPi7dhns6a
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Backyard Drainage Solutions - This Old House
Roger Cook shows Kevin O’Connor a few ways to handle storm water, including French drains, channel drains, and dry-wells. Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=thisoldhouse Follow This Old House: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisOldHouse Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisoldhouse Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/thisoldhouse/ G+: https://plus.google.com/+thisoldhouse/posts Instagram: http://instagram.com/thisoldhouse Tumblr: http://thisoldhouse.tumblr.com/
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Mansion for sale: Swim in your living room
This 25,000-sq.-ft. palace-like home in New Jersey features a salt-water swimming pool in its main living area.
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Lateral House in Bengaluru by GRCA
PROJECT FACT FILE: Project Name: The Lateral House Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka Plot Area: 2,400 sq.ft Built-Up Area: 3,600 sq.ft Project Cost: INR 48 lac Completion: 2013 Architecture: GRCA, Bengaluru Principal Architect: Gaurav Roy Choudhary Principal architect, Gaurav Roy Choudhary narrates the design journey of The Lateral House in Bengaluru
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Construction Steps of a House in India
gooseBerry media presents..... This video is about: Step by step Construction of a building in Kerala, India It includes: # Detailed plan like architectural plan, structural plan, sections, drawings of beams, columns, foundations, measurements of rooms. # Model of the house - 3 storeyed building with cellar floor, ground floor and first floor. # Site clearance, uprooting trees, Site clean up, levelling soil, site videos. # Setting out of a building-using centre to centre distance plan, ropes, measuring tapes, cross staff, peg, plumb bob etc # Construction of house foundation: Setting out foundation, Marking of house foundation excavations, Excavation in construction (digging) using JCB, Hitachi 20, transporting vehicles like tipper, Mazda etc., cleaning by workers. # Column Footing construction: Footing with one column, Footing with 2 columns, Footing marking, Footing reinforcement. # Building Material and construction lectures: Cement bags- we used ordinary Portland cement Metal or coarse aggregate = 4 centimeters or one and half inch and 2 cm or three by four inch River sand or washed msand or fine aggregate. Aggregate grades, aggregate consumption. Water added in accordance with water cement ratio... water/cement ratio, w/c ratio # Concrete mixer fixed on the ground, Cement mixing, aggregate mixing, water mixing, mixed uniformly, mixer rotate, mixer unload to below plate sheet, Cement mix ratio. # Sprinkling of water before concrete. # Mix taken by workers using shovels and bowls. # Concrete is placed in excavations for base concrete. # Man enters excavation and spread the mix using hoe, up to the level, jammed well using jammer. # By this base concrete is completed. # The next structure is the reinforced cement concrete structure- RCC. # For that steel rods of different dimensions are arranged. 8 mm diameter tmt steel, 10 mm dia steel, 12 mm dia, 16 mm dia steel rods are used. # Reinforcement learning, Reinforcement detailing, Rcc beams and columns. # Steel cut using steel cutting machine # Steel mat preparation for rcc using 12 mm dia bars # Stirrup making= 8mm dia, steel bending, for connecting pillar steels, use of binding wires –msw, span of frameworks, spacing. # Cement sand paste applied on base concrete, marking above it on intersection of rope. # Points where steel framework rest marked using chalk. # Mat rest upon cover block or stones, Mat fixing. # Piller framework (column framework )= 12 mm dia steel rods with stirrups, with bottom legs. # It is accurately placed in marked points, legs are tied. Rcc is interconnected. # Formworks laid using sheets or woods, nails, hammers. # Verticality of pillar is checked using plumbob, fixed in position. Cross checked. # Concrete of RCC structure =RCC square or rectangular prism + RCC taper or trapezoidal prism 20 Centimetre Rcc square, 35 cm Rcc taper. # Concrete mix is placed, Mechanical vibrator is applied, and it helps in consolidating concrete. And settles firmly. # Levelled. Again concrete poured, uniformly spread using floats and trowels. Rcc completes. # This shape good for proper transmission of load. # Water Curing or watering of concrete – very important step prevents moisture loss, maintaining favourable temperature for hydration to occur in concrete, prevents surface cracking. # A small shoe is constructed above rcc taper. Shutter of the shoe is fixed and is concreted. # After that the formworks of small pillar is fixed and tightened on the shoe. # Small pillar is the pillar between Rcc trapezoid and the Beam belt. # Watered properly, concrete poured, compacted very well using rods. # On next day formwork is removed. # Level ground, soil movement from and to land, soil jammed. # Cement sand paste applied on place of upcoming plinth beam # Plinth beam construction # Steel framework of plinth beam = 3 no. of 16mm dia bar at top, 3 number of 16mm dia @ bottom, stirrups 18cm c/c distance. It is 30cm x21cm beam # It rest on cover block, formwork is made, verticality of formwork checked, watered well, concreted. # Vibration for good settlement, levelled using float. Completes. # laid steels for upcoming pillars and retaining wall. # Woks completed up to plinth beam level. # This House construction video also includes, house construction techniques, buildings structures, house building tips, house building ideas etc. Send your opinions and suggestions to my email id: smartconstructjj@gmail.com Work in progress will be updated. Thank you.
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Cooper River Farms Apartments - Daniel Island Corporate Housing
Located just off Clements Ferry Road near I-526 on Daniel Island, Cooper River Farms furnished apartments by Select Corporate Housing deliver distinctive temporary housing accommodations with unparalleled luxury, comfort, and convenience. Whether you're completing a short-term job assignment near Blackbaud, relocating to start a career with Benefitfocus, visiting to attend the Volvo Cup Open, or simply need a corporate apartment while you're between homes, our Charleston SC Furnished Apartments will exceed your expectations and provide you with an enjoyable home-away-from-home during your stay. All utilities are included along with appliances, premium furnishings, housewares, cable and wireless internet - all consolidated into one monthly bill that covers all housing expenses. Business travelers will enjoy the convenience of flexible lease terms and direct billing, while relocating families will delight in the spacious floor plans, private bedrooms, and fully-equipped gourmet kitchens. Cooper River Farms is situated within 56 acres of woods and former farmland threaded by creeks and trails. Beautiful shade trees, adult-sized swings, a grand saltwater pool, and Lowcountry river breezes are but a few of the luxuries awaiting you.
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Build Underground swimming Pool around House
Hello Everyone, Today we build Swimming Pool around our house.' Thank you for watching.....
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Tiny Cabins in the Woods
Subscribe to Grig Stamate: http://bit.ly/GrigStamate Stunning picture collections of tiny cabins lost in the woods. Music: Grange Party Downloaded it from the YouTube Audio Library http://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music
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House Plans With River View
Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx4wi9r0Bli-ZH-u_yGD7Aw?sub_confirmation=1
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