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GCI Alaska: Wireless Coverage on Alaska's Largest Network
GCI's Wireless Summer Coverage TV commercial, promoting Alaska's Largest 4G LTE network, "Over Share" how much fun you're having this summer. See why local is better. Largest cell phone network in Alaska, GCI Alaska Born and Raised. https://www.gci.com/wireless
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GCI: Switch to Alaska's Fastest Internet
GCI No Worries Internet plans offer the fastest speeds starting at a price of $59.99 a month. And now with 1 Terabyte of data when you sign up for our 1 Gig Red plan! Jump on board with fellow Alaskans and see why local is better. https://www.gci.com/offer/1gighubold
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GCI Fast Phone prepaid phone plans
Not crazy about being tied down to a contract? Chances are, you'll like Fast Phone from GCI.
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GCI Better Than Unlimited
Alaska - it just got better than unlimited. Sign up for GCI's Simply Unbeatable wireless plans that have 30% more included data than AT&T’s so called “Unlimited.” After the parents are connected - add the kids for only twenty bucks a line. Exclusively at GCI.
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Building Alaska's Internet
This $300 million telecom project will boost speeds or provide service to many areas of Alaska for the first time. TERRA was completed in October after six years of construction when engineers installed its final microwave repeater. The network uses a combination of repeater data links and fiber optics to form a giant, 5,000-⁠kilometer ring around southwest Alaska—a sparsely populated region with few paved roads and wilderness areas larger than West Virginia. Read more: https://spectrum.ieee.org/telecom/wireless/109-microwave-towers-bring-the-internet-to-remote-alaska-villages
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Free Cell Phone Government Assisted Program
Get a Free cellphone via the excellent Lifeline Government Benefit Program! Join Now,Fillup Your Application Information Page: https://goo.gl/JvcgPa It is a limited time offer for new customers, who will receive a free cell phone with unlimited texts, 500 Free minutes for four months and 350 frees minutes monthly. No monthly bills, no contract and no credit check! Lifeline is a federal government benefit program that provides free mobile phone service to income-eligible residents. To quality, income must be at a certain level, or the user must already participate in another state or federal assistance program such as SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Section 8, or others. Up to 35% of Americans may be qualified! This US offer converts on a completed application. Excluded states: Alaska, California, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming. Most cell carriers no longer offer unlimited data plans. But in this joke tutorial I'm going to show you how you can get unlimited data for free, and this will work on any cell phone or cell carrier. It works by tricking your cell carrier into thinking you haven't downloaded any data at all, therefore giving you unlimited cell data to download. government assistance programs,my government benefits,govbenefits.gov benefit details,free government cell phone locations,free cell phone number lookup,free cell phone service government assistance,government assisted programs for low income families, How to Get Unlimited Cell Data for Free (Any Carrier or Phone),unlimited data,unlimited cell data,unlimited data plan,at\u0026amp;t unlimited data,sprint unlimited data,t mobile unlimited data,verizon unlimited data,free u unlimited data, unlimited cell data, unlimited data plan, at\u0026t unlimited data, sprint unlimited data, t mobile unlimited data, verizon unlimited data, free unlimited data, cell phone plans, cell phone, at\u0026t, verizon, sprint, t mobile, cellular data, data plan, free, cheap.
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GCI: Alaska's Best 4G LTE Network Has Kodiak Covered
Alaska’s largest, fastest 4G LTE network just got even better! Save 40% over Verizon and ATT by going local with GCI in Kodiak. https://www.gci.com/wireless
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GCI Alaska | Juneau 1 Gig Internet
Juneau is now home to 1 Gig internet service, the fastest high-speed internet available in Alaska. https://www.gci.com/internet/1gig-red
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Sitka Alaska:  Agenda 21 & 30 are Advancing quickly NOW!
Things are NOW Advancing Quickly here in Sitka for Agenda 21 & 30! The Ocean, Utility Rates .& FAKE Weather, GCI Towers. and more, that are adding pressure to lower incomes! Driving us out of Sitka as the Elite take-over! I have no audio but Hope You do! Sorry gotta go work! Have a Good Day! BTW: GCI was just bought out by Verizon a couple months ago!
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The Best Alaska Phone Service
Best Alaska Phone Service visit http://www.nuoz.com/voipcloud-computing/alaska-voip-alaska-phone-service/ or call (877) 334 8508 - Nuoz offers the Best Alaska Phone Service that you can have for your business today. Check out site for more info.
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GCI Wireless Alaska Smart
GCI wireless provides Alaska’s fastest data speeds for 40% less than AT&T all with the most reliable coverage throughout Alaska and the lower 49. Don’t hesitate to get the best deals on the latest phone and the best rates in the state – including zero dollars down and up to $600 in savings when you switch to GCI.
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GCI: Alaska's Best 4G LTE Network Has Ketchikan Covered
Alaska’s largest, fastest 4G LTE network just got even better! Save 40% over Verizon and ATT by going local with GCI in Ketchikan. https://www.gci.com/wireless
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Alaska's Ultimate Loyalty Program -- GCI Epic Life
Introducing Epic Life from GCI – Alaska’s ultimate loyalty program. Save more for the stuff you love when we take $49 off your bill each month by simply signing up for four GCI services. That's right - sign up for GCI Internet, wireless, TV, and home phone service, and we'll knock $49 a month off your bill. Terms and conditions apply. https://www.gci.com/offer/epic
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Move your coverage to GCI. Best Price. Best Coverage in Alaska.
Compare GCI's coverage with the other guys. With GCI, you get way more coverage in Alaska, a much smaller bill, plus Nationwide LTE!
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GCI | iPhone Launch
iPhone 8 is here! And GCI is the right place to get it. Right now the incredible iPhone 8 is yours for zero dollars down, plus get a free iPad when you switch to GCI's new unlimited wireless plans. See GCI.com for details.
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GCI mobile plans: Offer valid in Alaska
While other mobile providers give Alaskans the cold shoulder, we give you the hottest deals around. GCI's new mobile plan features unlimited talk and text starting at $30 per month.
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Spuhn Island development:CellTower Juneau Alaska- daytime blight-video#1
I will be posting more information. This January 2014 video is of the North Douglas/Fritz Cove perspective of Spuhn Island. The new development-- a cell tower that reaches 305 feet above sea level-- was a painful surprise to the residents of this cove. This video taken from my dining table is an area that was considered one of Juneau's premiere panoramic view-scapes until the owners of Spuhn Island imposed their commercial interests on the users of the North Douglas Scenic Corridor Viewshed. Behind these clouds stretch the majestic Chilkat mountains. MORE VIDEOS TO COME. http://www.cellifone.com/news/juneau-assembly-halts-cellphone-towers-until-plan-in-place-ktoo http://www.ktoo.org/2014/01/28/juneau-assembly-halts-cellphone-towers-until-plan-in-place/ http://search.juneauempire.com/fast-elements.php?type=standard&profile=juneau&querystring=%22SPUHN%20ISLAND%22
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Introducing Lifeline Wireless with Data ONLY from GCI!
We’re committed to keeping Alaska connected. Qualify for GCI Lifeline and get unlimited Network wide talk and Nationwide text for only $1 a month. And exclusively at GCI, you can also get 300 MB of included data and 300 MB or TurboZone data. Plus, when you pay upfront, save over 30% for the year. http://www.gci.com/wireless/plans/lifeline
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Alaska Breakup Happiness | GCI Cell Phone Spring Specials
GCI wants to help you beat the breakup blues. Treat yourself to a new a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone for $0 down on Alaska’s largest and fastest 4G LTE network! https://www.gci.com/wireless
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Verizon: Eagle River, Alaska Speed Test With Unlimited Data,
Im away from home at work 340 miles away from Home and decided to do a Verizon Wireless Mobile speed test on my Galaxy s7.
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GCI Free Phones
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GCI - Alaska's Most Popular Internet NOW offers NO Worries!
Now, there are NO Internet Overage Fees. Yep, we got rid of them to put YOU in control! Now, you can have the fastest Internet in Alaska and never worry about a surprise bill. You don't have to worry about shopping around either because GCI offers four really fast plans starting at just $59.99 -- almost half the price of our competitors. GCI Broadband offers no surprise fees, no worries, just speed. Terms and conditions apply. No worries broadband plans not available in all areas.
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GCI: Keeping You Connected All Over the World
GCI keeps you connected to your favorite athletes all over the world. With Alaska's fastest internet and mobile networks you can watch all of the action wherever and whenever you want! Start streaming now at gci.com. https://www.gci.com/wireless
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GCI Commercial
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Is that Verizon's coverage area, or just a smudge on the screen?
GCI is Alaska's largest network and costs way less than Verizon. Plus, GCI has Nationwide LTE, so you'll have incredible speed and coverage throughout the whole country. Find the lowest priced plans and the best coverage at GCI! www.gci.com/wireless
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Switch to GCI Wireless for up to $600 Credit Per Line!
GCI wireless offers 33% more data than AT&T -- plus, you can get up to $600 per line when you switch to GCI! Join Alaska's largest and fastest network today! gci.com/wireless https://www.gci.com/wireless/plans
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The Truth about Internet Data Caps - What the cable company doesn't want you to know
Alaska Communications explains the effect of Internet data caps on businesses and what you can do to avoid data caps.
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Remote Working, Internet & Alaska by RV with Josh & Kali of The Freedom Theory
*** WATCH VIDEO ON THE REALITY OF REMOTE WORK & TRAVEL WITH IT & NON-IT JOBS WITH THE FREEDOM THEORY HERE https://youtu.be/-n0vuNC5VIc During our Chat with Kali and Josh of The Freedom Theory, we continued the conversation and shared more about work, travel and life on the road, with a focus on remote working, internet and cell coverage, especially driving through Canada and up into Alaska. We’ll definitely be taking on board Josh & Kali’s experience and tips for when we plan our trip way up north! The interview continues with part 2 over on Josh & Kali's channel The Theory. LINKS & GEAR MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO WEBOOST 4G-X Cellular Booster: http://amzn.to/2oTEVeV COVERAGE MAPS APP: Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cell-phone-coverage-map/id399701910?mt=8 Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rootmetrics&hl=en CAMPENDIUM CAMPING REVIEWS at http://www.Campendium.com It was such a treat getting to know and spend time with Josh and Kali in Quartzsite – they are such a warm, loving and fun couple – it’s always great to connect with fellow RVers who clearly love the lifestyle and each other, as we do. You can follow Josh & Kali at their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/kbrightlife on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thefreedomtheory Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thefreedomtheory and at http://thefreedomtheory.com We'd love to do more videos like this with other RVers like Josh and Kali, so please share your questions, comments and suggestions below! We’d love to answer them. And, if you haven't already, follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/rvlovetravel , Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RVLoveTV and check out our website http://www.RVLOVE.com – there’s also a TON of great content there – especially for newbie and wannabe RVers. Plus, when you sign up for email updates, you’ll get extra content we don’t share anywhere else. We’re dedicated to inspiring, educating and entertaining you along the journey to living your own RV Life! Hope to see you on the road! Music: Giant Leap by Touer Mohr and Alex Elena RECENT & RELATED VIDEOS: FINALLY got SOLAR for our RV – Our Affordable, Portable Solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_YhVW1G9rU What We Wish We Knew Before We Started RVing - Advice from 7 Full-Time RVing Couples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pfntt61D5c All About Quartzsite – Boondocking + The Big Tent _ Desert Bar & More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chOuC_uaX0M&t=25s Tips & Tricks for Successful RV Boondocking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw0cnJ8Xql4&t=25s 6 Ways We Make Money For Full-Time Travel: https://youtu.be/1hDXXyfmSTY DISCOVER ALL THE RV GEAR WE USE, LOVE & RECOMMEND http://www.RVLove.com/Gear Here we round up and organize everything we’ve bought for our RV into categories along with a review for each item. There’s nothing in here that we don’t recommend. Shopping here will save you a TON of time searching and reading reviews and price matching, cos we’ve done it for you. Note Amazon handles all the payments, shipping etc. SAY THANKS BY SHOPPING AT AMAZON VIA OUR SPECIAL LINK http://www.RVLove.com/Amazon It won't cost you ANY extra when you use our link(s) to buy from Amazon (and yes, you can buy ANYTHING - not just RV gear – household supplies, personal care, clothing, electronics, books, Black Friday/Christmas shopping – and when you click our link to go direct to Amazon to make your purchases (within 24 hours), we earn a small commission from Amazon which helps us to continue creating more more great, free content share it with you. (ie. helps pay for web hosting, camera equipment, back-up hard drives etc). We humbly and graciously thank you in advance for thinking of us and using our Amazon shopping link, it's a free and easy way to say THANKS and keep the free content coming! :) Thank you in advance – have we told you you're awesome lately? You totally rock! xoxo For more RV Gear Videos, Slices of RV Life, RV Life Tips, Travel Videos and more, please subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL and visit our website www.rvlove.com to subscribe to regular blog updates, tips, tricks, travel and more. And connect with us on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RVLoveTV Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RVLoveTravel Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/RVLoveTravel Instagram: http://instagram.com/RVLoveTravel RVillage: http://www.rvillage.com/profile/RVLove Thanks for watching! Please Subscribe, Like, Share and Comment on our Videos – we love hearing from you and we always aim to answer your questions ASAP.
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Using a Cell Phone on a Cruise
Can you use your cell phone on a cruise? The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a bit more complicated than that. Let Morgan tell you the ins and outs of roaming charges, cruise ship plans, and using WiFi on the ship and in port to keep your data usage to a minimum. Want to know more about finding and preparing for the perfect cruise? Check out Cruiseline.com for all the tools you need for the vacation of a lifetime! First-Timers Guide: http://cruiseline.com/advice/first-time-cruise-guide Cruise Genius: http://cruiseline.com/cruise/genius Using Your Cell Phone on a Cruise: http://cruiseline.com/advice/before-you-cruise/what-to-know/how-to-use-your-cellphone-on-a-cruise-ship
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Finally got our mobile AT&T hotspot! We do a speedtest and compare it to Verizon. We show how to set it up, install and give it a review. We post daily travel vlogs and would love to have you join our adventure! Subscribe so you don't miss a thing! Want to leave us a tip, buy us a coffee or just say thanks for FREE? Shop Amazon with us! (Affiliate link) https://www.amazon.com?_encoding=UTF8&tag=thefreedomthe-20 __ OUR SPONSOR | RVLOCK Use the promo code FREEDOM for $40 off any V4.0 Model RVLock WEBSITE | http://www.rvlock.com/ V4.0 LOCK | http://goo.gl/HqEOF3 FACEBOOK | https://goo.gl/3upVFY (Fits fifth wheel, travel trailers & campers Hole dimensions 3.75 in x2.75in x1.5in) SOCIAL MEDIAS BLOG | www.TheFreedomTheory.com FACEBOOK | https://www.facebook.com/thefreedomtheory INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/thefreedomtheory/ PINTEREST | https://www.pinterest.com/TheFreedomTheory TWITTER | https://twitter.com/_FreedomTheory_ PERISCOPE | @_freedomtheory_ OUR STORY | HOW THE FREEDOM THEORY CAME TO BE WATCH FROM THE BEGINNING | https://goo.gl/HHIXr5 We live in a 33 foot fifth wheel tiny home camper that we are currently traveling the USA in! It is an alternative lifestyle we find that it brings us the most freedom. Living in a RV full time was never something we planned to do. Instead we jumped right into it. In a matter of 30 days. We bought a RV and the following day bought a truck to tow with! RV NEWBIE? Q&A SERIES | https://goo.gl/iK4gz2 RV HACKS | https://goo.gl/G3koQr HOW TO BUY AN RV | https://goo.gl/D27Pdd THOUSAND TRAILS | https://goo.gl/H8i2M2 PRODUCT REVIEWS | https://goo.gl/4Nhfks BEFORE YOU GO FULL-TIME | https://goo.gl/hvTlMY REMODELING/ RENOVATING RV | https://goo.gl/Es0X8X TRAVEL PLAYLISTS WASHINGTON | https://goo.gl/HwBAKs OREGON | https://goo.gl/o8dQmP CALIFORNIA | https://goo.gl/JqaVDN NEVADA | https://goo.gl/xq5cxM KENTUCKY | https://goo.gl/mPLuZs LOUISIANA | https://goo.gl/VB3BfX JOURNEY TO ALASKA | https://goo.gl/yC4tht ALASKA | https://goo.gl/uvXTzb INTERNET ON THE ROAD WeBoost 4G-X | http://amzn.to/1TX8KG1 INTRO | By Endless, We Wander. For animation inquiries find them at www.endlesswewander.com CAMERAS & EDITING Canon G7X | http://amzn.to/1UbucVU GoPro Hero3+ | http://amzn.to/1Y57rEi Nikon D5200 | http://amzn.to/1Y57kJ4 Corel VideoStudio Pro | http://amzn.to/1Ubuex9 MUSIC | from Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) GOT BUSINESS? info@thefreedomtheory.com Anyone reusing or redistributing of video content from "The Freedom Theory" channel must request permission to do so.
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Sorry, cutie pie! GCI has Alaska's largest network
Did you know that a lot of Verizon's coverage is supplied by other networks? Hey, if you're gonna be using a different network anyway, why not go with GCI mobile - Alaska's largest network?
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Sprint Phone Outage
Sprint coverage loss affects cell phone users and shoppers.
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GCI has Naknek covered
GCI's wireless network covers South Naknek and over 200+ other remote Alaskan communities. In every corner of Alaska cellphones ring, cable flows and the Internet comes to life thanks to GCI.
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gci xtreme TV mp4
Get GCI Xtreme Internet Deals in Anchorage at http://alaskacabledeals.com/anchorage . GCI Xtreme is better, faster and stronger than anything else in Alaska! GCI Cable High Speed Internet in Anchorage, Alaska provides the fastest connections for uploading, downloading, watching online movies and even online gaming. With GCI High Speed Internet, you can stream live video and live music right to your computers. Download large files quickly, and pictures in a snap. Experience gaming at a whole new level without buffering. You can even chat live with your friends and family or on the other side of the country. Sportsfans can watch live streaming games and stay on top of scores. Stay current with local news in Alaska on your favorite news sites. GCI Internet has many plans to choose from, and of course the best deals are when it is bundled with other useful GCI Cable services.
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Verizon Alaska YVCJ1074000
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Now serving Better Than Unlimited Internet from GCI!
Hungry for endless streaming, gaming and listening? Get Better Than Unlimited Internet with GCI– 1 Terabyte of high speed with 10 Mbps of endless streaming! Service not available in all areas. Terms and conditions apply.
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AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile. Who has the best 4G LTE Coverage?
In this video I'm showing you guys which carrier has the best 4G LTE coverage out of AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Please rate, comment, and subscribe!
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4G fairbanks mp4
http://alaskacabledeals.com/fairbanks Get the best deals for GCI Cable TV, Internet, Home Phone and Cell Phone Service in Fairbanks, AK. Get a huge selection of Digital Cable TV programming, the fastest High-Speed Internet and technologically advanced Phone service from GCI in Alaska. Connecting Alaskans for over 30 years, GCI is the company that is always improving their services by keeping up with the latest innovations in communication technologies. By packaging more GCI Cable services, you can get more for less! Choose your own bundle for Cable TV, High Speed Internet, and Home Phone services! One discounted bill means you'll save way more money and have the convenience of fewer bills to manage.
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Stay Connected with Nationwide Prepaid Cell Phone Service
http://www.pagepluscellular.com/ - With Page Plus Cellular, you get prepaid cell phone service you can count on. This wireless provider offers nationwide coverage on one of the largest networks in the U.S., allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are. Learn more about prepaid cell phone service from Page Plus at http://www.pagepluscellular.com/.
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Mobilize Home Phone from GCI!
With Mobilize from GCI you can take your home phone and number with you anywhere in Alaska -- to the cabin, fishing, wherever there's GCI coverage (which is all over Alaska)!
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Spawn | GCI Simply Share History
Mobile phones have overtaken PC's as the most common web access device worldwide. To accommodate this change in consumer behavior, GCI, an Alaskan telecommunications company, launched shared data plans where customers can power up to ten mobile devices on one mobile plan. Spawn created the Simply Share campaign which leveraged the company's reputation for data and played up consumers' dependence on mobile data use.
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Spawn | GCI Simply Share
Mobile phones have overtaken PC's as the most common web access device worldwide. To accommodate this change in consumer behavior, GCI, an Alaskan telecommunications company, launched shared data plans where customers can power up to ten mobile devices on one mobile plan. Spawn created the Simply Share campaign which leveraged the company's reputation for data and played up consumers' dependence on mobile data use.
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best cell phone coverage in 2013
are you searching for best cell phone coverage in 2013-2014, take a look and choose the best cell phone coverage,will fit all your need we have the best content http://best-cell-phone-coverage.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-best-cell-phone-coverage-2013.html
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Switch to GCI | Deal
Have AT&T's “Unlimited” plan? Switch to GCI’s BETTER than unlimited plan and we’ll buy out your contract. You’ll get up to $600 PLUS a free Samsung J3. So break up with the other guys. We’ll make switching and saving easy – see how at gci.com/simply unbeatable.
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Alaska Walmart Prepaid Phones - ANCHORAGE ALASKA
A look at the prepaid phones available at my local Walmart Store in Anchorage Alaska. This store is on Old Seward Highway near Dimond Boulevard.
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Spawn | GCI LTE
GCI launched 4G LTE in Anchorage, the fastest cell phone service available. This spot not only highlighted GCI's network speed but their competive pricing and milage rewards as well -- giving persepective customers reason to switch their mobile provider.
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GCI, "Alaskans Serving Alaska"
The late 1980's saw the break-up of the Alascom telephone monopoly in Alaska by GCI ... and in classic style, one of the louder battles was over which company was more "Alaskan". Here is a taste of that chapter in GCI's history, when Steve Minor was their Communications Director.
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GCI 4G is Here
GCI Spot by Porcaro Communications. Produced by Vince Penman
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Happy Holidays from GCI! Get Unlimited Talk & Text for FREE!
Happy Holidays, Alaska! Get unlimited talk & text on as many lines as you want for FREE! You just pay for your data. Plus, get the most popular new devices for zero down (on approved credit)!
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