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The Ranbaxy Affair: Is the drug giant paying for its fraudulent actions?
ACSH has an exclusive interview with chemist and medicinal blogger Derek Lowe ("In the Pipeline"). Lowe talks about Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals' ploy to deliberately sell substandard generic drugs to the U.S. and those in sub-Saharan Africa who need it most.
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Generic drug maker skipped steps required for FDA approval
A Ranbaxy whistleblower uncovered disturbing problems with the data required by the FDA to prove the effectiveness of drugs. Dinesh Thakur found that the company received approval to sell drugs that were based on no data or data that was fraudulent. John Miller reports.
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Do You Trust “Made in China” Drugs?
China wants to gain control of the global medical industry. But would you want to get a vaccine that's "Made in China?" Do you have questions for Chris? Join us on Patreon for an opportunity to have Chris personally answer your most pressing questions in one of our videos and to get other exclusive rewards. https://www.patreon.com/ChinaUncensored Subscribe for more episodes! https://www.youtube.com/NTDChinaUncensored Make sure to share with your friends! ______________________________
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10 AMAZING Maps of the Modern World and Beyond
Check out our New Biography Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/biographics Mapping things is an incredibly useful tool for humanity. By analyzing a given situation or development and then putting the results on a map, scientists and researchers can better understand and predict future trends around the world. And more detailed that map is, the more accurate the predictions are. Now, maps don’t even need to be about something in particular to be cool or entertaining, but the more they are about something, the better… right? So with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the maps out there and see what we can learn from them about the world we live in… and beyond. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to admin@toptenz.net Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Strange Facts About Hallucinations Around the World https://youtu.be/2b9Mz21wTNg?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLt3JIYHY_PUk7TrxFJZFGK What Would Happen if “The BIG ONE” (Earthquake) Hits the WEST COAST https://youtu.be/FfiIMp5JavE?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKNxJ-0WBuO_bl54ynbD6o- Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-cool-maps-modern-world-beyond.php Coming up: 10. Lights On Lights Out 9. The Gini Coefficient Map 8. The Greening Earth 7. Livestock Density 6. Fukushima and the Pacific 5. Beyond the Sea 4. Large Mammals With or Without Humans 3. Ideological America 2. Our Fair Share of Arctic Ice 1. The Geological Map of Mars Source/Further reading: https://adventuresinmapping.com/2017/04/18/lights-on-lights-out/ https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2017/new-night-lights-maps-open-up-possible-real-time-applications https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2172rank.html https://gypsy.ninja/vegetation-earth-grew-twice-size-mainland-usa-due-rising-co2-levels/ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/climate-change-is-turning-antarctica-green/ https://news.ilri.org/2014/05/30/new-maps-for-navigating-a-sea-of-changes-in-livestock-production/ https://livestocksystems.ilri.org/2014/05/30/mapping-the-distribution-and-abundance-of-the-worlds-livestock-new-global-datasets-published/ http://www.biogeosciences-discuss.net/10/3577/2013/bgd-10-3577-2013.pdf http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=127297 https://gypsy.ninja/how-do-countries-really-compare-to-each-other-on-the-map/ http://www.prehistoric-wildlife.com/species/d/doedicurus.html https://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/mar/15/what-killed-giant-beasts-mammoths-climate-change-or-man http://brianstauffer.com/about/ http://www.ucsusa.org/global_warming/science_and_impacts/science/each-countrys-share-of-co2.html#.WT-_7WiGPIU https://gypsy.ninja/amazing-geological-map-mars/ https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5545/14562277823_7d28a75190_b.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3b/World_Map_1689.JPG https://media.defense.gov/2014/Jul/23/2001103916/-1/-1/0/976731-U-LHO33-070.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Screen-Shot-2017-07-04-at-8.43.55-AM-640x400.png https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/877539569746419712/zOOkdAkE.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e1/Earth%27s_City_Lights_by_DMSP%2C_1994-1995_%28large%29.jpg https://adventuresinmapping.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/detail_caribbean.jpg https://storymaps.esri.com/stories/2017/Lights-On-Lights-Out/resources/img/LightsOnLightsOut_Card.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C8uqDdSXYAE3kwh.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/A_gipsy_woman_with_her_dog.JPG
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$7 Hidden Drugstore Products!
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Soaring prices of generic drugs under scrutiny
Scathing criticism is arising from leading doctors about the soaring cost of generic prescription drugs. Generics make up 86 percent of the prescriptions in this country. Dr. Holly Phillips joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the recent opinion piece in the New England Journal of Medicine.
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Top 10 ICONIC Things You Didn’t Know Were Designed for ADVERTISING
We’re all proud of our culture. From music, to food, we think of it as a part of us. We consider it our national or human identity. We enjoy knowing that our own preferences and choices helped create a unique country or region. However, many of the iconic things that we know or take part in today were not started due to simple cultural osmosis. Instead, they were shaped by marketing campaigns by extremely clever advertisers. In many ways, advertisers have managed to change the world without people even catching on. →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to admin@toptenz.net Other TopTenz Videos: Top 10 Surprising Facts About Fast Food https://youtu.be/eTFORkFTdsM?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnJ9wKIVrfv-6wzyiyPn7GfA Top 10 Hilarious Banned Commercials https://youtu.be/5QUZqf1By84?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLd6PJtZgDrcq1Qzqiqikzy Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-iconic-things-didnt-know-designed-advertising.php Coming up: 10. The Hollywood Sign was Originally a Real Estate Ad 9. The “Traditional” American Breakfast was Designed to Sell Bacon 8. Gendered Clothing Colors are Due to Clothing Advertisements 7. Sweetest Day Was Invented by Big Candy in Order to Drive Up Sales 6. The Need for Deodorant was Actually Taught to People by Advertising 5. “Size Matters” because Advertising (and Porn) Says So 4. Baumgartner’s Leap was Essentially a Giant Red Bull Ad 3. The Recent Surge in Body Acceptance for Women was Started by Dove 2. Basically Everything You Believe About Jewelry 1. The Difference Between “Rich” and “Poor” People Food Source/Further reading: http://hollywoodsign.org/1923-a-sign-is-born/ http://baltimorepostexaminer.com/bacon-for-breakfast/2013/07/11 http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/when-did-girls-start-wearing-pink-1370097/ http://www.metrotimes.com/Blogs/archives/2015/10/16/whats-the-deal-with-sweetest-day-bullshit-anyway http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/how-advertisers-convinced-americans-they-smelled-bad-12552404/?no-ist http://time.com/2139/add-inches-no-really-men-can-make-it-longer/ http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2009/03/10/the-case-for-upsizing.html https://youtu.be/FHtvDA0W34I http://digitalsynopsis.com/advertising/red-bull-stratos-felix-baumgartner-space-jump/ http://www.redbull.com/us/en/stories/1331631303152/super-bowl-gopro-ad-felix-baumgartner-jump-video http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/21/dove-real-beauty-campaign-turns-10_n_4575940.html http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/02/how-an-ad-campaign-invented-the-diamond-engagement-ring/385376/ http://factually.gizmodo.com/lobsters-were-once-only-fed-to-poor-people-and-prisoner-1612356919 http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/hollywood.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5a/Hollywood_Sign_%28Zuschnitt%29.jpg/1280px-Hollywood_Sign_%28Zuschnitt%29.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7561/15647647441_0d8d1d1bf0_z.jpg https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/08/16/17/32/hollywood-sign-1598473_960_720.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2f/Hollywood_neighborhood.JPG/1280px-Hollywood_neighborhood.JPG http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/bacon-eggs.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/67/Oatmeal_%281%29.jpg http://www.dennislewis.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/image1.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/43/Tempted_21.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8OscSloTvc http://dottedlinecomm.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/3304.jpg http://blog.retroplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/31355-blog.jpg http://maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com/static/photo/1x/Fried-oeufs-Fricassee-White-Bacon-Eggs-Yellow-978061.jpg http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/pinkblue.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/1/19/Clothes_swapping.jpg/320px-Clothes_swapping.jpg https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/03/31/21/24/baby-1296409_960_720.png http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/sweetest-day.jpg http://www.hallmark.com/dw/image/v2/AALB_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-hallmark-master/default/dwa629e66c/images/finished-goods/PV.2.SD6205.jpg?sw=454.5 https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5554/14895772811_ee7c0f120c_b.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2f/Candy_Store_%60%60Candy_Kitchen%60%60_in_Virginia_Beach_VA%2C_USA_%289897215785%29.jpg
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Marc's Pharmacy $3.99 Generic Medications 2008
Marc's Pharmacy $3.99 Generic Medications 2008
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Pfizer in record £84 million fine over drug price hikes
DescriptionPharma giant Pfizer was on Wednesday slapped with the biggest penalty imposed by Britain’s competition watchdog, an £84 million fine for charging the NHS “excessive and unfair prices” for a key anti-epilepsy drug. Pfizer, the US drugmaker “deliberately… hike[d] up the price for a drug which is relied upon by many thousands of patients”, the Competition and Markets Authority said. In 2012, Viagra-maker Pfizer stripped its epilepsy drug Epanutin of its branding, turning it into a generic medicine, phenytoin sodium, as these are not subject to price regulation. It then sold the licence to British drugs distributor Flynn Pharma, which was today fined £5.2 million for its role in the scandal. The pair broke competition law with a crucial medicine for some 48,000 UK patients, the CMA found. They hiked the price of a 100mg packet of pills by 2600% “overnight” from £2.83 to £67.50 in September 2012. NHS spending on the capsules shot up from £2 million to £50 million in 12 months as a result. Pfizer’s pricing for the same drug in other European countries remained far lower. As epilepsy patients on certain drugs should not usually be switched to others, due to serious health consequences, “the NHS had no alternative to paying the increased prices for the drug”, the CMA said. Pfizer and Flynn Pharma, which calls the capsules a “vitally important product” on its website, “abused [their] dominant position by charging excessive and unfair prices”, the CMA said of its record fine. Boss Pfizer Ian Read claimed NHS patients would benefit from “better products, faster” during his £69 billion attempt to buy AstraZeneca in 2014. The next-biggest penalty was a £45 million fine on GlaxoSmithKline and other drugmakers in February. The CMA has also ordered Pfizer and Flynn to drop their prices, giving them up to four months to do so. In September 2012, a Flynn company director claimed “for us to continue to make the drug available in the UK, we had to [hike the price],” while Pfizer had claimed it was making Epanutin at a loss, but couldn’t stop doing so as patients relied on it. However, CMA research showed any losses would have been recovered within two months of the price rises. Pfizer said it will “be appealing all aspects” of its fine. Flynn said the ruling was based on a “wholly flawed understanding” of the drugs market.
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iPhone Generation: Lonely & Depressed
Loser: Unsustainable internet companies. Pureplays like Wayfair and Blue Apron are getting Amazon-like valuations without a critical component: a business that works. Loser: The brand-industrial complex. Startup Brandless sells generic household items for $3 each, pointing to a larger shift in consumer behavior. Loser: The smartphone generation. Three-quarters of American teens own iPhones, and the devices are making them more lonely -- but also less likely to do drugs. (0:13) “Meal-Kit Maker Blue Apron Goes Public, Demand Underwhelms As Amazon Looms,” Reuters, June 2017. http://reut.rs/2toDqYV (0:13) “Pioneering Beauty Startup Birchbox Turns Profit After Tough 2016,” Forbes, April 2017. http://bit.ly/2fvh96f (0:13) Google Finance, August 8, 2017. (0:25) “New Amazon Data From Wall Street Should Terrify All Retail Stores In The US,” Business Insider, September 2016. http://read.bi/2bX6tG6 (0:30) “How Many Americans Are Amazon Prime Members?” The Motley Fool, April 2017. http://bit.ly/2fuXqmU (0:30) “Share Of Internet Users In The United States Who Live In A Household With An Amazon Prime Subscription As Of November 2016,” Statista, November 2016. http://bit.ly/2vn3eob (0:30) “Sixty-Four Percent Of U.S. Households Have Amazon Prime,” Forbes, June 2017. http://bit.ly/2usxrU8 (0:38) Value Investors Club, April 2016. (0:43) L2 Analysis Of SEMRush Data, June 2017. (0:47) “AMZN Cash Reserves,” Quandl, June 2017. http://bit.ly/2vIetIY (0:53) “Burning Cash And Losing Customers, Wayfair Is Running Out Of Options,” Seeking Alpha, May 2017. http://bit.ly/2rqZ5dJ (1:00) L2 Analysis of iSpotTV Data. (1:12) L2 Analysis Of SEMRush Data, June 2017. (1:31) “Blue Apron Significantly Lowers Its Valuation With Slashed IPO Pricing,” techcrunch, June 2017. http://tcrn.ch/2t1AIG0 (1:37) “Blue Apron Is Spending More Than $400 For Every New Customer — And That's Creating A Major Problem For The Company,” Business Insider, August 2017. http://read.bi/2vIHeVL (1:45) “Form S-1,” Blue Apron Holdings, Inc., June 2017. http://bit.ly/2qGf2No (1:50) “Blue Apron Vs. HelloFresh: A Look At Multiples And Valuation History,” CB Insights, June 2017. http://bit.ly/2uK03Dl (1:50) “Blue Apron: 5 Things To Know About The Meal-Kit Delivery Company,” Market Watch, July 2017. http://on.mktw.net/2rtG3VH (2:51) Cadent Consulting Group, 2016. (3:42) “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?” The Atlantic, September 2017. http://theatln.tc/2u3JDX6 (3:42) “Millennials Surpass Gen Xers as the Largest Generation in U.S. Labor Force,” Pew Research Center, May 2015. http://pewrsr.ch/1KAFrQ0 (3:54) “2016 Overview Key Findings on Adolescent Drug Use,” Monitoring The Future, January 2017. http://bit.ly/1WumBiz Episode 136
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Cancer drug price spikes 1,400% with no generic option
For cancer patients, the medications they take are crucial to survive. A Wall Street Journal report looks into price-gouging, specifically on the brain cancer drug lomustine. Reporter Peter Loftus joins CBSN to talk about his article and the issues this creates for patients.
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What is Zofran and Why is This Drug So Controversial?
Experienced personal injury attorney Marc Whitehead discusses the drug Zofran, what makes this medication so controversial, and what your options are if you or your child have experienced harmful side effects due to its usage. Whats Zofran?- The multi- million dollar pharmaceutical giant glaxosmithkline developed Zofran nearly 25 years ago to help cancer patients manage extreme nausea and vomiting in 2006 the US food and Drug administration approved generic drugs to Zofran. For reasons that are debated, Doctors began prescribing the drug for off label uses. "Off label" refers to the use of the drug for something other then what the drug was officially approved to treat. The most prominent of these uses involved treating pregnant women who had extreme morning sickness. This extreme morning sickness typically presence early in the pregnancy and happens in about 1 of every 100 pregnancies and can cause severe risks to both the mother and the fetus. Doctors thought that Xofran could be useful to treat morning sickness for several reasons. 1- At the time physicians didn't have a go to drug to help pregnant women with this problem. 2- Xofran is technically known as a 5HT3 antagonist meaning it suppresses the release of an important neurotransmitter caller serotonin and at the same time forces the stomach to empty faster thereby reducing the likelihood of painful vomiting. 3- glaxosmithkline educated doctors to view the drug as a high effective and appropriate remedy to stop nauseous behavior in pregnant women. What went wrong? There have been plenty of ugly facts that have emerged over time to challenge this particular pharmaceutical avenue for treating morning sickness. 1- The FDA never approve Xofran to be used by pregnant women 2- The safety data of this drug was pooled from just over 200 fetal records- a small sample size. Think about that for a second- million of pregnant women and their fetuses have been subjected to this drug yet the safety data com. es from just over 200 fetuses. That is, by any measure, a staggeringly thin body of evidence. If you have more questions regarding Xofran related bird defects have a look at my free E-Book: The Zofran Tragedy OR visit www.usacivialaction.com for free a free downloadable copy OR call 855-423-3666 to discuss your particular experience with Xofran.
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Mylan CEO on FDA-approved biosimilar, Trump's drug price plan
Nearly two years after taking tremendous heat for the rising cost of EpiPens, pharmaceutical giant Mylan is making strides in the fast-growing biosimilar market. Biosimilars are drugs and devices made to be similar to already-approved products, potentially lowering the cost of treatment. Mylan won FDA approval last week for a biosimilar drug designed to help some cancer patients reduce infection risk during chemotherapy. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch joins "CBS This Morning" to explain how biosimilars could translate to patient savings, what the company learned from the EpiPen debacle, and why she applauds President Trump's plan to reduce drug costs. Subscribe to the "CBS This Morning" Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/1Q0v2hE Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: http://bit.ly/1T88yAR Watch the latest installment of "Note to Self," only on "CBS This Morning," HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Sh8XlB Follow "CBS This Morning" on Instagram HERE: http://bit.ly/1Q7NGnY Like "CBS This Morning" on Facebook HERE: http://on.fb.me/1LhtdvI Follow "CBS This Morning" on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Xj5W3p Follow "CBS This Morning" on Google+ HERE: http://bit.ly/1SIM4I8 Get the latest news and best in original reporting from CBS News delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1RqHw7T Get your news on the go! Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Xb1WC8 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B Delivered by Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, "CBS This Morning" offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast presents a mix of daily news, coverage of developing stories of national and global significance, and interviews with leading figures in politics, business and entertainment. Check local listings for "CBS This Morning" broadcast times.
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Can you trust your food delivery app? | The Urban Debate
Applications like Swiggy and Zomato have been served show cause notice by the #Maharashtra FDA for delivering food from unlicensed and unregistered restaurants. Maharashtra FDA Commissioner, Pallavi Darade speaks to Mirror Now about it. SUBSCRIBE NOW for more such videos ►http://bit.ly/2LesD8T For More Updates ► http://www.mirrornow.in Like us on Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/MirrorNow Follow us on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/MirrorNow
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Kroger- Food & Drugs
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Company Profile: Merck & Co., Inc. (NYSE:MRK)
Merck makes medicines for a number of ailments, from stuffy noses and asthma to hypertension and arthritis. The pharmaceutical giant's top prescription drugs include asthma medication Singulair, anti-inflammatory Remicade, hypertension fighters Cozaar and Hyzaar, and cholesterol combatants Vytorin, Zetia, and Zocor. The company also makes animal health pharmaceuticals, as well as childhood and adult vaccines for such diseases as measles, mumps, hepatitis, and shingles. Its OTC drug and personal care offerings include Claritin allergy pills and Dr. Scholl's foot care products. The company completed a reverse merger with the old Merck in 2009 and took on the Merck name.
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FDA: Lifesaving Drugs from Pfizer in Short Supply
The FDA said Friday that it's working with the drug company Pfizer to fix a shortage of important injectable medications, including emergency syringes of epinephrine. The drugs in short supply are made by the Pfizer company Hospira. In some cases, the FDA is extending expiration dates. "These are all critically important drugs for treating patients with life-threatening conditions," said Dr. Robert Glatter, an emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. "We are working closely with Pfizer to resolve these critical shortages by addressing the underlying causes," the agency said in a news release. http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2017/06/16/FDA-Lifesaving-drugs-from-Pfizer-in-short-supply/3571497640765/ http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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The Suit Against Pharma Giant GlaxoSmithKline
From the Majority Report, live M-F 12 noon EST and via daily podcast at http://Majority.FM: Plaintiff attorney Christopher Paulos from Levin Papantonio on crooked culture of pharmaceutical industry and recent GlaxoSmithKline settlement.
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Arthritis pill: Osteoarthritis drug could help prevent bone loss in diseased joints - TomoNews
LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM — Scientists have found a new drug that can potentially stop bone loss and damage in people with diseased joints. The Daily Express reports that osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease caused by the breakdown of protective bone cartilage, often in the knees, hands, hips, and spine. The condition has no known cure, but a new drug called M1V-711 has been shown to help reduce bone damage in affected joints. The treatment is based on a molecule involved in bone and cartilage turnovers, and works by interfering with the process that leads to joint breakdown. When tested in patients aged 40 to 80, the drug reduced bone loss in the knees by 65% and improved cartilage thickness in just six months. By contrast, those given a placebo reported a slight increase in bone loss. According to lead investigator Philip Conaghan of the University of Leeds, the drug has very few side effects, and is reportedly the first to target the diseased bone structure, instead of simply managing pain like most existing treatments. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- TomoNews is your best source for real news. We cover the funniest, craziest and most talked-about stories on the internet. Our tone is irreverent and unapologetic. If you’re laughing, we’re laughing. If you’re outraged, we’re outraged. We tell it like it is. And because we can animate stories, TomoNews brings you news like you’ve never seen before. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.com Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Get your TomoNews merch today! http://bit.ly/tomonews-teespring Get top stories delivered to your inbox everyday: http://bit.ly/tomo-newsletter Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus
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Enhancement Drug - SNL
Threaten your doctor or ask your ketamine guy about Xentrex today. Subscribe to SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Get more SNL: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full Episodes: http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-liv... Like SNL: https://www.facebook.com/snl Follow SNL: https://twitter.com/nbcsnl SNL Tumblr: http://nbcsnl.tumblr.com/ SNL Instagram: http://instagram.com/nbcsnl SNL Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/nbcsnl/
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Case filed against Snapdeal for selling drugs without doctors’ prescription
Mumbai, May 02 (ANI): Maharashtra state Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) registered a First Information Report (FIR) against e-commerce giant Snapdeal.com CEO, Kunal Bahl for selling drugs through its website without a permit and doctor’s prescription. FDA had issued a notice to the company asking it to furnish details of the drugs offered for sale, distribution and exhibited for sale on its website Snapdeal.com. FDA had raided the company's premises in Mumbai after it received a complaint. Online retailing is growing at a breakneck pace in India, which has the world's third-largest population of Internet users even with only a fifth of its population online.
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Teva to Buy Allergan Generic Drug Business for $40.5 Billion
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has agreed to buy Allergan Plc's generic drugs business for $40.5 billion in a deal that will turn Teva into one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. The acquisition should help Israel-based Teva, already the world's largest generic drugmaker, boost growth at a time its top drug, multiple sclerosis treatment Coxaprone, is facing competition. Allergan's generic business is generally seen as a better fit than Teva's previous target Mylan because it will improve Teva's distribution channels and because Allergan is strong in so-called biosimilar drugs. Teva's shares jumped 10.6 percent in Tel Aviv after the deal was announced. Teva said in a statement it will pay $33.75 billion in cash and shares of Teva valued at $6.75 billion, representing a 10 percent stake in the Israel-based company. http://feeds.reuters.com/~r/reuters/topNews/~3/LD_PPr1Xq0M/story01.htm http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by Wochit using http://wochit.com
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Will Pfizer Remain the World's Biggest Drug Maker?
Pfizer is the world's largest drug maker- but with the loss of Patent exclusivity for Lipitor, their fourth quarter earnings have taken a massive plunge- of 50%. Fourth quarter revenues fell about 4% to $16.7 billion dollars from $17.3 billion dollars because of lower prescription drug sales. Despite the loss, the pharmaceutical giant still beat expert expectations. http://www.ibtimestv.com
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10 Weird Things Stored in Giant Vaults
The world is full of valuable objects, objects their owners want to squirrel away and hide from the world lest they be stolen by ninjas, handsome men in suits, of handsome ninjas in suits. In addition to gold, jewels, and old SNES games, there are some surprising things hidden away deep underground in cartoonishly massive vaults. Things like… →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/toptenznet?sub_confirmation=1 Help us translate our videos: https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_queue?msg=10&tab=0 - Learn more why you might want to help: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6052538 Find more lists at: http://www.toptenz.net Entertaining and educational top 10 lists from TopTenzNet! Subscribe to our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTenz/ Business inquiries to admin@toptenz.net Other TopTenz Videos: 10 Ridiculous Things Found in Osama Bin Laden’s Compound https://youtu.be/rjpFX1WEfZ0?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnKUFXyekxgY1xuFObYL-Icg Top 10 AMAZING Things Found in SAFES https://youtu.be/Oq_SqxQkm8o?list=PLQ4d2-ByGhnLt3JIYHY_PUk7TrxFJZFGK Text version: http://www.toptenz.net/10-weird-things-stored-giant-vaults.php Coming up: 10. Every LEGO set ever 9. Paint made from mummies 8. Napoleon’s cologne 7. Parmesan cheese 6. Enough Prince music to last until the next century 5. Every wrestling match ever 4. Every piece of Scientology-related media ever 3. Michael Jackson music up the wazoo 2. Enough seeds to start over, if we needed to 1. A perfect sphere Source/Further reading: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/hmillington/Misc/LEGOLife/legolife.jpg https://www.fastcodesign.com/3058058/the-harvard-vault-that-protects-the-worlds-rarest-colors https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2015/jul/10/osmotheque-france-library-smells-versailles-fragrance-old-spice http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/15/business/parmesan-cheese-bank-mpe/index.html https://youtu.be/UG3VcCAlUgE http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/15-great-prince-songs-that-were-hits-for-other-artists-20160421/the-bangles-manic-monday-1986-20160421 https://youtu.be/BQmuC0AsEhA http://fightstate.com/the-wwe-keeps-all-of-their-old-wrestling-tapes-in-a-nuke-proof-vault-hidden-inside-a-mountain/3/ http://www.koat.com/article/church-of-scientology-has-vault-hidden-in-new-mexico/5071196 https://youtu.be/7lvsBBNV-U4 http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/268224/michael-jackson-left-endless-supply-of-unreleased-music http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-26338709 https://youtu.be/ZMByI4s-D-Y https://www.wired.com/2010/10/platinum-silicon-kilogram-standard/ https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/01/30/21/48/burglar-2022159_960_720.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/hmillington/Misc/LEGOLife/legolife.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gcadeKHdWA https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Indian_pigments.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jacques-Louis_David_-_The_Emperor_Napoleon_in_His_Study_at_the_Tuileries_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3FVgL1Jp1M https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gerresheimer_Parfumflakons.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Parmigiano_reggiano_factory.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pan_con_queso.JPG https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/08/06/11/20/parmigiano-reggiano-1574185_960_720.jpg
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Indian Drug Maker Says Its Drugs Are Safe
Ranbaxy Laboratories says all of its drugs are safe, including those supplied to African countries to fight AIDS. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has blocked more than 30 medications made by the giant pharmaceutical company. Other countries have started their own investigations. VOA's Carol Pearson has more.
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Drug dealers of hope: Activists fight for access to life-saving Hepatitis C cure
Subscribe to France 24 now : http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN Hepatitis C, a liver disease, causes approximately 500,000 deaths every year. Luckily, there is a miracle cure patented by the American pharmaceutical giant Gilead. But for most patients in the West it's unaffordable. In India, meanwhile, local pharmaceutical companies are authorised by their government to make generic copies, and can provide the entire course of treatment for less then 5% of the usual cost. Faced with this situation, health activists across the world have set up "Buyers' clubs", creating networks that allow them to buy the treatment and ship it to those who need it across the world. It's an undercover operation, and a logistical nightmare, but it saves thousands of lives. Our team reports on these activists' battle against Big Pharma, which is attempting to restrict access to the cure to Hepatitis C, this as millions of lives hang in the balance. A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett, Anna Kowalska, Aline Schmidt and Claire Pryde. Visit our website : http://www.france24.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel : http://f24.my/youtubeEN Like us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/FRANCE24.English Follow us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/France24_en
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Key & Peele - Mattress Shopping - Uncensored
A nerdy mattress shopper employs an unusual strategy to test out the merchandise.
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News Update: Hospira, Inc. Receives FDA Approval for Generic AstraZeneca Plc Drug
Hospira, Inc. (NYSE:HSP) officials announced Tuesday that the company has received US Food & Drug Administration approval for Meropenem, a generic version of AstraZeneca Plc's (NYSE:AZN) Merrem I.V. Merrem I.V. by AstraZeneca is used to lower the development of drug resistance in bacteria and the company earned an estimated $200 million in sales from the drug last year. Shares of Hospira were up 0.6% earlier Tuesday, and shares of the company continue to trade up 0.16% mid-day at $56.74. Shares of AstraZeneca are also trading up 1.23% at $45.42.
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What Does It Take to Get a Generic Drug Approved? Surprisingly Little
Dr. Henry Black describes the approval process for generics and his concerns about its effect on anti-hypertensive agents.
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Protest for cheap medicine outside office of  Novartis, which wants generic drugs patented
SHOTLIST 1. Protesters shouting slogans against Swiss drug company Novartis 2. Mid of protesters near the Novartis office headquarters 3. Close of the poster holding sign reading (English) "Novartis: Making a killing in profits" 4. Wide of police stopping the protesters 5. Protesters chanting slogans 6. SOUNDBITE (English) Eldred Tellis, Consultant on Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS Programmes: "If they (Novartis) get their way, we may have no access to any drugs. I mean even common drugs have become very very costly for the common man, and right now they are trying to kill this pharmacy we have in the developing world, Indian generic manufacturers they want out of business because they want to make money. All these multinationals, they don't care about the poor man, they don't care about people getting well." 7. Protesters carrying giant capsule 8. Police and protesters 9. SOUNDBITE (English) Sherry Dubois, field Coordinator - Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders): "Quit doing the patent laws. Let India provide drugs for the world, like they can. We're putting the drugs for the people above profit." 10. Wide of the protestors outside Novartis office 11. Cutaway of police taking pictures 12. Cutaway of HIV positive patient Ramesh Bhandari 13. SOUNDBITE (Hindi) Ramesh Bhandari , HIV positive patient "We are not able to afford the drugs, as the monthly expenses for the medicines are close to 5-thousand Rupees a month (around 100 US dollars). If we have to spend even more....nowadays our income is not more then 5-thousand Rupees or 6-thousand Rupees (109 US dollars). So what are we going to spend on medicines, and what will we spend on food?" 14. Protesters walking down the street. STORYLINE People living with HIV, rights groups and activists from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) held a protest outside the Novartis Company's Headquarters in Mumbai on Friday, demanding the right to cheap drugs. The Swiss drugmaker Novartis' six year legal battle against the Indian government, now at India's Supreme Court, may force India to grant patents for generic drugs, making them unaffordable. In a case that could affect India's role as drug provider to the developing world, the Supreme Court will give a verdict on whether the government had the right to deny a patent to Novartis AG for its lifesaving cancer treatment Gleevec. Aid groups say a victory for the company could open the door to patenting dozens of other generic medicines made by India's drug industry and sold to needy nations at far lower costs than those charged by Western drug manufacturers. "All these multinationals, they don't care about the poor man, they don't care about people getting well," said Eldred Tellis, a Consultant on Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS Programmes. The case, launched soon after India passed its Patent Act in 2005, revolves around a legal provision aimed at preventing companies from seeking patents or extensions based on minor changes to existing treatments - a practice known as "evergreening" that is common in Europe and the United States. The provision has allowed India to reject patents for a range of older drugs for cancer, AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other illnesses that are made by India's generics industry. It also led to the rejection of Novartis' application for Gleevec, in which it argued a newer, more easily absorbed version qualified for a patent because it was demonstrably more effective. The blockbuster drug keeps chronic myeloid leukemia and some other cancers in remission. Its earlier version was ineligible for an Indian patent because the country gives no protection to drugs invented before 1995. India now makes one-fifth of the world's generics, sending about half abroad. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/38f2930bac94705dcc23fda29ddd8eac Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Dinesh Thakur on Ranbaxy US FDA case
Dinesh Thakur, former Ranbaxy director and the whistle in the case, speaks to Mint about the implications of the order for the Indian generic drug industry. Ranbaxy had plead guilty of making fradulent statements to the US FDA.
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How Trump plans to lower drug prices in US
Dr. Janette Nesheiwat and Heritage Foundation senior fellow Ed Haislmaier discuss why European countries are paying less for prescription drugs than the United States and how the Trump administration plans to combat this problem.
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Does an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away?
Which would save more lives, a prescription to eat an apple a day or statin drugs? Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at https://www.nutritionfacts.org/subscribe and get a free recipe from his new HOW NOT TO DIE COOKBOOK. (All proceeds Dr. Greger receives from his books, DVDs, and speaking directly support NutritionFacts.org). Should we be seeing our doctors every year regardless? See my videos Is it Worth Getting Annual Health Check-Ups? (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/is-it-worth-getting-annual-health-check-ups/) and Is it Worth Getting an Annual Physical Exam? (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/Is-It-Worth-Getting-an-Annual-Physical-Exam). Like the thought of taking a more food-based approach to treatment? You’ll love lifestyle medicine: Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/lifestyle-medicine-treating-the-causes-of-disease). Sadly, Physicians May Be Missing Their Most Important Tool (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/physicians-may-be-missing-their-most-important-tool). Here a link to my last apple vid: Apple Peels Put to the Test for Chronic Joint Pain(http://nutritionfacts.org/video/apple-peels-put-to-the-test-for-chronic-joint-pain). What about dried apples? See Dried Apples Versus Cholesterol (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/dried-apples-versus-cholesterol/). What about apple cider vinegar? Check out: Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Weight Loss? (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/does-apple-cider-vinegar-help-with-weight-loss). And what about head to head versus acai berries? The Antioxidant Effects of Acai vs. Apples (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/Does-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Help-with-Weight-Loss). Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/does-an-apple-a-day-really-keep-the-doctor-away and someone on the NutritionFacts.org team will try to answer it. Want to get a list of links to all the scientific sources used in this video? Click on Sources Cited at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/does-an-apple-a-day-really-keep-the-doctor-away. You’ll also find a transcript and acknowledgments for the video, my blog and speaking tour schedule, and an easy way to search (by translated language even) through our videos spanning more than 2,000 health topics. If you’d rather watch these videos on YouTube, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=nutritionfactsorg Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution! -Michael Greger, MD FACLM Captions for this video are available in several languages. To find yours, click on the settings wheel on the lower-right of the video and then "Subtitles/CC." http://www.NutritionFacts.org • Subscribe: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/subscribe • Donate: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/donate • HOW NOT TO DIE: http://nutritionfacts.org/book • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NutritionFacts.org • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nutrition_facts • Instagram: http://instagram.com/nutrition_facts_org/ • Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NutritionfactsOrgMD • Podcast : http://nutritionfacts.org/audio/
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Generic Lipitor Alternative Contain Glass Particles, Ranbaxy Plant Closed After FDA Investigation
FDA is monitoring recall after glass particles were found in bottles of a generic version of Lipitor. For more on this story, click here: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/ranbaxy-recalls-generic-lipitor-doses-17811022
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Diabetes drug Invokana linked to ketoacidosis
This week on the Beasley Allen Report, host Gibson Vance welcomes Beasley Allen lawyer Roger Smith. Roger is an attorney in the firm's Mass Torts section and is working on cases where people taking the Type II diabetes medication Invokana have developed bladder cancer. Invokana is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical giant, Johnson & Johnson. Invokana, which contains the drug ingredient canagliflozin, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in March 2012. It is classified as an SGLT2 inhibitor, which works by reducing blood sugar levels by helping the patient’s kidney’s remove excess sugar through their urine. Other drugs in this class include the brand names Invokamet, Farxiga, Xigduo XR, Jardiance, and Glyxambi. In May 2015, the FDA issued a warning that SGLT2 inhibitors had been linked to ketoacidosis, a serious buildup of acids, called ketones, in the blood that can be life threatening if left untreated. The condition is caused by an insulin deficiency that forces cells to burn fat for energy instead of glucose, which produces ketones. In diabetic patients, it is also known as diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA. At that time, the FDA reported 20 cases of ketoacidosis in patients who had used SGLT2 inhibitors. For more information about Invokana visit: - http://www.rogersmith-law.com
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Ranbaxy accused of gaming FDA rules to thwart rival drug makers
Ranbaxy for years filed false paperwork with the FDA to win 180 days of marketing exclusivity for generic drugs
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Prescription drug use in Canada | Checkup Panel
Our health panel looks at the state of prescription drug use in Canada. »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCTheNational?sub_confirmation=1 Voice Your Opinion & Connect With Us Online: The National Updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenational The National Updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBCTheNational The National Updates on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CBCTheNational »»» »»» »»» »»» »»» The National is CBC Television's flagship news program. Airing seven days a week, the show delivers news, feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada's leading journalists.
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The Open Mind: The Real Drug Crisis  - Katherine Eban
Investigative reporter Katherine Eban on the dangers of generic pharmaceutical manufacturing and a looming shortage. Taped: 03-26-2018 Premiered in May 1956, Open Mind was created and hosted by Richard D. Heffner, American historian, broadcaster, and University Professor of Communications and Public Policy at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Fifty years after its first broadcast, Open Mind continues with a new host, Mr. Heffner's grandson, Alexander Heffner. Open Mind as a weekly public affairs program was designed to elicit guests' most meaningful insights into the challenges Americans face in a variety of contemporary areas of national concern. Watch more Open Mind at CUNY TV http://tv.cuny.edu/show/openmind OPEN18008
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How to Order Medics Online Pharmacy Any Medicine order   in urdu/ Hindi Part 2 - Semalt
Visit us - https://semalt.com/?ref=y #order, #nocopyright_order, #motivation_order, #cellmaxmalaysia_order, #season_order, #eyescolorchange________________________________________________________order, #sponsor_order, #shazam_order, #how_to, #medicine, #part, #urdu, #pharmacy, #hindi how to order medicine online medicine order online uk pharmacy online pharmacy to order order any car part how to order from online pharmacy online pharmacy order pharmacy order online order pharmacy online online order pharmacy order online pharmacy pharmacy online order how to order prescription medicine online medicine order online online medicine order order medicine online online order medicine medicine online order order online medicine order pharmacy order in any order pharmacy to order any order order@any order online pharmacy online in order pharmacy online pharmacy to order soma online pharmacy to order hcg where to order medicine online how to order online track any order online order any food online order any medication online order any beer online order any book online order 2 part forms online how to order from an online pharmacy order pharmacy in order to avoid any pharmacy order pharmacy in india order online online medicine order in gurgaon medicine online order in bangalore order medicine online medicine order in bhubaneswar order medicine online in delhi online medicine order in patna online medicine order in delhi online medicine order in pune online medicine order in indore online medicine order in kolkata order online medicine in india medicine order order medicine online in bangalore online medicine order in mumbai online medicine order in chennai online medicine order in india order online medicine in pune order in hindi order urdu novels online urdu books online order order pharmacy online canada chandan pharmacy online order order levitra online pharmacy compounding pharmacy order online drug online order pharmacy mexican pharmacy online order online pharmacy order drug order online mexican pharmacy subutex order online pharmacy walmart pharmacy online order apollo pharmacy online order order pharmacy online s order tramadol online pharmacy walmart online pharmacy order xanax online pharmacy order hydrocodone online order pharmacy kaiser pharmacy order online canadian pharmacy order online cigna online pharmacy order order online pharmacy egypt order xenical online pharmacy ashtons pharmacy order online mail online order pharmacy money order online pharmacy order hydrocodone online pharmacy order oxycodone online pharmacy order viagra online pharmacy order cheap pharmacy online order online pharmacy prescriptions european online pharmacy order mifeprex online order pharmacy klonopin order online pharmacy lloyds pharmacy online order pulse pharmacy order online giant pharmacy order online online order pharmacy ultram order hcg online pharmacy online pharmacy mexico order safeway pharmacy order online swell pharmacy online order order adderall online pharmacy order fastin online pharmacy order pharmacy online mexico order online pharmacy uk pharmacy mail order online pharmacy order tramadol online cvs pharmacy online order costco pharmacy order online mail order online pharmacy order pharmacy online egypt order pharmacy online mexoci kmart pharmacy order online order online canada pharmacy online mail-order pharmacy uk online pharmacy order boots pharmacy order online target pharmacy online order canada online order pharmacy medico pharmacy order online online mail order pharmacy discount pharmacy online order order rohypnol online pharmacy divya pharmacy online order online pharmacy order mexico mail order pharmacy online order dilaudid online pharmacy target pharmacy order online walmart pharmacy order online mexico online order pharmacy online order pharmacy mexican online pharmacy mail order order cialis online pharmacy order pharmacy online 365 order pharmacy online drugs india pharmacy online order mexican pharmacy order online order meds online pharmacy online pharmacy 295 order walgreens pharmacy online order order chantix online pharmacy order rx online pharmacy costco pharmacy online order pharmacy europe online order order percocet online pharmacy order phentermine online pharmacy order pills online pharmacy order suboxone online pharmacy usa pharmacy online order canada pharmacy order online order valium online pharmacy overseas online pharmacy order troy pharmacy order online
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Capitalism Vs Socialism debate-  The moronic arguments of Sargon, Acad agent and "ceo"!
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6gB3gA9UZg bibliography Market based prices: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/drug-giant-aspen-plot-destroy-cancer-medicine-big-pharma-times-investigation-a7683521.html https://www.economist.com/blogs/economist-explains/2016/09/economist-explains-2 https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/sep/21/novum-pharma-acne-cream-aloquin-price-gouging http://www.cnbc.com/2014/05/28/costs-fuel-painful-medical-debt-bankruptcies.html http://www.reuters.com/article/us-pharmaceuticals-usa-comparison-idUSKCN0S61KU20151012 http://www.huffingtonpost.com.au/entry/dairy-industry-cows-settlement_us_57d1a4ade4b03d2d459926e4 Mao Zedong http://www.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/1390108/debunking-myths-mao-zedong https://books.google.com.au/books?id=2c1LrwfIx-EC&pg=PA68&dq=life+expectancy+mao+zedong+china&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiyubjcjZDVAhVFUrwKHcNFAtoQ6AEIKDAA#v=onepage&q=life%20expectancy%20mao%20zedong%20china&f=false Command economy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx26zpPg884 https://books.google.com.au/books?id=VBC3AgAAQBAJ&pg=PA202&dq=project+Cybersyn+food+distribution+truck&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi54L-L_87TAhWDkZQKHVEoCMUQ6AEIKTAA#v=onepage&q=project%20Cybersyn%20food%20distribution%20truck&f=false http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/socialism_book/new_socialism.pdf I will add the other sources later.
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VRChat in a nutshell
Random VRChat funny moments and VR Twitch highlights 👍 If you enjoyed this video hit that "like" button and Subscribe! FOLLOW ME ▼ Twitter : https://twitter.com/jameskii Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/RealJameskii Discord : https://discord.gg/jameskii Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Jameskii Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Jameskii Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/RealJameskii/ iNoToRiOuS : https://goo.gl/kzTKH6 SwaggerSouls : https://goo.gl/kFB1Zi Pokelawls : https://www.twitch.tv/pokelawls VRChat playlist : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUy_TXfTDW5fp9YxyPlJNjlI1seqz1lbj Game : VRChat (social VR game) Music : Flamingosis - Sunset Park
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What's The Deal With Synthetic Weed?
Synthetic weed. It's legal, readily available, and sending dozens of people to the hospital. It may be responsible for three deaths. Annie Gaus tell us what's in this stuff, and why it's garnering so much attention. Read More: Myocardial Infarction Associated With Use of the Synthetic Cannabinoid K2 http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2011/11/04/peds.2010-3823 "Designer drugs have been problematic over the years. Products such as K2 and Spice, which contain synthetic cannabinoids, are marketed as incense and are widely available on the Internet and at various specialty shops." Doctors blame bad batch of synthetic marijuana and Phish concert for the hospitalization of more than 60 people over Labor Day weekend http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2409472/Doctors-blame-bad-batch-synthetic-marijuana-Phish-concert-hospitalization-60-people-Labor-Day-weekend.html "Authorities in Colorado believe a bad batch of synthetic marijuana combined with a Phish concert is responsible for the hospitalization of more than 60 people over the past week." Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/112/s3187/text "To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to revise and extend the user-fee programs for prescription drugs and medical devices, to establish user-fee programs for generic drugs and biosimilars, and for other purposes." New Federal Ban on Synthetic Drugs Already Obsolete http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/07/synthetic-drug-ban/ "A federal ban on synthetic drugs, signed into law by President Obama on July 9, was obsolete before the ink of his signature dried." Watch More: Can Cops Really Prove You're High? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeLLRfonwPE Is Medical Marijuana Really Helpful? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l507Hrto35Q The Mating Mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy8GzVLmV2Q ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity and to bringing you mind-bending stories & perspectives you won't find anywhere else! New videos twice daily. Watch More DNews on TestTube http://testtube.com/dnews Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel DNews on Twitter http://twitter.com/dnews Anthony Carboni on Twitter http://twitter.com/acarboni Laci Green on Twitter http://twitter.com/gogreen18 Trace Dominguez on Twitter http://twitter.com/trace501 DNews on Facebook http://facebook.com/dnews DNews on Google+ http://gplus.to/dnews Discovery News http://discoverynews.com
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Medication Trivia - PSA
This video was put together by Phi Delta Chi to help educate people on the changes from brand to generic drugs. For more info please visit http://copstudents.uthsc.edu/phideltachi/content/window_display
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Shotgun contest prep 2018 -- Part 2 of 2
Decided to jump into the 2018 Emerald Cup Championships around 3 weeks out, and decided I would decide to enter when I arrived in Seattle on Thursday - 2 days out.
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Scientific Studies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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In Business -Ranbaxy To Pay $500 Mn To Settle Adulterated Drugs Sale Charges
In the largest settlement with a generic pharma major over drug safety, Ranbaxy has pleaded guilty to felony charges related to drug safety and will pay $500 million in civil and criminal fines. The company was said to sell adulterated drugs while lying about it to US regulators. Ranbaxy has admitted that it sold batches of drugs that were improperly manufactured, stored and tested.
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FDA Grills AstraZeneca for More Brilinta Drug Data Before Approval
Officials from AstraZeneca PLC (NYSE:AZN) said that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is asking for additional data from the firm's study of Brilinta. Brilinta is a new heart drug from AstraZeneca, which the FDA will not approve until further study information is given. The move could delay final approval of Brilinta by a minimum of six months, MarketWatch reports Friday, citing an analyst from Jefferies International. On December 07, 2010, AstraZeneca was downgraded to Underperform from Neutral at Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS). The company has reported $33.6 billion in sales over the past 12 months and is expected to report $33.2 billion in sales in the next fiscal year. AstraZeneca has a potential upside of 10.7% based on a current price of $49.23, and an average consensus analyst price target of $54.50.
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Availability and Risks of "Research Drugs" | @TorontoPolice Insp. Howie Page
@TorontoPolice News Conference, re: Availability and Risks of "Research Drugs" | TPS Drug Squad Inspector Howie Page Friday, September 12th, Toronto Police Headquarters Media Gallery, 1030am Available live from the Bell TOC and Live Streaming in HD at http://www.youtube.com/torontopolice
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Bernie Wants To Save You BILLIONS On Drugs
Get our democracy back: http://www.wolf-PAC.com Bernie Sanders has proposed a new bill to protect Americans from big pharma price-gouging. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. http://www.tytnetwork.com/join "Opening a new front in the war against big pharma, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and a slew of Democratic colleagues introduced a bill Tuesday to allow commercial importation of drugs from Canada. The appeal is obvious; through cheap imported drugs, the United States would be able to take advantage of the government levers and regulation that other countries have used to bring down pharmaceutical prices. It's a far more politically palatable way to attack the problem of soaring drug prices than opening up an even more contentious fight over whether the U.S. government should meddle directly in pricing — and it has had wide popularand bipartisan support, including from Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.”* Read more here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/02/28/bernie-sanders-takes-another-swing-at-big-pharma-with-bill-to-allow-drug-imports/?utm_term=.87d900307d09 Hosts: Cenk Uygur Cast: Cenk Uygur *** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. http://www.tytnetwork.com/live Subscribe to The Young Turks on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=theyoungturks Like The Young Turks on Facebook: http://facebook.com/theyoungturks Follow The Young Turks on Twitter: http://twitter.com/theyoungturks Buy TYT Merch: http://www.shoptyt.com Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/join/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.(American Heritage Dictionary)
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