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Continuous operation, SRS300, ORION Xp Automatic bone in meat saw machine mk
Safety first design Fully automated FROZEN RIB, BONE IN meat and frozen TUNA processing that requires NO REPETITIVE hand works and realizes NO FATAL HAND INJURY. High Speed production Realized by high speed inverter motion control, Max. slicing speed 17sec./time s.t. Frozen beef rib without using human hands but automatically running chute. Uniform slice thickness production Slice operation range from 1mm to 50mm, saw blade speed control is also available making ALL SAME THICKNESS SLICES by touch panel input. HACCP oriented Clean & Safe and Easy processing Water cleansing is also possible for full sanitation and maintenance of the machine with stainless steel construction for major parts with water proof plan. And touch panel control system will let first users operate the machine safely much easier than ever. Well organized slices Makes NO SAWDUST found on the surface of slices with high yield. After slicing the material, it makes clean and neat cross section for the SLICES STACKED IN LINE FOR NEXT STEP such as vacuum packing.
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