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Alamogordo, New Mexico
Alamogordo is the county seat and economic center of Otero County in south-central New Mexico, United States. A city in the Tularosa Basin of the Chihuahuan desert, it is bordered on the east by the Sacramento Mountains and to the west by White Sands National Monument. It is the city nearest to Holloman Air Force Base. The population was 30,403 as of the 2010 census. Alamogordo is known for its connection with the Trinity test, the first explosion of an atomic bomb, and also for the Atari video game burial of 1983. Humans have lived in the Alamogordo area for at least 11,000 years. The present settlement, established in 1898 to support the construction of the El Paso and Northeastern Railroad, is an early example of a planned community. The city was incorporated in 1912. Tourism became an important economic factor with the creation of White Sands National Monument in 1934. During the 1950-60s, Alamogordo was an unofficial center for research on pilot safety and the developing United States' space program. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Doña Ana County Reopens Juvenile Detention Center
Just about a year ago, Juvenile Detainees at the Doña Ana County Detention Center were moved from the Juvenile Facility to a portion of the adult facility due to low staffing levels at the Detention Center. The Doña Ana County Detention Center is authorized to have 185 officers, last May year when the decision was made to close the juvenile detention center staffing levels got as low as 139 officers. Instead of having the recommended 28-30 officers staffing the juvenile facility, there were only 12. Now with 172 officers and 28 officers for the juvenile facility, Doña Ana County Detention Center Director Chris Barela, says they are opening the facility a year ahead of schedule. “Right now our attrition rate is still higher than we want,” Barela said. “But, it’s not as bad as it used to be and that’s about 4 a month. At that time, sometimes it was as high as 7,8,9 sometimes, and so it was real difficult to keep staff at that time, since the step pay compensation plan has gone into effect, and HR has gone into the recruitment processes, and helped us with bringing them in and all the different processes that go with that, we’ve been able to stay ahead of that.” Barela says they are continuing work with HR to monitor the staffing levels. “We’ve maintained communication with one another,” Barela said. “To make sure that we don’t start to suffer some setbacks in our attrition. So, in other words, if we start seeing our attrition rate going up, we’re going to quickly research as to why that’s occurring.” A little over $75,000 was spent last year to make sure the portion of the adult facility the juveniles would be staying in was separated by both sight and sound. But, Carli Romero, a member of the board of directors with CAFé, says many community members were concerned about the effect being in the adult facility would have on the youth housed there. “We know as was shared today,” Romero said. “That the adult detention center is much more volatile, and probably pretty traumatic for youth to be inside of. Which can be really triggering, and activate a lot of anger, and fear, and frustration.” Doña Ana County Commissioner Wayne Hancock says the Commission made the issue a priority because of community concerns, but it was a better option then sending juveniles to other counties. “I think it was a difficult choice to make,” Hancock said. “But I think it was the right choice, it made it possible for families to be closer to their children. And for the attorneys to be closer to their clients.” Detention Center Director Barela says now that staffing levels are where they should be, they are making sure it stays that way. “We’re also working for a plan for the future,” Barela said. “Are there going to be more juveniles in the future coming into this facility, and if so we need to create some type of strategic plan, so that as this facility increases in population, we need to increase the officer staffing level at that time, and we need to do that ahead of time, not when it happens.” Carli Romero says she is concerned that officer retention wasn’t being looked at closely in the past, and community members intend to keep a close eye on the facility. “This isn’t something that the county was able to do quietly,” Romero said. “Or without any backlash, or community attention, they are very aware the community was not happy with the choices that were made, and so I think they are going to take more proactive steps in the future. I also don’t think that much accountability was taken for where those gaps were in the past.” The Juvenile Detention center houses and average of 15 to 18 juveniles at a time.
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Miami-Dade mega-mall project moves forward
Miami-Dade mega-mall project moves forward
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New program will curb gun violence, drugs in
By: Maria Miller JOHNSTOWN, Pa. -- The United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania made a stop in Cambria County Thursday to announce a new program that's also being implemented in Erie, New Castle and Washington -- all areas authorities say have become arteries for crime in Pennsylvania. On Thursday, they announced they've created the most comprehensive task force in the region to curb gun violence and drugs. In a sense, this initiative isn't new, but rather a facelift of a program that's been around for at least a decade, helping to combat drugs and illegal guns, and keep them off the streets. It's cases like the drug raid in Moxham last month, the hundreds of others like it and the 35 homicides in Cambria County in the past five years that led county and federal authorities to work together. "It's a special recipe of what we have here," said Cambria County District Attorney Kelly Callihan. "There are no territorial boundaries to what we do." And they've had great results in the past decade through the efforts of a federal funded program known as the Safe Streets Task Force. "We're united in mission to take these street dealers off the streets, remove their guns and make our communities safer, so we are an united mission," said Callihan. But authorities recognize more needs to be done. They said Cambria County has become a hub for drugs, illegal guns and violent crime in the region, and that's why on Thursday, they announced a new initiative that will enhance the program that's already shown results by adding someone who can prosecute at both the federal and county level. "The other party who is not leading the investigation has to start all over and begin the investigation," said United States Attorney David Hickton. "What this new initiative does is it allows us to fuse our resources and eliminate that gap." Assistant District Attorney Wayne Langerholc, who since 2007 has headed the prosecution at the county level for most drug-related crimes, will head the effort, continuing prosecution of drug cases in Cambria County while also helping decide which cases need to be sent to federal court and then help with prosecution there. "I'm excited to be able to continue my duties as drug prosecutor for Cambria County and identify these individuals who may be more suited to federal prosecution," said Langerholc. "Drugs go hand in hand with violence, so he is a prosecutor who brings to the table his experience in all of those areas," said Callihan. Authorities said they don't look for cases to necessarily increase because they've already got a full caseload every day, but they're hoping this will give them a smoother transition from the county to the federal level and eventually help to decrease crime. The $44,000 in funding for this project is provided by Project Safe Neighborhoods ‚" a collaborative effort by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and communities to prevent, deter and prosecute gun crime.
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DACA & Related Events
Folsom Lake College February 23, 2018
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Medication Assisted Treatment During Pregnancy, Postnatal and Beyond  - New
9-2-14 update. The convergence of various factors highlight the need to understand the efficacy, use and implications of medication assisted treatment (MAT) for families receiving child welfare services. Individuals may be undergoing MAT for a variety of issues --mental health disorders, pain management and substance use. MAT for mental health issues can include use of psychotropic medications. MAT can be used to assist in pain management for both short and long-term conditions. Medical marijuana legislation further compounds the issue as individuals can be prescribed marijuana for pain management and other disorders. The advent of new medications highlight the need to understand MAT for substance use disorders. The second of this two-part series will focus on the needs of pregnant women seeking medication assisted treatment and discuss other issues in the post-natal phase and beyond. Dr. Karol Kaltenbach will discuss findings from the Maternal Opioid Treatment: Human Experimental Research (MOTHER) project.
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Kamala D. Harris Inauguration - Part 2
Kamala, Harris, Inauguration, Attorney General, State of California, Department of Justice
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Developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action on Efficient Lighting
This webinar offers guidance for policymakers and investors on energy efficient lighting and its potential to rapidly reduce carbon emissions and deliver economic and environmental benefits through NAMAs or Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions. Webinar panelists describe the steps that developing countries can take to create the essential elements of a NAMA: a national efficient lighting strategy, detailed budget, and a measuring, reporting and verifying scheme.
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