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A Quiet Place (2018) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures
Those who have survived live by one rule: never make a sound. Watch the new trailer for #AQuietPlace, starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. In theatres April 6. #StayQuiet Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AQuietPlaceMovie Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuietPlaceMovie Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/AQuietPlaceMovie Paramount Pictures Corporation (PPC), a major global producer and distributor of filmed entertainment, is a unit of Viacom (NASDAQ: VIAB, VIA), home to premier global media brands that create compelling television programs, motion pictures, short-form content, apps, games, consumer products, social media experiences, and other entertainment content for audiences in more than 180 countries. Connect with Paramount Pictures Online: Official Site: http://www.paramount.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paramount Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ParamountPics Twitter: https://twitter.com/paramountpics YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Paramount"
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GTPAL Nursing Explanation Made Easy w/ Examples & Practice Problems Quiz | Maternity  NCLEX
GTPAL nursing explanation made easy (GTPAL twins explained) with examples and quiz of practice problems for the NCLEX exam. In this video, I explain the GTPAL acronym, GTPAL meaning, and solve some examples. My examples include calculating GTPAL for twins and triplets. GTPAL stands for: Gravidity: number of times the woman has been pregnant (THIS INCLUDES CURRENT PREGNANCY, MISCARRIAGES, ABORTIONS and *twins/triplets count as one). Term Births: number born (alive or stillborn) at 37 weeks gestation onward (*twins/triplets count as one) Preterm births: number born 20-37 weeks (alive or stillborn) (*twins/triplets counts as one) Abortion: pregnancy losses before 20 weeks (counts as a pregnancy…so would put in gravidity as well)** if baby died after 20 weeks it is added under preterm or term not abortion. Living children: number of children living (NOTE: twin/triplets counts individually) GTPAL Practice Problems: http://www.registerednursern.com/gtpal-nursing-practice-questions-quiz/ Lecture Notes: http://www.registerednursern.com/gtpal-maternity-nursing-nclex-review/ Maternity NCLEX Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfXiZ3a-IbRaUJXMa8mXyuOL Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=registerednursern Nursing School Supplies: http://www.registerednursern.com/the-ultimate-list-of-nursing-medical-supplies-and-items-a-new-nurse- student-nurse-needs-to-buy/ Nursing Job Search: http://www.registerednursern.com/nursing-career-help/ Visit our website RegisteredNurseRN.com for free quizzes, nursing care plans, salary information, job search, and much more: http://www.registerednursern.com Check out other Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/RegisteredNurseRN/videos Popular Playlists: NCLEX Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfWtwCDmLHyX2UeHofCIcgo0 Fluid & Electrolytes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfWJSZ9pL8L3Q1dzdlxUzeKv Nursing Skills: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfUhd_qQYEbp0Eab3uUKhgKb Nursing School Study Tips: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfWBO40qeDmmaMwMHJEWc9Ms Nursing School Tips & Questions" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVQok-t1X5ZMGgQr3IMBY9M Teaching Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfUkW_DpJekN_Y0lFkVNFyVF Types of Nursing Specialties: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfW8dRD72gUFa5W7XdfoxArp Healthcare Salary Information: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVN0vmEP59Tx2bIaB_3Qhdh New Nurse Tips: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVTqH6LIoAD2zROuzX9GXZy Nursing Career Help: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfVXjptWyvj2sx1k1587B_pj EKG Teaching Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfU-A9UTclI0tOYrNJ1N5SNt Personality Types: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfU0qHnOjj2jf4Hw8aJaxbtm Dosage & Calculations for Nurses: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfUYdl0TZQ0Tc2-hLlXlHNXq Diabetes Health Managment: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQrdx7rRsKfXtEx17D7zC1efmWIX-iIs9
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Devil's Algorithm For 3x3 Revealed!!!
DEVIL'S ALGORITHM FOUND WUT WUT! YES, this IS a joke. NO, this DOES NOT work. This is an April Fools' Day joke, and the video happened to gain views past its expected timeframe. It's a play on words because A-perm FULS sounds like "April Fools." In case you're curious, I do know that devil's algorithms (Hamiltonian circuits) have been found before. I was relying on the fact that most of you wouldn't know, hehehehe!! Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Why did you upload a day early? A: I didn't. I scheduled the video to go up on April 1st, 2015, at 1:00 in the morning. It did go up then, but YouTube glitched out and has said that it went up on March 31st ever since. Not sure exactly why. Q: What cube is that? A: It's a YJ GuanLong. It's not my main or anything; it was just on my desk when I decided to film. Disclaimer: The intro music, In the Hall of the Mountain King (by Grieg), is from YouTube's audio library. I do not own this song, though I am allowed to use it!
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How to Take an Obstetric History
This is a Learning in 10 voice annotated presentation (VAP) on How to Take an Obstetric History To learn more about Learning in 10 (LIT), please visit learningin10.com. -- Learning in 10 (LIT) Reviews is a collection of 10-minute, user-friendly video lectures covering topics in the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) Step 2CK examination. LIT Reviews can be used by medical students to supplement their lecture materials. LIT Reviews have been created by world-class clinical faculty and each video undergoes a peer-review process to ensure accuracy of information.
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2016 Level II Crash Course - Game Plan
CFA Video Lectures by IFT For more videos, notes, practice questions, mock exams and more visit: http://www.ift.world/ Facebook: facebook.com/CFA.Trainer For any Level I questions, join our Open Study Group on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6712279
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Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang" PARODY
Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang" (Official Music Video) PARODY ▶ ALL MY PARODIES - http://goo.gl/rezoFK ▶ GET THE SONG - http://goo.gl/iiTrA3 ▶ GET THE BART BAKER APP - http://smarturl.it/bartbaker ▶ INSTA - http://instagram.com/bartbaker ▶ MERCH - http://thebakedlife.com ▶ Snapchat - BartBaker ▶ FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/BartBaker ▶ TWITTER - http://www.twitter.com/bartbaker  ▶ Get the original song on iTunes-  https://goo.gl/zcnp13 - Watch the original video -  https://goo.gl/RLs7Sx “Gucci Gang” Parody Instrumental Track Composer – Sing King Karaoke - http://bit.ly/Singstagram | http://bit.ly/SingKingTwitter | http://bit.ly/SingKingFacebook | http://bit.ly/SingKingSpotify | http://bit.ly/SingKingPatreon ALL voices by Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer “Gucci Gang” PARODY STARRING (FOLLOW THEM ALL) Lil Pump – Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer Principal Dimpson – Barbara Pergament Student – Jeremiah Johnson - @jeremiahjohnsonn - https://goo.gl/B7eaFR Student – Paul Rodriguez - @gr8tness - https://goo.gl/E3NL6A Student – Taylor Wolf - @tay1orwolf   Student – Jeovani Rodriguez - @JeoRodriguez_ Student – Alfredo Soto - @alfredorose Student – Madison Willow - @madisonwillowofficial - https://goo.gl/ptg9qi Student – Sarah Hamilton - @sarahfhamilton - https://goo.gl/avkkjW Student – Gabrielle Kennedy - @goldentrashbagg Student – Jason P NEED LAST NAME - @jpxix Student – Brittany Taylor - @brittanykaytaylor Student – Vincent Pastor - @frenchkisser77 “Gucci Gang” Parody Created/Written/Directed by - Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer “Gucci Gang” Parody Producer – Jason Nelken “Gucci Gang” Parody Associate Producer – Jordan Rockower - @jordanrocko “Gucci Gang” Parody Editor – Bart Baker “Gucci Gang” Parody Director of Photography – Laura Jansen - https://www.laurajansendp.com “Gucci Gang” Parody 1st AC – Mitch Boyce - @thehumanwolf “Gucci Gang” Parody Gaffer – Sven Van Ostrand - @sven_v “Gucci Gang” Parody Key Grip – Gabe Knoos-Newton - @gabeofsweden “Gucci Gang” Parody Key Hair & Makeup – Brittany White - @brutalbee
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Consumer Optimization
We live in a world of scarcity. In other words, what we want outweighs what we can attain. Why? Well, we have limited resources – money, options, time, etc. When you’re making choices about what to buy, your budget, the prices of goods and services, and your preferences all act as constraints. To better illustrate this idea, let’s return to our simple example of pizzas and coffees. Let’s also assume that you like both pizza and coffee and want more of both. If you were to look at a map of your indifference curves for these goods, you’d see that you get the most utility on the indifference curve farthest from the origin. But, since scarcity is our reality, that level of utility is probably not achievable. Combining your budget constraint with your indifference curves can help you see how to get maximum utility given your resources. Any point at which your budget constraint lies tangent to an indifference curve is an optimal combination of pizzas and coffees. Why is it optimal? Two simple reasons: 1) You can afford it, and 2) it will give you the most happiness (aka utility). In this video, Arizona State University’s Professor Joana Girante will further explain the concept consumer optimization and how it applies to your everyday life. She’ll also cover why your points of consumer optimization will never intersect, but always lie tangent to, your indifference curves. Finally. Prof. Girante will go over marginal rates of substitution in more detail. Subscribe for new videos every Tuesday! http://bit.ly/1Rib5V8 Microeconomics Course: http://bit.ly/20VablY Ask a question about the video: http://bit.ly/2sRKDAa Next video: http://bit.ly/2k1nUOK
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Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act: Final Rule Constituency Briefing
Friday, November 8, 2013, the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and the Treasury jointly issued a final rule increasing parity between mental health/substance use disorder benefits and medical/surgical benefits in group and individual health plans. In this video, SAMHSA Administrator, Pam Hyde facilitates a constituency briefing about the final rule in implementing the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA). Featured panelists are James Mayhew of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Kirsten Berino of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Office of the Assistance Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, and Amy Turner of U.S. Department of Labor/Office of Health Plan Standards and Compliance Assistance. Find out more about the final MHPAEA rule at https://s3.amazonaws.com/public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2013-27086.pdf or visit http://beta.samhsa.gov/health-reform/parity.
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Doug Warren CLU 100 Minus Age Rule for Asset Allocation
Doug Warren, CLU author of the book How to Avoid a High Wire Retirement explains the 100 minus age rule for asset allocation.
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California Mental Health Parity Act
California Mental Health Parity Act What is Mental Health Parity http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/pubs/CM2901.pdf Mental Health Parity under California and Federal Laws http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/pubs/CM2401.pdf Read more about the California Mental Health Parity Act http://www.disabilityrightsca.org/calmhsa/CalMHSAParity.html
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Speaker Muturi downplays likelihood of a crisis over gender parity rule
National assembly speaker Justin Muturi has downplayed a likelihood of the country being plunged into a constitutional crisis, should parliament fail to enact a law on implementation of the gender parity principle. Muturi holds that the Supreme Court had in December 2012 ruled on a progressive implementation of the constitutional framework, requiring that neither gender should occupy more than two thirds of elective and appointive public offices. And as Francis Gachuri reports, a fresh move by nominated senator Judith Sijeny to give effect to the gender equity provision could prove futile. Citizen TV is Kenya's leading television station commanding an audience reach of over 60% and in its over 12 years of existence as a pioneer brand for the Royal Media Services (RMS), it has set footprints across the country leaving no region uncovered. This is your ideal channel for the latest and breaking news, top stories, politics, business, sports, lifestyle and entertainment from Kenya and around the world. Follow us: http://citizentv.co.ke https://twitter.com/citizentvkenya https://www.facebook.com/Citizentvkenya https://plus.google.com/+CitizenTVKenya https://instagram.com/citizentvkenya
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Stock Investing Myth: Asset Allocation is Based on Your Age
What really matters in determining the correct asset allocation mix for your portfolio boils down to three key factors, namely: 1. Your investment time horizon, which is influenced by your age to retirement plus the number of years expected in retirement. It is better to plan to have your retirement funds last in the event of a long life expectancy rather than outlasting your funds because you invested in too many fixed-income investments. Keep in mind that the longer your time horizon, the better the odds are that stocks will significantly outperform bonds or cash as investments. Over 20-year rolling periods from 1927 to 2009, stocks have experienced an average return of 909 percent compared to bonds with only 247 percent. 2. Your expected return on your overall investment portfolio, which affects how much you will have throughout retirement. You must plan for both capital preservation and appreciation of your portfolio, especially if you are faced with being in retirement for 30 or 40 years. This will mean having a higher percentage of your capital invested in the stock market even during retirement. Doing so allows you to continue to grow your nest egg and/ or reduce the drawdown of your capital. 3. Your cash flow needs, to cover your living expenses and future needs well into your 80's. Investing in the stock market provides you with the opportunity to generate the cash flow that you will require to sustain your lifestyle well into the future. Basing your asset allocation primarily on an age formula can spell disaster for you in the future. Failing to plan for enough growth in your investment portfolio to cover the effects of inflation that will erode your nest egg over several decades could radically change your lifestyle for the worse. No one cookie cutter formula is going to necessarily fit your particular needs when it comes to your financial future. You are much better off in analyzing your individual situation in the context of the above seven factors to arrive at an appropriate asset allocation mix. Here's to your ongoing success as an investor. Disclaimer: Any information shared on Stock Investing Simplified does not constitute financial advice. Stock Investing Simplified is not a registered investment advisor or broker-dealer and does not purport to tell or suggest which securities readers or customers should buy or sell for themselves. The Website is intended to provide general information only and does not attempt to give you advice that relates to your specific circumstances. You are advised to discuss your specific requirements with an independent financial adviser.
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Justin Trudeau defends gender parity in cabinet
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau answered a question on gender parity in cabinet at the World Economic Forum in Davos
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Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle? - Alex Gendler
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/can-you-solve-the-prisoner-hat-riddle-alex-gendler Want more? Try the buried treasure riddle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCeklW2e6_E You and nine other individuals have been captured by super-intelligent alien overlords. The aliens think humans look quite tasty, but their civilization forbids eating highly logical and cooperative beings. Unfortunately, they’re not sure whether you qualify, so they decide to give you all a test. Can you solve this hat riddle? Alex Gendler shows how. Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Artrake Studio.
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16. Portfolio Management
MIT 18.S096 Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance, Fall 2013 View the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/18-S096F13 Instructor: Jake Xia This lecture focuses on portfolio management, including portfolio construction, portfolio theory, risk parity portfolios, and their limitations. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at http://ocw.mit.edu/terms More courses at http://ocw.mit.edu
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Compensation Plan 9 mins Explainer
This short 9 mins video will give you a clear understanding on the Compensation plan of HODO Global. To all members, you are truly onto something huge. And NOTE, this is on top of your TRIPSPIN reward where you can generate ticket sales income. OOSHSOME!
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T-Pain - Bartender ft. Akon
Music video by T-Pain featuring Akon;T-Pain featruing Akon performing Bartender. (C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC
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READ HERE BEFORE ASKING QUESTION! Pimp Bowser~ http://soniczeki.deviantart.com/art/Pimp-Bowser-Super-Mario-Odyssey-657210127 Thumbnail belongs to http://urbanator.deviantart.com USED VIDEO CLIPS IN ORDER ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Super Mario 3D World Final Battle + Ending Credits [WII U] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Rb179w1_C4 動画ってこれでいいの https://twitter.com/supopopo_qc/status/741882317010927616 Most Disrespectful Kid on Xbox Live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMAijk6hsvk rule34 LEAGUE OF LEGENDS (Honest Game Trailers) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-YWi6Kmp-g 【初音ミク】ベースで「牛乳飲め!」演奏してみた【これはひどい】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_X7mMU6Gb0 Epic rage on CSGO This is why you should always keep Voice_enable 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmDBbZcxgRI Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls -Episode 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pupTowgpVVo Splatoon Ranked Rage SWEARING!!! (WHATCH THE WHOLE MACHT!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1vRYansnQg Sonic Meets Original Fan Characters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXsSgzKJ0fY 02:34 - Zebownic Art (Can't link in here) 20XX The Ultimate Showdown - Fox vs. Fox (TAS) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKuD2a4yRcE Minecraft Funny Moments Episode 1 - IM VERY SMART ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xClikVgyHvo The most epic Bronies at the My Little Pony convention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2ZIwyAfVtM Five Nights at Freddy s Song (FNAF SFM) (Ocular Remix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwfxffgnV2Y Console Wars - PC MASTER RACE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDMsGl_XxTk Furry Wedding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxGHi25Btag Bara Kitty Short Clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHf4qSr8vNU INCINEROAR is NASTY ᵃ ᵖᵒᵏᵉᵐᵒⁿ ˢᵘⁿ ᵐᵒᵒⁿ ᵐᵒⁿᵗᵃᵍᵉ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBPMJ1fbs4A GTA 5 Kid Rages And Cries Over Destroyed Car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aCSOkbTrT0 BONUS Well it's mine obviously ---------------------------------------------------------------------- JOIN MY KINGDOM! https://discord.gg/d5GmNjn My Twitter https://twitter.com/bowserzeki DeviantArt http://soniczeki.deviantart.com/
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Your CrossFit Friends (Hardly Working)
The latest Hardly Working! Enjoy. They're shredded in the headed. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com
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Trudeau didn't deliver on cabinet gender parity
Brian Lilley of TheRebel.Media reports, like much of what went on Tuesday for Justin Trudeau’s swearing in, his pledge for gender parity in cabinet was a mirage as it's now known that he failed to deliver on his promise. How could that be? Well, while there are equal numbers around the cabinet table, turns out that women in Trudeau’s cabinet will be paid considerably less. Of the 15 women in Trudeau’s cabinet, five of them are not full ministers but Minister’s of State, which means "junior cabinet ministers" who will be paid a lot less. He delivered an equal number but not equal pay or status. After media reports came out on this, Trudeau’s office scrambled. They told iPolitics that it was a bureaucratic glitch that will be fixed. Trudeau said he wanted equality in his cabinet. Parity, because it’s 2015. If it is 2015, why are all the minister of state positions held by women? I’m not shocked though. Like a typical progressive, Justin Trudeau’s version of equality is all smoke and mirrors. I not only thought that Trudeau could find 15 competent women to sit in his cabinet, I thought he could find more which is one of my arguments against his 50-50 gender parity rule. But Trudeau promised parity. He said an equal number of men and women and he was applauded for delivering. Except he didn’t. He may have invited 15 women into the cabinet room but five of them would have to go eat at the kids table getting smaller portions than the others. JOIN TheRebel.media for more fearless news and commentary you won’t find anywhere else. http://www.TheRebel.media READ Brian Lilley's book CBC Exposed -- It's been called "the political book of the year." https://tinyurl.com/CBCExposed Canada needs a conservative infrastructure to influence the culture! SIGN UP at RebuildTheRight.ca to be part of this new movement http://www.RebuildTheRight.ca
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Ilan Pappe: The False Paradigm of Parity and Partition: Revisiting 1967 Part 1 of 2
Professor Ilan Pappe gave a talk on the topic of "The False Paradigm of Parity and Partition: Revisiting 1967" in Los Angeles, on 24 February 2012. This is part 1 of 2.
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7 of the Worst Retirement Planning Blunders
Many financial blunders can break someone during their golden years. Here are seven of the worst decisions a retiree can make. First is assuming you will retire at a specific age. In reality, that depends on several factors, many of which are beyond your control. Counting on those final few years before retiring to save can backfire, which is why it’s imperative to start retirement planning early. Next is relying on the advice of friends and family instead of a professional. Assess your situation with an expert. Your buddy may have done well with his retirement, but that doesn’t mean he can guide you. Third is starting Social Security too early. You first become eligible at 62. But the benefits grow every year you delay taking them until you’re 70, at which point they’re almost twice what they were at 62. Fourth is overlooking tax consequences. Most retirement options have specific rules for withdrawing money. Knowing them can save you from penalties and problems that stem from removing money too early or too late. Fifth is not updating your retirement plan. Don’t dump all of your higher-risk equities in favor of low-risk bonds. They won’t sustain your retirement income for 20-plus years. You still need some growth. Sixth is failing to understand distribution. Learn the best times to remove and transfer funds from retirement accounts to personal accounts in order to avoid penalties. Seventh is underestimating future healthcare spending. It’s estimated a 65-year-old couple will incur $220,000 in medical expenses. Read more: 7 of the Worst Retirement Planning Blunders - Video | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/video/play/7-worst-retirement-planning-blunders/#ixzz3tNEG0hsT Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
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Retirement Plan Solutions For 70+ Workers !
If you’re still working in your 70s, you’re probably trying to seal a crack in your nest egg, or you just don’t want to retire. Either way, you have some options to consider when it comes to your savings. Once you turn 70 ½, you’re no longer eligible to contribute to a traditional IRA, and you must begin taking required minimum distributions. But you can contribute to a Roth IRA, which has no RMDs. Regardless of your age, you can also contribute to your employer’s traditional 401(k) plan and you do not face RMDs as long as you own no more than 5% of the business. You can also put your salary deferral into a Roth 401(k). Like a traditional 401(k), RMDs from a Roth 401(k) are mandatory once you leave the business, or if you own more than 5% of it. Many 70-plus workers are self-employed, so the 5% rule should not be overlooked. Most people who are working in their 70s have multiple IRAs and other retirement plans from which they’re forced to take RMDs each year. But if they own less than 5% of the business and the plan administrator allows it, they can roll over existing IRAs and retirement plans into the current employer’s plan, and free themselves from RMDs. Some states that impose an income tax provide better tax treatment to people who contribute to, and take distributions from, IRAs and other plans. State tax filters exist to encourage residents to remain where they are, instead of moving to states that impose no income tax, like Florida or Texas. Read more: Retirement Plan Solutions For 70+ Workers - Video | Investopedia http://www.investopedia.com/video/play/retirement-plan-solutions-70-workers/#ixzz3tHoqG7g3 Follow us: Investopedia on Facebook
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New Rule: Liberal States' Rights | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: http://itsh.bo/10r5A1B Bill takes a stand against the "outside agitators" who wants to interfere with California's progressive agenda. Connect with Real Time Online: Find Real Time on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Maher Find Real Time on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealTimers Find Real Time with Bill Maher Official Site: http://itsh.bo/HttKcM. Find Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO GO® http://itsh.bo/iioY87. Find Real Time with Bill Maher on Connect: http://connect.hbo.com/real-time-bill-maher Find Real Time on Instagram: http://instagram.com/realtimers The Real Time blog: http://www.real-time-with-bill-maher-blog.com/ It's HBO. Connect with HBO Online Find HBO on Facebook: http://Facebook.com/HBO Follow @HBO on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/HBO Find HBO on Youtube: http://Youtube.com/HBO Find HBO Official Site: http://HBO.com Find HBO Connect: http://Connect.hbo.com Find HBO GO: http://HBOGO.com Find HBO on Instagram: http://Instagram.com/hbo Find HBO on Foursquare: http://Foursquare.com/hbo Check out other HBO Channels HBO: http://www.youtube.com/hbo Game of Thrones: http://www.youtube.com/GameofThrones True Blood: http://www.youtube.com/trueblood HBO Sports: http://www.youtube.com/HBOsports HBO Documentary Films: http://www.youtube.com/HBODocs Cinemax: http://www.youtube.com/Cinemax HBO Latino: http://www.youtube.com/HBOLatino
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The Golden Rule, is it a myth? Dare Jennifer Furlong to say the Golden Rule is the worst advice ever. What if there’s a better way to relate…the Platinum Rule? Jennifer Arvin Furlong was born and raised in Augusta Georgia. At the age of 18 she joined the U.S. Marine Corps where she became the first woman Marine to serve as editor for the Quantico Sentry newspaper and to be awarded the Sergeant Major Dan Daly Award. She was also awarded Best Feature Writer by the Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association. She earned a B.A and M.A. in Communication from George Mason University while raising two children and a husband. She stumbled into her second career in higher education during her graduate program due to a chance teaching opportunity and has been torturing college students as a professor of human communication and public speaking ever since. Her first nonfiction book "Mini-Handbook for Jackasses: Communication & Relationships" was recently published. She is currently studying for her Ph.D. with the University of Birmingham UK. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Who Is Canada's Bold New Prime Minister?
How Powerful Is Canada? http://testu.be/1RiDiQ9 Subscribe! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml With socially progressive policies, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embodies the modern face of Canada. So what does Justin Trudeau stand for? Learn More: What a Justin Trudeau Win Means for Canada http://time.com/4079278/justin-trudeau-canada-prime-minister/ "Canada's general elections have concluded with a landslide win for the Liberal Party and their leader, Justin Trudeau, ending the almost 10-year-rule of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper." Justin Trudeau: The rise of the feminist and pro-choice Canadian Prime Minister who wants to legalise marijuana 'right away' http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/justin-trudeau-the-self-declared-feminist-and-pro-choice-prime-minister-of-canada-who-wants-to-a6700976.html "Justin Trudeau is about to become the Prime Minister of Canada after the Liberal party stormed to victory in the federal election on Monday." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Explains Importance Of Gender Parity With 3-Word Answer http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2015/11/04/justin-trudeau-gender-parity-because-it-s-2015_n_8474386.html?ir=World "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the media gathered outside Rideau Hall on Wednesday that it's an "incredible pleasure" to present a cabinet that "looks like Canada."" Trudeau lays out plan for new relationship with indigenous people http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/justin-trudeau-afn-indigenous-aboriginal-people-1.3354747 "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau laid out his plan to reset Canada's relationship with its indigenous people during his address to a group of First Nations leaders in Gatineau, Que." Music Track Courtesy of APM Music: "Let's get ready" Subscribe to TestTube News! http://bitly.com/1iLOHml _________________________ TestTube News is committed to answering the smart, inquisitive questions we have about life, society, politics and anything else happening in the news. It's a place where curiosity rules and together we'll get a clearer understanding of this crazy world we live in. Watch more TestTube: http://testtube.com/testtubenews TestTube now has a newsletter! Get a weekly round-up of our most popular videos across all the shows we make here at TestTube. For more info and to sign-up, click here. http://testtube.com/fwd Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=testtubenetwork TestTube on Twitter https://twitter.com/TestTube Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/TraceDominguez TestTube on Facebook https://facebook.com/testtubenetwork TestTube on Google+ http://gplus.to/TestTube Download the New TestTube iOS app! http://testu.be/1ndmmMq Special thanks to Jules Suzdaltsev for hosting TestTube! Check Jules out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jules_su
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The United Kingdom Cabinet Mission of 1946 to India aimed to discuss the transfer of power from the British government to the Indian leadership, with the aim of preserving India's unity and granting it independence. Formulated at the initiative of Clement Attlee, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the mission had Lord Pethick-Lawrence, the Secretary of State for India, Sir Stafford Cripps, President of the Board of Trade, and A. V. Alexander, the First Lord of the Admiralty. Lord Wavell, the Viceroy of India, did not participate in every step but was present. The British wanted to keep India and its Army united so as to keep it in their system of 'imperial defence' even after granting it independence.To preserve India's unity the British formulated the Cabinet Mission Plan.The Cabinet Mission's role was to hold preparatory discussions with the elected representatives of British India and the Indian states so as to secure agreement to the method of framing the constitution, to set up a constitution body and to set up an Executive Council with the support of the main Indian parties.The Mission held talks with the representatives of the Indian National Congress and the All-India Muslim League, the two largest political parties in the Constituent Assembly of India. The two parties planned to determine a power-sharing arrangement between Hindus and Muslims to prevent a communal dispute. The Congress, under Gandhi and Nehru, wanted to obtain a strong central government, with more powers than state governments.The All India Muslim League, under Jinnah, wanted to keep India united but with political safeguards provided to Muslims like parity in the legislatures because of the wide belief of Muslims that the British Raj was simply going to be turned into a Hindu Raj once the British departed, and since the Muslim League regarded itself as the sole spokesman party of Indian Muslims, it was incumbent upon it to take the matter up with the Crown. After initial dialogue, the Mission proposed its plan over the composition of the new government on 16 May 1946. In its proposals, the creation of a separate Muslim Pakistan was rejected.
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Trudeau breaks unwritten rule of Western politics while speaking in Davos
Brian Lilley speaks with veteran campaigner and journalist, Ray Heard, about the partisan pot-shot Justin Trudeau took at Harper while hobnobbing in Davos and Canada’s exclusion from the meeting of Western leaders united in the fight against ISIS. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/brianlilley http://www.Facebook.com/JoinTheRebel http://www.Twitter.com/TheRebelTV READ Brian Lilley's book CBC Exposed -- It's been called "the political book of the year." https://tinyurl.com/CBCExposed
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The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy
The global economy is in crisis. The exponential exhaustion of natural resources, declining productivity, slow growth, rising unemployment, and steep inequality, forces us to rethink our economic models. Where do we go from here? In this feature-length documentary, social and economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin lays out a road map to usher in a new economic system. A Third Industrial Revolution is unfolding with the convergence of three pivotal technologies: an ultra-fast 5G communication internet, a renewable energy internet, and a driverless mobility internet, all connected to the Internet of Things embedded across society and the environment. This 21st century smart digital infrastructure is giving rise to a radical new sharing economy that is transforming the way we manage, power and move economic life. But with climate change now ravaging the planet, it needs to happen fast. Change of this magnitude requires political will and a profound ideological shift. To learn more visit: https://impact.vice.com/thethirdindustrialrevolution Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Astonishing predictions regarding PPP's politics in 2018
ARY News Official Youtube Channel, For more video subscribe our channel and for suggestion please use the comment section.
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Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B - "Finesse" (Remix) PARODY
Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B - Finesse (Remix) PARODY ▶ ALL MY PARODIES - http://goo.gl/CJrZjJ ▶ GET THE SONG - https://goo.gl/YJA4Fh ▶ BART BAKER APP - http://smarturl.it/bartbaker ▶ INSTA - http://instagram.com/bartbaker ▶ MERCH - http://thebakedlife.com ▶ Snapchat - BartBaker ▶ Get the original song on iTunes- https://goo.gl/V24s9a - Watch the original video - https://goo.gl/Egc5SY ▶ Lil Bruno Beat Producer – Bricks On Da Beat - https://goo.gl/VuSMXb | www.bricksgotbeats.com Cardi B’s voice by Tiffany Tynes - www.youtube.com/misstiffanytynes http://instagram.com/miss_tiffyt All other voices by Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer “Finesse” (Remix) PARODY STARRING Bruno Mars – Joshua Fertado - @josh_spice Cardi B – London Worthy - IG @psilocybinn_ | FB /londonacting Dancer – Jeffery King - @jkingla Dancer – Dolly Gray - @dollygray_ Germán Garmendia – Doctor - https://www.youtube.com/user/JuegaGerman Lenay Olsen – Doctor - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmqsaD5asVC_a-6KEB4XUKw Bart Baker – Doctor - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Created/Written/Directed by - Bart Baker - http://www.youtube.com/user/BartBaKer “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Producer – Jason Nelken- @jnelx “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Associate Producer – Jordan Rockower - @jordanrockower “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Editor – Bart Baker “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Instrumental Track Composer – Sing King Karaoke - http://bit.ly/Singstagram | http://bit.ly/SingKingTwitter | http://bit.ly/SingKingFacebook | http://bit.ly/SingKingSpotify | http://bit.ly/SingKingPatreon “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Lil Bruno Beat Producer – Bricks On Da Beat - https://goo.gl/VuSMXb | www.bricksgotbeats.com “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Director of Photography – Matthias Saunders - http://mattsdp.tumblr.com/ “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Key Grip – Joaquin Cruz “Finesse” (Remix) Parody PA – Arun Miriyala - FB /amiriyala1 “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Key Hair & Makeup – Allison McGillicuddy - http://www.allydoesmakeup.com/ “Finesse” (Remix) Parody Wardrobe – Tiara James
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Why Is Saving for Retirement So Hard?
Mercer | https://www.mercer.us | Mercer Leadership Interviews Cara Williams about retirement savings, defined benefit plans, and defined contribution plans. Our deep expertise, powerful insights, and real-world solutions help the people and organizations we serve take steps today to secure a better tomorrow. Cara Williams explains how the onus of retirement savings has fallen to the individual away from corporate entities. In the past, corporates and the government held the majority of responsibility but today, that responsibility has shifted more to the individual. Therefore a coming together of the government, corporate, and the individual must occur to secure a secured retirement life. Transcript:. I think the onus of retirement savings for individuals has really shifted over the past 25 years or so. Where originally, mainly corporates had the main responsibility along with governments. But now, with the move from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans and individual savings accounts, we see that it’s a triumvirate of effort for a secure retirement life. - - - - - - - Mercer Website: http://bit.ly/2nTYbtB Twitter: @mercer https://twitter.com/mercer Facebook: @MercerInsights https://www.facebook.com/MercerInsights/ YouTube: mercervideo https://youtube.com/mercervideo #mercer
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Gender Parity Crisis Looms in Parliament
A constitutional crisis looms should the National Assembly to be formed after the next General Election fail to meet the gender equity requirement. The constitution requires that not more than two-thirds of the Members of the National Assembly shall be from either gender, which means given the current status, the Assembly must have at least 117 members of either gender. To forestall the anticipated crisis, a section of MPs have backed a proposal by Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo to have each county elect two women representatives to the National Assembly, amid hopes that more women will be elected and nominated. Francis Gachuri reports.
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For First Time in 8 Months...Taken Some ETH Profits | Vlog #101
Since I bought my very first Ether back in February/March, I've never sold a single one for cash (£-GBP). Until now. In spite of all of the bullish sentiment right now, it's worth remembering that nothing is guaranteed in this market, and that this is still a very high-risk, speculative investment that in theory could crash to £0. Therefore it's essential to draw up a plan and decide when it would be wise for you to take some profits off the table. That's what I've done, and I'm sticking to that plan. Even if the market is expecting some great price movements over the coming days/weeks. To the moon! DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make. DONATIONS ♥ ETH: 0xc12f59c4e23dccd369437bbdb09470879d8c0825 ♥ BTC: 1L2LswVmTobmEK8dy6Yw9nWx93Z1zZ1jb3 ♥ LTC: LRXk5EwrR6VJYJcLYZLNY5B1uhoiUchtF5 ♥ Dash: XyAPcaHdZJKuXiruHkAXkKgCMWHfaPFVgc ♥ ETC: 0x3bec3f9e112e719330d1732d60b02724b1b5a76c ♥ ZEC: t1gGY496794uEC4dTPiXitU8nYgXGLm78HH ♥ DGE: DFoVXJTiGKXTPUeztrpmYEWaHtXrBK452y ESSENTIAL CRYPTO RESOURCES ♦ Recommended place to buy Bitcoin/Ethereum: COINBASE - Sign up here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/58977243c1604b62321378df ♦ Recommended Wallet: LEDGER NANO S - Available here: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/3c47 ♦ Recommended Exchange: (TBA) SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouisThomasChannel/ ● Twitter: https://twitter.com/LouisThomasYT ● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louisthomaschannel/ ● Snapchat: louisxthomas ● Steemit: https://steemit.com/@louisthomas CHANNEL RESOURCES ■ My Book: How to Choose a University Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y87e2ce6 ■ Camera: Nikon D5100 (old but affordable) Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y9cslp2u ■ Microphone: RODE VideoMic GO Available here: http://tinyurl.com/y9rceoer ■ Tripod: Polaroid 184cm Available here: http://tinyurl.com/yarefpr9 Panama Hat No Voice by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Schizophrenic Bipolar Substance Abuse Equal to Physical Disease
It's final: Health insurance companies must cover mental illness and substance abuse just as they cover physical diseases. The Obama administration issued new regulations Friday that spell out how a 5-year-old mental health parity law will be administered. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the rule should put an end to discrimination faced by some mental health patients through higher out-of-pocket costs or stricter limits on hospital stays or visits to the doctor. The law, signed by President George W. Bush, was designed to prevent that. But mental health advocates said health insurers at times sidestepped lawmakers' intentions by delaying requests for care and putting in place other bureaucratic hurdles. They described the new Obama administration rule as necessary to ensure patients get benefits they are entitled to receive. The administration had pledged to issue a final mental health parity rule as part of an effort to reduce gun violence. Officials said they have now completed or made significant progress on 23 executive actions that were part of a plan announced in response to the school massacre in Newtown, Conn., last December. The 2008 mental health parity law affects large group plans. It does not require they offer mental health coverage, but if they do, that coverage must be equal to what is provided for patients with physical illnesses. Meanwhile, the Affordable Care Act extends the parity protections for those participating in individual and small group health insurance plans. "For way too long, the health care system has openly discriminated against Americans with behavioral health problems," Sebelius said in a telephone conference call with reporters. "We are finally closing these gaps in coverage." The National Alliance on Mental Illness called the parity regulations the crowning achievement of a 20-year campaign, but also said that the regulations don't cover managed care plans through Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program, excluding about 15 percent of Americans covered by health insurance. "Some of our most vulnerable people are still being left behind," said Michael Fitzpatrick, the group's executive director. Gil Kerlikowske, director of the National Drug Control Policy Office at the White House, said the rule builds on the need to treat drug problems as a public health issue and not just as a criminal justice issue. He said about 23 million Americans have a substance abuse disorder, but only about 1 in 10 gets the treatment they need. "Access to drug treatment shouldn't be a privilege to a few who can afford it. It should be provided to everyone who needs it," Kerlikowske said. Dr. J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner is a forensic psychologist and run a mental health advocacy program in Brooklyn, N.Y. within this news segment he was mentioned as a "criminal psychologist.
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Taylor Swift - "Blank Space" PARODY
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National Gender and Equality Commission launches its 3 years strategic plan
The National Gender and Equality Commission has launched its three years strategic plan that will ensure the needs of women, men children and the marginalized groups are catered for. Speaking during the launch, chairperson of the commission Gladys Lichuma called on the government to provide financial support to the commission to ensure the success of its plan. According to Lichuma, the commission will endeavor to give a periodic status report on the progress of its target group which includes women, children, men the elderly, people living with disability and the marginalized groups and communities. It will also establish standards and indicators of representation in development agenda and provide advisory and monitor performance at all levels in various sectors and assess state compliance with principles of equality and freedom from discrimination.
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Pension & Pensioners Welfare विभाग ने बुलाई सभी विभागों की मीटिंग होगी इन मुद्दों पर चर्चा
7th pay commission pension Revision latest news, SCOVA 30th meeting. 30th SCOVA meeting under the chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS(PP)- Fresh Agenda Items 1. Revision of PPOs of pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners as per 7th CPC orders.. 2. Payment of arrears accruing in respect of deceased pensioners/family pensioners to the nominee/legal heir. 3. Extension of benefit of modified parity/ revision of pension by pay fixation method to pensioners drawing Compulsory Retirement Pension/Compassionate Allowance (on dismissal/removal). 4. Empanelment of private referral hospitals in each of the districts of the States in the country. 5. Revision of CGHS package rates suitably for attracting more private hospitals for empanelment. 6. Fixed Medical Allowance for pensioners who are residing away from RELHS centres. 7. Difference in Last Rank held and Rank for Pension in the case of pre-2006 military pensioners. 8. Extension of benefit of Composite Hospitals to CAPF personnel. 9. Holding of regular Pension Adalats by all Major Ministries/Departments. Please subscribe our channel for latest updates...thanks @@@@@यदि वीडियो लाभदायक रहता है तो कृपया और वीडियो के लिए Like, Share और सब्सक्राइब करना ना भूलें@@@@@ Follow us on: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GovtEmployeesNews Website: http://www.govtemployeesnews.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GovtEmployeesNews/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GovtEmpNews Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GovtEmployeesNews1 Blogger: https://govtemployeesnews1.blogspot.com/ Email: govtemployeenews@gmail.com Our Playlists You can watch your Category Videos……… ****** Defence Employees News********* https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnQ5z9CDty1RAWk4M83kXbU3S8PSn8rON *********Central Govt. Civil Employees Cornder********** https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnQ5z9CDty1Q0ehd8kRH8YgyFw4AqQXQj *********GDS (Gramin Dak Sevak) Latest News*********** https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnQ5z9CDty1Rrxh5MjW8zPw30mKUQZWbT **********Pensioners News************** https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnQ5z9CDty1SGD4x_xGo3fKNLx8mrcy-Y **********Railway Employees News******* https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnQ5z9CDty1Sj2Sc4oErUVKBeEuOeF9G6 7th pay commission latest news, seventh pay commission latest news, 7thcpc news, 7thcpc latest news today, 7th pay commission latest news today, pcda pension, pensioners latest news, defence pension latest news, central government employees latest news, govt employees news, govt pensioners news, family pensioners news, defence pension, 7th pay commission army latest, army pension 2017, pay rules 2017, pay matrix, defence pay matrix, sainik welfare, latest pension plan, cg staff latest news, civilian pensioners latest news, best saving plan, today headlines for government employees, seventh pay commission allowance, travelling allowance, daily da and ta for govt employees, how to, hindi news today, defence pensioners today news, gramin dak sevak, gds news, gds latest news, gds pay matrix, gds result 2017, gramin dak sevak result 2017, gramin dak sevak new salary, gds revised allowances,updates, railway employees allowances, railway employees leave rules. CGHS, Central Government Health Scheme, New Pension Scheme, National Pension System, National Pension Scheme, New Pension System. Retirement Age, Indian Railway News, Railway Employees News, Railway Pensioners News. Compassionate Appointment Guidelines and Procedure. House. To buy the Important Books for a Govt. Employee please click on the link given below: Swamy Handbook 2017 (English) http://amzn.to/2onmwnk Swamy Handbook 2017 (Hindi) http://amzn.to/2on6R7v Revised pay rules handbook http://amzn.to/2pgldLm Swamy’s TA Rules made easy http://amzn.to/2pC4pOG Disclaimer: Objective of this Channel is to provide real time information for Govt Employees and Pensioners. Each and every efforts are made to keep the content of this Channel correct and up-to-date. But, this Channel does not make any claim regarding the correctness of information provided in the Videos. The contents of this Channel cannot be treated or interpreted as a statement of law. In case, any loss or damage is caused to any person due to his/her treating or interpreting the contents of this site or any part thereof as correct, complete and up-to-date statement of law out of ignorance or otherwise, this Channel will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for such loss or damage. The Channel will endeavor to edit/delete any material which is considered offensive, undesirable and or impinging on national security. Users are advised to verify/check any information with the relevant departments(s) and/or other source(s), and to obtain any appropriate professional advice before acting on the information provided in the Channel. By: Govt Employees News
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EOS / Disruptive Tech / PPT / PPP / Moneytoken / Dying cryptos
Read your whitepapers
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Is Provident Fund Taxable On Retirement?
Mar 2014 after retirement pf can be kept with rpfc for maximum 3 years and leave encashment, gsli n provident fund taxable or not early reply 2 jun employee's contribution get a tax benefit under 80cencashment at the time of by government employee, (ii) from taxation point view funds classified as follows 22 2016 taxability gratuity, commutation pension, retrenchment voluntary compensation, fund, 16 apr 2013 is popular scheme where both employee employer make contributions. Tax implications of following retirement benefits. Epf taxable, nps gets tax break. Clearing the confusion on how epf is taxed at exit in budget2016 tax withdrawal, new tds rule flowchart planmoneytaxfree press journal. Budget 2016 makes epf taxable, nps gets tax break. Html url? Q webcache. My company is offering 4 months of salary wants me to retire in april 2017 23 jan benjamin franklin has succinctly said that this world nothing certain but death and taxes. Retirement benefit under salaries slideshare. On the day of retirement every employee smarts 24 jan 2017 benefits like provident fund, leave in case it be kept under 'income from salary' itr, then would taxed 2 mar 2016 if you withdraw corpus after five or more years continuous service on at 58 age, is tax free. Taxability of retirement benefits taxguru. Taxability of retirement benefits finotax. Pension received by employee is taxable under the head salaries 29 feb 2016 60 Epf taxable, nps gets tax break. Bringing tax parity for retirement products. Is retirement money taxable in india? Quora. Pf no tax on gratuity of up to rs 10 lakh 114112200779_1. Is retirement benefit like provident fund taxable? Goodreturns. Googleusercontent search. Taxability of income received on retirement the financial express. Where on the itr will retirement benefits reflect? Value research how epf corpus withdrawal be taxed? Livemint. Epf taxable, nps gets tax break taxability of retirement benefits taxguru income. Budget 2016 ppf stays on exemption list, only epf interest to how are withdrawals from taxed? Cleartax blog. Retirement benefits income tax department. Html cached similar 22 nov 2014 generally, benefits received at the time of retirement are taxable under to an employee from a provident fund which act, url? Q blog. Interest earned is also credited to the fund with balance accumulating year after and, on retirement, entire amount paid employee 1 mar 2016 budget didn't clarify whether taxable portion of epf can by change in rules that brings parity retirement savings sector ppf stays exemption list, only interest attract tax provident made april will be taxed while not take from salaried class, but help people plan for better 24 jan 2017 some believe withdrawal are taxable, entirely new rule full allowed till age sources income leave salary, pension, gratuity &. Hrblock tax planning hr block how are my post retirement benefits taxed &sa u&ved 0ahukewi_55pbn6fvahxmhjqkhq7zcqc4chawcbowaq&usg afqjcnflpm b9uat2lnyefiv qufroytaa" t
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Educational maths video in hindi - Even Odd Numbers
Educational Maths Video of even odd numbers in Hindi with explanation. This video is useful for primary and upper primary students. Maths educational videos created by Imran Khan. Useful Maths tricks for students according NCERT maths.
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Maths - Even and Odd Numbers - Hindi
The video explains what odd and even numbers are. It explains the difference between them and how to know whether a number is odd or even. Watch the funny short animated video -- Run for Fun, which helps to learn the topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_eQlTDbjWc About us: We are a social enterprise working on a mission to make school learning interesting, relevant and affordable to every child on this planet. You can watch our FREE online videos at http://www.bodhaguru.com/watch and download our practice application/games - just visit http://www.bodhaguru.com/play If you like our videos, subscribe to our channel http://www.youtube.com/user/BodhaGuruLearning. Feel free to connect with us at http://www.facebook.com/BodhaGuru OR http://twitter.com/Bodhaguru Have fun, while you learn. Thanks for watching -- Team BodhaGuru
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Application of MHPAEA to Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program
On April 24, 2015, SAMHSA and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) hosted a webinar to discuss a proposed rule to align mental health and substance use disorder benefits for low-income Americans with benefits required of private health plans and insurance. The goal of the webinar is to inform consumers and providers about the details of the proposed rule and how to submit comments. Read the proposed rule at http://www.federalregister.gov/. The deadline to submit comments is June 9, 2015.
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How to Cure Tanking
How to Cure Tanking Adam M. Gold Win@WinningUnlimited.com MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference 2012 Evolution of Sports http://www.sloansportsconference.com/?p=5496 Encouraged by fans' desire to cheer passionately for their favorite teams every game of the season, I respectfully propose that draft order should be determined by performance after mathematical elimination. Analysis of historical data suggests optimistic statistical methods based on functions of winning can end tanking in sports. I hypothesize that when the incentive for teams to intentionally handicap themselves is removed, the expected elimination draft order is highly correlated with the expected reverse standings. The risk of allowing a poorly performing team to lose the top draft pick is outweighed by the benefit of eliciting intense competition, inspiring fans' interest, and preserving sports' integrity. If a championship can be awarded based on the result of a subset of games that have injuries, variability, and inequities, then draft order can be determined with comparable dynamic mechanics. This method of holding professional franchises accountable justifiably quantifies a minimum level of success that teams must possess. The number of games awarded to earn the first pick is dependent on parity and competitive balance. With warm personal regards and best wishes for a successful conference, I am proud to submit enriching research that has the potential to initiate an era where teams make the pursuit of winning unlimited.
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Can You Turn a Commodity into Must have Brand? EPISODE 5 with Ted Rubin and David Brier
http://www,risingabovethenoise.com and http://www.tedrubin.com -- EPISODE 5: Can a Commodity Become a Must-have Brand? So many companies hope to become a household name, the envy of all others in their space. Social marketing expert Ted Rubin and brand expert David Brier discuss what goes into making this happen. Old Spice. Oreo. GEICO. Each is a household name, the goal and hope of nearly every company or its CEO. A Stroll Through Branding History Old Spice has been around since 1938 (and in fact started out as a woman’s deodorant first one year earlier). And they’ve embraced their quirky existence in culture, with great copy lines like, “If your grandfather hadn’t worn it, you wouldn’t exist.” Oreo was introduced March 6th, 1912. Yet it’s so culturally hip today. And GEICO (which stand for Government Employee Insurance) was founded in 1936 by Leo Goodwin Sr. and his wife Lillian Goodwin to provide auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. Today it’s owned by Warren Buffett, one of the world’s most successful investors in the world worth. So, even though these three brands are each around 80+ years old, they have navigated their brand voice, their relevance and their persona so well, they feel as young and fresh asa newborn startup. So, what can men’s deodorant, America’s favorite cookie, a gecko and insurance teach us about branding in today’s marketing environment? And how is it that the most successful and conservative investor in the world owns a company whose brand is quirky, unexpected and bizarre and outstandingly successful? What does this have to do with the top five insurers controlling more than 50 percent of the market while the top 10 control 70 percent nationally in the United States? Most importantly, what are the two rules to navigating your brand to that goal of being highly sought-after? To answer this, we have to isolate what elevates a mere commodity from the pack to become a super-brand, one that has consumers craving it, devouring it and coming back for more.
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[276] The Euro's deep dive
The European Central Bank announced plans for a large scale asset purchase plan. Details of the 1.1 trillion euro plan showed more accommodation than anticipated and the euro fell to a 11-year low below $1.15 on the news. Eurozone government bonds were higher across the board. The ECB’s program calls for risk sharing by national central banks who will aid in the purchase of 60 billion euros of assets each month from March 2015 until the end of September 2016. Edward Harrison weighs in. Then, Erin reports live from Davos on the interesting events she witnessed at the World Economic Forum including an exchange between hedge fund boss Ray Dalio and Goldman Sachs President Gerry Cohn. Then, Edward sits down with Axel Merk – president and chief investment officer of Merk Investments. Axel tells us how effective he thinks the ECB’s quantitative easing program will be and gives us his take on if we’ll see euro dollar parity. After the break, Erin is joined in Davos by Rob Johnson – president of The Institute for New Economic Thinking. Rob talks to us about how to integrate new economic thinking into the models used by global leaders. He also weighs in on international political conflicts on the radar screen at the World Economic Forum and gives us his impassioned view on why economics is not just an abstract field but a social science dominated by real and diverse human beings. And in The Big Deal, Edward and RT correspondent Ameera David discuss encryption software. Take a look! Check us out on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BoomBustRT https://www.facebook.com/harrison.writedowns https://www.facebook.com/erinade2020 Follow us @ http://twitter.com/ErinAde http://twitter.com/edwardnh
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When India’s Strategic Backyard Meets China’s Strategic Periphery: The View From Beijing
This video shows you that When India’s Strategic Backyard Meets China’s Strategic Periphery: The View From Beijing. India and China share the longest land border in the world. Despite occasional strife, the two countries have operated in separate strategic theaters and avoided major conflict for more than half a century, since they fought a war over territorial disputes in 1962. But today, that may be changing as China makes economic and maritime inroads into Southern Asia. China’s presence in Southern Asia has been on the rise since the mid-2000s, when Chinese leaders began to appreciate that their country’s dependence on the Malacca Strait as a primary conduit for energy supplies could leave it vulnerable to economic coercion during a conflict with the United States. This realization prompted China to focus more on the security of sea lanes stretching from the North Arabian Sea to the Malacca Strait, as well as invest in infrastructure development to sustain alternative trade routes. The $1 trillion Belt and Road Initiative, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and the proposed Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor are meant to resolve China’s “Malacca dilemma” while facilitating the development of its western provinces and providing Chinese industry access to new markets. China is establishing a naval presence in the Indian Ocean to match the economic and strategic stakes. The country’s first overseas military base — a naval logistics facility — is being built in Djibouti, while China is expanding the size of its marine corps to 100,000 for deployments in the region. It is also reportedly weighing the establishment of a naval presence at Gwadar Port in Pakistan. India is responding to China’s forays into the Indian Ocean by fortifying its relationships with strategic partners. India, which was the only major country to turn down an invitation to a forum on the Belt and Road Initiative, seems eager to establish an alternative to Chinese-led economic integration. India, Japan, and the United States have indicated a collective intention to support strategic port developmentin the Indo-Pacific. On the naval front, India has inked logistics pacts with Singapore, the United States, and France. Delhi is also working with Canberra, Tokyo, and Washington to resuscitate the “Quad,” a grouping of democratic naval powers that are concerned with China’s power projection in the Indo-Pacific and the threat it poses to the “rules-based” order. ====================================================================================================== DISCLAIMER: Each and every content used in this video is not imaginary. All are taken from reputed news agencies. This video doesn’t meant to hurt anybody's personal feelings,beliefs and religion. We are not responsible for any of these statements used in this video. If you have any suggestion or query regarding this video, you can contact me on YouTube personal Message and you can send me message in my Facebook page. Thank you & regards Global conflicts ====================================================================================================== Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/Globalconflict7 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalConflict7/ Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/globalconflict/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gl0balC0nflict ======================================================================================================
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Canadians butchered, and Trudeau sits idly by
Faith Goldy reports: This week, seven Canadians were butchered by Islamists abroad and our Prime Minister responded with a nasty note. Meanwhile, Canada was shut out of a high-level meeting of “significant contributors” to the U.S.-led coalition. MORE: http://www.therebel.media/faithgoldy “Miss Me Yet?” The Harper t-shirt & bumpersticker you asked for! BUY NOW only from TheRebel.media: http://www.IMissHarper.ca http://www.Facebook.com/JoinTheRebel http://www.Twitter.com/TheRebelTV Trudeau wants to change Canada's voting system. Tell Justin we DEMAND a referendum on this issue! SIGN THE PETITION at http://www.therebel.media/letusvote
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Labor Officials Cracking Down On Rule Breakers As Heat Wave Looms Over State
A heat wave has prompted labor officials to crack down on employers breaking the rules on keeping workers hydrated and cool. Mike Sugerman reports. (7/26/16)
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