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RiceGum - Frick Da Police (Official Music Video)
Download on Apple Music: http://apple.co/2zhldMU LYRICS A thirty minute vid, I’m who you’re obsessed with You look like your sister is the girl that you have s*x with Uh, yeah, do you get the message? On Twitter threaten rape, we should get this guy arrested But I’m flexin’ versuri-lyrics.info Can you get these sheep out my mentions? How can I be mad? B*tch, I sleep in a mansion Try to hold me back but I keep on advancing When I’m looking at his head, oou, that sh*t so gigantic I’m coming still, b*tch, my pocket’s full of hunnid’ bills I’m in the hills, b*tch, my song just did a hunnid’ mil’ They tellin’ me to stop flexing but I’m stuntin’ still I ran it up, all of the sudden b*tches wanna chill Ayy, you done crawled out your little cave You got a girl but I can tell that you a little gay Somebody stop the school shooter, he look filled with rage Speak on my name, little b*tch, I’ll put you in the grave In the Wraith, I see stars like I’m K.O.’d b*tches chase me, I don’t got no time to chase h**s For this song, I was gonna make y’all wait though But like H3 I had to let the weight go I remember I was broke, I couldn’t dress a lot Came up from nothing, little b*tch, that’s why I flex a lot How much money did this cost you? Better guess, a lot Is this nerd ever getting p***y? sh*t, I’m guessing not Yeah, he used to get picked on, he a big nerd He don’t got no points, he confuses you with big words He said he study me for months like a mid-term Ayy, Content Cop, can you get up off my dick sir? Yeah, I’m yellow and I’m fly, call me Big Bird They tryna see me start to fall like September Try to roast me in the comments but remember How you gon’ support a guy who proudly says the N-word? I ran it up fast, I feel like The Flash You can see I’m getting mad, bringing up the past H3 stop eating snacks, b*tch you getting fat Flew out PewDiePie just to f*ck him in the a*s I ran it up fast, I feel like The Flash You can see I’m getting mad, bringing up the past H3 stop eating snacks, b*tch you getting fat Flew out PewDiePie just to f*ck him in the a*s. Get My New Limited Edition Rice Shirt 👉 https://ryce.shop/products/ryce-king-t-shirt ↓ FOLLOW ME! I will 100% FOLLOW BACK ↓ ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/ricegum ► Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/ricegums ► Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bryan-le-43 ► Facebook https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRiceGum ► Visual Effects by TeaWap: https://youtube.com/TeaWap ► Thumbnail made by: https://www.instagram.com/scvph/ ► FOLLOW RYCEGUM CLOTHING ON IG! https://instagram.com/rycegumclothing family friendly pg clean
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IPL World Powerlifting Championships | Day 4 - Blue Platform
Sunday, Nov 5, Men's (KG): 110, 125, 140, 140+ 2017 IPL World Powerlifting Championships – Las Vegas, NV Bodybuilding.com Coupons & Discounts ► http://bbcom.me/2A0iMxN Roster: Blue Platform – Sunday, Day 4 http://bit.ly/iplday4 Supplements: Top Protein Powders ► http://bbcom.me/2A09fXe Top 10 Pre-Workouts ► http://bbcom.me/2A0Iimq Top 10 Post-Workotus ► http://bbcom.me/2A2zfBg Top 10 Testosterone Support ► http://bbcom.me/2zZtUuM Sponsors: Anderson Powerlifting ► https://www.andersonpowerlifting.com/ Iron Rebel ► https://ironrebel.com/ Bodybuilding.com ► https://www.bodybuilding.com/ Granite Supplements ► https://granitesupplements.com/ Unbreakable Gear ► https://www.unbreakablegear.com/ Bolero Hydration ► https://boleroca.com/ Old Skool Iron ► http://oldskooliron.com/ LiftingLarge.com ► http://www.liftinglarge.com/ A7 Intl ► https://a7.co/ Ivanko Barbell ► http://www.ivankobarbell.com/ Cellucor ► https://cellucor.com/ Visit us: International Powerlifting League ► http://bit.ly/theipl United States Powerlifting Association ► http://bit.ly/uspanet USPA Apparel ► http://bit.ly/shopuspa Follow us: IPL Instagram ► http://bit.ly/iplig USPA Instagram ► http://bit.ly/uspapower USPA Facebook ► http://bit.ly/uspapowerfb
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LBCC - Dr. Hiro Sasaki:  Mental Health and Honors Students (Morning Session)
This event was recorded January 26, 2018.
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Paterson NJ.
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Governing Board Meeting - February 26, 2013
The Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board seats five elected officials who represent geographical districts throughout Maricopa County. They are elected to four-year, staggered terms. No elections or special elections are currently scheduled.
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