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Fully Charged 18650 cell for 3 years, How much damage?  -  Batt talk #9
Music Partners http://youtube.com/chillhopdotcom ******************************************************************************** Here’s a list of all the gear I use to shoot my vlog. Panasonic Lumix GH4 - http://j35.us/amazon-panasonic-gh4 Panasonic 7-14mm f4.0 Lens - http://j35.us/amazon-panasonic-7-14 Voigtlander 10.5mm f.95 Lens - http://j35.us/amazon-voigtlander-10-5mm Lexar 64GB 1000x SD Cards - http://j35.us/amazon-lexar-sdcard-64gb-1000x Rode Microphones - http://j35.us/amazon-rode-videomic-pro Joby Gorillapod - http://j35.us/amazon-joby-gorillapod GoPro4 Silver - http://j35.us/amazon-gopro-h4-silver SJCam400 - http://j35.us/amazon-sjcam-sj4000 Zoom EXH-6 - http://j35.us/Zoom-EXH-6 VidiU Pro - http://j35.us/amazon-teradek-vidiupro Gear I’m considering purchasing: http://j35.us/DJI-Phanthom4 http://j35.us/Amazon-DJI-Osmo-4K-handheld http://j35.us/amazon-sony-rx100m3 http://j35.us/amazon-sony-a7sii http://j35.us/Amazon-Parrot-Drone http://j35.us/Samsung-S7Edge http://j35.us/Olympus-7-14-28 ******************************************************************************** Follow me on Instagram http://j35.us/insta-jag35 Follow me on Beme http://j35.us/beme-jag35 Follow me on Twitter http://j35.us/twitter-jag35 Follow me on Facebook http://j35.us/Facebook-JehuGarcia ******************************************************************************** If you would like support our project and help me make videos, you can donate: http://j35.us/helpwithcash or you can become our patron https://www.patreon.com/jehu ******************************************************************************** Also please support our sponsors http://j35.us/jag35-2016 http://gabvwkey.com http://j35.us/indiespot-2016 http://evwest.com http://www.isee360.com http://www.rode.com/products ********************************************************************************
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How batteries work - Adam Jacobson
View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/why-batteries-die-adam-jacobson Batteries are a triumph of science—they allow smartphones and other technologies to exist without anchoring us to an infernal tangle of power cables. Yet even the best batteries will diminish daily, slowly losing capacity until they finally die. Why does this happen, and how do our batteries even store so much charge in the first place? Adam Jacobson gives the basics on batteries. Lesson by Adam Jacobson, animation by FOX Animation Domination High-Def.
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How to Charge near dead 18650 lithium ion batteries safely!
Make sure the battery is not short circuited when voltage is low!
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Lipo Battery Storage and Charging.
Tips of how to safely storage your Lipo Battery, and how to use the Hobby Wireless B680 to charge your Lipo.
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Diy Tesla Powerwall ep54 Low Voltage!!!
This is going to be my version of the Tesla Powerwall. Ill start with 10kw at 48v (100p14s) and will add more packs as time goes on to increase the capacity. I plan to store everything in a Short Server Cabinet and It will be a Power Rack!!! Subscribe and follow my build!!! This Update I came home only to find out the UPS had shut itself off!!! So I go ahead and turn it back on to let it shut off again to find out what the UPS Low Voltage was. Then I find another Issue!!! AveRage Joe T-shirt's are now on Amazon for $19.99!!! https://amzn.to/2JKCMJp If you like the channel and videos and want to donate, support me on Patreon, feature a product or help out with a project, you can. Send me message or donate with the Links below :) Thanks to all Awesome people who have donated, parts, tools, stickers and batteries. Thank you so much!!!! My Affiliate Links to Amazon and Ebay for some of the products I have purchased (and some I haven't purchased). If you are looking for a particular product in any of my videos, please send me a msg and I will gladly send you a link! MPPT PCM60x Charge Controller https://goo.gl/vq3z9r The Anderson Connectors are here http://amzn.to/2qaY8Hp The #6 Wire on EBay is here https://goo.gl/wt7U05 Tp4056s I get are here http://amzn.to/2j5cg0d Need a heat gun http://amzn.to/2j59Qia Heat Shrink I use now is here https://goo.gl/E2iuzk Solder can be found here http://amzn.to/2iIUxyW .5A Axial Fast Glass Fuse https://goo.gl/3GMi3m Mini Volt Meters: 2 wire Amazon- Blue http://amzn.to/2v2Ng0L 3 wire Blue Amazon- 5 pack http://amzn.to/2v2wIG9 Donations will be used towards the projects and better equipment to produce better videos right here on YouTube in videos to come!!! http://paypal.me/YourAveRageJoe http://patreon.com/user?u=3675924
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Imax B6 low voltage error
1 beğeniyi eksik görmeyin :)
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Low Voltage Battery Cut Off Module For Motorcycle - Prevent Battery Drain
Want to add a GPS or grip heaters to your motorcycle but don't want to worry about depleting your battery? I have the solution for you! Links to get items in video: Get Low Voltage Battery Cut Off here: http://amzn.to/1SwZ03Y Get Heater Grips here CHEAP: http://amzn.to/1mhKDC1 Get Gel Battery CHEAP here: http://amzn.to/1mhKP4f Get Motorcycle Tail bag here: http://amzn.to/1iwDbgQ Get Flat Tire Repair Kit here: http://amzn.to/1mO96NJ Get My Action Camera CHEAP here: http://amzn.to/1F85kog Get Hi-Viz Armor jacket CHEAP here: http://amzn.to/1TC9fBa Get My Armored Motorcycle Pants here: http://cyclecruza.com/agvlthrpants Get My Sidi Motorcycle Boots here http://cyclecruza.com/sidifboots Get Knee/Shin Guards CHEAP here: http://amzn.to/1gY6rjI Get My Armor Jacket CHEAP here: http://amzn.to/1f2OK1l Get Battery-Powered Heated Gloves here: http://amzn.to/1OvCZQu Get Heated Grips here CHEAP:http://amzn.to/1voxFWu Get River Road Leather Jacket here: http://amzn.to/1PflnIQ Get LS2 Dual Sport Helmet CHEAP here: http://amzn.to/1L9SCfZ Get LS2 Helmet Chrome Mirror Shield: http://amzn.to/1Oznqag Get Sony Lapel Microphone here: http://amzn.to/1fAFVWg Get Leather CE Armor Pants here: http://cyclecruza.com/lthrpants Get my Yellow Camo Pants Here: http://amzn.to/1x5BVbQ Get White Camo Pants here: http://amzn.to/1sWKFvA Get Armored Hoodie here: https://youtu.be/bu_ypSLOQKE Get My Scorpion Gauntlet Gloves here: http://amzn.to/1ov6p3h Get my MX Boots CHEAP here: https://youtu.be/1v_Wx_esNx8 Get My Scorpion Gauntlet Gloves here: http://amzn.to/1ov6p3h Get Ear Plugs here: http://amzn.to/1PE0NTn ****CycleCruza's Recommended Videos********** Go to my motorcycle Video Playlists here: http://cyclecruza.com/my-videos-2 Watch Heated Grips Installation on CBR600rr here: https://youtu.be/AeKP2fkgfGM Watch my 'How to get started in Motorcycling" Video: https://youtu.be/at5jr430vX0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- GO TO MY VIDEO LIBRARY HERE: http://cyclecruza.com/my-videos-2 SUBSCRIBE TO MY ALL-IN-ONE SPORTBIKE CHANNEL! [New Motovlog every Thursday!] http://www.youtube.com/user/cyclecruza?sub_confirmation=1 SUBSCRIBE to my new new 100% MotoVlogs Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cyclecruzavlogs?sub_confirmation=1 WEBSITE/Blog: http://www.cyclecruza.com INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/cyclecruza FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/cyclecruza1 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/CycleCruza GET CYCLECRUZA STICKERS HERE: http://cyclecruza.com/cyclecruzas-sticker-store MERCH (Get SportBike T-Shirts and Hoodies): http://www.cyclecruza.spreadshirt.com Intro Song: :Getting Dirty" by Silent Partner from Free Youtube Library
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How to fix Low voltage detection on EZ-Peak plus
My 11.1v 1300 mah when I went to store charge it it kept telling me low voltage detected so I hooked every thing up like it was a normal lipo batterie but instead went over to the NiMH batterie side.
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Understanding degradation of lithium-ion batteries - The University of Oxford
Visit our website for more information on our research – epg.eng.ox.ac.uk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video gives an overview of degradation in lithium-ion batteries and discusses how models of degradation could be used in a battery management system for an electric vehicle. The success of electric vehicles depends largely on their energy storage system. Lithium-ion batteries currently feature the best properties to meet the wide range of requirements specific to automotive applications – high energy density, long lifetime, good power capabilities and low cost. However, the safety and reliability of lithium ion batteries can be problematic if they are not handled appropriately. Exposing lithium ion batteries to extremely high or low temperatures, voltages or excessive currents results in accelerated battery degradation and in the worst case, battery failure. This video looks at how we can improve the Battery Management System (BMS) of lithium-ion batteries by producing highly accurate degradation models which can estimate current useful battery capacity, power capabilities, prediction of the remaining battery life and prediction of battery failure and thus contribute to the accuracy of the BMS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Video produced by Crustacean Studio - http://www.crustaceanstudio.com Research funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Jaguar Land Rover. We further acknowledge the support of EPSRC who funded the production of this video.
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Low Voltage Error on your Lipo battery? Here's a quick fix!
Ever had one defective Lipo with "Low Voltage error" while charging on your smart charger/ balancer?? Don't want to buy a new Lipo? You can still somehow use that defective Lipo batt with the Nimh charge. Watch this video to learn more. Disclaimer: Do this, in a safe environment, and it is still risky to work with a defective Lipo so do this at your own risk. If it still doesn't work then dispose it properly. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel to support my projects!
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How to recharge a fully flat lipo (lithium polymer) battery
WARNING: do this at your own risk, lipo batteries can rupture and cause a significant fire hazard, especially if they have been over-discharged or over-charged. As you can see in this video, it is possible to save a lipo battery that your charger refuses to charge -- so long as you are *very* careful. Remember, a battery recovered in this way should always be treated with caution afterwards but providing sufficient care is taken, a rescued battery can continue to provide many more cycles of use.
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Dewalt Battery Charging Fix
Dead Dewat battery that won't charge fix!
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RC LiPo Battery Storage
Learn how to prepare your RC LiPo battery for longer term winter storage and keep them in top condition during the hobby season in this video workshop. To learn more about RC LiPo batteries, visit our web site at http://2bfly.com/knowledgebase/ Copyright 2013, 2 Brothers Hobby, LLC. All Rights Reserved
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Recover your Lipo battery from low voltage
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How To Fix Lipo Low Voltage Problem
I show you how do you fix your Lipo Battery "low Voltage" Remember if you are using a 2 cell battery do not go to 9.10v only go to 6.10v then charge normally. 4cell would be 12.10v. [2CELL] NIMH CHARGE TO 6.10 VOLTS [3CELL] NIMH CHARGE TO 9.10 VOLTS [4CELL] NIMH CHARGE TO 12.10 VOLTS
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Properly discharging your Lipos (storage)
Link to low voltage alarm device: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-1s-8s-Li-po-Battery-Voltage-Tester-Checker-Indicator-Monitor,buzzer-Alarm-p-26049.html It is important for the longevity of your Lipos that you discharge them to storage voltage if not being used for more than a couple of days. Some newer Lipos with very high 'C' ratings are recommended to be discharge if not used within the same day. Personally, I charge the day before and discharge any Lipos I don't use the next day. So far all my Lipos have survived past 3 yrs, and some have more than 200-300 flights on it. I still have some very early Lipos from 5 years ago that I still fly. Edited (4/28/2014) If you want a faster discharge you can get any 12v bulb that has a higher load, and you can also put in a 2nd buld in series. Here's one that I've used in the past: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Hinkley-Lighting-35-Watt-Halogen-MR16-Flood-Light-Bulb-0016W35/202748529?MERCH=REC-_-NavPLPHorizontal1-2-_-NA-_-202748529-_-N Here's a good site that did a bunch of research into prolonging Lipos: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries
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How to Make a Battery in 7 Easy Steps
From smartphones to electric cars to home energy storage devices, rechargeable batteries power our modern lives. But have you ever stopped to wonder what’s inside these devices that allow us to send emojis, drive around town and so much more? If so, check out the Advanced Battery Facility. The facility is one of a very few experimental battery manufacturing labs that are available to help academia and industry develop and test new batteries. Most of these places are owned by private companies that keep their proprietary tests under wraps, but a few DOE labs – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory – operate more open facilities so the results can often be made public. PNNL’s semi-automated Advanced Battery Facility enables scientists to test out all kinds of different materials – including lithium-metal, sulfur, sodium and magnesium – to make batteries last longer and store more energy. The tests are helping scientists from national labs, universities and industry find lower-cost replacements for today’s most common rechargeable battery, the lithium-ion battery. More information about PNNL’s energy storage research is online: Batteries for electric vehicles: http://energyenvironment.pnnl.gov/eere/vehiclebatteries.asp Batteries for the power grid: http://energyenvironment.pnnl.gov/ei/energy_storage.asp
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How to charge 0 (Zero) or low voltage batteries in a smart charger
A quick guide to charging low voltage batteries in an intelligent charger. Many (but not all) smart chargers won't attempt to charge a cell if it's below a certain voltage threshold, there are several ways to do this either using a manual charger, pulling power off another battery or using a charger that does have an activation feature. Applies to Ni-MH/Ni-CD and Li-ion cells. Batteries that have typically been stored in a device for a long period of time will over time discharge, and in some cases you will be unable to charge them in some intelligent chargers.
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SkyRC Charger, Adapter and Low Voltage Allarm: Storing LiPo Batteries
A quick demonstration of the charger with the ZOP batteries. Never store fully charged LiPo batteries, here we are placing our recent arrivals in storage mode whilst we wait for the rest of the build to arrive. Apologies for the dogs howling, an approaching thunderstorm was upsetting them. Relaxing dog music only keeps them relaxed when playing apparently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdqpYsEL0cA Sort of following Bruce's guide for a cheap 250 build but getting everything, not just the parts for the quad but everything needed to get into the air and stay for a while. Check out Bruce's guide on his channel RC Model Reviews, do yourself a favour and subscribe, his videos are great : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgHGpiWXS2eSYeceg736QSESW9mijzuhf Parts so far: Batteries: http://www.banggood.com/ZOP-Power-11_1V-1800mAh-45C-Lipo-Battery-XT60-Plug-p-991825.html Battery Alarm: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-7_4V-14_8V-RC-Lipo-Battery-low-voltage-Alarm-Indicator-p-25595.html FrSKY Taranis X9D: http://www.nextfpv.com.au/collections/frsky/products/taranis-x9d-plus-coming-soon SkyRC Balance Charger & AC Adapter: http://www.banggood.com/SkyRC-iMAX-B6-Mini-Lipo-Balance-ChargerDischarger-SK100084-p-929890.html
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$300 DIY Tesla Powerwall - Solar storage 18650 lithium ion home Battery
FAQ: 1) Where can learn more about batteries? http://j35.us/DIYlithiumBatteryBook 2) Where can I buy Lithium Batteries http://j35.us/MARCH-Deals 3) Where Can I buy Solar Panels? Flexible - http://j35.us/136wFlexSolarPanl Glass - http://j35.us/100w-100-solar 4) Where can I buy a Battery Management System? http://j35.us/Batrium 5) What motor does your VW bus use? http://j35.us/HPEVS-AC51-Motor 6) How do you charge your batteries? http://j35.us/Elcon-5Kw-Charger ******************************************************************************** List of parts used to make this project: Laptop Batteries http://j35.us/Ebay-Laptop-Battery-Lot 18650 Holders http://j35.us/18650-spacer-clips Copper buss bars http://j35.us/1NGpBo4 Cell Fuse wire http://j35.us/1k-Ohm-resistor Tesla Glass No longer available Related Products: JuiceBox 40A Plug-in Electric http://j35.us/amazon-juicebox-40a ******************************************************************************** Music by : http://j35.us/TokyoOrbitalMotorway-VoltaCab http://j35.us/GYVUS-SolisOccasum ******************************************************************************** Need Lithium Batteries to build your own DIY Powerwall? Cells For Smaller projects - http://j35.us/SmallerBatteries Large Automotive cells - http://j35.us/150perKwMods Buy BMS system here - http://j35.us/Batrium ******************************************************************************** Instagram: http://j35.us/insta-jag35 Twitter: http://j35.us/twitter-jag35 Facebook: http://facebook.com/jag35media Beme: http://j35.us/beme-jag35 ******************************************************************************** If you would like support our project by donating, you can use this link: http://j35.us/helpwithcash or by using patreon https://www.patreon.com/jehu ******************************************************************************** Also please support our sponsors http://j35.us/jag35-2016 http://gabvwkey.com http://j35.us/indiespot-2016 http://evwest.com http://www.isee360.com http://www.rode.com/products ********************************************************************************
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Li-Ion battery short circuit,overcharge,undervoltage EXPERIMENT
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GreatScottLab Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatscottlab Previous video:http://youtu.be/FOZIPIqhvwI In this small experiment I will show you what can happen if you handle fake Ultrafire Li-Ion batteries the wrong way. I will demonstrate a short circuit, overcharge and undervoltage. Let's find out whether something will explode. Music: 2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats You want to support my videos? You can browse and buy tools&materials from my Amazon Store. This way I get a small commission: Amazon.de: http://astore.amazon.de/great043-21 Amazon.com:http://astore.amazon.com/gre09a-20 Amazon.co.uk: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/gre0b-21 Or you feel super generous and want to use this Amazon link as your Amazon home page. And do not worry, your purchases are all anonym and the prices are all the same: Amazon.de:http://www.amazon.de/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1638&creative=19454&linkCode=ur2&site-redirect=de&tag=great043-21&linkId=ORZEQZEOVJAFURCZ Amazon.com:http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=gre09a-20&linkId=I5NDCEAVCD2OWM4S Amazon.co.uk:http://www.amazon.co.uk/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=19450&linkCode=ur2&tag=gre0b-21
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How to revive a dead rechargeable power tool battery easily
How to revive a dead rechargeable power tool battery easily Rechargeable batteries for power tools sometimes will no longer charge but often these can be easily restored back to life with this simple method. The problem: You have a drill or other power tool with rechargeable batteries but one of the batteries is completely dead and when you plug it into the recharger unit it won't recharge at all. The manufacturers would tell you that you need to buy a new battery. When you look into it you find that the cost a new battery is so high that you may as well just buy a new drill that comes with a couple of new batteries. Well all is not lost! A friend in the UK told me about this method to revive a dead drill battery many years ago and I have used it successfully a number of times since. Basically, it seems that when a battery becomes completely discharged the charger unit effectively does not recognise that a battery has been inserted. This method puts enough charge into the battery so that it is not recognised by the charger and it gets recharged. I take the dead Dewalt battery and a good fully-charged battery and place them side by side. I then use a couple of pairs of scissors to connect the terminals together (plus to plus and negative to negative). I keep them connected for a minute or so and by then the dead battery has sufficient charge to be fully recharged by the charger unit. Of course you can use two pieces of wire or something else to connect the batteries together but I have found scissors work well when doing it by yourself with only one pair of hands. Although I have fix a Dewalt battery here I have used this method to fix other makes when the battery will not charge. So, in future, if you have a dead Nicd power tool battery try this power tool battery fix first before buying new. Follow me on: Website: http://www.jpinfuerteventura.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jpinfuerteventura Google+: http://plus.google.com/117127715686017572434 Instagram: http://instagram.com/jpinfuerteventura/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/JPinFuerte Holiday apartment to rent in El Cotillo: http://www.elcotilloapartment.com Information on El Cotillo: http://www.elcotillo.net
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How to recover a dead lipo cell
I usually try to recover my dead batteries and figured I'd share my method. The chances of the cell being recovered are fairly slim, there's usually damage to the cell from being at such a low voltage. I've had about 1 in 6 success rate with bringing back cells so far.
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LiFE batteries explained
Many users are confused on LiFE battery technology. Wondering if you need to use a regulator or not? Also about using 1 battery for an entire plane? LiFe batteries are safer to use than Nimh or Nicad 6v batteries. This video explains that and more about LiFE batteries. It also goes into detail about redundancy for your RC plane and how to set that up using a power box.
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Li-Ion Capacity Test || DIY constant current load
Previous video: https://youtu.be/gVGD-f8SQSI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatscottlab Twitter: https://twitter.com/GreatScottLab Support me for more videos: https://www.patreon.com/GreatScott?ty=h More information (parts list, schematic, ......) on Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Constant-current-load/ In this video I will show you how to measure the true capacity of Li-Ion batteries. I will also explain how a simple constant current load works and how to build one from very simple parts. Music: 2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats You want to support my videos? You can browse and buy tools&materials from my Amazon Store. This way I get a small commission: Amazon.de: http://astore.amazon.de/great043-21 Amazon.com:http://astore.amazon.com/gre09a-20 Amazon.co.uk: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/gre0b-21 Or you feel super generous and want to use this Amazon link as your Amazon home page. And do not worry, your purchases are all anonym and the prices are all the same: Amazon.de:http://www.amazon.de/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1638&creative=19454&linkCode=ur2&site-redirect=de&tag=great043-21&linkId=ORZEQZEOVJAFURCZ Amazon.com:http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=gre09a-20&linkId=I5NDCEAVCD2OWM4S Amazon.co.uk:http://www.amazon.co.uk/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=19450&linkCode=ur2&tag=gre0b-21
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Hobby King LIPO 2-8s Cell Checker with Low Voltage Alarm
A quick look at he Hobbyking 2-8S Cell Checker with Low Voltage Alarm it has twin Piezo alarms to notify you once your cells reach a low voltage. You can customize the alarm to sound at a voltage between 2.7v~3.8v Per cell in 0.10v increments by pressing the setting mode button. This unit also features a built in LED display that will show the voltage of each cell and the over all voltage of the pack. In the USA buy it here: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=34120&aff=737026 Or from Hobby King's international warehouse: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idproduct=18588&aff=737026
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This New 'Perfect' Battery Has Experts Stumped
One of the inventors of the modern lithium-ion battery, John Goodenough, and a team of researchers claim to have invented a new solid state battery. But is it too good to be true? Disney Invented A Room Where Your Phone Will Never Die - https://youtu.be/IWjsXjVc_LE Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here - http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI We got nominated for a People's Choice Webby! That means, you can help us win. Please, take a minute and vote for us here (thanks!): https://vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/2017/film-video/general-film/vr-cinematic-or-pre-rendered Read More: New Batteries Could Last a Decade With Minimal Upkeep https://www.seeker.com/new-batteries-could-last-a-decade-with-minimal-upkeep-2261389684.html "The batteries are designed to store wind and solar energy for later use. They're non-toxic, non-corrosive and could significantly reduce the cost of production." Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor Introduces Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries http://engr.utexas.edu/news/8203-goodenough-batteries "A team of engineers led by 94-year-old John Goodenough, professor in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin and co-inventor of the lithium-ion battery, has developed the first all-solid-state battery cells that could lead to safer, faster-charging, longer-lasting rechargeable batteries for handheld mobile devices, electric cars and stationary energy storage." BU-204: How do Lithium Batteries Work? http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/lithium_based_batteries "Lithium is the lightest of all metals, has the greatest electrochemical potential and provides the largest specific energy per weight. Rechargeable batteries with lithium metal on the anode could provide extraordinarily high energy densities; however, it was discovered in the mid-1980s that cycling produced unwanted dendrites on the anode. These growth particles penetrate the separator and cause an electrical short. The cell temperature would rise quickly and approach the melting point of lithium, causing thermal runaway, also known as 'venting with flame.'" Has lithium-battery genius John Goodenough done it again? Colleagues are skeptical https://qz.com/929794/has-lithium-battery-genius-john-goodenough-done-it-again-colleagues-are-skeptical/ "Researchers have struggled for decades to safely use powerful-but flammable-lithium metal in a battery. Now John Goodenough, the 94-year-old father of the lithium-ion battery, is claiming a novel solution as a blockbuster advance. If it proves out, the invention could allow electric cars to compete with conventional vehicles on sticker price. The improbable solution, described in a new paper from Goodenough and three co-authors, has drawn intense interest from leading science and technology publications." ____________________ Seeker inspires us to see the world through the lens of science and evokes a sense of curiosity, optimism and adventure. Watch More Seeker on our website http://www.seeker.com/shows/ Subscribe now! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dnewschannel Seeker on Twitter http://twitter.com/seeker Trace Dominguez on Twitter https://twitter.com/tracedominguez Seeker on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SeekerMedia/ Seeker on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+dnews Seeker http://www.seeker.com/ Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here: http://bit.ly/1UO1PxI Special thanks to Julian Huguet for hosting and writing this episode of Seeker! Check Julian out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jhug00
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LiPo  Battery Low Voltage Error iMAXB6
''Low Voltage Error'' is the most common error we get when we fully drain our batteries. This video demonstrates the simplest way to revive batteries which is fully drained.
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Multi-chemistry Battery Charger Provides Battery Health and Power System Monitoring
Trevor Barcelo, Product Line Manager Batteries provide power to many different applications across a wide range of industries. While the sheer volume of consumer mobile devices tends to keep the spotlight on low voltage Li-ion powered applications, high performance and high reliability industrial, medical and military applications require a variety of battery chemistries with a variety of battery pack voltages. Some of these applications require a battery for portability, while others simply use a battery for back-up requirements. In both cases, monitoring battery health and system performance is critical to ensure reliable and robust operation. In this video, we will show how the (http://www.linear.com/product/LTC4015) LTC4015 battery charger can charge Li-ion, LiFePO4 and lead-acid batteries. In addition to charging several battery types, the LTC4015 provides unprecedented system and battery health information unavailable from competitive chargers. User customizable alerts and parameter limits combine with the LTC4015 serial port, integrated coulomb counter and 14-bit ADC to provide unparalleled configuration and power management in battery-powered devices. Furthermore, many functions are configured using hardware – external pins and resistors – enabling high performance standalone operation without the need for a microcontroller or microprocessor.
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Hobbyking 2-8S Cell Checker with Low Voltage Alarm - How it works?
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Super Capacitor Amp-Hours?
today i test the AH rating of my 2.7v 400F capacitors. they only cost 5$ each from china so am tempted to buy more. they have proven to have much more capacity than i expected. when i got them in July i just played with them and set them on the shelf and forgot about them, i originally bought them to build a spot welder to put tabs onto 18650 cells. song is from Vectorman for Sega Genesis
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What is a Battery Management System / BMS?
View all my tutorials and videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/mjlorton/videos?live_view=500&flow=list&sort=dd&view=1 ------------------------------ Click "Show more" ------------------------------------------- What is a Battery Management System / How does a BMS work? I go through the theory of a BMS and why they are so important in a lithium battery bank. I then show a practical example with a battery balancer to equalize cells in a battery bank due to the issues with charging cells in series. This is a lead into a closer look at the SBMS4080 made by ElectroDacus - https://www.youtube.com/user/electrodacus/videos ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My website and forum:- http://www.mjlorton.com Donations and contributions:- http://www.mjlorton.com My techie channel MJLorton - Solar Power and Electronic Measurement Equipment - http://www.youtube.com/MJLorton My Techie Amazon Store: http://astore.amazon.com/m0711-20 My other channel VBlogMag - For almost any topic under the sun! - http://www.youtube.com/VBlogMag My VBlogMag Amazon Store: http://astore.amazon.com/vblogmag-20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ =================================================== Video sponsor, Pass Ltd - their websites: At checkout use the discount / promotion code "mjlorton" for 5% off. http://www.tester.co.uk/?cmid=QmhzQjcxYjVlc1E9&afid=bFcwbzliNzVDc289&ats=K2EyUjZNTDh3UTA9 - Test Equipment and Test-meter suppliers and http://www.calibrate.co.uk/?cmid=QmhzQjcxYjVlc1E9&afid=bFcwbzliNzVDc289&ats=S3Yxd2tOMjVISzA9 - Calibration and service of test equipment =================================================== $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Bitcoin (BTC) Donations: 1K7PeF55e7ssE7W3WVCoa7c4j2PHzy6ASv $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ********************************************************************************** Music clip from Youtube Music Library - Phase Three by Huma-Huma **********************************************************************************
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Power a Refrigerator with a Battery!
Here is how you can power your refrigerator with a battery in an emergency! This Inverter can be used: http://amzn.to/2xHBlXw How do you recharge the battery? You can use the battery in your car along with jumper cables. Latest Project video: https://youtu.be/N8ML6JDBWTQ Latest Kipkay https://youtu.be/O7DQ1GODhzc Previous Gizmos 'N Gags: https://youtu.be/bWxjwoklwn0 --------------------------- Popular Playlists ---------------------------- LASERS: http://bit.ly/LaserProjects EASY: http://bit.ly/EasyProjects HACKS/MODS: http://bit.ly/HacksMods More videos at: http://www.kipkay.com Subscribe to Kipkay: http://bit.ly/SubscribetoKipkay Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kipkayvideos/ Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KipKay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KipkayVideos
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How Can You Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?
This week Reactions brings you the chemistry on how to make your smartphone's battery last longer. There's a lot of science behind those lithium ion-batteries in the latest generation of phones. But like most new generations of smartphones, its battery has pretty much stayed the same over the years. Short of carrying an external battery all the time, is there any way to extend the life of your smartphone battery? How does heat affect your battery? What causes them to become unstable? In the latest Reactions episode, we explain the chemistry of lithium-ion batteries, why they occasionally explode, and share some tips to get the most from that smartphone battery. Find us on all these places: Subscribe! http://bit.ly/ACSReactions Facebook! http://facebook.com/ACSReactions Twitter! http://twitter.com/ACSReactions Tumblr! http://tumblr.com/ACSReactions LA Funk - Cragkeys Owl Services - MTWMusic Touch Me - Pure Nature Producer: Elaine Seward Writer: Megan Cartwright Executive Producer: Adam Dylewski Scientific consultants: Danielle Buckley, Ph.D. Darcy Gentleman, Ph.D. Sources: 2014 Nature Communications - Improving battery safety by early detection of internal shorting with a bifunctional separator (http://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms6193) Described in Stanford news release (http://news.stanford.edu/2016/01/11/safe-battery-toggle-011116/) 2016 Nature Energy - Fast and reversible thermoresponsive polymer switching materials for safer batteries (http://www.nature.com/articles/nenergy20159) Described in Stanford news release (http://news.stanford.edu/2016/01/11/safe-battery-toggle-011116/) 2015 Scientific Reports - Effect of Temperature on the Aging rate of Li Ion Battery Operating above Room Temperature (http://www.nature.com/articles/srep12967) 2016 Gizmodo – Future batteries could have six times more capacity (http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2016/08/future-batteries-could-have-six-times-more-capacity/) Penn State University - Lithium ion batteries (https://secure.www.upenn.edu/computing/resources/category/components/article/lithium-ion-batteries) The Ohio State University – Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics/Center for Automotive Research – Aging mechanisms in Li-ion batteries (https://www.mecheng.osu.edu/nlbb/files/nlbb/Battery_aging_09.pdf) Sigma-Aldrich white paper – Lithium-ion battery performance: Dependence on material synthesis and post-treatment methods (http://depts.washington.edu/solgel/documents/pub_docs/journal_docs/2014/material-matters-v9-n4.pdf) 2012 The Bridge - Keeping Up with Increasing Demands for Electrochemical Energy Storage (https://www.nae.edu/Publications/Bridge/67677/67738.aspx) 2015 The Bridge - Lithium Ion Batteries and Their Manufacturing Challenges (https://www.nae.edu/Publications/Bridge/133842/134258.aspx) University of Washington Clean Energy Institute – Lithium Ion Battery (http://www.cei.washington.edu/education/science-of-solar/battery-technology/) 2015 Popular Mechanics - 8 Essential Tips To Keep Your Phone's Battery Healthy (http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/a15731/best-way-to-keep-li-ion-batteries-charged/) 2014 Gizmodo - How To Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery the Right Way (http://gizmodo.com/how-to-take-care-of-your-smartphone-battery-the-right-w-513217256) Apple – Why Lithium-ion? (http://www.apple.com/batteries/why-lithium-ion/) Apple – Maximizing Battery Life and Lifespan (http://www.apple.com/batteries/maximizing-performance/) 2011 Ars Technica - Ask Ars: What is the best way to use a Li-ion battery? (http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2011/02/ask-ars-what-is-the-best-way-to-use-an-li-ion-battery/) Ever wonder why dogs sniff each others' butts? Or how Adderall works? Or whether it's OK to pee in the pool? We've got you covered: Reactions a web series about the chemistry that surrounds you every day. Reactions is produced by the American Chemical Society.
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Motobatt Low Voltage Battery Alert Demo
Motobatt Low Voltage Battery Alert Demo Part#MBLVBA A perfect product for an 12V vehicle battery but especially good to help ensure starts on Motorcycles on the showroom floor and stored or seasonally used vehicles. Audible beeper warns of low battery voltage and need for recharge.
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ees AWARD 2016 Winner - LG Chem, Ltd.: RESU Series with new Li-Ion Battery Cell JH3
The Residential Energy Storage Unit from the Korean company LG Chem Ltd. is an innovative storage solution, using lithium-ion batteries with advanced JH3 cell technology. The RESU range boasts the world’s highest energy density in the low-voltage range. Thanks to different low-voltage and high-voltage variants, it supports a wide range of compatible inverters. The basic device in the range is available from 3.3 – 10 kWh and can easily be expanded, therefore increasing storage capacity. The software upgrades of the Battery Management System are available on an SD card: extremely convenient. Easy to install and space-saving, RESU lends itself to external and internal assembly, as well as application in new and existing systems around the world.Capacity, energy density, long lifetime and safety – the panel of judges would like to celebrate the RESU range’s pioneering features with the ees AWARD 2016.
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Laptop Battery not charging "plugged in, not charging" Free Easy Battery Fix
In this video you'll see a Laptop Battery "plugged in, not charging" free easy fix. Plugin not charging is simple to fix with this free easy battery calibration. A laptop battery not charging fix solution can be done in only a few minutes. Laptop battery not charging while plugged in to AC power is a common problem among laptop owners. However, I show you how to solve it quick and easy. Is this a laptop battery rebuilding project without any special tools? Absolutely!!! This battery calibration will extend your laptop battery life so you can get few more months of battery life extended. So do the easy fix and do a simple laptop battery calibration today. My video tutorial will help you resolve your laptop battery plugin not charging error or laptop battery not charging fully error message. Get an easy battery fix by watching my video and don't sweat the how to fix laptop battery not charging problem ever again. http://youtu.be/XcDvp2A7Fss
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Lipro Balance Charger ( iMaX B6)+lipo battery 2200mAh ( was low voltage ) cannot charger !!
my Lipo battery 2200amh was low voltage you must check voltage before charger on your battery . Thank for watching ! Don't forget subscriptions and I will show you about Electronic and software computer and more I am Cambodia person . Good luck
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Low Voltage Digital Storage
Utilizing Low Voltage Devices To Access Digital Content
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Solar Battery Backup: Solar Batteries and Solar Battery Bank in Solar Power Systems
To Learn More About Solar Batteries Visit as at: https://goo.gl/AomZfN Download Your Free book "“Solar Power Demystified: The Beginners Guide To Solar Power, Energy Independence And Lower Bills” here: http://solarpanelsvenue.com/solar-power-demystified-free-book/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=solarbatteries Solar Battery Backup: Solar Batteries and Solar Battery Bank in Solar Power Systems This video will show: basics of batteries and their application in solar electric systems, the most important battery features, what kinds of batteries are used in solar electric systems, how to connect batteries by revealing tips and what to avoid. Batteries are devices capable to produce and store DC electricity. A battery cell is a container, usually filled with diluted acid used as electrolyte, with two plates of positive and negative polarity, immersed into the electrolyte. Such a battery cell is called a ‘wet cell’. There are also ‘dry cells’, which do not contain liquid electrolyte. Battery cells connected together form a battery. Batteries connected together form a battery bank. Battery banks are widely used in solar electric systems, especially in off-grid ones, to store the solar generated electricity. In photovoltaic systems batteries are used to replace the photovoltaic generator: at night, during cloudy weather, or, when the solar array is disconnected for repair and maintenance works. Which solar systems use a battery bank? A grid-tied solar system does not use a battery bank unless it is provided with power backup. Battery banks are typical for stand-alone solar electric systems. There are however certain exceptions. The ability of a battery to store DC electricity is called ‘capacity’. Capacity is measured in amperes-hours or Amps-hours. After DC electricity is put for storage in a battery, the later can render it as DC voltage. The higher the capacity, the longer the battery is able to deliver the rated voltage. After some time however, the battery is no longer able to deliver the stated voltage. Such a battery is said to be in a state of ‘discharge’. To deliver the stated, or the rated, voltage, the battery needs to be ‘recharged’. The shorter the discharge or charge period, the shorter the battery life. In a solar system the battery bank is recharged by the solar array. Batteries used in solar systems are rechargeable. Every battery has its life duration which means that it cannot be discharged and recharged for limitless number of times. Another important battery parameter is ‘Depth of Discharge’. It is the grade down to which the capacity of a battery can be reduced. The lower the depth of discharge, the longer the battery life. Vehicle batteries are not designed for frequent and deep discharge, as is the case with photovoltaics. For this reason vehicle batteries are not recommended for photovoltaic systems. In battery-based photovoltaic systems the following types of batteries are used: Lead-acid batteries, which can be flooded or sealed, and Alkaline batteries, which are always sealed. Alkaline batteries can be nickel-cadmium, used for small portable appliances or daily loads, and nickel-iron. We come to the most popular battery type: flooded lead-acid batteries. Flooded lead-acid batteries are the best choice for residential photovoltaic systems. Lead-acid batteries comprise multiple individual cells with a nominal voltage of two volts each. Lead-acid batteries contain so-called ‘wet cells’ whose electrolyte is in a fluid state. Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries are also known as sealed lead-acid batteries. They have the following benefits: do not require maintenance by the user, produce less hydrogen gas during the recharge process, have more vertical construction rather than horizontal and thus are suitable for locating in limited room space. Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries however are not widely used due to the following reasons: their cost is greater, they have a shorter life span, and¬ required charging voltage should not be exceeded since the process might result in generating too much hydrogen gas which cannot be fully released. Sealed or gel batteries are suitable for mobile applications of small, low-current stand-alone photovoltaic systems. They are: Easy for handling and transportation, safety, as there is no acid and no gassing during charging, and lack of maintenance, that is, no need to add distilled water. Batteries are used connected in a certain way. The question is why. We connect batteries: to obtain higher output voltage, to obtain higher capacity, or to obtain bother higher output voltage and higher capacity. Resources: http://solarpanelsvenue.com http://solarpanelsvenue.com/solar-batteries/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAdy3wfIz4M https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_battery https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_%28electricity%29
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Proper Storage for a LiPO Battery Pack
In this instructional video from Venom we will show you how to put your LiPO battery packs to bed for short term or long term. Proper storage is vital to the batteries performance and life. We show you how to set up the charger profile and battery pack using the Pro Charger and explain the importance of this maintenance. Venom LiPO Batteries: http://www.venom-group.com/Store/LiPO/
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Phantom 3 + 4 | Battery Maintenance, Storage & Information
Extend the lifetime of your DJI Intelligent Flight Battery, no matter whether you're the owner of a DJI Phantom 4 (https://goo.gl/jbt2Y3) or DJI Phantom 3 (http://goo.gl/EQh4PM). Storage, general maintenance, battery lifetime and the correct setup within the DJI Go App. Step by step. Productlinks DJI Phantom 4: https://goo.gl/jbt2Y3 DJI Phantom 3: http://goo.gl/EQh4PM Videos, Blog, Accessories and more: http://goo.gl/4pfimU Top 30+ Drone Accessories: http://goo.gl/DsMNu7 Join me on Facebook: http://goo.gl/sNaicj
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Make your own Li-Ion Battery Pack
More project information (parts list, pictures,....) on Instructables: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Your-Own-Li-Ion-Battery-Pack Previous video: https://youtu.be/EnfjYwe2A0w Battery Type Comparison: https://youtu.be/LqgP16JQ24I How dangerous are LiPo batteries?: https://youtu.be/osfgkFyq7lA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greatscottlab Twitter: https://twitter.com/GreatScottLab Support me for more videos: https://www.patreon.com/GreatScott?ty=h Parts list (Amazon.de on Instructables): Ebay: 6x INR18650-25R Li-Ion Battery (USA): http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=121922976796&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg 6x INR18650-25R Li-Ion Battery (Germany): http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/707-53477-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=302018502238&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229487&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg 6x 18650 Spacer: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=401155991785&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg Nickel Ribbon (8mm, 0.15mm): http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=122317325253&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg 1x XT60 Connector: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=162302113666&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg 1x 3S Balance Connector: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=290961637927&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg 1x 3S BMS: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=191960551187&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg Kapton Tape: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=201548322346&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg 16 AWG Wire: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575101368&toolid=10001&campid=5337582279&customid=&icep_item=291844418801&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg Amazon.com: 6x INR18650-25R Li-Ion Battery: http://amzn.to/2lbWame 6x 18650 Spacer: http://amzn.to/2kC5x24 Nickel Ribbon (8mm, 0.15mm): http://amzn.to/2l7rB5t 1x XT60 Connector: http://amzn.to/2lbQCbu 1x 3S Balance Connector: http://amzn.to/2kGDDBC 1x 3S BMS: http://amzn.to/2jPbNUE Kapton Tape: http://amzn.to/2lbKcJp 16 AWG Wire: http://amzn.to/2lbPuVt In this project I will show you how to combine common 18650 Li-Ion batteries in order to create a battery pack that features a higher voltage, a bigger capacity and most importantly useful safety measures. These can prevent an overcharge, overdischarge and even a short circuit of the batteries. Music: 2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) You want to support my videos? You can browse and buy tools&materials from my Amazon Store. This way I get a small commission: Amazon.de: http://astore.amazon.de/great043-21 Amazon.com:http://astore.amazon.com/gre09a-20 Amazon.co.uk: http://astore.amazon.co.uk/gre0b-21 Or you feel super generous and want to use this Amazon link as your Amazon home page. And do not worry, your purchases are all anonym and the prices are all the same: Amazon.de:http://www.amazon.de/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1638&creative=19454&linkCode=ur2&site-redirect=de&tag=great043-21&linkId=ORZEQZEOVJAFURCZ Amazon.com:http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=gre09a-20&linkId=I5NDCEAVCD2OWM4S
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Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator 2475-20 Review & Tips For Use
Check out Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator Kit 2475-21XC the on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2rlsVST The New Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator has some very cool features that will make this inflator very popular with many people.  First, it will hit the DIY crowd as they do not need an air compressor or tire gauge to pump up their car or truck tires.  One can simply connect the Milwaukee Inflator, it will tell you the PSI of the tire, you can then set the desired PSI and it will pump your tire up to the target set and turn itself off.  We check the accuracy of the inflator and it was almost spot on under 40 PSI and would drift one or two PSI when you got close to 80 PSI. Even if you have a large air compressor and a shop, this small inflator allows you to adjust the PSI of your tires up without much effort.  This feature will make it useful to a professional crowd as they can set this up and continue to make money working on something else.  You will not see these in every shop, but there will be many who will get a taste of this and like it. If you are a traveler, this is perfect.  As a Ford Superduty owner, we have had the low tire pressure light come on and not be able to tell what tire is low or the tire pressures.  At the time this happened we did not know if we were going to have a flat tire soon or if we were just one PSI under the set number to pop the light on.   This happened to us in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at night so even if there was a place to stop, no one would have been open.  This compact inflator would have given us the peace of mind to find the low tire and pump it up. Set includes (1) Ball Inflation Needle (1) Presta Chuck (1) Schrader Chuck (1) Inflator Nozzle 2475-20 Features Top-off a car tire in under 1 minute. (28 - 35 PSI) Inflates car, LT truck, and compact equipment tires. TrueFill Auto Shut-off technology increases accuracy, protects from over-temp and over-fill. High-efficiency pump and motor for 120 PSI capability. Illuminated digital gauge with target and current pressure reading. Fills a LT truck tire in under 4 minutes (30-45 psi). Compact, portable, and easy-to-store in any car or truck. Weather and impact resistant with a reinforced cage. Anti-vibration feet for no tool movement while running. 3-year limited warranty. Allow to Cool!!! PLEASE, read the manual on this unit before you use it.  You MUST NOT use this inflator for more than 10 minutes constantly due to heat buildup.  After 10 minutes of use, it must have 10 minutes of rest.  This is not a set it and forget it unit for large jobs.  We proved that with our thermal imager in our YouTube video.  If you plan to use this for more than what it is designed, like we did, allowing the unit to cool properly will help prevent the tool from overheating and doing damage to itself. This is a great tool that many will really enjoy.  It removes the need for a small air compressor at home!
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iMAX B6 Lipo NiMh Li ion Ni Cd RC Battery Balance
Feature: 1. Microprocessor controlled Delta-peak sensitivity. 2. Individual cell balancing Li-ion, LiPo and LiFe capable Ni-Cd and NiMH capable 3. Large range of charge currents Store function, allows safe storage current 4. Time limit function 5. Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field) 6. Data storage (Store up to 5 packs in memory) 7. Battery break in and cycling. 8. Support new generation system (LiFe) battery Specification: * Operating voltage range: DC11.0-18.0 Volt / AC to DC adaptor(DC11.0-18.0V/5A) * Circuit power: Max.charge power 50W / Max.discharge power 5W * Charge Current Range: 0.1~5.0A * Discharge current range: 0.1-1.0A * Current drain for balancing Li-po: 300mAH/cell * LiIon/LiPo/LiFe cells : 1-6 cells * NiCd/NiMH cells : 1-15 * Pb battery voltage: 2~20v * Net Weight: 277g * Dimensions: 133x87x33mm Package include: 1 x imax B6 LiPo battery balance charger 1 x Multi-fuctional extension wire 1 x Universal crocodile clip 1 x JST plug 1 x Receiver plug
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#58 ESP8266 Sensor runs 17 days on a coin cell/transmits data to sparkfun.com and ubidots.com
In this episode I show how a ESP-07 or ESP-12 measures its voltage and transmits it to data.sparkfun.com and ubidots.com. If it transmits every 2 minutes, it ran 26 hours on a small LIR2450 button cell. If it would transmit each hour, it would last for 17 days and on 2 AA batteries 425 days. Sketch: https://github.com/SensorsIot/ESP8266-Longterm-Sensor-Hourly Rainer Ochs: http://www.esp8266.com/viewtopic.php?p=41638 Base64: https://www.base64encode.org/ HT7333 voltage regulator: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/10PCS-HT7333-A-SOT89-HT7333-1-SOT-89-HT7333A-1-7333-1-SMD-7333A-1-new/32531141419.html Official Wemos Store: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/jUzBiIq Calculator to calculate running time: http://battery-life.of-things.de/battery-life-calculator.php If you want to support the channel and buy from Banggood: https://bit.ly/2jAQEf4 (no additional charges for you) https://www.facebook.com/Andreas-Spiess-733189426841519/ https://twitter.com/spiessa
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Costco Golf Cart Batteries for Solar Power Storage
Costco Golf Cart Batteries for Solar power Storage : Today at Costco they had an entire pallet display just for Marine and Golf Cart Batteries! For 83 dollars I plan to use this for my 300 watt 12 volt solar panel project, to store off grid energy! DIY Solar panel kits: http://amzn.to/2DmZfd3 Golf Cart battery accessories : http://amzn.to/2BgFZMj If i put them in series at 6 volts x 6 i should be able to store enough energy to run my laptop, led lighting, cell phone, and possible a small low energy fridge. Products used in this video: Samsung S8 Unlocked Smart Phone: http://amzn.to/2CaLhxm Microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver http://amzn.to/2D9hW37 Solar panel, hobby, 300 watt solar panels, golf cart batteries, golf cart batteries for solar power storage, power storage, solar power storage, PV panels, wiring solar panels,  costco, costco deals, costco finds, simple solar panel kit, charge controller, 100 watt solar panel, off grid
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Leather Heated Gloves
This is an overview of the Volt Titan Waterproof Leather Heated Gloves by The Warming Store. BUY NOW: Men's - http://www.thewarmingstore.com/volt-leather-heated-gloves.html#.Uk7NcYasim4 Women's - http://www.thewarmingstore.com/volt-titan-leather-heated-gloves-for-women.html#.Uk7Nmoasim4 Check: www.thewarmingstore.com The Volt TITAN Leather Heated Gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands warm and dry! These amazing waterproof leather heated gloves will provide hours of safe, low voltage heat. The TITAN gloves were selected by an independent test facility as "the best heated glove" over all of its competitors. Using the soothing 3V heating technology, the gloves will provide warmth throughout the entire length of each finger. The outer shell uses rich black waterproof leather with accents of nubuck Leather. They also include a breathable waterproof membrane and a soft tricot lining. Volt Leather Heated Glove Specifications: Includes: 2 Gloves, 2 Batteries, Charger, Instructions 2 3V rechargeable Li-ion batteries 2200 mAh capacity Easy push button power/temperature control Titan Heated Glove Benefits: Up to 21 hours of heat per charge Made with a waterproof leather with nubuck leather accents Waterproof/Breathable membrane construction Heats entire length of each finger and the palm area Safe & Durable 3v Low Voltage Heating Technology Includes a powerful 3.7v 5000mah rechargeable lithium battery & dual charger Built-in 4 level microprocessor controller to select desired heat output The underside of the glove includes extra leather palm protection to help with longevity in common wear spots. The battery pocket is located in the middle of the glove for easy accessibility. The battery pocket opens and closes with a strong YKK zipper and has a mesh display window so you can see the power level setting. This window will allow the user to easily adjust the temperature to one of four power level settings without taking the battery out of the pocket. An adjustable nylon wrist strap and strong elastic cinch cord at the cuff helps to seal out any unwanted cold air or moisture.
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#64 What is the Ideal Battery Technology to Power 3.3V Devices like the ESP8266?
In this video I compare 5 different technologies and show, how they compare if you power 3.3 volt devices like the ESP8266 or the Arduino Pro Mine 3.3 volt. Technologies used: Reference: Alkaline non-rechargeable battery Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) Nickel Metal Hybrid (NiMH) Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) I compare their capacities compared to their volume and also how we connect them to our 3.3 volt devices. Battery life calculator: http://battery-life.of-things.de/battery-life-calculator.php Supporting Material and Blog Page: http://www.sensorsiot.org Github: https://www.github.com/sensorsiot If you want to support the channel and buy from Banggood use this link to start your shopping: https://bit.ly/2jAQEf4 (no additional charges for you) Official Wemos Store: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/jUzBiIq https://www.facebook.com/SensorsIOT/ https://twitter.com/spiessa
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