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Subcontracting Plan Compliance: What Large and Small Contractors Need to Know
For large contractors, putting together a subcontracting plan has been a fact of life for many years, but typically it is not a top priority. SBA is looking to change the prevailing approach to subcontracting plans though new regulations recently implemented, and this new approach includes a noticeable increase in audit activity. As a result, now more than ever it is critical for large firms to understand their obligations as well as learn what SBA will look for in an audit. While the focus of subcontracting plans is on large contractors, it is also important for small businesses to understand the process and their role in it. In addition, SBA has recently implemented rules to help protect small businesses when they participate in a large firm's subcontracting plan. Hear Jon Williams and Katie Flood speak discuss subcontracting plans in this informative webinar. We will share our experiences working with some of the largest contractors and the smallest suppliers to help you better understand the SBA's rules and what makes a successful subcontracting plan. Download link for slides: http://www.pilieromazza.com/includes/content/downloads/download.php?id=1194 PilieroMazza materials appearing on our website (www.pilieromazza.com) and other webpages have been prepared by PilieroMazza to generally inform visitors about our law firm and legal developments that may be of interest to them. Viewers should not rely on these materials as legal advice about specific legal issues and these materials are not guaranteed to be complete, correct, or up-to-date. Such advice can be rendered only contemporaneously and by counsel familiar with the complete facts and circumstances involved. You should not act upon the information on this website or webpage without consulting with legal counsel. Posting and viewing of these materials is not intended to constitute the rendering of legal advice or to create any attorney-client relationship with the viewer.
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Subcontracting Tools and Tips
Tools and Tips for those looking to do business with the government through subcontracting with prime Contractos
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The Construction Business : How to Write a Construction Bid
When writing a construction bid, usually you're competing with other contractors in a bid to secure work. Know the best way to secure work with a construction bid with the help of a general contractor in this free video on the construction business. Expert: Gavin McKenzie Contact: www.buildmckenzie.com Bio: Gavin McKenzie graduated from the University of Florida in 2003 with a degree in business administration and is the owner of McKenzie Construction L.L.C., in South Florida. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
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Subcontracting operations and activities in manufacturing
This session uses two business scenarios to discuss key concepts and show how to use the subcontracting functionality in manufacturing. Learn the key tasks, such as load balancing of internal resources, cost,  special equipment or expertize, and regional coverage.
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How to Make Money as Government Consultant - Becoming Rich in America
http://subscription.gr8.com Subscribe Now for free content and all special offers. Visit us at http://www.scorecontracts.com/ FREE Course (for beginners/intermediate/advanced): http://govcondummies.gr8.com/ Template Capability Statements: http://templatecapstatements.com/en/ Email questions: info@scorecontracts.com For immediate assistance: https://clarity.fm/ericcoffie Billion Dollar Playbook http://sc-gca.com/billiondollarplaybook Premiere Giants Course (advanced): https://courses.scorecontracts.com/p/govcon-giants Lessons by Eric Coffie (@ecoffie) Twitter, IG and FB #ericcoffie #scorecontracts #govcongiants #govcondummies
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What Is A Retention In Construction?
Uk retention_in_construction_contracts "imx0m" url? Q webcache. One way to make sure the job gets done is through a retention. Contract specific clauses for retention3. In light of well publicised main contractor insolvency, the review retentions has been thrust into spotlight24 oct 2017 a consultation on practice cash retention under construction contracts contractrelated content. In a typical construction contract, the level of retention can often be more than profit margin; Therefore, until is paid. Retention under a construction contract retention know your rights rics trent global. Nec engineering and construction contract3. Construction contracts retentions a new regime from 31 march accounting for retention in construction auctus advisory. Muli's construction accounting software performs 7 feb 2018 the government consultation to review 2011 changes act 1996 and practice of cash retentions in contracts closed on 19 january. Gst will be applied to the retentions at time of release. While there are a range of issues around access and security over retention, this factsheet focus on the accounting & taxation aspectsincome tax hi! can anyone help me to explain what is retention in progress billing? What purpose this? Thanks advance 25 feb 2017 sum amount generally based certain percentage running bill terms construction business will be current asset for contractor as it received how do they it? Quite simply, with bit cost effective professional from else's solicitors. Retention money withheld under commercial construction contractsretentions in the industry. This is a problem for all parties in the contractual chain. It is generally held to ensure that a contractor performs all of its obligations under the contract, and then released either on practical completion or after end defects notification period firstly, if you can avoid having retention your income do it! however reality it's common in construction industry. Amounts of retention and caps2. Once issued, this is the trigger to release remainder of any retention money(also known as rectification period) a period time in which contractor contractually obliged return construction site remedy 21 mar 2017 money an amount held back from payment made under contract. Gpractical application (level 2 doing)3. Retention in progress billing a construction civil retention books of accounts? Bayt specialties. The problem with retention and how it can be solved. Retention is your money and you are contract administrator will issue a 'certificate of making good defects'. Retention money is defined as an amount withheld by a party to construction contract (party a) from payable another the b) security for performance of b's obligation under If you would like help relating collection retention subcontractor in or engineering industry, can call us now free advice on 01773 712116 email info@streetwisesubbie don't let them get away with it. But before we talk about that, let's clarify a few things how ret
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Government Contracting - FAR Flow Down Clauses for Primes & Subs - Win Federal Contracting
US Federal Government Contracting Please visit us at http://www.JenniferSchaus.com for a full list of our complimentary webinars and #govcon services including GSA Schedule; SBA 8(a) Cert; Proposal Writing; Sales & Marketing; Contract Administration and more. WE ARE A DOWNTOWN WASHINGTON DC BASED FEDERAL CONSULTING FIRM. Main Office Phone: 202-365-0598 Jennifer Schaus JSchaus@JenniferSchaus.com THANK YOU for viewing our federal government contracting webinars. Federal Acquisition, FAR, Federal Acquisition Regulation, Procurement, Federal Procurement, Contracting, Federal Contracting, Federal Contract Government, Contracting, Federal Contracts, DFARS, Defense Acquisition Regulation, Federal Regulations, SAM, System For Award Management, CCR, FBO, Federal Business Opportunities, Fed Biz Opps, Federal business, Business of Government, Set-Aside, set asides, SBA, small business, small business administration, 8a, 8(a), 8-a, 8-A, wosb, woman owned small business, vosb, veteran owned small business, minority owned, small business certification, federal certification, gsa, gsa schedule, gsa proposal, gsa audit, gsa cav, gsa modification, general services administration, gsa advantage, gsaadvantage, veteran, capability statement, cap statement, proposal writers, proposal writing, teaming, partnering, jv, joint venture, teaming agreement, teaming agreements, naics, small business standards, cage, cage code, psc, product service code, wawf, wide area work flow, contract administration, contract compliance, fss, federal supply schedule, idiq, indefinite delivery indefinite quantity, mas, multiple award schedule, federal acquisition, disadvantaged, disadvantaged small business, minority owned business, ccr, orca, central contractor registration, irapt, capabilities statement, federal training, small business instructions to offeror 52.212-1, small business instructions, reps and certs, dhs, fema, dod, defense contracting, defense acquisition, contract training, government sales, government contracts, federal sales, public sector sales, public sector acquisition, 8a program, gsa listing, gsa listings, gsa e-library, gsa e-buy, foia request, foia, freedom of information act, debrief, bid protest, how to win federal contracts, federal market, federal marketing, army, navy, air force, pentagon, procurement office, contract officer, contracting with the government, contracting with the federal government, how to win contracts, set-aside contracts, set aside contracts, sba 8a, nist, cyber security, federal regulations, contract negotiations, nist cyber security framework, bid assistance, federal bid assistance, bid training, government bidding, rfp, rfq, sources sought, government bid proposal, basics of government contracting, federal contracts, contracts, federal contractor registration, gsa list, gsa listing, gsa contractor, fpds, federal procurement data system, win federal contracts, win government contracts, simplified acquisition, govcon, #govcon, federal fiscal year, use it or lose it, usa spending, fed biz, federal business, winning government contracts, far flow down clauses, flow down clauses, sub contractor, prime, prime contractor, prime and sub contracting, sub-contractor, sub-contracting, sub contracting, subcontracting, dcaa, defense contract audit agency, federal accounting, cost accounting, CLIN, cpsr, contract purchasing system review, contract purchasing system, basics of government contracting, basics of federal contracting, basics of government contracts, basics of federal contracts, basics of federal government contracts, government contracting 101, gov con 101, federal contracting 101, how to win government contracts, how to get started in government contracting, bpa, blanket purchase agreement, what does the federal government buy, what does the federal government purchase, federal contract bid training federal contract training, federal procurement training, how to sell to the government, how to sell to the federal government, inside guide to government contracting, guide to government contracting, gov con guide, federal contracting guide, a to z of government contracts, a to z of government contracting, simplified acquisition threshold, sat, become a government contractor, become 8a certified, how to become a government contractor, how to become a federal contractor, essentials of government contracting, what are federal set asides, federal set asides, federal set-asides, set aside contracts, set-aside contracts, register for federal contracts, contractor registration, veteran contracts, federal contracts for veterans, bid assistance training, federal contracting bootcamp, government contracts bootcamp, bootcamp for government contracting, government contracting weekly, government contracting for small business, government contracting for veterans, government contracting for minorities, set-aside contracting, cyber security and government contracting,
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Substantial Performance
This is a "Law Lessong" - a law lesson in a song - that I wrote to help students consider the issues regarding substantial performance of a service contract. This song follows a hypothetical where a contractor builds a new dormitory at a college. At some point, the job is "done." But is a construction job ever really "done?" There are always punch list items to be completed. The song and example hopefully allow you to explore what level of performance is acceptable and what constitutes a breach. (In the heating work, the breach is material; in the case of the malfunctioning locks, the breach is likely minor depending on how many locks are involved.) Also, there is the opportunity to distinguish between substantial performance under the contract and the performance of substantial work under the contract. Audio files for more law lessongs can be found here: http://sites.google.com/site/blawprof/lawlessongs(lawless... More "Law Lessong" videos will be posted at the Legal Studies Classroom blog: http://legalstudiesclassroom.blogspot.com/ The melody is based on "The Ship That Never Returned" written by Henry Clay Work in 1865. (This melody may also be recognizable as the tune that the Lettermen used in their 1959 hit song, "Charlie on the MTA"): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ship_that_Never_Returned No copyright infringement is intended. This song is offered and intended for educational use only and has no commercial value. The Substantial Performance Song Words by Mark DeAngelis Tune: Ship That Never Returned (Work, H.C.) Refrain: Did he substantially perform? Can the college use the dorm, To keep the students safe and warm? Look at substance over form, Minor or material harm? To determine if he substantially performed. A builder's bid was won A job was to be done To build a brand new college dorm Excavators dug the land Subcontractors followed plans And soon substantial work they all performed "We're done!" the builder said, "Let's put this job to bed" And the college inspectors came to see. Though the structure did impress, There were problems to address, Before the college paid the final fee. Refrain The inspectors checked the halls, The plumbing, lights and walls, And mostly they were satisfied and glad. But when they checked the rooms for heat, The work and standards did not meet, The heating and the boiler work were bad. Besides the heating ills Leaving students with the chills, A problem with security was found. The college was appalled When the locks that were installed, In the students' rooms were junk and broken down. Refrain x2
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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Landscape Design Expert
Robert Smiddy of Willow Ridge Garden Center and Landscaping covers how much it costs to hire a landscape design expert. Want to learn more: willowridgegardencenter.com/landscape-design-consulting-cost-knoxville Transcript: Hey again everyone, it’s Robert Smiddy from Willow Ridge Garden Center & Landscaping. One of the most common questions we get is “How much does it cost to get design work done?” Some of those answers are not exactly clear for most people. But, for us, we start at about $150 dollars to do some elevational sketches for you all the way up to $5000 for master plans that cover about 6 acre estates or larger. There is some variance there. The answer is not perfect, but it means you know there is some variance there. And sometimes we can show you things you could do without a design at all and you could put that extra money you saved in planting and other items. So, hope that answers your question at Ask the Expert. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (865) 481-3825 or via email at willowridge@comcast.net and we would be happy to assist you.
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Construction Cost Estimator
If you're a do-it-yourselfer or you're looking to GC your home building project, then you don't want to miss this video. In this video, Josh will walk you through and then give you for FREE... a construction cost estimating tool that walks you through every line item that you may need when looking to price out your home building project. ======================================== FREE DOWNLOAD!! Construction Cost Estimator http://bit.ly/2Ky1ul4 ======================================== **Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=yourbuildingadvisor ================================= Josh Fedorka Facebook: http://bit.ly/1SL8e7d
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Subcontractor Not Getting Paid John Wayne Government Contracts proposal writing Capabilities State
Have you performed work for a prime contractor and they are not paying you? You can go to the GAO.gov and to the purchasing officer and register a complaint or contact an attorney like John Morgan of Morgan & Morgan FLORIDA CONSTRUCTION LITIGATION ATTORNEYS Our experienced construction litigation attorneys represent owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and design professionals in disputes arising out of both public and private projects throughout Florida. We represent clients in all types of construction lawsuits, including claims for breach of contract, breach of express or implied warranties, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, deceptive trade practices, and fraud. Our construction litigation team, which includes a Florida Bar Board Certified specialist in construction law, works on a contingency-fee basis, so we only receive a fee if we successfully resolve your case. If you have a construction dispute that you would like to discuss with our attorneys, complete our contact form or call us at 888-715-8190 today. Construction Defect Lawsuits Construction defect lawsuits are a common type of construction case in Florida. Construction defect cases often involve allegations of breaches of the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. State law recognizes two basic types of warranties – express warranties and implied warranties. An express warranty is a promise or guarantee regarding the performance, quality, or use of an item. An express warranty is usually a part of a contract for the sale of goods. An implied warranty, on the other hand, is an unspoken and unwritten promise by a manufacturer to stand behind its product. Construction defect lawsuits often involve allegations of breaches of the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The implied warranty of merchantability is the seller’s implied promise that the goods sold will perform how they are expected to perform. The implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is a promise that a product can be used for some specific purpose. Our knowledgeable construction attorneys can evaluate your dispute and determine if you have a viable lawsuit for breach of the implied warranties of fitness and merchantability. These construction defect claims are sometimes overlooked because they lie outside the four corners of a construction contract. Our construction lawyers help you recover damages from all legal theories available under state law. Construction Delay Lawsuits Our construction attorneys understand that delays in construction projects can have a detrimental effect on the overall profitability of a project. While many construction contracts contain “no damages for delay” clauses, such provisions are generally unenforceable when the delay was caused by fraud, bad faith or active interference. Furthermore, under state law, the “willful concealment of foreseeable circumstances that impact timely performance” may also limit the applicability of a “no damages for delay” clause. Our construction lawyers can review the facts of your situation and evaluate the legal options that may be available to you in a construction delay lawsuit. If another party’s negligent or intentional actions caused unreasonable construction delays, you may be entitled to legal relief. Design Professional, Architect and Engineer Malpractice Under Florida law, architects, engineers, and design professionals Defective design Failure to comply with building codes, permitting or zoning lawsUnderestimating costs and expenses Overbilling Failure to comply with specifications and plans as approved by the client Failure to address issues in a timely manner Financial damages caused by unreasonable delays Misrepresentation or omission of an important fact Failure to supervise a construction site Architect and engineering malpractice claims generally require expert testimony regarding the applicable standard of care and how that standard was breached. In a professional malpractice suit, the credibility of the expert witness is a key component to winning a case. Water damage, mold and mildew caused by defective windows or construction products Construction delays and interference Breach of construction contract Breach of construction warranty Structural deficiencies, such as cracked or unstable foundations Construction lien foreclosure actions Construction lien exaggerations claims Insurance coverage disputes, including denied or disclaimed coverage due to late notice Defective roofing Payment and performance bond claims Environmental issues Differing site condition claims Electrical and plumbing problems Code violations Extra work claims Board Certified in Construction Law
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#1 Estimating with Excel for the Small Contractor
In the video I will teach you how to use Excel to build a worksheet for estimating projects for the small contractor. The end result is a very basic, but usable estimating template. I hope to make additional videos to expand on this template and build a complete system of estimating, proposals letters, tracking your hours and materials and invoicing the job. All your information about the job is in one worksheet. I am not selling a product and I am a contractor just like you. I just wanted to teach other contractors how to use Excel in estimating. If I get some interest in the video then I will continue to make more of them. If no one is interested then I'll just stop at one video.
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Government contract jobs -10 Best Practices for Winning Government Contract Jobs -  TendersPage
Government contract jobs -10 Best Practices for Winning Government Contract Jobs - https://TendersPage.com How to start as a federal contractor: Federal contracts are a mechanism so the U.S. government can allow individuals and companies to bid on projects in exchange for the sale of property of services. It's like freelancing for the government -- yet with it comes strict regulations and the need for consistent reporting. Lucrative? Certainly. To get started you must first understand what's required. Becoming a federal contractor takes an awful lot of paperwork and patience. Ask yourself the following questions to make sure you're ready to take the leap into working with government contract work: Do I have an established business? Am I reliable and offer a quality service or product? Do I have proof of my performance? Will I be able to scale and hire new employees if need be? Can I weather the possible long payment cycles and stay afloat? If you're able to answer yes to these questions then you'll want to take these next steps: Obtain a D-U-N-S Number (a nine digit identification number for the physical location of your business) Register with the System of Award Management (SAM) Find your NAICS code which handles the tax end of the process Collect, document, and create reports on your past performances (can be done in-house but likely better to go through the Open Ratings, Inc Past Performance Evaluation) Gather the remaining items for registration (TIN or EIN tax ID, SIC codes, product service codes, and an optional Federal supply classification) Whew. That's quite a lot! you're within the system you will now have the credentials to begin bidding on jobs -- this, in many ways, is similar to a typical job search but limited to those that have federal standings. How to Find Federal Contracts Through these main portals: http://FBO.gov http://USAJobs.gov https://tenderspage.com/ These sites are very intuitive and easy-to-use, you can type in keyword or phrases to find listings, plunk in your location to browse what's in the area, or drill down using the side options with categories such as job categories, pay grade, department and agency, keywords, and more. The vetting process could take a good deal of time depending on the clearance and timeframe the government agencies are accepting bids so don't get discouraged if you do not receive an immediate reply. You may also want to consider subcontracting as a way to get your foot in the door. Through subcontracting, you can work with a business that already has access and ties to government contracts who are willing to pass off in your direction. If this sounds like a strategy you’d like to use, you should know about OLIA. OLIA is a one-of-a-kind feature that allows your organization to communicate with potential bid partners. This is an exclusive TendersPage offering, so be sure to take a look. https://tenderspage.com Your business will build relationships with the different agencies and branches of government which will later look great when presenting the business toward new contracts. Government contracting tips to boost your success rate: Familiarize with the person you'll be contacting by taking the time to understand the needs of the contract. Find opportunities where others have failed. Government contracts demand a high return on performance. Contracts cancel on a whim if the contractor cannot meet the goals. Pay attention to your competition and step in when they falter to swipe the contract right under their feet. Get out there and attend industry events. This will put you in direct contact with the people that matter. Spread your brand to the influencers and learn from the industry professionals. Consider, too, taking on a mentor! Get certified through SBA's HUBZone program, SBA's business development program, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Businesses initiative, or Women-Owned Small Businesses initiative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di-wd65HaIo Change the way you market your business so that it's tailored to government agencies. Educate yourself on government procedures and talking points. Place what you've learned into your marketing materials. Improve how you and employees interact with government officials in person, through email, and over the phone. With these government contracting tips, you should gain a slight edge versus the typical contractor that's only doing them. Links: Register With the System for Award Management https://www.sam.gov/portal/SAM/ Team up With Other Organizations https://www.sba.gov/tools/events#events-page Can Contact Local PTACs http://www.aptac-us.org/ Find Opportunities on TendersPage https://tenderspage.com people found this video with these keywords: government contracts usa government procurement opportunities government trucking contracts how to bid government contracts how to find rfps online government contract jobs
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Construction Cost Codes - Examples of Cost Codes for Contractors
Construction Cost codes (visit http://foundationtocloud.com for more info) are useful for contractors for bookkeeping and job costing. In this video, I go over a few different types of cost codes you can use for your construction company and give real life examples of some of the cost code categories and cost items used by commercial and residential builders. The order of the cost codes generally follows the timeline of a build. For a commercial contractor, the first category could be General Requirements, which might include the following cost items: permitting; water tap fees; sewer tap fees; jobsite signage; utilities; temporary toilets; dumpsters; clean up, etc. Other possible categories are Sitework, Concrete, Masonry, Woods and Plastics, Thermal Protection, Doors and Windows, Finishes, Specialties and so forth. In the case of a residential contractor, some examples categories are Permitting, Ancillary, Site Work, Foundation, Framing, Exterior. Some cost items for the exterior category are windows, exterior doors, roof materials, roof labor, brick, gutters, etc. Which cost codes you create for your company is up to you. It will vary depending on whether you do commercial or residential construction and on your own personal preferences and what works best for you. One of the benefits of cost codes is that they let you easily look at different scenarios. For example, you can look at expenses as detailed job costs or broken down into labor and materials--which is what you're going to use for your tax return anyway so you will want to do that. Say that you want to look at your estimate vs. your actual expenses. Cost codes enable you to look at everything in detail to see where you are over and under budget, not just the labor and subcontractor costs. Using cost codes, you can see everything broken down in the job reports. Please share this video about construction cost codes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZNktvcLKJ0 Construction cost codes Cost codes Bookkeeping for contractors QuickBooks for contractors
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How to Setup Work and Machine Centres
Welcome to How-to-Setup Work & Machine Centres. Here you will see how to manage the capacities of within the Production Module and Financials for Office 365. A Work Center card organises the fixed values and requirements of the production resource, and thus governs the output of production performed in that work center. Prerequisites - Capacity units of measure are set up. - At least one work center group is set up. - A shop calendar is created. Before you can set up a work center, you must gather all data about your production resources. The machine centers are used as the lowest capacity level. No further subdivision is possible. You must therefore use machine centers for either single machines or a number of identical machines that do not need to be distinguished any further. You can also watch: Welcome to How-to-Setup Work & Machine Centres. Here you will see how to manage the capacities of within the Production Module and Financials for Office 365. To learn even more, go to our How-to-video page on our website. http://www.o365financials.com/learn/how-to-tutorials/standard-edition-videos You can also watch: How-to-Set-up-Production-Routings : https://youtu.be/R7NofBuT-wo For more information go to www.o365financials.com
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Sample proposal for janitorial services and commercial cleaning estimate
Sample proposal for janitorial services and commercial cleaning estimates and template. http://methodcleanbiz.com Free download https://www.slideshare.net/shanedeubell/sample-janitorial-proposal-and-commercial-cleaning-estimate This is a quick video on topics to include in a sample proposal for janitorial services, commercial cleaning estimates and creating a template. The first page is a cover letter where you can write about your business. Some things to include is how many accounts you have. The next paragraph is a value proposition, this example is for safety which would be great for manufacturing, distribution maybe even medical janitorial accounts. Free online janitorial bidding calculator http://methodcleanbiz.com/janitorial-bid-calculator/ Next page create a price page listing the cost for janitorial services on a monthly and annual basis. List the day porter hours and nightly days/hours if possible. Below is the specialty cleaning section including carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, floor stripping and waxing or restroom steam cleaning. Make sure to list what is included on what rotation and what is an extra charge. Building cleaning frequency and tasks is the next page, I think a table is better but this is just an example. List all the main areas to be cleaned in the office and on what frequency the tasks will be completed. Private offices, common areas, lobby, restrooms and break rooms are the basics. Don’t forget who provides the restroom supplies the cleaning contractor or building owner. Safety is a priority in certain industries, not all but some. Add the commercial cleaning safety rules and janitorial safety program for your technicians and cleaners. What is the rotation for safety meetings, what are the rules, how often do employees sign off. Some subjects might be : - Proper footwear and clothing shall be worn at all times. -All employees will wear, as required; the personal protective equipment assigned to them and maintains it in a sanitary condition. Company safety booklet is another good one. Next page of the janitorial proposal will be the hiring process, how you recruit train and supervise the commercial cleaning staff. Outline your uniform policy and if ID badges are required. An important part of commercial cleaning is creating a process or system to clean individual desks. One good idea is create a flyer or rack card to leave on employees desks and ask them to remove all personal items if they want their work space to be cleaned or sanitized. How often will you be inspecting this is a sample weekly cleaning inspection but obviously in larger buildings a daily inspection will be required. Outline what is going to be inspected and on what rotation. Cover a janitorial training checklist for cleaners, how you train staff, what tasks and for how long until they work independently. Lastly cover equipment capabilities and cleaning solutions being used at commercial buildings. Write in the proposal any specialty cleaning equipment that needs to be added to the job, especially any large investments or specific problems you will solve. What cleaning solutions you will be using especially if the client requires green cleaning detergents or you specialize in it. This is a good time to let them know about any unique capabilities you have. Don’t forget a client testimonial from a current commercial cleaning account, case studies or client testimonials are very, very effective. Any time you can make a connection with a similar industry, geographic area or association can make a big impact.
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Which Defense Stocks Should You Buy?
http://www.options-trading-education.com/24611/which-defense-stocks-should-you-buy/ Which Defense Stocks Should You Buy? By www.Options-Trading-Education.com As Russia flexes its muscles again and terrorists reach out from the Middle East to kill civilians in the West the world has become a more dangerous place. For investors and traders the question is which defense stocks should you buy or place call options on? Fortune suggests their 5 best defense stocks for right now. [S]ince taking office, Trump has become a powerful ally of the Boeings, Lockheeds, and Northrop Grummans (noc, -0.81%) of America, contractors that are also among the largest U.S. manufacturers and biggest taxpayers. Boeing is up 31% and the aerospace and defense index has risen 21% since Trump’s election. “We’re in the early innings of a defense up cycle,” says Jason Adams, an aerospace and defense analyst at T. Rowe Price, who has recently been making the rounds to clients explaining why the asset manager is currently overweight in the stocks. Which defense stocks should you buy if in fact we are going to see more defense spending? Here are Fortune’s five picks. • Raytheon • Booz Allen Hamilton • Lockheed Martin • Boeing • Honeywell What all of these companies have in common is the ability to produce advanced technology in the form of part of or entire weapons systems, cyber systems and the like. Signed Contracts with Foreign Buyers When Trump visited Saudi Arabia he signed $110 Billion worth of arms deals with the Saudis. Which defense stocks gain from these deals? Zacks.com reports. President Trump has an attractive return gift for the U.S. defense contractors from his inaugural foreign trip. On May 20, Trump signed an arms deal worth $110 billion with Saudi Arabia. The agreement, with a potential value of $350 billion over 10 years, will take effect immediately. The winners are Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. And signed contracts with the Saudis are probably a better indicator of which defense stocks you should buy than guesses as to whether or not congress will go along with increases in defense spending here at home. Who Else Will Benefit? When a company like Lockheed Martin builds the joint strike fighter they subcontract much of the work according to Investor Place. They discuss under the radar defense stocks to buy. There are Pentagon contractors that supply every item imaginable to the military, including toilet paper. Nonetheless, given the Trump administration’s plan to significantly ratchet up defense spending, the rising tide will lift both well-known and “under the radar” contractors. Under the radar suppliers mentioned by Investor Place include the following. • L-3 Technologies • FLIR Systems, Inc. • CACI International Inc • Orbital ATK Inc As with all stocks it is important to understand the fundamentals that drive the business. Defense contractors that make commercial products as well are often a better long term bet because they are less subject to the highs and lows of defense spending. Because purely defense stocks are cyclical they are often profitable for options traders who learn the specifics of how these stocks rise and fall. https://youtu.be/-xbaszlPGOE
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Pantera's Plan Room: Subcontractor View of Invitation to Bid
Pantera Understands that Subcontractors are Vital to the Success of Your Organization. With Our Invitation to Bid System, Your Subs will Receive Custom, Branded ITB's which are Extremely Intuitive and Feature No Third Party Branding
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What is CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING? What does CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING mean? CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING meaning - CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING definition - CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Construction accounting is a form of project accounting applied to construction projects. See also production accounting. Construction accounting is a vitally necessary form of accounting, especially when multiple contracts come into play. The construction field uses many terms not used in other forms of accounting, such as "draw" and progress billing. Construction accounting may also need to account for vehicles and equipment, which may or may not be owned by the company as a fixed asset. Construction accounting requires invoicing and vendor payment, more or less as to the amount of business done. In the United States, the authoritative literature on Construction accounting is AICPA Statement of Position SOP 81-1 (SOP 81-1). These are all cost related to construction process, right from materials, labor costs, consultancy and all management expenses. Construction accounting involves charging construction costs to the applicable contract. Costs fall into three categories. Direct costs are labor, material, and subcontracting costs,land. Indirect costs include indirect labor, supervision, tools, equipment costs, supplies, insurance, and support costs. Selling, general and administrative costs, are generally excluded from contract costs. Construction accounting requires unique revenue recognition rules for contracts in progress. In most cases, revenue is recognized using the Percentage of Completion Method. Under this method, revenue is recognized using an estimate for the overall anticipated profit for a particular contract multiplied by the estimated percent complete of that contract. This involves the inherent risk of relying upon estimates. Under SOP 81-1, revenue is also allowed to be computed using the Completed Contract Method. Under this method, contract revenues and costs are not recognized until the contract is substantially complete. However, this method is not allowable if the results are significantly different than results using the Percentage of Completion Method. The Completed Contract Method is allowed in circumstances in which reasonable estimates cannot be determined. However, these types of circumstances can be construed as a lack of internal control.
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How to get big contract tip | Small business
http://www.ourworldneedsyou.com/mmitchell/ Getting them big contracts can be easier to land if you apply this simple trick. I have used this trick over and over again. Find one small ticket item and sell that first. Get good rapport. This tip works in any business with any size of job. Getting in is the hardest part but once your in and your GOOD it will be harder to leave.. Stay focused! I am a small business owner. I have a pregnant wife and two awesome boys. I decided to build a business online for these reasons 1) leverage my income ( millionaires have 7 sources of income) 2) online there is no stress ;) 3) no payroll or insurance 4) I can honestly help others just like you to have more freedom in life to do more of what you love. click the Link above and follow the steps. Be sure to check your email so we can connect. Look forward to hearing about your success with them contracts..
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Cleaning business short cuts
The Janitorial Spot, Inc. explores what type of cleaning business short your company can take to get your cleaning business started.
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Excel Magic Trick #184: Setup Database in Excel
See how to create a simple database in Excel using the List or Table feature. A simple database can be created in Excel using the Excel 2003 "List" feature or the Excel 2007 "Table" feature. Fields names must be in first row (no blanks). Records are in rows (no blanks). Other data in the sheet cannot be next to the Table/List (at least one blank row or column between other data and the Table/List Keyboard shortcuts: Excel 2003 List: Ctrl + L. Excel 2007 Table: Ctrl + T. The ranges are dynamic: formulas, pivot tables, charts will all automatically update
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Project Finder | Construction Database Intro
Click Here to Subscribe to Project Finder: http://tinyurl.com/nl28dfk APG's Project Finder is the most extensive project database in the United States for public and private construction projects. Get Unlimited Construction Leads. Bid 1000’s of Projects Nationwide.
Trends and News in Commercial Landscaping, Kansas City
The presentation was done for the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) at the Johnson County Sunset Office Building in Olathe, KS. ✔This is who I am: I grew up in Fairfield Connecticut. I served in the US Marines Corps on the USS America Aircraft Carrier and ended my service as a Sargent of the Guard. I graduated Webster University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Marketing. In 2001 I joined Dalton Hermes at Hermes Landscaping and have completed over 800 projects which exceed $80 Million of landscaping projects ✔This is what I do: I spend my days working with building owners, property managers, developers, and general contractors, developing their Landscape, Irrigation or Storm Water Quality BMP needs, utilizing the best technology balanced with the best cost. I use my 15 years’ experience from completing over 800 projects which exceed 80 million dollars of landscaping projects to help my clients achieve the goals for their projects. I specialize in solving customers’ problems and providing direct and specific clarity on the path and process to achieve their goals. ✔This is who I help: Building owners, property managers, developers, contractors, Designers, and general contractors. ✔My focus Include; Commercial landscape installation design build or plan spec Retrofitting irrigation systems to gain a water savings Irrigation installation design build or plan spec Design Development & Preliminary Plan through City Council Approval and Building Permit LEED intended projects. Sustainable Construction Projects LED Landscape Lighting Storm water Quality Best Management Practices BMPs ✔My Contact info; If I can help you with your Landscape, Irrigation or Storm Water Quality BMP needs please call me at my office number (913) 888-2400 ext. 210 or cell phone at (913) 269-1234 or email me at: esoriano@hermeslandscaping.com @Eric_SorianoKC #construction #landscaping #sales
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Cybersecurity for Government Contractors: Preparing for Cyber Incidents in 2017
Government contractors of all stripes – large businesses, small businesses, commercial items providers – are increasingly susceptible to cyber incidents, even incidents involving controlled unclassified information (CUI). The government has responded with key information safeguarding and incident reporting requirements that are rapidly being incorporated into contracts of all types. With the Department of Defense’s final rule on network penetration reporting as a template, we will discuss tips that prime contractors and subcontractors can follow to respond to cyber incidents in 2017. We discuss: • Recent rules affecting government contractors; • Effective incident response; • How to demonstrate appropriate information safeguarding; • Managing compliance throughout the supply chain; and • Employing a proactive approach to incident response. Speaker: Keir Bancroft, Partner, Venable LLP DISCLAIMER: The contents of this site, including all articles, opinions, and other postings, are offered for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. A visit to this site or an exchange of information through this site does not create a client-attorney relationship. You should consult directly with an attorney for individual advice regarding your particular situation. ATTORNEY ADVERTISING.
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GST | Works Contract under GST | जीएसटी में वर्क्स कोंट्राक्ट | In Hindi
MATOLIA ASSOCIATES -TAX CONSULTANTS Know in this video about Works Contract under GST IMPACT OF GST ON WORKS CONTRACT जीएसटी में वर्क्स कोंट्राक्ट Works Contract is in composite supply of service under GST Input tax credit in works contract in GST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe, and don’t forget to press the bell icon to get instant notification on our videos. Also watch our videos on: GST VIDEO SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9SBNN0u_c-1veCL0kt_MuWwKpfFlGFx- INCOME TAX VIDEO SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9SBNN0u_c-3k_viJdE0BCqSn3TqwwLRQ OTHER INFORMATIVE VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9SBNN0u_c-3veuQrnVK_AWFuqU34hOD4 MATOLIA ASSOCIATES TAX CONSULTANTS TCS in GST | Tax Collection at Source under GST | Section 52 of CGST Act | : https://youtu.be/UGXh1MsdwtU CBEC Twitter FAQs on GST | Relief to GST Registered Person | :https://youtu.be/7-7HUj3Ypss GST Invoice | GST Tax Invoice | GST Bill of Supply | Section 31 of CGST | In Hindi: https://youtu.be/9yPui0-aO_I GST Invoice Formats | Tax Invoice | Bill of Supply | Contents of Invoice under GST: https://youtu.be/A-puZ8DVSrI Input Tax Credit Set Off in GST |Section 49(5) of CGST| GST में इनपुट टैक्स क्रेडिट सेट ऑफ़ कैसे होगा: https://youtu.be/ocGbNao1rks Anti Profiteering Measure in GST | Section 171 of CGST: https://youtu.be/2zW-K6rytZ0 Must Watch | Normal vs Composition Scheme | जानिए कौनसी स्कीम है आपके लिए फायदेमंद :https://youtu.be/fAIPuF_gf8A Connect with us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/matolia.associates/ Instragram : https://www.instagram.com/matolia.associates/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/matoliatax Prahlad Rai Sharma Mobile: 9413361501 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prahladraisharma63 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #gst #goodsandservicestax works contarct works contract in gst works contract under gst gst works contract gst on works contract input credit credit in works contract ITC in works contract works contract is in composite supply of service under gst tax on works contract works contractor in gst rate of gst in works contract in gst gst for contractor GST works contract in hindi contract in gst
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GSA Training: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 8.4 vs. Part 15 (3 of 4)
GSA Training: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 8.4 vs. Part 15 (3 of 4). More info at: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/104603
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Minority Contractors Claim Contract Bias
Minority contractors voiced their displeasure with the bidding process for North Omaha construction projects.
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PlanSwift Advanced Users- Unit Cost and !Sum Totals
A quick tutorial on creating Custom Takeoff Property Unit Pricing in PlanSwift Email me at todd@plantakeoff.com if you have questions
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General Contractors Insurance
Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency serves general contractors in San Francisco and throughout the northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada areas with insurance and risk management services specifically designed for their exposures. We offer commercial property coverages, including: - Business Auto - Inland Marine Insurance for mobile tools and equipment - Equipment Breakdown Insurance for losses due to machinery failure - Business Interruption Insurance - Standard Commercial Property Insurance for your buildings and their contents - Stored Materials or items awaiting installation at your job sites Our Commercial General Liability Insurance for general contractors can be enhanced with Pollution Liability, Cyber Liability, and Errors and Omissions (E&O) for those who do Design/Build. Risks We provide insurance for the entire general contracting segment, including those in excavation, paving, land clearing, residential construction, commercial construction, and more. Exposures While we offer standard coverage for perils, such as storms, fire, wind and vandalism, we go beyond in both product and service. Our insurance policies offer coverage for business income loss, employee theft against your firm or your clients, leakage of corrosives or contaminants into airways or the environment, and other damages or injuries your firm is liable for. If your employees drive for your business, we can cover collision and non-collision damage as well as injuries. Additional insured coverage and all kinds of construction bonds are also available. The range of property and liability exposures we cover is vast, so we don’t just plunk a stack of product options in front of you and say, “Here are some great things to buy.” At Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency, we work with each of our clients to understand your specific operations, exposures, and needs. We’re in our client relationships for the long haul, so we also listen to your goals and plans for the future. That helps us provide you the best advice on the insurance and risk component of your game plan. Talk to Cal-Nevada Insurance Agency about managing your risk and insuring your general contracting business. For further information or to schedule a meeting with an advisor, contact us at (866) 670-5948. http://www.cal-nevada.com/programs/general-contractors/
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Tax Power Hour: Meals & Entertainment, Business Travel, Vehicle Mileage, and Home Office Deductions
February 2017 - NOTE: Meals & Entertainment rules changed in 2018!!! Tax Power Hour: Meals & Entertainment, Business Travel, Vehicle Mileage, and Home Office Deductions Register for next webinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1316908546264011522?source=YouTube 08:54 - Meals (Entertainment) 18:39 - Meals (Travel) 22:20 - GSA'a Per-Diem rates 34:12 - Meals for Employees 36:00 - Business vs. Personal Travel 38:54 - Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement vs. Business use of Personal Vehicle 50:00 - Home Office Deduction (business use of home) Important correction: "Travel" is defined by overnight stay, not by 50 miles distance.
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Reframing Housing Development: New Approaches to Construction
What can be done to reduce the cost of housing, particularly in the United States? To help answer this question, we will bring together a diverse mix of people involved with the design, development, financing, construction, and public oversight of housing for a half-day of presentations, discussions, and networking. The event, which will be open to practitioners, scholars, students and others, will be held on from 1-6:30 pm in Piper Auditorium at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. It will be followed by an informal reception. New Approaches to Construction Randy Miller, CEO, RAD Urban, a design, engineering, construction, and development firm building high-rise, modular residential buildings. James Shen, Loeb Fellow and co-founder of People’s Architecture Office, which developed pre-fabricated structures used to upgrade housing in Beijing’s central historic districts. James has been examining ways to bring this approach to the U.S., particularly as part of efforts to create more Accessory Dwelling Units. Fritz Wolff, Co-founder and board member of Katerra, “a technology company redefining the construction industry.” He also is executive chairman of The Wolff Company, a private equity firm focused on the multifamily sector. Moderator: Frank Anton, Senior Industry Fellow, Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, and former CEO of Hanley Wood, a leading source of information for the construction industry.
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Women's Edition: 5 POWERFUL Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me About Life, Wealth & Success (Audiobook)
► Your FREE Gift: LAW OF ATTRACTION Booster MP3 ► https://manifestmyowndestiny.com/loa-booster/ Free WEALTH Booster MP3 ► https://manifestmyowndestiny.com/wealth-booster/ The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth For Women (Full Audiobook) by Richard Paul Evans Easy to understand and simple to apply, The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth is one of the most powerful books ever written about money. This book will change your life... When I was 12-years-old my father, a building contractor, fell through a stairwell shattering the bones in both of his legs. He was out of work for more than a year. To make matters worse we had no disability or health insurance. Our family of ten was destitute. We moved into a three-bedroom duplex. I slept on the floor for two years. At this time something happened that changed my life. A kindly multi-millionaire invited all the youth in the area to the local church. He wanted to teach us the 5 lessons of wealth. As you can imagine I attended his talk and listened very carefully. And those five lessons changed my life. By the age of sixteen, I bought my own car and paid most of my own expenses. By nineteen I paid for my own church mission and college. By the age of thirty-one, I paid off my home. Now, in addition to helping my family, I have been able to help thousands of abused children around the world. Thousands of lives have been affected because I learned those five lessons. Now I want to share them with you... Life isn’t about money. It’s about God. It’s about love. It’s about family and relationships. It’s about personal evolution, learning, and growth. However, part of our growth is learning balance between the different forces of life. For those who do not accept responsibility for financial matters, life is thrown out of balance. To the financially enslaved, life becomes all about money. It’s not. I believe that fiscal irresponsibility is one of the gravest problems facing modern America. Too many have sold themselves into financial bondage. Too many are missing the opportunities and abundance life has to offer. If you want to be part of the solution read this book. Learn the five lessons then teach your family and friends. I’m grateful that they were shared with me. Evans' book, The Five Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me, describes the steps that lead to wealth: #1: Decide to Be Wealthy "A dentist friend once told me: 'Those who don't think about their teeth (early in life) are those who later in life spend the most time thinking about them.' It's no different with money." … "the people I know who are the most obsessed with money are not millionaires … (they) are the ones who are living paycheck to paycheck" … "To be in great fiscal health is very much like being in great physical health: it allows you to do more and be more, and it permits you to live your life free of constant pain and bondage." #2: Take Responsibility for Your Money This step involves knowing three things: Know how much money you have. What's your net worth? Know where your money comes from. Record every gift, tip, bonus, interest payment, etc.) Know where your money is going. Your car, for example, doesn't just cost the sticker price, it also costs insurance, repairs and registration fees. #3: Keep a Portion of Everything You Earn He recommends keeping a minimum of 10 percent of your regular paycheck, plus 90 to 100 percent of your side income. #4: Win in the Margins "The most money I've made in my lifetime was on a side project," he said. "(But) it wasn't my first venture. It was my fourteenth." In other words, keep your day job, but always look for ways to earn more on the side. #5: Give Back Generosity feeds the soul. Give financially to good causes that have a proven track record of properly handling money. In addition, teach others the principals of becoming wealthy. It's through teaching that we learn. --------------------------- Keep Watching: 5 POWERFUL Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me: What I Learned About Life, Wealth & Success (Audiobook) https://youtu.be/4Z0MOhyPjNc Powerful Secrets To Prosperity, Abundance, & Wealth As Explained By The Scriptures Of The Holy Bible https://youtu.be/kZWypRJkHak Copyright Disclaimer: All audio content belongs to their original creators/owners. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Please notify by email if there is a copyright concern. CONTACT INFO: nathan@manifestmyowndestiny.com
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Proposal for Labor and Materials
http://www.contractcentral.com/proposal-for-labor-and-materials.html This Proposal for Labor and Materials may be used by a contractor, subcontractor, or supplier. The proposal should provide the specific labor and/or material to be provided, the cost, and the time-line. This also provides a "terms and conditions" section. The proposal must be accepted, by signature and date, before it becomes a binding contract. This updated document is valid in All 50 States. This Proposal for Labor and Materials form is professionally formatted, prepared by a top attorney, can be easily modified, downloaded instantly, includes free customer support, and is backed by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Get it here: http://www.contractcentral.com/proposal-for-labor-and-materials.html
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WMS Best Practices inside NAV  Lanham ACE Warehousing
Join us to gain a better understanding of how Lanham’s ACE Warehousing is built inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, yet provides advanced functionality for real-time inventory control. Explore the differences in the basic NAV WMS functions and how ACE Warehousing transforms these “hooks” into a commercial WMS system. Crystalize your planning so that your organization can get efficient, state-of-the-art WMS visibility and control right where it belongs, inside your NAV business system.
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Novade Testimonial - CEL Development
Find out why CEL Development in Singapore uses Novade Quality on site to save time and boost productivity. Learn more: http://www.novade.net/ Details: General Manager: “CEL Development basically undertakes a variety of projects. We not only just do residential projects, but we also have commercial development, industrial, as well as hotel and resort.“ “The project now that we are completing, High Park Residences, is the biggest project so far that CEL has undertaken, and that's a project where we actually have decided to adopt Novade into the project to help us to manage it. Because it's over 1,300 units which is the largest so far for us.” Project Manager: “Traditionally, what the site staff when they have observed a defect on site, they will capture the pictures and they will insert into Excel. This process is a very tedious process.” “But with the use of Novade, defects can be captured almost instantly, through their phone. Basically, we intend to use Novade in three stages, first is definitely the construction stage, secondly is during the stage where the main contractors will be handing the unit to our customer service officer, And lastly will be to extend the use of Novade's system to our homeowners.” “So with the use of Novade, the owners can actually, just simply lodge in the defect using the app, at their own convenient time. And the defects can be given to my customer service officer almost at the immediate instant. As a project manager, Novade has helped me to understand every single defect that is lodged in by my site staff.” Resident Engineer: “Welcome to High Park Residences. It's one of the biggest condominium projects in Singapore. Novade actually, we download the app into our mobile phone, and also the workstation, our desktop computer.” “So this Novade system is very useful. Actually, it helps a lot on our daily site inspection, and checking and monitoring. I think I can summarize: it really helps in terms of time, paperwork, and also coordination with the main contractor. I can say thank you to Novade, which is helping us on our daily site checking work.” Site Engineer: “Novade is excellent. Normally we use it in two ways: one is with a smartphone, we can log in with our email address, and easily can see the items inside. Especially for the unit's location, and which level.” “If we use it on the computer, we can also download it in PDF files and easily send it to our subcontractors to clear the defects. Inside Novade we can see some details, the defects, or the units, what happened, and the timing. Based on this information we will know today what we will do, and tomorrow what we will plan to do.” General Manager: “I think in recent years, the advancement in digital technology, has actually brought about quite a fair bit of changes to the construction and real estate industry, and we need to embrace this new technology in order to continue to operate in this digital age.” “Therefore, with companies like Novade, that come up with applications that are catered or tailored towards the industry, we see this as an opportunity for us to improve our productivity and efficiency, and deliver a new experience to our customer.”
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Spotlight Seminars: TSA’s Procurement Strategy and Solicitation Review Boards
TSA’s Procurement Strategy Boards and Solicitation Review Boards Procurement Strategy Boards and Solicitation Review Boards help agencies conduct meaningful discussions about requirements, solicitation structure, procedures and process, and contract administration. Several civilian and Department of Defense agencies are using these boards to review the contract lifecycle. The goal is to ensure that requirements meet customer needs and agency procedures; as well as remain consistent and compliant with Federal, Department and Agency guidance and policy. www.gsa.gov
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Add Project to Smartbidnet
Add Project and Fill Out Project Information on Smartbid Invitation System
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Where Do Construction Environmental Exposures Occur?
Environmental pollution can occur in a wide range of scenarios, not just as a result from building on contaminated land. Environmental claims can stem from typical and routine procedures and can cause hefty financial loss. In order to safeguard your business, equip yourself with NY Construction Environmental Insurance prior to starting your next job. General contractors and property owners are typically held liable for environmental claims. However, the liability is often shifted to subcontractors that are on site and performing the duties. The subcontractor’s general liability insurance coverage often has sublimits for environmental claims and typically includes time restraint components to manage the incident. Therefore, general contractors and subcontractors need to be made aware of the potential risks of environmental pollution associated with these sites in order to protect their business and preserve the environment. Clearing & Excavating Activities- Materials below ground that contain pollutants could be broken, storage tanks could be damaged and leak contaminants, and bodily injury could ensue from contaminant inhalation or digestion. Property Casualty 360 also states that water surges from storms can pollute your job site with sediment and debris while chemicals from your site can be transported to local storm sewers, surface waters, and drinking wells. This, in turn, affects drinking water quality and can create further liability for your job site. Releasing Contaminants at Job Site- Fumes can be released into the air from chemicals, welding, concrete cutting, and engines. Spills from lubricated construction equipment and asbestos exposure resulting from insulation and floor tiles can also contribute to environmental pollution. Next, potential broken pipes and ineffective drainage can lead to mold spores on your site. Waste Transportation- Unloading, loading, and transporting dangerous waste and chemicals can result in accidental spills, contaminating your site. Waste Disposal- Polluting landfills can occur when construction waste is disposed of improperly. For example, this happens when debris from your site is mixed with hazardous materials deposited into the landfill instead of a proper disposal facility. General Contractor’s Property- Storage of gear that causes pollution is the owner’s liability. Such items include machinery, vehicles, and equipment. At Hartan Brokerage, we specialize in providing custom insurance solutions for the construction industry as well as other specialty niches. With over 20 years of experience, we aim to protect every exposure your insureds could face. For more information, contact our knowledgeable specialists today at (877) 814-4246. http://www.hartan.com/construction-environmental-exposures/
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Ames Moot Court Competition 2012
The case Go Glow, Inc., v. Sheila Simpson was argued on November 15, 2012, at the Ames Moot Court Competition. The presiding judges were Hon. David Souter '61, '66, Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court; Hon. Mark Wolf '71, U.S. District Court, Massachusetts; Hon. Reena Raggi '76, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The Ames Competition, held in the historic Ames Courtroom of Harvard Law School, is one of the most prestigious competitions for appellate brief writing and advocacy in the country. The students participating in the Final Round started the competition in fall of their 2L year.  Two teams progressed to the Final Round through their strong research abilities and excellent written and oral advocacy.
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Williams Mullen Webinar - Navigating the New OFCCP Regulations on Affirmative Action Obligations
Make Sure Your Organization is Ready! Speakers: Sara B. Rafal, Mary E. Pivec, Laura D. Windsor, Lynn F. Jacob, and Randy Thompson On September 24, 2013, the Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) published the final version of its revised affirmative action regulations for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. The final regulations will be effective March 24, 2013. Among other things, the new regulations will require the setting of hiring goals for individuals with disabilities, annual hiring benchmarks for protected veterans, and significant new recordkeeping requirements. This live webinar will help you understand the new regulations and the steps that must be taken to ensure that your organization will be in compliance with them. The faculty for this presentation will present a general overview of the new requirements pertaining to affirmative action for the disabled and protected veterans and will provide practical, real-world advice on compliance with OFCCP requirements while avoiding liability under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
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"Join The iCON Revolution" iCON™ Commercial
Online Media Vidstream http://theiconshop.net iCON Originals™ is a clothing line owned & designed by Lord Michael Chambers Rosenthorn,the underground rap pioneer also known as Lord Hector Diono, and was founded in Decatur Georgia USA. Being a fashion designer is all about innovation and creation. To be successful you need to think of a design that has never been seen before, or take a simple design like a mini-skirt and tweak it to be something completely unique! for this to work you need to be creative and need inspiration and imagination. iCON™ is a trademark of Lord Michael Chambers Rosenthorn and operates as an urban fashion conglomerate of national and international clothing distributors that have come aboard with the underground music icon to handle the shipping tasks of your chosen designed article of clothing; each specified order is shipped directly to you.iCON® has taken the initiative to assist visitors of our online urban retail Boutique with their prospective job hunting efforts, while offering the hip hop and urban community around the globe the newest original designs for our 2012 lineup. With today's headlines listing nearly 14 million Americans unemployed, the designer and CEO Lord Hector Diono, has put together a plan to assist the unemployed and the unbreakable go getter with a daily national job listing feed, as well as a sales commission opportunity with iCON® . We have hired the world, all you need is a little start up capital borrowed or earned from your current Job, to cover the cost of your initial selected purchases of the iCON Garments. Now our customers can also consider earning extra money by selling iCON® in there neighborhoods,at their country clubs, or even from the trunks of their car. it's simple, just visit our shops on the site " iCON Apparel", "e-iCON Jackets Tops" or "The iCON discount shop". Select your item(s), select the size choice,slect the amount of garments you'd like to purchase, and place your order, allow 1.5 weeks for processing and delivery, and start selling your iCON wear. Keep a spread sheet to track your sells and and buyers and at the end of each calendar month simply email: info@theiconshop.net your completed sells spreadsheet with the item number in word doc or PDF format provided your sells for the month meet or exceed 100 items sold. iCON will in addition to your pocketed sells earnings, pay out a 5% commission bonus to the sales associate in their city, state, or country. Simply include with your spreadsheet, your name address, country code and telephone number.(U.S. CC is 1) and your check will be cut upon review and confirmation of said sells. This is our way of eliminating the excuses of the procrastinators, creating a self managed job opportunity for the self motivated, while spreading the company's mission statement, I.Can.Overcome. Negativity. iCON® Like any independent buyer,your work ethic determines your success, after you've covered the cost of the items you'd like to sell, your price for your icon item must net you a profit while maintaining customer satisfaction, so be mindful of that when selling your newly purchased iCON Wear. Once you've proven yourself as a self motivated, iconic independent sales person with iCON by reaching our quarterly goal of 500 items sold, you will receive at no cost to you, 100 of your genuine customized iCON Originals business cards to assist you in promoting and selling iCON. The rest is up to you, make money, or make excuses. If you're looking to overcome the negativity from your current job or job loss, the change starts with your state of mind. Be bitter at the hand life dealt you, our be better off because of it. iCON is not responsible for your State or Federal Tax obligations as a subcontractor, or vendor of our company; however, if you're in a position to take advantage of this international Job opportunity then get started, because you're already hired. Welcome to iCON® Some orders can take up to two weeks to receive, and all purchases guarantee satisfaction.
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HUBZone Certification Part 2
This video explains advanced concepts of the HUBZone certification program for small business federal contractors. HUBZone certification allows certain small businesses to compete for set-aside contracts aimed at spurring investment in low median income or high unemployment areas.
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How To Install Synthetic Turf
Synthetic or artificial turf can be a great option for landscape areas where turf maintenance and growth is difficult. Ewing Irrigation's Jeramy Webb explains the process for installing Ewing Premium Synthetic (EPS) Turf. Product Info: https://www.ewingirrigation.com/products/syntheticturf?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=Video&utm_content=YouTube-Card&utm_campaign=synthetic-turf Website: https://www.ewingirrigation.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ewingirrigation Twitter: https://twitter.com/ewingirrigation Ewing Irrigation & Landscape Supply is the largest family-owned supplier of landscape and irrigation products in the country. Ewing supplies professional contractors with irrigation supplies, water efficient and sustainable solutions, landscape and turf products, agronomics and growing, hardscape and outdoor living, landscape lighting, water features, erosion control and more. Ewing also offers industry-leading training classes and events for professionals in the landscaping, sports field, golf and grower industries.
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How to Up Date the Pricing Data Base.avi
How to Up Date the Pricing Data Base. this is a new video explaining how to update both of the databases in the drywall plug-in. I created some template with a new template database along with the DP pricing database. this video will show you how to update your prices from Plan Swift.
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How to Use Bid Items in Xactimate
What do you do when you have a bid for a trade that is all inclusive? You have the capability in Xactimate to add bid items for this specific purpose. This is also useful for line items that the program just simply doesn't have in their price lists such as copper dormers or a specific type of gas grill. Sign up for my weekly Tuesday Tech Tips to get the freshest Xactimate info straight into your inbox! Go to www.xm8mastery.com to join in.
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Painting Contractors In delhi
Rathi Decor provides all kind of painting provider. The interior and exterior painting of houses, apartments, villas, offices, commercial premises, hospitals, colleges and schools of painting as the services are engaged in offering wide range of services, we have expertise in internal painting and residential painting and commercial painting spaces. http://www.rathidecor.in/
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How Your Moving Company And Movers Should Accept Tips
Do you allow you movers to accept tips? Should you allow your movers accept tips? I say yes... But. Accepting tips from you customers can be a tricky subject. Most of your customers want to tip yo and your movers. It is their way of saying thank you and rewarding the guys for a job well done. But not everyone can tip with money. Somehow should moving companies accept tips times they tip in food and furniture. When a customer ask me if we tip I give them an emphatic yes. I will also let them know that they are under no obligation to tip if they feel that the movers did not deserve the tip. A few times I am asked how much that movers are typically tipped. I try now to give a specific amount when asked. What I will say is that my movers are normally tipped between X amount and Y amount, and then leave it up to the customer. When I do give my suggestion I will give the range on the high end as I do want my movers to be tipped and tipped well. I do have a red line that no on in my company is allowed to cross without sever penalty including firing. The offense can be so great that I have to call the cops (which has happened sadly.) Under no circumstances are my movers allowed, in any way, to directly influence, cajole, intimidate, mandate, enforce a customer to tip them. In this video I also explain some of the common tip scams that movers will do with customers and how I handle them. Trust me this is huge... And it will save you a lot of time. LET'S CONNECT! -- https://www.facebook.com/jaeburnham -- https://www.facebook.com/JaebirdSEO/ -- https://twitter.com/jaeburnham -- https://www.instagram.com/jae.burnham/ -- https://www.pinterest.com/usavemoving/ -- https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaburnham/ SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2m0iuXIX4HRVuDJXVIIYXg SEND COMIC BOOKS & SOCKS: Jae Burnham TheRealJaeBurnham.Com 731 E Shiawassee St Lansing, MI 48912
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Contractor Foreman - Adding Estimates & Change Orders (ContractorForeman.com)
In this training session we'll show you how to quickly add Estimates and Change orders with Contractor Foreman. For more training sessions or to schedule your own one-on-one free demo, go to http://ContractorForeman.com Use your FREE account from ContractorForeman.com Who says you can’t have it all without spending an arm and a leg? Contractor Foreman gives you access to 22 powerful modules for one VERY low price. Use one module or use them all – it’s still the best deal around. Everything from Estimates to Invoicing, Project Management, Payments, Timesheets, Safety Meetings & Checklists, Vehicle & Equipment Logs, Reports, Expense Tracking, Job Costing & more. Super simple and fast to use. Save time on construction management training. Contractor Foreman works on, iOS, Android, phone or tablet as well as Windows, Apple or Linux computers. Dashboard: The most critical information you need all in one place. Projects: All project management and customer related items accessible from one screen. Change Orders: Do your job costing correctly. Project mgt done right w/ approvals & signoffs. Manage it right with Project change orders. Safety Meetings: Stay OSHA compliant. Track your meetings, tailgate talks, toolbox safety meetings topics & attendees. Checklists: Create custom checklists for JHA, JSA, site audits, pre/post-job and equipment inspections. Estimates: Whether it’s an estimate on the fly or a detailed estimate, you can crank them out in a professional format. We deliver construction Estimating software. Invoices/Payments: Get paid faster. Invoice & email from the field. Post Payments received & send them directly to office. Punchlists: A solid construction punchlist app. Punch list lets you send items right from the App to responsible parties. Track dates & incomplete items. Daily Logs: The fastest way to manage your construction Daily Reports. Track weather, work, material, visitors, delays. Everything you need to run a job properly. Appointments: Sales calls, meeting, who’s attending, where & when. It’s all there. Timesheets: No more lost construction time sheets or coffee stains. Track employee sheets, crew/group clock-in, all with pre-built reporting. Expenses: No more lost receipts or receipts from 2 months ago. Our Expense tracking tool keeps the data you need in front of you in real time. Vehicle & Equipment Logs: Quit losing money on deductions. Effortlessly collect IRS deductions. Equipment Maintenance Logs keep you informed & ahead of the game. Inspections: Effortless Inspection software so you can stay on top of progress and avoid delays. Incidents & OSHA 300: Track incidents, accidents, and near misses. Employee Write Ups: In today's legal world you have a need to document things the right way. Correspondence: RFI’s, Issues, schedule notices, compliance, we pretty much cover your bases here. Directory: Build for speed and function. Find what you need fast. Call or email from the app. Reports: Easily export the data you need. To Do’s & Notes: Compile & share notes & to do’s. Mark them as complete and move on. File & Photos: Attach project critical pics & files to projects, print, sort, Freedom to do what you need. Contractor Foreman is the Perfect Construction Software for These Types of Contractors Carpentry, Carpet and Flooring, Commercial & Public Works, Concrete, Drilling & Mining, Drywall, Electrical, Excavation & Site Work, Fencing, Framer, Framing, GC's, General Construction, Guttering, Home Builder, HVAC & R, Insulation, Janitorial, Landscapers, Landscaping, Manufacturing, Masonry, Mechanical, Painter, Painting, Paving & Road Work, Plumber, Auto Service, Carpenter, Plumbing, Property Management, Remodelers, Remodeling, Electrician, Restoration, Roofers, Roofing, Siding, Tile & Marble, Transportation, Utilities, Waste Management, Window & Door Modules and safety meeting topics are perfect for contractors with the following licenses: ABC, AGC, AIA, NARI, OSHA, OSH, HBA, NAHB, MBA, BIA, BPI, HERS, EPA, ASA, NAWIC, IADC, MCA, MCAA, NRCA, IIPP, BX, IREM, FEMA, NARPM, NECA, NPMA, NUCA, BBB, USGBC, DOT, UIG, DBE, LEED, DBIA, HACIA, NCHH, SAM, SBA, CCR, Cal/OSH, JSA, HAZWOPER, NIOSH, OH&S
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