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Welcome to The Power of SUNY
Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher Introduces Strategic Plan 2010 and Beyond
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The Power of SUNY Launch Introduction
This is the video SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher used to kick off each of the regional launches for the new strategic plan, "The Power of SUNY."
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The Power of SUNY Launch Overview
Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher launched SUNY's new strategic plan, "The Power of SUNY," in 11 locations across the state. This is what people had to say...
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The Power of SUNY
SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher talks about The Power of SUNY - a strategic plan that outlines how SUNY can be a driving force to grow New York State's economy. For more information go to www.suny.edu/powerofsuny.
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Student Involvement in the SUNY Strategic Planning Process
Melody Mercedes, President of the SUNY Student Assembly, and Kevin Bretscher, Graduate Representative of the SUNY Student Assembly, talk about how students can get involved in the strategic planning process.
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Strategic Plan
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ASU Strategic Plan Intro
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LIVE From SUNYCUAD: Keynote Address
Through her strategic plan for the university, The Power of SUNY, Chancellor Zimpher leads a diverse set of successful initiatives in several key areas, including research and innovation, energy, health care, global affairs, and the education pipeline. She has been a vocal advocate for groundbreaking legislative reforms that ensure SUNY can provide broad access to high-quality higher education in an environment of declining state support, while maximizing the system’s impact as an engine of economic revitalization in every region of the state.
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2016–2020 Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan
Dates and information available at oregonstate.edu/studentaffairs/strategic
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Strategic Planning Overview Pt 1.mpg
Part 1 of the week 1 overview of strategic planning for LDR 660 at Siena Heights University. Based in part on the text by Dr. John M. Bryson with all work Cited. PowerPoint itself available at SlideShare.
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UGA School of Social Work Strategic Plan 2020
Highlights from the University of Georgia School of Social Work faculty work day in creating a strategic plan.
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UM System President Tim Wolfe: Strategic Planning - Fall 2012
University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe discusses the systemwide strategic planning initiative, which seeks to prepare the university for the future through the development of a clear, compelling and achievable strategy and supporting financial plan that would attract the necessary resources for execution.
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The (Limited) Power of Theories of Human Behavior for Managing
It can be very useful to use academic insights to help understand and predict worker behavior, and to then design policies accordingly. Economics, psychology, and sociology are particularly relevant to understanding work-related behavior. But each is based on a particular set of assumptions. If these assumptions don’t fit your workers, then it's dangerous to apply the insights. So managers need to know their workforce in order to know whether the assumptions of the paradigms fit.
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SUNY Summit On Student Engagement
On February 12th, 2011 SUNY State College of Optometry held its first ever organized student retreat titled Summit on Student Engagement with the NYSOA. The goal of the ambitious retreat was to better understand the factors that influence students' involvement in organized optometry.
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Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
Launching SUNY Initiatives on Mindfulness & Health A multidisciplinary scholarly conference March 4, 2016 The University at Buffalo Panel Session Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Discussant: George Wang, M.S., M.D., John Hopkins University Panelists: Carl Fulwiler, M.D., Ph.D., Michael Krasner, M.D., & Steven Jay Lynn, Ph.D.
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UAlbany's 2010 Strategic Plan
In 2010, the University at Albany launched it's new Strategic Plan. This video highlights the bold new direction that the University is taking with a highly polished presentation created mostly in After Effects. This video was created by Brian Busher for the Communications and Marketing Department at the University at Albany. See more at ualbany.tv!
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The History of UB's South Campus, and Its Future Under the UB 2020 Strategic Plan
The University at Buffalo is reinvesting in its historic Main Street campus and reconnecting with its community neighbors. This century-old campus has a colorful past and is making progress for a vital future. www.buffalo.edu/YourUB
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Beacon Series - Why plan ahead?
Art Rebrovic gives an overview of why a company should have a strategic plan. This clip is from episode 4 of The Beacon Series "The Power of Strategic Planning" presented by Tennessee Bank & Trust.
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OnBase 17 Review - Highlights of New Features
Not sure if OnBase version 17 is for you? We will guide you through obtaining a delta report that will show you the OnBase software enhancements that were added from your current OnBase version to the latest OnBase release for just the modules that you own. The delta report will make planning your upgrade easy along with drafting your critical test plans. While Hyland, creator of OnBase, spends thousands of hours testing the software, testing the software with your specific data in your environment is the best way to know of knowing the impacts the latest release will have on your unique configuration. We will discuss testing strategies and test plan creation so you can impress your boss with your upgrade execution strategy. We guide you on how to start your moving to OnBase 17 today! OnBase 17 is the most feature-rich solution that Hyland has created to date, and you will get to see all the best of OnBase 17 in this hour packed webinar. Key Agenda Items: - See the latest and greatest features in OnBase 17 - Understand the most recent software compatibilities and supported software versions - Know what has changed in your software modules with the Delta report - Testing Plans and Strategies for a smooth upgrade - How to start your OnBase Upgrade
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Taguig City University, Strategic Planning cum Team Building
At Development Academy of the Philippines, Tagaytay City, Philippines -Nov. 30 to December 2, 2013
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It's Kind of Hard to Talk About  | Grace McMahon | TEDxSUNYGeneseo
Growing up with a stutter is hard, but it's a part of what makes Grace who she is. Stuttering is more than speaking, and Grace is more than the way she speaks. Grace McMahon is a freshman at SUNY Geneseo from Long Island, New York. She has had a stutter from a very young age, and devotes her time to helping and understanding others who struggle with their own differences. She attends conventions every summer through an organization called FRIENDS: The National Association for Young People Who Stutter, and is an active member at every one. Her favorite things to do include writing poetry, painting, listening to music, reading, and talking to others about subjects she is passionate about. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Welcome to Generation SUNY
Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher and friends welcome you to SUNY's new home on YouTube, all part of the "Generation SUNY" initiative.
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Bloomsburg University Strategic Plan
Bloomsburg University administrators update the progress made with Impact 2015: Building on the Past, Leading for the Future and provide a sneak peek to what's expected in the near future from the new strategic plan. http://www.bloomu.edu/strategic
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GCC's 2018 – 2023 Strategic Planning Initiative Overview - President Sunser
GCC is in the final year of its 2013 – 2018 “Success through Collaboration” Strategic Plan. At the same time, the College is currently undertaking preparations for creating its next strategic plan. This new plan will serve as an operational guide for advancing the College’s mission and instituting our organizational priorities for the next five years. In developing a comprehensive, mission-centered strategic plan, it is important that a number of campus and community stakeholders be involved in the planning process. For more information visit https://www.genesee.edu/strategicplan
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Students help community in local Alternative Spring Break
During a first-ever Alternative Spring Break in Oswego County, student volunteers partnered with local agencies and corporations to serve, support and build a spirited, resilient community. "We have eight students that have chosen to take an Alternative Spring Break as opposed to going back to their communities," said Pam Caraccioli, deputy to the president for external partnerships and economic development. "And in every case, this is not their community and they've chosen to stay in Oswego County community." The first-ever local project -- a complement to a range of projects students normally do in other states or as far away as the Caribbean -- even has been successful for all involved, she added. "You feel good inside when you help someone when you see that you're really contributing to a life," said junior business administration major Kahhar Roufai. "Since I'm building ramps I got to see the impact in their life a big way. Here I'm helping with their emails. Email's pretty important. Opening files that they couldn't see before from their loved ones." "I decided to do it in Oswego because I feel like I don't know much about Oswego even though I am a junior and I should know more," said music major Kayla Brun. "I feel like it's a great way to learn more about the community." Senior Naomi Rodriguez Jose, a dual global and international studies and communication and interaction major, learned more about the community as well as operating power tools. "I feel that this is an important job opportunity for me so I'm getting to know more about where I've been my four years and actually understand the Oswego community a lot more," she said. "This was my first time, I always wanted to do, I know like really hands-on with tools and building things." "We worked alongside Novelis volunteers on Monday and Tuesday building wheelchair ramps for ARISE," Caraccioli said. "They love to learn," said Leigh Pushard, a Novelis volunteer who guided the students working on the ramps for ARISE. "They love to get involved and get hands-on. And we've shown them how to use the tools. So it's been a very fun interactive day for all of us together." On Wednesday, students worked with two units of Oswego County Opportunities -- their nutrition service program which prepares and delivers Meals on Wheels and transitional living apartments for people in need of housing assistance. "The students will be riding along with the drivers, going into the home deliveries and then helping deliver the hot foods to the congregate sites," said Allen Wert, OCO's distribution supervisor for the nutrition service program. "This is consistent with our strategic plan in having an impact in our community," Caraccioli said. "President Stanley felt that it was necessary to provide an opportunity. We had a waiting list for students to participate. We capped it at eight for this initial offering." "It's a good thing to help other people at all times because you never know when maybe I need help at some point or maybe my mother or father needs help," said Sydiney Nyabiosi, a freshman electrical and computer engineering major." Students worked with Exelon employees for a number of projects with the Oswego YMCA on Thursday, then lent their technical know-how to an audience of seniors Friday for Senior Technology Day at Oswego Health's Springside at Seneca Hill. "We have lots of questions about our phones and computers," said Springside at Seneca Hill resident Helena Harbert. "And sometimes you just feel stupid. And they have made us feel like it's okay." Jason Santiago, an Oswego Health vice president and chief operating officer for Springside at Seneca Hill and Seneca Hill Manor, was pleased with the intergenerational sharing of knowledge. "It's just great to see you know our Oswego students connecting with our seniors so that they don't have that fear with technology," Santiago said. "So that they may be able to connect with their loved ones that might be living in another state or another part of New York state." "I'm absolutely overcome that they wanted to use their vacation helping us," Harbert said. "Big thank you to the students for coming and spending time with our residents," Santiago said. "I, again, I hope this will not be the last of our connections with the senior Oswego students." "At the end of the day this is about the students," Caraccioli said. "While we are obviously providing an impact to our community, I think they're walking away with a genuine feeling of how to impact a community and how to play a role in a community. And how to be a leader in a community."
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Your Voice. Our Union. Our Future. | Strategic Long-Term Planning
The California Teachers Association has embarked upon a strategic planning process, at the direction of its State Council of Education, and under the guidance of the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) at the University of Oregon. This strategic planning process—entitled "Your Voice. Our Union. Our Future."—is about the future of CTA. The goal: Make sure CTA is positioned in the best possible way to help all students and educators succeed.
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Statewide Convo #1 - Chancellor's Recap
SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher gives her recap on how the day went at the first Strategic Planning Statewide Conversation at Hudson Valley Community College on Wednesday, October 21, 2009.
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Leadership Priorities
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Binghamton University Unveils Road Map for the Future
Binghamton University President Harvey Stenger unveiled the University's Road Map to guide the campus in realizing its vision of becoming the premier public university of the 21st century. The Road Map 2013 strategic plan, developed with the help of more than 400 volunteers working on nine focused teams, encompasses the University's guiding principles and includes strategies on how Binghamton University will achieve its goals. The teams, tasked with looking at the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, began meeting in September 2012, and presented final proposals in December. "Our teams developed hundreds of initiatives, innovations and ideas that they believe will help Binghamton University best meet future challenges as well as take advantage of opportunities that come our way," said Stenger. "We have reviewed all of the proposals and have organized them under five strategic priorities that reflect our overarching goals." Based on the five strategic priorities, 46 of the 179 original proposals will move forward initially. At the top of the list, Binghamton University will: • Establish a new college or school of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy • Raise its stature as a research institution and elevate its graduate programs • Support interdisciplinary initiatives and research • Create an enhanced center to support a culture of excellence in teaching • Commit to a philosophy of diversity that is woven throughout the fabric of the University • Increase the consistency and visibility of the Binghamton brand regionally, nationally and internationally • Dedicate resources to maintain new buildings on campus The entire Road Map 2013 document can be viewed at http://www2.binghamton.edu/president/road-map. teams. http://www.binghamton.edu Video by Ryan G. Schultz Special thanks for music: "Our Ego [Feat. Different Visitor]" by Broke For Free (http://brokeforfree.com/)
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Video in Higher Education: A Look into SUNY's  Online Video Platform Strategy
Colleges and universities are using video to accelerate learning, increase prospective student engagement, improve knowledge sharing, and reduce the cost of doing business. Find out how SUNY ITEC and Buffalo State College are using powerful streaming tools to drive effective video strategy. In this session, we will examine how the State University of New York (SUNY) Information Technology Exchange Center uses Ensemble Video and Wowza Media Systems to provide cost-effective video streaming infrastructure as a service to the SUNY network. Additionally, you will learn how Buffalo State College is has deployed Ensemble Video and Wowza to deliver a scalable and easy to use platform to manage their ever-increasing flow of digital media content. In this webinar you will learn: - How Buffalo State College uses video on campus to engage students - Benefits of a cost-effective streaming solution for one-to-many campuses - How to define a campus-wide or consortium-wide online video strategy - Be able to identify the value of integrated video streaming technologies and learning platforms Click here to view the full webinar recording: http://info.wowza.com/access-video-in-higher-education
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The Importance of Including Know-How in Technology Licensing
Steven Wood, Assistant Director, Innovations and Partnerships, The Research Foundation of SUNY
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Londonmet university, Strategy in Action, Kellogg's
Sources are available on request.
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Book Launch: The China Order: Centralia, World Empire, and the Nature of Chinese Power
What does the rise of China represent, and how should the international community respond? With a holistic rereading of Chinese longue durée history, Fei-Ling Wang provides a simple but powerful framework for understanding the nature of persistent and rising Chinese power and its implications for the current global order. He argues that the Chinese ideation and tradition of political governance and world order—the China Order—is based on an imperial state of Confucian-Legalism as historically exemplified by the Qin-Han polity. Claiming a Mandate of Heaven to unify and govern the whole known world or (all under heaven), the China Order dominated Eastern Eurasia as a world empire for more than two millennia, until the late nineteenth century. Since 1949, the People’s Republic of China has been a reincarnated Qin-Han polity without the traditional China Order, finding itself stuck in the endless struggle against the current world order and the ever-changing Chinese society for its regime survival and security. Wang also offers new discoveries and assessments about the true golden eras of Chinese civilization, explains the great East-West divergence between China and Europe, and analyzes the China Dream that drives much of current Chinese foreign policy.
SUNY Chancellor on "New York NOW"
New SUNY Chancellor Dr. Nancy Zimpher talks about why the Governor's proposed Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act is good for the State University of New York. For more on this program go to wmht.org/newyorknow
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Chill Out Campus Actions: ESF's Commitment to a Carbon Neutral Campus by 2015
SUNY-ESF is committed to expanding sustainability efforts on campus, in the local community, and beyond. Two fundamental prerequisites of a sustainable and prosperous human society are a healthy environment and a stable climate. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) air pollution and the climatic disruption it contributes to are a threat to sustainable human prosperity and all life on earth. In 2007 ESF became a charter signatory of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, "a high-visibility effort to address global warming by garnering institutional commitments to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions" (ACU-PCC, 2009). ESF President Dr. Cornelius B. Murphy has set a target date of June 30th, 2015 for achieving institution-wide carbon neutrality. ESF students, faculty, staff, and administration have united to craft a unique and creative plan for reducing campus GHG emissions & energy use. The findings of this analysis indicate that ESF is on-track to meet its carbon neutral commitment and is well positioned to emerge a leader in campus sustainability & climate action.
Building Strategy at Ft Hays State University with Brainzooming
I'm honored to have had the opportunity to partner with Mike Brown, Keith Prather and Barret Snydor of Brainzooming on a social media strategy development project for Ft Hays State University in Ft Hays Kansas. All three of these guys are way smarter than I am. Led by Mike Brown, these guys have developed a strategic process designed to extract heavy amounts of information from large organizational groups. It's one of the most well thought out processes I've had the chance to be a part of, and I plan to adapt some of the exercises (with Mike's permission) into Social Business Strategies Sanity Process for building Human Business Teams.
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David Belsky for SUNY Campaign Commercial
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January R&T: The Business of Good Social Entrepreneurship, B Corporations and the New Bottom Line
Certified B Corporations are for-profit companies certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet a rigorous set of standards related to social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today, according to B Lab, there is a growing community of more than 2,100 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and over 130 industries working together toward a single unifying goal: to redefine success in business. The forum will feature Central New York entrepreneurs who have traveled the challenging path to Certified B Corporation status, leveraging the power of business and the markets for social and environmental good. The forum will be moderated by Linda Dickerson Hartsock, Executive Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University. Kevin Stack, Northeast Green Building Consulting, works as a builder, building scientist and ecoliteracy educator, who teaches, designs and builds in Nature’s Image. His work includes a doer’s framework that harmonizes building science with biomimicry & resilience, to create place-based standards and solutions that functionally enhance the living world. Educated in biology and law at Cornell, NYU and SUNY UB (and in the Peruvian rain forest), Josh Stack, Biomimicry Northern Forest, is a counselor at law and resilience science and biomimicry, assisting clients in deliberating for our children’s adaptive health and resilience. He focuses in translating resilience science and city and systems scale biomimicry to a diversity of design, construction, policy and planning and strategic community initiatives. He also advises clients as a land use/environmental attorney. Kennedy Patlan is a senior at Syracuse University where she is majoring in Advertising, Civic Engagement, and Women's & Gender Studies. This past semester, she worked with SU's Blackstone LaunchPad as the first ever Engagement Scholar. In this role, Kennedy worked to develop the Inaugural Impact Prize, a prize competition for student social entrepreneurs. She has also helped SU students compete in this year's international Hult Prize competition. Kennedy believes in embracing the intersections between business and civic engagement to create better solutions and societies.
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SUNY Chancellor Zimpher delivers 2013 State of the University Address
ALBANY -- State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher delivered her third annual State of the University Address Tuesday morning in Albany.At 10 a.m. at the Lewis A. Swyer Theatre at the Egg, Zimpher will discuss the state of the state's University, which is made up of 64 campuses.€œSUNY€™s progress and the system€™s unprecedented level of collaboration with schools, communities, and businesses are having an astounding collective impact on New York State and all who live and work here,€ said Zimpher. €œWe believe SUNY has a national roadmap for education and we are committed to using it.€ Zimpher introduced several new goals, including:€ Launch of Open SUNY in 2014, including 10 online bachelor€™s degree programs that meet high-need workforce demands, three of which will be piloted in the fall. Open SUNY will leverage online degree offerings at every SUNY campus, making them available to students system-wide using a common set of online tools, including a financial aid consortium so that credits and aid can be received by students across campuses. Chancellor Zimpher said Open SUNY enrollment will reach 100,000 students within three years, making it the largest online education presence of any public institution in the nation. € Full Adoption of SUNY Smart Track and decreased student debt default rate. By 2014, every SUNY campus will have adapted the SUNY Smart Track program, including using the newly developed system-wide Financial Aid Award Letter based on the federal Financial Aid Shopping Sheet. Through Smart Track, SUNY€™s student debt default rate will decrease by at least 5 percent over the next 5 years.€ Leveraging the combined capacity of Open SUNY and SUNY Smart Track, Chancellor Zimpher committed to the development of Three-Year Bachelor€™s Degree Programs, to be offered via Open SUNY, furthering SUNY€™s commitment to affordability and the reduction of student debt. € Development of the SUNY Plus Diploma Designation, which will annotate a student€™s participation in any one of SUNY€™s experiential learning programs. Whether a student had a co-op experience, volunteered regularly at a local non-profit, or worked with a professor to start a new business, the new SUNY Plus designation will ensure that these out-of-the-classroom experiences will be recorded on an extracurricular transcript and designated on the diploma as an added value. Every student will have access to experiential opportunities, even those attending online.€ Establishment of a SUNY Innovation Hub by 2015 that combines next generation research, academic and workforce training, and the major needs of the community will be developed in partnership with the state€™s Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs) for every major metropolitan area in New York. These efforts will also align with the Governor€™s Innovation Hotspot initiative. € Common Data Systems to be implemented at all SUNY campuses in 2014, including an IT delivery platform, indicators for data entry, and targets for comprehensive SUNY success. Common data systems will serve as the foundation for performance-based funding throughout SUNY, parallel to Governor Cuomo€™s plan for the system€™s community colleges. Chancellor Zimpher also addressed an ongoing national dialogue about the value of a college degree, using SUNY€™s efforts to improve access, completion, and success to show that a college education is €œworth it.€€œInvesting in a low-cost, high-quality college education is simply the best investment anyone or any country can make for their citizens,€ Zimpher said. €œThe past few years have been tough on the economy, but there€™s only one solution€”we are going to have to educate ourselves out of this mess. We need to put more well-educated graduates into the world to create and innovate our way into the new economy.€
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Governor Cuomo announces plan that saves Fitzpatrick nuclear plant
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today that the James A. Fitzpatrick nuclear power plant in Scriba will continue to run through new management company Exelon Generation, saving over 600 jobs in the process.
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SUNY Student Journalists Interview Chancellor Zimpher (1 of 11)
SUNY Chancellor Dr. Nancy L. Zimpher is interviewed by student journalists at the system's 64 campuses. March 11, 2009
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Law Firm Marketing. Strategic Planning panel discussion
Ross Fishman moderating the LMA's strategic planning panel at Legal Marketing Association.
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Content Strategy for Higher Education
In this episode of Friday After Class #FAC Senior Digital Strategist, Becky Vardaman, takes a deeper look into the different stages of Content Strategy and various tools you can use to help along the way.
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Stanford Seminar: How China Aims to Achieve Environmental Sustainability
EE402A: Topics in International Technology Management How China Aims to Achieve Environmental Sustainability Speakers: James Caldwell, E3 Regenesis Solutions Macy Neshati, BYD Heavy Industries Peng Fang, GCL New Energy International Xiaofeng Zhang, US-China Green Energy Council About the Speakers: Dr. James Caldwell CEO, E3 Regenesis Solutions Director, US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) Dr. James Caldwell, a Director of the US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC), Chair of its Green Building Task Force, and Editor of the Conference Programs, is bilingual in Chinese and English. He is President of E3 Regenesis Solutions, Inc., where he specializes in building green energy alliances and energy systems integration for buildings and cities. He was Senior Marketing Representative for Tian Ma, at International Geosystems (H.K) Ltd. and aTour Director in China for Lindblad Travel. He founded Pacific Rim Connections, Inc.(a multilingual prepress services company), was the first Editor of the Unicode Standard (ISO10646), served on the Unicode Technical Committee and later served as VP for Multilingual Computing at DAE Interactive Marketing (Ion Global, US). He worked in China for three years and in Hong Kong (1 year) during the 1980s. He often travels to China on business and worked in Beijing again in 2007-8. Dr. Caldwell is a Director of the 1990 Institute, a member of the California Biomass Collaborative, of Sustainable San Mateo County a Director of Conexions and a member of the Sustainovation steering committee. He is also a member of the Energy Voyager Corporation’s International Knowledge Trust. He has taught university courses on the Politics of Energy and the Environment, Comparative Politics and World History at SUNY Binghamton and Iona College, NY. He was post-doctoral Fellow at the U.C. Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies and Assistant Director of the Center for East Asian Studies at Stanford University. Dr. Peng Fang President and CEO, GCL New Energy International Board of Directors, US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) Dr. Peng Fang is President and CEO, GCL New Energy International. with more than 20 years of executive management experience from leading global technology companies at the solar and semiconductor industries in the U.S. and China. Previously Dr. Fang was CEO of JA Solar that he built as the largest solar cell and Components Company and best financial performing company in that industry during the 2012 industry downturn. Dr. Fang was 2011 Forbes “One of World’s 7 Most Powerful People in Energy”, and 2011, 2012 China Top 10 Solar Energy Leaders. He was a member of Chinese President Hu’s delegation and spoke at the China-American Clean Energy Strategy Summit in DC, 2011.He was former president of Huahong NEC, one of the largest semiconductor foundries in China. He has also held various technology and management positions at Applied Materials and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in the U.S. Dr. Fang received his PhD and MSEE degrees from the University of Minnesota. He was also a postdoctoral research fellow at the EECS Department of UC Berkeley. Dr. Fang was chairman of the IEEE Electron Devices Society, Santa Clara Valley Chapter. He is a Board of Directors at US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC). Macy Neshati Vice President of Sales, BYD Motors, Inc. Mr. Macy Neshati is BYD Motors, Inc., Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He joined BYD Motors, Inc., in 2014. Prior to joining BYD, Mr. Neshati has been involved in the heavy equipment and transit industry for 35 years. He is charged with building a sales team for BYD’s North American-built Electric Buses and Coaches. As of March 1, 2016; BYD bus fleets have completed greater than 100 million miles “in revenue service” and have been evaluated by more than 150 cities in 36 countries around the world. To date, BYD has built over 7,000 electric buses globally, making it by far the most popular electric transit vehicle company. Xiaofeng Zhang Executive Vice President, US-China Green Energy Council (UCGEC) Ms. Xiaofeng Zhang has over 30 years of experience in Smart Grid, Electricity Markets and Renewable Energy. She has worked with global leading companies, such as Marketing Director, JA Solar USA; Sr. Project Manager at Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Product Manager and China Marketing Manager at ABB Inc. Previously she worked with the Chinese Electric Power Research Institute (CEPRI) in Beijing, where her research project won a National Scientific Technology Award. She served as panelist at various Smart Grid conferences, in areas of “Distribution Volt/VAR Optimization” and “Market-Based Demand Response”. She is a co-author of the book “Electricity Market Operation System”. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and was a PhD Candidate at the CEPRI. Ms. Zhang is Sr. Member of IEEE. She served as Conference Organizing Chairwoman of 2016 US-China Green Energy Summit.
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04/04/2018: Why Trump’s unilateral tariff against China won't save America?
China on Wednesday unveiled a list of US imports worth 50 billion US dollars that will be subject to up to 25 percent of tariffs, including soybeans, automobiles, and chemical products, a move in response to a list the Trump administration released just hours earlier of Chinese imports that will be subject to higher tariffs. What’s behind the latest round of tit-for-tat tariffs? And how much of this is brinkmanship in the run up to possible direct talks that could still prevent a trade conflict from spinning out of control? Zhao Hai from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Christopher Chambers from Georgetown University, Brandon Blackburn-Dwyer, founder of Grasshopper Strategies and Ian Reifowitz at SUNY-Empire State College join the discussion. Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://goo.gl/lP12gA Download our APP on Apple Store (iOS): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cctvnews-app/id922456579?l=zh&ls=1&mt=8 Download our APP on Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.imib.cctv Follow us on: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChinaGlobalTVNetwork/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cgtn/?hl=zh-cn Twitter: https://twitter.com/CGTNOfficial Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/CGTNOfficial/ Tumblr: http://cctvnews.tumblr.com/ Weibo: http://weibo.com/cctvnewsbeijing
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Faculty Grade Entry with Banner® Student
Tracking and recording grades at the end of the term can be tedious. By leveraging the Ellucian XE strategy, Ellucian delivered tools for Banner to improve efficiency for SUNY Geneseo faculty and make their jobs easier. Now faculty can quickly and easily enter or upload grades—particularly helpful for large classes—and spend more of their valuable time teaching or advising students, rather than entering data.
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SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher Testifies to the New York State Legislature on the 2011-12 Budget
Highlights from Chancellor Nancy Zimpher's testimony at the Joint Legislative Hearing of the Senate Finance and Assembly Ways & Means Committees on the 2011-12 Executive Budget.
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