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$20K BitConnect, Day 120 Capital Release and Post Performance Analysis

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Some folks think it's a scam because they believe it requires recruiting other folks to get the high payouts. Others believe since the have their own exchange they manipulate the value. I think it can be a little of both as well as with the volatility of the market. I got in the ICO of Regalcoin for roughly $1 with $350 coins. I lent it immediately for a $410 loan. About a week later it hit an exchange and shot up to $10 bucks. It is currently at $30.00. When my loan is over if Regalcoin is still $30 (Most likely it will be more) the 350 coins I lent will only have to be paid back with a around 12 coins to get my money back or 17 - 18 coins for the interest I earned. While I am invested in programs like RegalCoin, Bitconnect and Hextra. I view these as extremely high risk. Bitconnect:https://goo.gl/VdFVJ3 Hextra: https://goo.gl/MbNjq3 RegalCoin: https://goo.gl/S1Vr5W I was fortunate enough to get Bitcoin back in the $100 days and Ethereum back in the ICO (around $0.30) so my risk in these programs are minimal. I believe there is money to be made but even if I was getting $1000 a day in any of this programs I would not quit my main business because I think they can disappear at any time.
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Lanzer (8 месяцев назад)
If you're going to repost my video, please note that I made it and link my video source.  https://youtu.be/BmEBXfg8-Hc Thank you.

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