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Testicular Enlargement Video, Dr Elist Reviews Testicular Enlargement Implant

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Video animation for Dr Elist's patented testicular enlargement / scrotal enhancement procedure. Did you know that you can do the penile and testicular/scrotal enhancement procedures at the same time? Call our office today at 310-652-2600 to learn more! Dr. Elist has developed and patented a soft silicone testicular implant that can be inserted into the scrotum to achieve testicular enlargement, on the existing testicle, in order to enhance their size and aesthetics. This implant was created with the same medical-grade silicone material used in artificial testicles (which are implanted in men who have lost a testicle from disease or injury). Testicle Enlargement is For Men Who: - Have Missing or Absent Testicles - Have Small Testicles - Have Disproportional Testicles - Desire Larger Testicle For more information: http://www.drelist.com/testicular-enhancement/ http://www.surgeon4men.com Photo Gallery of the patients: http://www.drelist.com/testicular-enhancement/ Want to learn more about Dr. Elist? Visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_J._Elist or http://www.drelist.com/about-dr-elist/
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