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#MyGirlCant -@MysticGotJokes

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Ladies you know you've had a controlling BF before or maybe have one NOW! Share this with them and let them see how stupid they really sound. Ok maybe I exaggerated a little bit but then again....maybe I didn't! SEND ME STUFF! PO Box 1466 Tempe, AZ 85280 SECOND CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMysticVlog SHARE + SUBSCRIBE #TeamMystic Follow me on Instagram: MysticGotJokes "Like" me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mystic-Got-Jokes/274670499232384 Follow me on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MysticGotJokes
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Michaela Perez (2 года назад)
Yooooo there's guys really like this "let her breathe and she will leave"
Andrea And Robert (2 года назад)
Lmfaooooo yooo. that's some shit I never heard before!
ms. star (3 года назад)
My girl can't eat snickers cuz Dats to many nuts in her mouth My girl can't play sports cuz I dont want her to play wait no balls Lmfaooooooooo😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😅😅😂😂😄😄😄
Jason Szumski (3 года назад)
"My girl can't sneeze in public, having other dudes bless HER"
Aniyah Speed (3 года назад)
Trey songz tho
ashley jean (3 года назад)
might as well date a rock. And it's funny how all his girls did half the things he said lol
Rosa Renthrope (3 года назад)
To many nuts in her mouth haha i died laughing on dat
Chris M (3 года назад)
You just take all these from twitter or what
Shawn Kaiju86 (3 года назад)
My girl cant go to the gym, what you trying to do? Build up the strength to leave me...
Solomon Young-banks (3 года назад)
Gana leave
Camera Williams (3 года назад)
Brandon Albea (3 года назад)
where is the funny part?
TheXV22 (3 года назад)
Why the fuck do you put this video as the main one on your channel? You have way better videos that this garbage
Louis Wessels (3 года назад)
To everyone asking about the girls - it's all publicity, girls lookin fine as hell, then they leave the instagram/twitter accounts...
Rated R (3 года назад)
How he come up with all those jokes, he funny af. It's messed up how even I want to get with him and I ain't even gay. But that's just how funny he is.
Melanie Lovato (3 года назад)
U so stupid lol
Gonzalo Gondy (3 года назад)
awesome... u got talent kid
Nijhani Christian (3 года назад)
Basically a remake of JerryLavigneJr
BATMAN BIN SUPARMAN (3 года назад)
ooh shit i disliked the video halfway
nozipho zaca (3 года назад)
too funny
Judith (3 года назад)
loved it ;D
0solikeniyaa _ (3 года назад)
i love yu mystic
Shev (3 года назад)
Do more of these videos plzzzzzzz :( @mysticgotjokes
JrJones101 (3 года назад)
"My girl can't listen to Drake. I mean that's just obvious."
JrJones101 (3 года назад)
Lil Mocc (3 года назад)
I know real life examples of the opposite!!! Not gonna put them on blast but no lie I've heard... "My man can't watch movies with Mila Kunis" LOL
TheAliLife (3 года назад)
LOL too many quotable quotes in this 
PolarityTracks (3 года назад)
Way too many nuts in her mouth XD!
Tim Steezy (3 года назад)
But your "girls" do
Rainy Day (3 года назад)
this was literally what my bf at the time was like, it was so bad.. he didnt want me to have a job, or have single friends cuz "theyre all hos," and didnt want me to wear makeup because he thought i was trying to impress other guys.. thank god hes gone 
Owen (3 года назад)
+Sandra Lynn Go get em girls. More power to you.
Sandra Lynn (3 года назад)
+Bad Kitty I feel u on that. I was with a guy for about 2 yrs, I wasn't allowed to look up when we were out an about, it was who the eff do u think ur lookin at. I finally put my 'big girl panties' and steel toed boots on & kicked his azz to the curb!
ELEGZER (3 года назад)
u look like big sean 
serendipity. (3 года назад)
"My girl cant read the bible. Theres way too many guys in that book."
Lt Riflez (3 года назад)
It isn't.
Lt Riflez (3 года назад)
+Misiu Why do you hope that?
Yoni Antonio (3 года назад)
+tadashisnotonfire there is 12 ni99as in there ready for the gangbang...
datankboss2134 (3 года назад)
My girl cant eat bananas like she will think about sucking other people dick
Zachary Pugh (3 года назад)
It's bad that she can't read the bible.You might read the bible she not gonna fall in love with God
Taejhianawshit a Walker (3 года назад)
Omfg u so fucking stupid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
christian carreon (3 года назад)
man fuck you!! stupid niggor you make fake videos!!
Ari (3 года назад)
gotta show this to my dad :D hahah
Jerry Muñoz (3 года назад)
Your right
Trinity Gloria (4 года назад)
Your hilarious! I am officially your fan now!
Pegreare (4 года назад)
"My girl can't wear tampons when she's on her period because guys gotta' know she ain't fucking." ~Mystic
MrMixTape7 (4 года назад)
I'm dead ctfu
Wp. Sear (4 года назад)
Isnelly Lopez (4 года назад)
What's is his twitter ?
Meka Van Dyke (4 года назад)
Lol! Loved it!
Juliawan Wijaya (4 года назад)
really nice jokes :D
Jaimie Gray (4 года назад)
Man I'm just like you ever thing you just sead is what I don't let my girlfriend to do except for the job part but damn everything you sead is a mirror of me
Forever Chyna (4 года назад)
Amaan Fazal (4 года назад)
You Let Er Breathe, You Let Er LEAAVEEE
RJ P (4 года назад)
Lise Shae (4 года назад)
Cydney Fowler (4 года назад)
You let her breathe she gonna leave lhh
Ina Millet (4 года назад)
Lol wow
Jay Johnson (4 года назад)
Is he jockin' RIPJerryLaVigne?? We know who you got your style from...Not trolling just stating facts 
jmarquez690 (4 года назад)
Hahaha @ "my girl can't listen to drake" he silly!!!!
Cees Orell (4 года назад)
Fuck that she want to do all that she can single. Vice versa
Cees Orell (4 года назад)
Fuck that she want to do all that she can single. Vice versa
Arthur Briggs (4 года назад)
Stoopidd funny
Kid Max (4 года назад)
My girl can't watch this corny shit
Kevin Vaca (4 года назад)
Lmao you let her breath she gon leave haha
Kevin Vaca (4 года назад)
Lmao you let her breath she gon leave haha
West Coast (4 года назад)
Can't find the like button... but I'm def. Gonna share this MF !! Lmao
Moe Street (4 года назад)
I'm guilty of the onesy demand.... Thanks for the eye opener
Christine M (4 года назад)
Lmao!!! That was so funny!!
Our System (4 года назад)
Look like a Light skin Big Sean. Lmaoo
Derrell Record (4 года назад)
Anyone else think he looks like Ice JJ FIsh in his default pic?
Koalakuddle (4 года назад)
No he dont you must be blind but its what ever you think
erick martinez (4 года назад)
T Smits (4 года назад)
Had me on the floor
Jai M (4 года назад)
He want a stank raggamuffin lol
shakeem samuels (4 года назад)
I'm dead. Lmaoooo. She dead said stank raggamuffin.😂😂😂
nothingtoseehere (4 года назад)
This is a pretty fun video. I'm more into long drawn out self evaluation type videos myself. Everyone is different though and you like to use comedy to get you're point across I got no problem with that the world needs laughter and all that good stuff.  
Kalena Lysette (4 года назад)
"My girl can't listen to Drake, I mean, that one's just obvious" I died of laughter "
Aniyah Catlin (4 года назад)
yo hes funny
Dasysa Butler (4 года назад)
lol! Dat was too funny
Lps Alex (4 года назад)
hum what is the song called, and where did ya find it?
Omar Kelly (4 года назад)
GigglezGoHam (4 года назад)
Obviously he wants a mannequin
GigglezGoHam (4 года назад)
Obviously he wants a mannequin
David Deandre (4 года назад)
this dude lol haha , too funny lol
jada brown (4 года назад)
way too may nuts in her mouth LOL dang
Keon K. (4 года назад)
it took him 3 days to write this scripted shit.
Kathy Lebron-Diaz (4 года назад)
You sir, are HILLARIOUS!! You've earned a fan!
marc d (4 года назад)
Da Kid Gowie (4 года назад)
KazeSuenos (4 года назад)
Hilarious yo!!!!!
Silvershit (4 года назад)
ha.."she can't wear makeup." You're going to take that back after you tell her not wear makeup on your first date and then you look at her instagram pictures. You're going to beg her to wear makeup. 
Reggie (4 года назад)
Linh Vu (4 года назад)
hahaha I'm a fan
Nych Cw (4 года назад)
DeeJuan Williams (4 года назад)
Åsįań Døłł (4 года назад)
"I really gotta get rid of my Twitter account?" "YYUUUP" Dead Lmfao .
Latesha Robinson (4 года назад)
I really have to delete my Twitter? Yuuuup! rofl
Latesha Robinson (4 года назад)
I really have to delete my Twitter? Yuuuup! rofl
julie s (4 года назад)
Lol that's really extreme !!!! Lmao.
peopleneedtostop (4 года назад)
then she'll be tryna get smart wit me LOL!
amina farah (4 года назад)
"my girl can't watch any movie that channing tatum is in it because we all know every girl will drop their panties for channing , and i can't let her leaving me for a white boy " lmaoooo dying 
amina farah (4 года назад)
lmaoooooooooooo dying laughing 
LeBron's Unicorn (4 года назад)
Lol too funny.
MZV REID (4 года назад)
Hahah she can't read the bible...
Laura Felton (4 года назад)
shonnett barker (4 года назад)
hahahahhahahaa face palm
TirZz J. (5 лет назад)
New subbie :)
_Bia_ (5 лет назад)
You just found yourself a new subscriber.

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