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Adderall vs Modafinil

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Ruben Eihwaz (4 месяца назад)
Where the people in these controlled studies using amphetamines prior to switching to modafinil? A lot of people mistake the effects of acute amphetamine withdrawal with side effects of modafinil.
Jon Tattum (8 месяцев назад)
I tried modafinil, and it worked wonders for the narcolepsy I didn't have.
السيد جاك sir jack (8 месяцев назад)
Haw modafinil work and haw concirta work ...wjays the difrent
Rob Cosentino (1 год назад)
Do you or anyone else know if the decrease in GABA from Modafinil is intentionally by design or is it a side effect?
Dilara Michel (1 год назад)
sleep? what is sleep? whats meaning of this word? modafinil= ıam readdy 36hours ım stand up
Daniel L (1 год назад)
you look like a ginger Dr. Wilson.
Urilla Laurent (1 год назад)
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elsand (1 год назад)
I've been prescribed adderall since 2009. I still take it, I can't do a lot of school things without it, but because it just doesn't feel good and I don't really socialize well on it, I can't take it every day, like over the summer, or on Fridays if I'm planning on drinking. Also if I've been taking it every day for a while, it drains every last drop of motivation I already didn't have enough of. If I decide not to take adderall that day, or if I can’t because it’s too late, then I don’t get stuff done. Sometimes I take adderall and don’t get anything done for no reason. Sure, these are all things that have to work on with executive functioning, but it’s a lot easier to work on executive functioning if I’m taking a medication that isn’t making me feel like crap, but of all the other stimulants, the least crap. My psych had a little trial pack of armodafinil and I tried it, took 1/4 of one (dont know size) in the morning, and then I just had this like, clear, stable, not overwhelming, baseline energy that was almost unnoticeable except for the fact that, while it didn't auto-fix my ADHD symptoms, it made me WANT to get up and do my work and it was like that for the entire day, no highs or lows, almost forgot about it. I've never felt that before. I didn't even care that it was still hard to stay on track doing things like reading, I was so ready to do it because I was so excited about all the things I could get done that day. I couldn't keep taking armodafinil. 98% of the reason was because of the price and hoops to jump to to get it. I’m lazy and I don’t want to pay $90, maybe someday, I don’t work yet, and because of the initial headache when starting. If I hadn't taken it in a while, and I took it, the first 24+ hours was just my head splitting open and it was hard to fall asleep. The headache didn’t come back the following days (even if I went a day or two without it), and each day it got easier to sleep. But, my tolerance also jumped really quickly, but I was also taking a really low dose, and this probably would've gone away long-term as it did with adderall if I had given it longer. If I hadn’t taken modafinil in a long time, I would be afraid of the headache, and just wouldn't take it because I had too much work to get done to get a debilitating headache. I read that the modafinil migraines are just dehydration. But adderall is $5, if modafinil was $5 it wouldn't even be a question. Obviously, I would keep adderall around for tests but on a daily basis, modafinil helps me feel like a normal person and gives me the kick in the butt I need, which adderall doesnt. With adderall, I have to actually get myself to point B and engage in the activity that requires focus for it to be worth it. Once I start, it's usually great, but I have to get myself there for it to be effective. I can also take my max dose of adderall and just lie there and do nothing feeling like shit. Maybe people need to switch up the stimulants they take every now and then. Case studies can't account for all individuals, which I know you acknowledged. If it DOES help and it is substantially effective and can actually give me the ability to not have to take adderall all the time, since I can’t and I won’t, why should I have to pay exorbitant prices because some kids got a rash? I don't have narcolepsy, I just have executive functioning problems, and all I need is a teeeeeny little bit of motivation in the morning, especially while I’m learning these skills for the first time in my life. Who's to say it's not being used for it's intended purpose? A bunch of white guys in lab coats who say I have ADHD but not narcolepsy? If I took it and didn't get a rash, and only got side effects in the beginning, which were NOT worse than adderall in the long run, and acknowledged that it wasn't the cure-all magic pill for my ADHD, but it sure did a lot more for me and my overall mental health by getting me up in the morning than adderall ever could -- then what's wrong with that? If adderall makes me not want to do anything at all because of the side effects that are always just going to be lingering in the background no matter what dose I take, making me a little depressed/like an emotionless robot, while modafinil I can barely feel but I’m up doing all these things I can’t normally do — then how is that not even a 3rd or 4th line treatment for me? Adderall would be second if I got to choose. I should be allowed to keep taking it and not pay more than I do so I can figure out the headache thing and see if it works on as long of a scale as I’ve been taking adderall. I've tried the other stimulants, I know I'm not taking too much or too little of adderall. I used to take like a 40XR, 20IR in the morning before high school bc of tolerance and was straight up overstimulated. Past 4 years of college, I usually start off the semester taking 10 and probably midway through the semester I'll take 15, and then 20. Only recently when senioritis hit I'm back at 30 IR. edit: I just looked and I found the bottle of 250mg armodafinils that I was splitting into 1/4s of that my psych got me one prescription for (before I’d have to pay $$$ for) and I still have a bunch left because I never had enough time before school started to begin taking them early enough to adjust for not being able to sleep. Also, I wasn't waking up early enough at the time to be able to take it. Still too afraid to start taking it/no point if it’s this expensive.
Suharsh Tyagi (1 год назад)
46% dropped out. Bitch the lowest dose was 245mg. Fucking 245 mg, and it goes upto 600 mg mark. That's ridiculous. It has helped me a lot that I can tell from my use. And I never go beyond 100mg. It takes away the drowsiness, makes me wanna grind through the subjects I hate the most. What else do you want
Ben Coates (1 год назад)
not effective for adhd. not effective for improving focus/concentration. is effective for alleviating drowsiness. what you think and what is are different, ones subjective the other is objective. don't take it personally, its a fucking inanimate pill.
thesomeonetwo (1 год назад)
The studies concluded that modafinil isn't effective for ADHD NOT that it doesn't improve cognition in healthy subjects. There is a huge distinction between treating ADHD and generally improving cognition. They aren't mutually exclusive.
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jedikkemoeder (1 год назад)
Your'e a fucking idiot
Fin Ferb (1 год назад)
jedikkemoeder 😂
T R (1 год назад)
Well in the Uk, where i am prescribed Ritalin/Concerta, i know for a fact that we dont have much choice. Ritalin is amazing for my work, however, the (comedown)/ dropoff is very tough and has actually hindered my ability to work in the evenings without re-dosing. After trying modafinil, i experienced a similar ambition and drive to work, without the intensity felt by the stimulating Ritalin. it also lasted longer and i was to socialise and feel perfectly fine afterwards. I think i know which is better for me...
BaldManLogan (2 года назад)
Ya'll are just looking for a replacement to hard work and laziness. Get off your lazy asses and do some fuckin work you bums.
Blaize L (2 года назад)
SittingNow (2 года назад)
Interesting, as there are double-blind studies that seem to imply that it could be a useful treatment. I'm prescribed 200mg per day of Modafinil for ADHD, and it's been life changing for me. I don't have any perceivable side-effects. I preciously took Ritalin and Elvance (Vyvance in the US I believe), and I found that they both made me ill, had huge 'crashes', and affected my ability to sleep. They also appeared to have a negative effect on my ability to concentrate. I'd be interested in seeing that study. This is the one I'm referring to - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/11191692/
o (6 месяцев назад)
So you are in the UK if you use Elvance right? Well I have been prescribed Elvance for my ADHD and I bloody hate it in fact after two days I stopped taking it. I found that Modafinil helps me why more, so I am going to ask for a prescription of Provigil to see what that Modafinil is like. Do you have Provigil prescribed or another brand of Modafinil?
Suharsh Tyagi (1 год назад)
Modafinil works for me too! Although I have not been prescribed, it does works greatly for my adhd
SittingNow (2 года назад)
Of course, different people respond differently to each drug, and that initial trial i link was only a preliminary study.
Hypolaristic (2 года назад)
i have inattentive add aka sct and i benefit from modafinil
Ito Cañas (1 год назад)
am now ded scattered? Lmfao
Cal (1 год назад)
whats sct?
DISCVRD (2 года назад)
You say that Modafinil isn't working and does not really work. What Smartdrugs work than? Are there smartdrugs that give you the effects that modafinil is claimed to have? Have a good one mate! :)
BaldManLogan (2 года назад)
Adderall, but its illegal without a prescription, extremely addicting, and dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. But it is by far the strongest 'enhancement' drug
Virgil Mora (2 года назад)
I have ADHD who should I go to physician or psychiatrist for medication and why
Xander (1 год назад)
a psychiatrist IS a (type of) physician and all physicians can perscribe medication.
Morgan Green (2 года назад)
You should go to a psychiatrist, because they are the only doctors who can prescribe medication. But, you will need to go to your physician and diagnostics lab to get your blood work done, so the psychiatrist may prescribe you a dosage for your medication.
dave cutright (2 года назад)
Thank you! This is the first clip I've seen that reflects my experience. I've never been on add meds, I'm a healthy 50 year old guy, just bought into a shit load of hype I'd seen on modafinil. Blew 120 bucks on this crap thinking I'd astound all with my productivity and burn thru some projects while feeling like a million bucks. This stuff makes me feel like shit! Sharp stomach pains, anxiety, just general malaise. And yes, I drank plenty water!! I'm thinking what's wrong with Me. All these people singing the praises for modafinil and I'm not feeling that at all! All I can say for sure is, it doesn't work for everyone. At least not for Me.
dave cutright (2 года назад)
After taking it several times and upping the dose a bit I came to like it OK. Nothing earth shattering just OK. At first though it really made me feel awful.Like anxious or depressed. But as I said that passed.
BaldManLogan (2 года назад)
People expect to get this huge rush and productivity like they do with adderall or any other amphetamine based drugs. It's much more milder than adderall. It's more like a cleaner caffeine on steroids
Ryan Staudacher (2 года назад)
Can you make a video on Valproate?
Chris Lashley (2 года назад)
have you considered that perhaps less ppl drop out of clinical studies pertaining to amphetamines,because...ummmm, free amphetamines? Out of curiosity what is your take on the use of modafinil in military applications? I mean if it doesn't truelly effect cognitive function or focus, why prescribe it to pilots and/or special forces?
BaldManLogan (2 года назад)
They prescribe it to pilots and soldiers because it keeps you from getting tired and falling asleep. They used to give a much much stronger drug called adderall, but it had too many side effects.
Rosumisorimu (2 года назад)
I like how professional and rational this explanation was, HOWEVER: 1.Some other clinical studies and some other psychiatrists claim differently (especially regarding the side effects, because most of the psychiatrists that I've talked to claim that Modafinil is faaaaar more well tolerated when it comes to side effects). 2.Your analogy with the book is not that good IMO, because of the simple fact that, technically, there isn't exactly quite such thing as "intended purpose of medication" in psychiatry, and that is because the exact mechanism of almost ANY mental disorder is unfortunately still not fully understood. ESPECIALLY when we take into consideration that mental disorders are techically just SYMPTOMS, but the mechanism behind those symptoms may completely differ in different people. I.e. Brain scan of Major Depressive Disorder or ADHD does not look similar in all people and same goes for almost any other mental disorder. That is why, so many times, it happens that a medication that was not necessarily created for treating a particular disorder actually does a good job of treating that disorder for SOME PEOPLE, and in some cases it even proves to be way more effective than the traditional medication used to treat that specific disodrer. I would take myself for an example - SSRIs do exactly NOTHING for my mood, however Concerta (which is an ADHD med) does improve my mood significantly and makes me less sleepy in the afternoon but does NOTHING for my ADHD symptoms. Thankfully I've been out of depression for several years now so I don't need to experiment with meds anymore, and in fact I only occasionally take Aripiprazole these days...but I had enough experience to be able to conclude that we are all soooo different and that we all react differently to different medication. I've heard some people swear by Modafinil when it comes to treating their ADHD symptoms, so I will take that into consideration, just like I take into consideration this video of yours of course. I personally have never tried Modafinil (no access to it here in Serbia) but for some reason I have this feeling that it would help my brain fog AKA Derealization much more than Concerta does, because Concerta does nothing for that particular symptom in my case.
Dee Lee (2 года назад)
Have you tried both of these medications? I know you are speaking from the historic evidence and its asigned use but in all reality. People take them to get an advantage in life. Such as a BodyBuilder who is dedicated enough to their body to take steroids. Or "treat" his low testosterone levels. That being said. You are correct about how each one is supposed to be used but when comapred people want to know the basics. Which one will make me think faster and more efficient? Which will drive me to help me achive my tasks? What are the effects of use or side effects ect. What are the benefits and the downsides. Your comparison is legit but it doesnt answer the questions that people want answered.
Blair Davis (2 года назад)
can you do adderall vs vyvanse? I'm currently taking adderall and I'm not sure if I should go back on vyvanse or not.
BaldManLogan (2 года назад)
vyvanse is a prodrug of dextroamphetamine (the main component in adderall). It's the same thing really, except vyvanse turns to amphetamine by your lower digestive tract, and adderall is absorbed directly from your stomach. Docs prescribe it more often because its harder to abuse. You can't snort it because the lisdexamfetamine has to convert to amphetamine first by your liver.
A A (2 года назад)
Sons of Apollo could you do Adderall vs desoxyn ? I ask for this because I have a friend who takes 10mg once daily and apparently he is claims it's more efficient than Adderall. he describes it as being smooth coffee. Is the fact that desoxyn is double methylated have that much of an effect on the user? If so, how much? people say the conversion is 2mg dexedrine to 1mg desoxyn but my friend had 70mg vyvanse and 30mg Adderall once daily. so long story short, how is it possible that 70mg vyvanse + 30mg Adderall <= 10mg desoxyn? I take methyl b12 and it got me thinking about this because they say regular b12 without the methyl group is 1% BA and i can't find a number on methyl b12 but websites claim "high BA". if the ba is over 2% that means it's at least twice as strong (most likely stronger)... idk what do you think? thanks
Sons of Apollo (2 года назад)
I did on my old channel, maybe I'll remake it sometime and make it more pointed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCPxPI_q8C8
Dee Lee (2 года назад)
Adderall is alot older than Vyvanse. V, has a L-Lysine attached to it. Which slows down the Amps from being processed and also is supposed to be less habit forming. I would say the Adds are better especially if you know how to dose it correctly for your needs. Vyvanse you have to take more of because of the time release feature built-in with the amino acid. It might be better if you dont want to worry about redoses in a day. basically as he mentioned in another video it could be a PRO drug where your body metabolizes it to the amp. YOu would have to take both to know which works better for you. V is also name brand, there is no alternative generic and more expensive. The name brand adderal is also useually better than the generic. We can talk about theory on 20mg is 20mg but its also a racemix meaning 2 types and Brand name Adderal always seem to be better for some users. If you can get the name brand stuff. If you compare V to A. Dont comapre generic A to V.
hunter lehmann (2 года назад)
nailed it
virgo4200 (2 года назад)
i have to disagree for me adderall was gross jittery racing heart and not wanting to socialize with people .modafinil made me more social and i dont get jittery and it dont feel dirty
Sons of Apollo (2 года назад)
He was mentioning the drug as used in a social context.The tests carried out in the study measure attention not sociability.
Dee Lee (2 года назад)
We all have different body chemistry so... it will effect people differently
Ryan Staudacher (2 года назад)
+Sons of Apollo I use adderall and have never had that feeling but I am interested why some people would have that reaction. Is it similar to meth users feeling bugs on their skins?
Ryan Staudacher (2 года назад)
+Sons of Apollo I know it's different for everyone, but what does it mean by saying "feeling dirty"? (obviously I know what it feels to be covered in mud or dirt, but how is that a symptom? Is it a "different type of dirty" feeling than mud or dirt?)
Sons of Apollo (2 года назад)
You have remember that clinical trials are statistical. Some people did see improvement, however the majority did not. They do not reflect individual results. Think of dick pics, statistically they are unwelcome, but it doesn't mean they never are. What the data means is on average you shouldn't send one to someone. Also these trials were conducted for ADHD, social anxiety is completely different therefore the data does not apply.
James Brophy (2 года назад)
Sons of Apollo (2 года назад)
You are the first one to first on here, so quite truely a first.

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