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My Male Mammogram X-Rays & Ultrasound, Breast Tissue Examination

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Today I went to the doctors because I have a lump in my chest on the nipple, I was sent for a Mammogram a few hours later and an Ultrasound examination... I let the sore around my chest and nipple sit for weeks thinking it will go away but as a man it did not go away so I went to see a doctor to get it checked out.
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Gandoff2000 (1 год назад)
Yeah, it is sore? Ok, We will smash it. lol. I'm going to get one of these soon.
TheGreatJunkHeapFlower (3 года назад)
Both male & female mammals have nipples & mammary gland tissue. The only thing that keeps a male's breasts & nipples under developed is testosterone. Even bulls & male goats have teats. Male mammals can also lactate under certain conditions. Nothing to be ashamed of. Anyway hope you get a clean bill of health Sir. =)

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